Try These Tips for Snook


Try These Tips for Snook

By Craig Lamb

Acrobatic leaps. Long runs. Screaming drags. Beautiful scenery. Go fishing for snook, and you get all of the above in one package.

Light tackle inshore anglers consider the snook one of the most sporting species of all to catch. Snook generally range in size from 3 to 15 pounds and catching giants up to 30 pounds is common during summer when the fish spawn around inlets and passes.

Mangrove shorelines on Southwest Florida and passes and inlets on the opposite coast are classic areas to catch snook in the Sunshine State. On both coasts, you can count on finding snook around bridges and piers, grass flats and nearby deep holes.

The Homosassa River, on the Gulf of Mexico side, is considered their northern range. Find then on the Atlantic side from the Florida Keys to the mid-coast around Daytona.

Current, structure and bait. Remember those three key simple needs of a snook, and you will have eliminated a lot of water.

Snook, like a freshwater largemouth bass, are opportunistic predators. They chase after food that requires the least effort. Current makes that job easier.

Current and structure go together because the latter requirement feeds the predator instinct. Snook like to ambush bait, and current breaks make ideal casting targets.

Bait is the given portion of the three-sided equation for catching snook. Find the bait, add the current, an ambush point and you have the perfect setup for snook.

What makes snook fishing so easy, and appealing is live bait is not a requirement. In fact, big splashy topwater baits spark the predator instinct of a snook. So do popper-shaped topwater plugs, glider baits, and wake baits. Fish them slow or fast until determining the mood of the fish.

A top choice for fishing in shallow water is the JVX Series by Carolina Skiff. A lightweight hull and modified V-hull design combine for a boat that will carry more, go further and faster with less horsepower.

You get excellent maneuverability and handling with the positive tracking keels. Patented splash guards provide the smooth, dry ride that Carolina Skiff has been known for after 30 years and counting in the business.

Fishermen have plenty of options from which to choose from the JVX Series. Nine different models are in the JVX Series lineup, and you can customize the rig to fit angling needs.

Worth a strong look for snook fishing is the 18 JVX CC. This center console boat with a 78” beam and 17’ 9” overall is ideal for running the winding, shallow channels of the back country and mangroves where snook lurk.

The 18 JVX CC gives you an edge for accessing shallow creeks and rivers with it’s modified V-hull design. Carry more weight farther and faster with less horsepower. Add that together, and the sum is a boat that performs better than any other at a cost that can’t be beat.

See the full line of Carolina Skiff and Sea Chaser boats at With 60 different options and models, you can use the Build A Boat feature. On the website, you can find a dealer, request a catalog and more. Check out the loyal following of Carolina Skiff fans and owners on Facebook.

Original Source: Sportsmans

Expand Your Snook Fishing with Electric Outboards


Expand Your Snook Fishing with Electric Outboards

by Ted Lund


Once the provenance of reservoir anglers hoping to retain public access to waterways on the mid-Atlantic coast, today’s serious saltwater anglers are turning more and more to electric outboard motors to target one of the most popular saltwater sports species in North America, the common snook.

More and more anglers are taking the kayak and ultra-light skiff movement to heart, and electric outboard power sources like those manufactured by Torqeedo are proving popular.

Snook“We fish a lot of really remote mangrove areas in negative tidal situations along the West Coast of Florida and electrics like Torqeedo have proven invaluable,” says Largo-based recreational fisherman Rich Napolitano. “Many of the places we fish, either you can’t get with a traditional skiff due to draft limitations or they are off limits to traditional combustion propulsion. That makes Torqeedo a perfect solution.”

One of the biggest challenges faced by mico-skiff anglers that prefer canoes, kayaks or unique craft like the Mitzi Solo-Skiff is covering large distances to get to fishing grounds. Electric outboards answer that question.

“We’d have to paddle 5 or 10 miles to get to some of these places,” says Napolitano. “And it’s possible that we are casting to fish that have never seen a lure or an angler before. We couldn’t do that without Torqeedo.”

In addition to covering distance, other advantages include stealth.

“Normal outboard engines, fish here and feel them even if you are maneuvering just a little bit readjust your boats position. With Torqeedo, it is nearly totally silent running — comparable to what you’ll experience with an electric trolling motor.”

For most of his applications, Napolitano prefers Torqeedo’s Travel 1003.

“It’s portable and lightweight, and the integrated lithium power cell provides us with enough juice to get there and back,” says Napolitano.

The Torqeedo Travel 1003 is the equivalent of a 3-hp gasoline outboard. In addition to being more convenient, the motor is environmentallytorqeedo-travel-21-4992x3328 friendlier and quieter.

“Like most fly fishermen, I believe that being there, enjoying the serenity and communing with nature is a larger part of the experience,” says Napolitano. “Torqeedo lets us focus on that, not on worrying about getting there and back.”

The completely waterproof Travel 1003 also features an onboard computer that provides a GPS-based calculation of remaining range. Can be easily dismantled for transport and space-saving storage and owning the Travel 1003 is a clean affair: no matter how or where you store your Travel, there’s no risk of leakage or gasoline smells.

Best of all, the Travel 1003 is rechargeable via solar energy even during your voyage.

“Torqeedo has helped expand my horizons and improved my snook fishing,” says Napolitano. “We couldn’t do what we do without it.”

To learn more about Torqeedo’s innovative line of green boating power solutions, visit


Original Source; Sportsmans