The Best in Waterfowl Hunting with Billy Blakely in Reelfoot, Tennessee


The Best in Waterfowl Hunting with Billy Blakely in Reelfoot, Tennessee



When it comes to the perfect location for the outdoor enthusiast looking for the best in waterfowl hunting, look no further than Blue Banks in Reelfoot, Tennessee. It is here that the menu of hunting, fishing, bird watching packages and more is literally a mile long. Even people who desire to watch the American Bald Eagle in all its majesty head straight to Reelfoot to do just that.

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Not only does Reelfoot provide everything from this majestic monarch to waterfowl to all kinds of fish, it also provides one of the finest guides on Reelfoot today. Billy Blakely (although his friends call him “Toothpick”) has over 35 years of experience under his belt when it comes to hunting and fishing in and around the lakes in this stunning Northwest Tennessee area. An expert fisherman and hunter, Billy works exclusively for Blue Banks Resort and has brought back return vacationers again and again because of his skills and talent. As operator of the marina facilities at Blue Banks, he has trained many guides for the resort, while also being featured in over a hundred outdoor TV shows and countless articles and magazines.


In other words, when picking Blue Banks for your much-needed vacation, you not only receive the most amazing resort on the lake that provides fine dining and lodging, clean and affordable facilities, as well as hunting/fishing and birdwatching packages, but you also get the best guide in the business.


The Reelfoot Bird Blind Packages with Billy Blakely are just one group at the ready. Able to be booked by both resort and non-resort guests, this is most definitely a memorable experience for one and all. From $50/per person to $229/per person, packages include a baited gas heated blind with a kitchen to prepare meals. And when it comes to the VIP Packages, you also receive an overnight stay, three meals, a private viewing of an active Eagle Nest, and tickets to Discovery Park.


According to Chief Guide Billy Blakely, he “hunts every single day of duck season,” in his area that is located between three waterfowl refuges and only a short distance from the Mississippi River—one of the premier duck hunting regions in the United States. Guiding 80+ days per year for waterfowl, when Billy takes a party of duck hunters out to Reelfoot Lake for a day of hunting, the party often is made up of 4-to-10 hunters at one time, plus a dog, guns, ammunition and food. Traveling before they set up to hunt, the party is shown two miles of the lake that includes spots of shallow water, deep water, stumps, brush and ice. There is also a stationary blind out on the open water to be used, depending on how the ducks are flying that day.


The popularity of waterfowl hunting has grown in numbers over the past few years and continues to widen across the country. From puddle ducks—such as, blue bills, redheads, canvasbacks—to several mallards, Billy Blakely makes sure to provide all visitors with the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to always making the hunt successful.



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Flying Arrow Archery’s Tom-Bomb Extreme


Flying Arrow Archery’s Tom-Bomb Extreme Puts the Smackdown on Gamebirds

By Burt Carey

Not content with its uber-popular 2.5-inch Tom-Bomb, Flying Arrow Archery added another inch of cutting-edge blades to create the Tom-Bomb Extreme as part of the Tim Wells Signature Series.


Tom-Bomb Extreme

Bowhunters who fix their sites on pheasants, ducks, geese, pigeons and even doves will see their shooting success soar with this 3.5-inch, 100-gram helical design. The Tom-Bomb Extreme is made for quick, clean kills with either head or full-body shots of birds in flight.

The Tom-Bomb Extreme’s cutting diameter is a larger, more dynamic version of the Tom-Bomb, whose smaller diameter, 125-gram head was designed for turkey hunting. The Tom-Bomb Extreme is 25 grams lighter and has flexible blades with a hook at the ends.

“We are always working on ways to be on the cutting edge of the broadhead market,” declared Chris Rager, founder and president of Flying Arrow Archery.

The helical blade design assures accurate flight, and Tom-Bomb Extreme features durable blades that can withstand abuse in the field and yet maintain their shape. A chisel point tip creates instant cut on contact with game birds, making this one humanely lethal broadhead you’ll want in your quiver.

The Tom-Bomb Extreme retails for $44.99 and is available at quality bow shops throughout the U.S. Find out more and see all of the Flying Arrow Archery Products Now!




