Illinois Trophy Bowhunters: “Where Whitetail Dreams Come True”


Illinois Trophy Bowhunters: “Where Whitetail Dreams Come True”


When it comes to Illinois Trophy Bowhunters, Inc. (ITB), making the perfect whitetail hunt possible for any and all bow hunters is literally their mission, not just a slogan. ITB is one of those companies that has fine-tuned every aspect of the deer hunt in order to maximize the chances of bow hunting success for all their visitors.

Since ITB is 100% fair chase, a buck cannot be guaranteed, but when looking for elite service and guides who have a long experience in the bow hunting realm, the opportunities to land a trophy whitetail deer are extremely high with ITB. Managed for trophy quality deer (125” P&Y or better), ITB’s archery hunts are a full 6 days of hunting; unlike 4 or 5, which are offered by most other Illinois deer hunting outfitters. This extra day in the field can mean a great deal for the hunter if the weather has not cooperated during the week in the great state of Illinois. Coming together to increase your personal opportunity for success, ITB is a proven combination of trophy managed land, longer hunts, hunting the rut, experienced bow hunting guides, and fewer hunters to deal with.


For almost 25 years, Illinois Trophy Bowhunters, Inc. has provided unmatched bow hunting experiences. Founder Steve Phelps, back in 1991, wanted to share his passion for whitetail deer hunting with others, thus sparking the creation of ITB. The original concept was to control approximately 5000 acres in Pike County, Illinois, to judge just how good bow hunting could get if managed the correct way. Guided deer hunts would only be allowed during the rut – just three weeks out of the entire year. This made the land ITB managed more of a refuge for the remaining part of the year, which means more bucks were available when those three weeks of hunting came into play.


Detailed plans were made: ITB determined the exact spots where stands should be placed, and the approach to the stands based on various wind conditions. Shooting lanes were then also developed that would not exceed 25 yards in order to minimize wound rates and increase kill percentage. With all the professional work, research, and thought put into the plans, Illinois Trophy Bowhunters, Inc. reaped the rewards from early on and grew to become a highly respected Illinois deer outfitter, with guided deer hunts that are more popular than ever in 2017.


Each year, the best buck ITB takes, scores in the 190 – 200 inch range. The ITB hunting camp success rates can be as high as 90% for shot opportunity and 70% for kill rates! The stage is most definitely always set for the opportunity to achieve these numbers on any day during the three weeks bow hunting is practiced.


One of the most important achievements – not to mention a true compliment for ITB – is the fact that bow hunters return for 5 to 10 years in a row after their first booking. Rebooking rates have averaged around 70% for the last 10 years because hunters know that the next day they spend in the woods with ITB guides could have them scoring the best buck of their life. Thousands of satisfied deer hunters praise Illinois Trophy Bowhunters, Inc. for the work they do that goes above and beyond the call of most outfitters, which is why they book their guided tours with them – whether it be for family and friends or business events.


A guided deer hunt is a dream hunt for many and can be an awesome trip. For many, the hunt in Illinois becomes an annual journey they look forward to and a tradition that might last for several years in a row. However, if the wrong Illinois outfitter is chosen, dream hunts can end up being nightmares. The right choice is made by choosing a company with almost 25 years in the industry that is filled with experienced guides and plans to get the job done right by supplying all avid bow hunters with the unforgettable experience of coming face-to-face with those Midwest monster bucks.


In other words…when that excitement builds for the bow hunt, and the dreams grow bigger to bag that unforgettable whitetail, look no further than Illinois Trophy Bowhunters!


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The Best in Waterfowl Hunting with Billy Blakely in Reelfoot, Tennessee


The Best in Waterfowl Hunting with Billy Blakely in Reelfoot, Tennessee



When it comes to the perfect location for the outdoor enthusiast looking for the best in waterfowl hunting, look no further than Blue Banks in Reelfoot, Tennessee. It is here that the menu of hunting, fishing, bird watching packages and more is literally a mile long. Even people who desire to watch the American Bald Eagle in all its majesty head straight to Reelfoot to do just that.

