Atlantic Coast Striped Bass

Atlantic Coast Striped Bass Long revered as one of the most popular gamefish along the Atlantic Coast, striped bass are found from the coastal rivers

For Chris and Trait Zaldain, Bass Fishing

For Chris and Trait Zaldain, Bass Fishing is a Family AffairHusband and Wife Duo Compete in Both Bassmaster® Elites and OpensHe won the 2015 Bassmaster®


Deploying a handheld YSI Multiparameter Water Quality Meter, the team visits and array of sites collecting salinity, dissolved oxygen, temperature

Bolder, Bigger Bluewater Series from Sea Chaser Boats!

HFC Bluewater Series is the new flagship line of Sea Chaser by Carolina Skiff LLC. The Sea Chaser 30 HFC Bluewater Series is not a boat to be missed!

American Made Fish Slaying Technology from Slayer Inc. Fishing Lures

Nothing beats a big redfish bite! Redfish tournament anglers and recreational anglers love the challenge, fun, and fight these great gamefish

Take a break and Get Outside

Depending on where you live, you may be sheltering in place or are self-quarantined due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Certainly, everyone must take caution, practice proper social distancing,

“Spring Thunder” Approaches!

“Spring Thunder” Approaches! No doubt, there is an endless amount of advice, information, and opinions when it comes to turkey hunting.

Come take a ride with Yamaha

Come take a ride with Yamaha at the Bassmaster Classic The Bassmaster Classic is bass fishing’s premier event, and the milestone 50th edition

Skeeter Pros Stoked About Bassmaster Classic

Skeeter Pros Stoked About Bassmaster Classic Pardon Mark Menendez for being so stoked about competing in a bass tournament coming up soon in Alabama.

Fishing Eddies Patrick Walters

Fishing Eddies Patrick Walters Yamaha Pro Fishing presents a great video, “Find Eddies,” with Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters.” This is an excellent video for

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