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Beat the Bird and Make the Shot


Beat the Bird
— and Make the Shot —
with Pattern Density Technology

by Troutski

The flooded woodlands are quiet, barely lit shortly before sunrise with inky morning light. The wood duck’s squeal precedes its batter of fast wing beats. They’re a blur, sometimes, when the woodies zip over a decoy spread arranged across an opening among the backwater oaks. But the barrel swings with the hunter’s early morning anxiety, often trailing the shot behind the first birds that have easily outranged the shotgun’s blast by the time the he squeezes the trigger.

Experienced duck and goose hunters know all too well the limitations of steel waterfowl shotshells. Any shot longer than 40 yards taken with a load of steel pellets simply is a shot wasted. They may travel for up to 100 yards, but steel pellets typically run out of lethal knockdown power 100 feet out the barrel.

That was the case until Environ-Metal, Inc., makers of HEVI-Shot® high-performance shotshells, heralded a whole new tune in shotshell science. Designed with breakthrough Pattern Density Technology™, the new high-energy, high-density HEVI-Metal® 944125Waterfowl shotshell puts 26 percent more lethal pellets on target at 40 yards than any steel ammunition.

“We’ve been testing it with waterfowlers, guides and industry leaders. The verdict is unanimous – this one’s another keeper!” says Ralph Nauman, president of ENVIRON-Metal.

Pattern Density Technology™ is a proprietary solution that solves weak long-range knockdown power by boosting the pellet count in steel shotshells. Pattern Density Technology™ fills in the blanks in the shotshell pattern with a layer of HEVI-Shot® dual-density pellets over the top of a layer of steel shot. The pellets combine their individual characteristics of speed and knockdown power to out-perform standard steel pellets. Birds are killed cleanly with deep-penetrating, sharp-edged pellets rather than crippled or missed altogether.

“It’s just one more example of how ENVIRON-Metal products put the odds of success on the hunter’s side out in the field,” says Kelly Sorensen, ENVIRON-Metal’s vice president of sales and marketing. “And hunters will love the price.”

HEVI-Metal® Waterfowl shotshells are non-toxic, non-lead and are USFWS approved in all 50 states.  And they are magnetic, so they are easy for your warden to check.

HEVI-Metal® Waterfowl shot shells deliver terminal performance and long-range patterns in affordable 25-count boxes that protect hunters’ budgets while providing superior performance on duck ponds and goose fields. HEVI-Metal® Waterfowl is available by the box, the case and in Sports Packs (100 round packed into a dry box).  And all purchases are eligible for rebates of $5 per box or $25 per case.

The HEVI-Shot® family of performance shot-shell ammunition and choke tubes is manufactured, marketed and distributed worldwide by Environ-Metal Inc. at its state-of-the-art facility in Sweet Home, Oregon.


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The Ultimate in Waterfowl Concealment


Realtree MAX-5™ is the hunter’s ultimate weapon in waterfowl concealment.


The company that began their “camouflage revolution” almost twenty years ago has done it again, creating the hardest working camo for the hardest working hunters.


The new Realtree MAX-5 camo – specifically designed and built with waterfowlers in mind – is sheer perfection. “It’s the perfect multi-use camo for marshes, mud flats, agricultural fields, flooded timber, grasslands, prairie andrealtreemax5reedslow other open habitat,” announces Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan. “Never before has a pattern offered so many natural elements and such a wide array of natural tones, shadows and colors.”


New Realtree MAX-5 is a “must have” blend of cattails, reeds, cane and grasses that will literally allow the hunter to become invisible in flooded marshes. Additionally, corn, wheat, oats and sunflowers are an integral factor in MAX-5 camo, so the hunter can leave the marsh and hide in open fields. Branches, twigs and leaves work in flooded timber, and open areas mimic mud, water, bark and shadows. MAX-5 camo literally adds the most sought after layer of invisibility no matter where or how the hunter utilizes it.


With pattern elements strategically placed to create completely realistic tone, contrast and shadow, up close, MAX-5 offers incredible detail. And at a distance, the MAX-5 pattern obliterates the human outline 100% – offering you maximum satisfaction and effectiveness for the ultimate in waterfowl success!


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