Reelfoot Lake, waterfowl, hunting, Northwest Tennessee, duck season, Blue Banks Resort, VIP Packages, Discovery Park, American Bald Eagle, birdwatching, fishing,

Not only does Reelfoot provide everything from this majestic monarch to waterfowl to all kinds of fish, it also provides one of the finest guides on Reelfoot today. Billy Blakely (although his friends call him “Toothpick”) has over 35 years of experience under his belt when it comes to hunting and fishing in and around the lakes in this stunning Northwest Tennessee area. An expert fisherman and hunter, Billy works exclusively for Blue Banks Resort and has brought back return vacationers again and again because of his skills and talent. As operator of the marina facilities at Blue Banks, he has trained many guides for the resort, while also being featured in over a hundred outdoor TV shows and countless articles and magazines.


In other words, when picking Blue Banks for your much-needed vacation, you not only receive the most amazing resort on the lake that provides fine dining and lodging, clean and affordable facilities, as well as hunting/fishing and birdwatching packages, but you also get the best guide in the business.


The Reelfoot Bird Blind Packages with Billy Blakely are just one group at the ready. Able to be booked by both resort and non-resort guests, this is most definitely a memorable experience for one and all. From $50/per person to $229/per person, packages include a baited gas heated blind with a kitchen to prepare meals. And when it comes to the VIP Packages, you also receive an overnight stay, three meals, a private viewing of an active Eagle Nest, and tickets to Discovery Park.


According to Chief Guide Billy Blakely, he “hunts every single day of duck season,” in his area that is located between three waterfowl refuges and only a short distance from the Mississippi River—one of the premier duck hunting regions in the United States. Guiding 80+ days per year for waterfowl, when Billy takes a party of duck hunters out to Reelfoot Lake for a day of hunting, the party often is made up of 4-to-10 hunters at one time, plus a dog, guns, ammunition and food. Traveling before they set up to hunt, the party is shown two miles of the lake that includes spots of shallow water, deep water, stumps, brush and ice. There is also a stationary blind out on the open water to be used, depending on how the ducks are flying that day.


The popularity of waterfowl hunting has grown in numbers over the past few years and continues to widen across the country. From puddle ducks—such as, blue bills, redheads, canvasbacks—to several mallards, Billy Blakely makes sure to provide all visitors with the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to always making the hunt successful.



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Propane vs. Gas: The Camper’s Debate


Propane vs. Gas: The Camper’s Debate


Although they say every “opinion” is worth about two cents nowadays (and if you’re career happens to be in politics it’s worth even less) there are some definite facts that come along with choosing what is easier and better, between propane and gas, to use in the Great Outdoors.


backpacking, environment, summer, travel, propane, white gas, hunting, camping, fuel options, bio-fuels

Let us begin with the issue of ease. It is absolutely true that propane is one of the easiest fuel sources to use. After all, you screw in the container, turn on the valve, and simply light the gas that’s exiting the burners; how much more ease can you ask for? Seeing as that propane is already under pressure, you do not have to pump it or do anything special. When you’re talking about white gas (Coleman fuel), you have to pump the container up, heat up a bit of the fuel, and then ignite it. So it obviously takes more time in the set up and start up categories than when speaking about a propane stove.


Propane stoves for the camper also provide the benefit of ease when it comes to transportation. There is no need to worry about filling it up, spilling fuel by mistake, or priming the stove, which makes it more fun and less of a chore for the individual when it comes to enjoying their camping experience.


Although this is starting to sound like propane runs away with the race, it is important to note that even with all the benefits, propane does have some definite problems that you will encounter with gas stoves. Propane is not able to be used in very low temperatures. Say you’re looking at a forty degree hunting/camping/fishing weekend. Or maybe you are an ice fishing lover and will sit in 0 degree weather or less; if that is the case, propane is definitely off your list and white gas is the one and only choice.


If we’re talking about backpacking instead of driving that RV or camper up to your site, propane also is not the one you want to go with. Although it’s easy to transport, that benefit falls apart when talking about throwing it into your backpack for the long trek. Propane containers are heavy and they are not disposable. Seeing as that garbage cans can usually not be discovered on top of the mountain, you will also be forced to carry those containers back down with you. When it comes to gas containers, they are lighter and smaller, which makes the backpacker far happier.


