People Look for Serenity and Good Health Through Yoga

People Look for Serenity and Good Health Through Yoga

by Amy Lignor


In this day and age there are a list of diet plans, diet programs, exercise facilities (that sometimes look like dating locations instead of actual exercise places) in North America. We have also just gone through that one time during the year where you make those “resolutions,” with losing weight and getting healthy still being the number one choice people made this New Year’s Eve. In 2018, however, the system people are choosing to utilize when it comes to exercise and becoming physically and mentally fit is yoga. Perhaps because it is one way to have that workout each day where you do not have to run on a treadmill and increase your heartrate in order to see results.

For those out there who are just starting in this direction, here are three facts you should be aware of before diving into the program.


After a short while, talking with your hands will become almost second nature. You will gesture a great deal during yoga class, from the “prayer position” to “saluting the sun.” As you move further through the program, you will notice that your hands are constantly on the move, which is an added extra benefit because of the amount of people who suffer from aches and pains in their hands and arms. When putting your hands in motion and not constantly sitting in one position typing, texting, etc., a very important part of your body is able to be exercised and pain is alleviated.


At the beginning, you may have a difficult time with balance and stability as you learn the new poses, but the best way to achieve these two things is by remembering what your grandmother said to you once: “Everything you will need to know in life you learned in kindergarten.” This includes sitting with your legs crossed. In fact, besides nap time and play time outside during recess, all of us were basically sitting with legs crossed 90% of the time during our early years. Just remember that as long as you can find that comfortable seated position, you can do yoga just fine. Call back that kindergartner still residing in your soul and take note how the cross-legged position offers a feeling of stability; it allows you to be grounded in order to feel comfortable while learning those first few yoga poses. It is also a perfect way to gain balance when you meditate and let loose the stress of daily life.


When you push yourself into a pose that restricts your breath or makes you feel unbalanced, yoga is lost. Creating that steady breath will allow you to better connect with your mind and body. Contorting your body puts pressure on your muscles and joints – and for those who suffer from various aches and pains will not find this to be a relaxing way to exercise. In addition, how good you are at yoga should not be based on how far you can bend your body backwards. Yoga is a personal exercise choice that will work, if you allow yourself to enjoy the process.


The third fact that is a huge part of choosing yoga over other forms of exercise comes from learning to love your body, your mind and your entire self instead of constantly looking in the mirror, judging yourself, getting on the scale and losing the passion, etc. Heading into gym facilities works just fine for some, but for many they feel even more let down. They go “off the wagon” with that slice of pizza because they are discouraged by watching all those “in shape” body builders go through their routine.


Yoga was expressly made for you to release all that emotional tension that builds up, most especially in the neck and shoulders. This is an exercise plan/system that needs you to never compare yourself with “others” in the room, because yoga is all about finding your breath, finding that calming place, and allowing your body and mind to work together to enjoy good health. You may be surprised at just how active you feel after a yoga class, and how much better you deal with the stress that is called life.






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