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Why Your Next Fishing Boat Should Be an Alumacraft


When it comes time to pick your next fishing boat, there are many things to consider. Perhaps, you remember fishing with your grandfather in his old Alumacraft fishing boat and remembered how it lasted for decades. One of the benefits of aluminum-hulled boats is that they last a lifetime, and this is just one of the many reasons why you should consider an aluminum fishing boat.

Really, like any other major purchase, it comes down to personal preference and experience. You may have seen your neighbor’s boat in their driveway and thought, “That’s what I want!” Think about how you will use your new boat and where you are going to be boating most of the time. Now consider a few of the key benefits of aluminum hulls.

What Makes a Solid Fishing Boat?


Aluminum fishing boats are some of the most popular small fishing boats on the water today. Some manufacturers, like Alumacraft, have been in business for almost 75 years and some of their original boats are still on the water today. Over the decades, they have evolved their models to fit almost any need, including family fun boats, fishing boats, and their popular utility boats. Compared to fiberglass boats, aluminum boats are cost-efficient, lightweight, low maintenance, and incredibly durable.

Why Your Next Fishing Boat Should Be Aluminum? Cost And Weight Savings.


Cost and Weight

If you are just getting into boating or want to take your shoreside fishing to the next level, aluminum hull boats are an affordable option. Smaller models can easily be put on the top of your car or in the bed of a pickup truck. For larger aluminum boats offering more horsepower and range, affordable trailers are available without breaking your budget. These can be towed by a smaller vehicle vs. heavier fiberglass boats in the same class.

Lighter aluminum hulls need a smaller outboard engine for maximum performance vs. the same size fiberglass boat requiring a larger outboard to meet the same standard. This yields a lower purchase price, less engine maintenance, and lowers operating costs. Plus, aluminum hull boats are also easier to launch, handle and load at the boat ramp.


Benefits of Aluminum Hull Boats Why Your Next Fishing Boat Should Be an AlumacraftWhen it comes time to pick your next fishing boat,

Why Your Next Fishing Boat Should Be Aluminum? They’re Durable.


Low Maintenance

A key benefit, aluminum boats are virtually maintenance-free. Obviously, you want to clean and protect your new boat. However, you do not have to worry about cracks, UV damage, or the constant headache of waxing and buffing fiberglass. All you need to do to enjoy your aluminum boat is fill the tank, hose it down and dry it out when finished.

If you boat in hazardous areas with rocks, aluminum hulls might dent but don’t crack on impact like fiberglass hulls. Simply stated, this equates to lower repair costs.


Benefits of Aluminum Hull Boats Why Your Next Fishing Boat Should Be an AlumacraftWhen it comes time to pick your next fishing boat,

Why Your Next Fishing Boat Should Be Aluminum? Fun For The Whole Family!



While fiberglass boats may have molded-in accessories like livewells, modern aluminum hulls can include the same accessories. For example, Alumacraft’s s Competitor FSX includes a built-in cooler, lockable rod storage, and a large rear-center livewell.

When it is time for family fun, the Alumacraft Competitor FSX has an optional ski pylon that can be attached to the built-in base of the rear jump seat. This is a great option for all types of watersports the kids will enjoy. The innovative AlumaTrac System provides the customization you desire to best suit your family’s needs too. The AlumaTrac System lets you attach additional accessories to your boat, including cup, tool, and rod holders.

Aluminum hull boats provide the right combination of durability, weight, cost efficiency, and low maintenance. Pursuing your favorite activities on the water with family and friends is easy with an aluminum hull boat.

It starts here. Explore an Alumacraft. They have been building aluminum hull boats for almost 75 years and have an incredible history of meeting boaters’ needs. Your grandfather would be proud!

For fishing and family fun, learn more about the great models, options, and durability of Alumacraft boats today by visiting Don’t forget to follow them on their Facebook and Instagram profiles and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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