In addition, when it comes to refilling the propane canister – the small ones, that is – you will be unable to. You will be forced, instead, to trash them in a landfill, whereas white gas stove containers can simply be refilled.


When you get down to the brass tacks of cooking, another issue also crops up when speaking about cooking with propane. Simply put, when propane burns, heat, light, carbon dioxide, and water are produced. When the water vapor comes in contact with your food it alters the taste ever so slightly. This is why many choose to use charcoal to cook instead of propane, because the briquettes offer a great flavor to the food.


Keep in mind that there are three types of stoves to choose from: Canister stoves, which are easy-to-use, low-maintenance stoves that typically screw onto the threaded tops of self-sealing fuel canisters that contain two pre-pressurized gases (isobutane and propane). Liquid fuel stoves, which are extremely versatile stoves that connect to refillable fuel bottles, not only white gas. And, last but not least, Alternative-fuel stoves that is a category that continues to grow bigger with each passing year. More and more backpacking and camping stoves are being made that run on fuel pellets or actual wood.


Make sure that the size, ease of transportation, and the ability to run the stove in certain temperature are all issues you take into account before choosing what is right for you. Whereas propane might be perfect for that family camping trip, your backpacking excursion most certainly will call for the smaller, easier to carry gas options.


But no matter what, keep those Great Outdoors safe and have one heck of a trip!


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The Right Guide to Hunt the “Pacific Ghost”


The Right Guide to Hunt the “Pacific Ghost”


It is the dream and want of many hunters to successfully take hold of a Blacktail deer that roams the range extending between central California all the way to Alaska. These secretive deer that are referred to almost reverently as the “Pacific Ghost,” can spend their entire lives moving virtually unseen through the thick overgrowth and almost jungle-type collection of brush, timber and thorns that make up the Pacific Coast rain forests. When it comes to taking down a trophy-class Blacktail, you not only require skill, patience and hard work, but it is imperative that you book your hunt with a guide that knows everything there is to know about the Blacktail, as well as its natural surroundings. Only then can that “ghost” turn into a reality.

The thrill of the Blacktail hunt is alive and well, but within the rugged, less-congested state of Washington hunting the “Pacific Ghost” is not only thrilling – it is a true passion. For those who are looking to book that perfect hunt, it is Shelby’s Trophy Guide Service that will have your adrenaline pumping – thrilled for the hunt before you even get off the plane.


Shelby’s Trophy Guide Service has a background that cannot be beat. A true family enterprise, owner Ed Shelby has been shooting with his father since he was five years of age, bringing down his first buck at 12. Father, Boyd Shelby, has a lifetime of experience and (along with his son) has several animals in the Pope & Young Record Book.


For those who truly live for Blacktail hunting, it is highly important to note that for over 25 years Shelby’s hunts have been 97% successful. Although offering hunts that range from black bear to elk, Shelby’s Trophy Guide Service specializes in trophy Blacktail located in the western Washington area. They are also known to provide in-depth data and techniques in tracking, rattling and stalking that you, your company, family, or friends can take with you from the hunt and use over and over again for a lifetime of successful hunting.


Experienced teachers, Ed Shelby and his crew own the skills, the wisdom and the love for hunting and the Great Outdoors that is absolutely necessary when wishing to achieve a completely prosperous hunt. Shelby’s takes their mission seriously: They will try and help you bag that trophy animal of your dreams no matter what! And as far as techniques are concerned, you can book a bow or rifle hunt with Shelby’s and get an exciting and rewarding experience in return.


There are many Hunting Packages available. When it comes to the Blacktail Deer Hunt – Early Archery Packages and Late Archery Packages; as well as General Deer Season – Modern Firearm: 3 Day Hunts run $2,000.00/5 Day Hunts run $2,500.00, with additional days at $500.00 each. (It’s important to note that special doe hunts/late archery only, one day is guaranteed at $500.00/no kill, no pay.)


Some of the hunting requirements include (but are not limited to): no smoking on the hunt; bow hunters may be required to demonstrate target accuracy; and a 50% non-refundable booking fee deposit is required at the time you book your reservation. Local scouting trips are available before you hunt ($200.00 per day), and a trophy fee of $500.00 for all Blacktail deer, 4 point or bigger, including eye guards.


And if you happen to be from out-of-state, Shelby’s will guide you through the process of purchasing your license once you arrive. This is to ensure you will have the correct type of license which you can find further information on at:


Not to mention, the minute you start researching that perfect Blacktail Hunt at Shelby’s Trophy Guide Service site, you will also be able to read through all the local lodging links in order to make sure you get the best and most memorable hunt you can imagine. So get to it…your “Pacific Ghost” is waiting!


For more information, head to:

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10 Gauge Outfitters: The Best Pheasant Hunting in Kansas


10 Gauge Outfitters: The Best Pheasant Hunting in Kansas


The state slogan of Kansas used to be “Simply Wonderful.” It was recently changed to “As Big as You Think.” In the end, both statements are absolute fact. And for the hunter, it is extremely easy to say that Kansas offers many wide, open spaces to choose from and provides you and your friends with a ‘simply wonderful’ experience.

As Big as You Think, Simply Wonderful, hunting, 10 Gauge Outfitters, shotgun hunts, archery hunts,Rio Grande Turkey Hunting, The Best Wild Pheasant Hunting in Kansas

When looking for that perfect guide to provide you with the best pheasant hunting in the state, 10 Gauge Outfitters is a name you should know! Putting together your Kansas hunting adventure becomes far easier when choosing 10 Gauge, because you ensure that your hunt will provide you with memories to last a lifetime.


Enveloped in the beautiful western plains of Kinsley, Kansas, where the view is endless for miles on end, 10 Gauge Outfitters puts to use the wheat, alfalfa, milo, and corn that Kansas is so good at producing in order to offer up (and fatten up) the finest wild game.


What makes for a great pheasant hunt guide is experience. 10 Gauge Outfitters has ventured outside their own region in order to examine expeditions across the U.S. By seeing first-hand the positives that other guides, outfitters and lodges have to offer across the country, they have combined all this knowledge to create the best experience you can possibly find in the great state of Kansas.


Along with experience comes the need for habitat, and 10 Gauge Outfitters is certainly not lacking in that area. Providing their sporting game with the appropriate amount of minerals, nutrients and feed throughout the year, their habitat keeps all game healthy and plentiful. Not to mention, the habitat gives plenty of cover to pheasants and quail for them to hide and roost from other predators. In other words, 10 Gauge continuously works hard so that the hunting expedition you book will be a successful one. So successful, in fact, that you will walk away not only wanting to return as fast as possible, but also wanting to tell your family, friends and colleagues all about the fantastic time you had.


For ‘The Best Wild Pheasant Hunting in Kansas’ 10 Gauge serves small pheasant hunting groups as well as corporate pheasant hunting trips, offering lodging for up to 20 people. You can enjoy the open farmland and open plains, spend mornings shooting all the pheasant or quail you want, and then kick back in the evening.


Rates for the 10 Gauge pheasant hunts range from: 2 people @ $530; 3 people @ $490; and 4+ @ $450 (per hunter/day). Included in your package are: lodging, food, guides, dogs and/or dog kenneling if you bring your own with you to the hunt, airport pick-up and drop-off for groups of 4 or more, 100 yd. shooting range and sporting clays, satellite TV, internet services and field transportation.


When it comes to lodging, 10 Gauge Outfitters supplies a stunning early nineteen hundred 3-bedroom/2-bath farmhouse that sleeps 8 comfortably and was completely remodeled in 2012. Located amidst some truly stunning countryside, hunters will not only have a great trip, but they will also have a place to enjoy quiet, peaceful evenings while sitting on the porch and celebrating their ‘catch’ with a drink. And when it comes to food, fresh, delicious cuisine is available for you and your group, with a variety of meals to choose from.


Another thing to keep in mind is the time of year that you decide to schedule your trip with 10 Gauge, because if the season permits, you can combine other expeditions with the pheasant hunt.


These include:


Prairie Dog Hunting: With access to thousands of acres of prairie dog towns located less than 30 minutes from 10 Gauge’s lodging facilities, year-round prairie dog hunting is available.


Whitetail Hunting: When it comes to those majestic creatures, Kansas whitetail hunts with 10 Gauge Outfitters are a must to get those huge Kansas bucks. These are guided trophy whitetail hunts on over 16,000 acres of intensely managed prime Kansas habitat.


Coyote Hunting: Coyote country in southwest Kansas is property that plays home to a variety of game that includes not only coyotes, but also bobcats, fox and badgers.


In addition, look into the Rio Grande Turkey Hunting experience (spring and fall hunts available) with 10 Gauge, as well as shotgun hunts, archery hunts, and so much more.


It is time to bag that pheasant – and perhaps a few others along the way – and literally experience “Something Wonderful” in a place that most definitely is “As Big as You Think!”


For more information, head to:


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The .22 revolver is a great firearm to add to your range time!


The .22 revolver is a great firearm to add to your range time!

By Darren Shepard

There is one revolver every hunter and shooter should consider having in their stable of firearms in my opinion. Many times, it is simply overlooked. Small game hunters, target shooters, experts and beginners will enjoy the versatility of the simple .22 revolver plus the great benefits it will add to your range time.

First, it is a solid firearm to learn to shoot revolvers correctly and accurately.  Practicing with the .22 Revolver is a great way to work on your shooting skills since it provides little recoil, enables the opportunity for easy shooting and much more. This is a great firearm to safely train a new shooter. Practice makes perfect and the more you shoot your .22 revolver, your accuracy with the bigger “hand cannons” will increase significantly. It is a lot of fun to shoot!

Secondly, a there are a lot of different ammunition choices as well. Personally, I do not view the .22 LR as a great self-defense caliber and my focus on ammunition is for target shooting and other specific needs. Though .22 ammo costs have really increased over the past few years, a box of .22 LR is still less expensive than a typical box of  38 or .357 Magnum when heading to the practice range. Many .22 LR revolvers shoot ammunition from .22 Short, Long rifle, sub-sonic loads, and .22 SHOT Shell loads. The shot shell loads, though controversial to some shooters, is an interesting choice in case you have no other option to eliminate a snake or certain small varmints. Most semi-auto .22 pistols cannot shoot this diversity of ammo.

With the .22 LR rifle revolver, you can typically shoot all of these loads making it effective, efficient and a great tool to have around the deer camp and farm. Plus, many hunters have a .22 rifle in their gun safe for small game hunting and target practice. Adding a .22 LR revolver makes a great combination for so many reasons.

There are many .22 Revolvers on the market, and many will fit the bill. For me, the Heritage .22 LR with the additional cylinder to shoot. .22 Magnums (why not?) was a great choice.  I wanted to add one to my shooting options but was not interested in spending a ton of cash.  The Heritage .22 was very efficient on the wallet, provides great ammo versatility and it just looks good!   I have a single action 6- shot revolver with a six -inch barrel. The .22 LR version costs anywhere from around $100.00 to $129.00 and models with the extra .22 Magnum cylinder included may run as high as $179.00. I have seen prices vary considerably depending on the retailer, options, time of year and other factors.

After shooting about 50 rounds to “break it in,” I was consistently hitting three shot- 1 ½ inch groups at 20 feet. It takes a little practice and the more I shot, the better the results. I shoot shotguns and rifles most of the time and do not shoot revolvers or pistols nearly as much. I was very pleased with these first-time results.  In fact, now that I have my Heritage .22 LR revolver, I know my shooting skills will improve because I will be shooting it a lot more!

Don’t overlook the .22 revolver. It is practical, convenient, cost effective and most importantly, a lot of fun!


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“Swamp People” Discuss the Best Boats on the Water Carolina Skiff


“Swamp People” Discuss the Best Boats on the Water Carolina Skiff

By Amy Lignor

“Made for play, work—whatever you want to do, this baby is for you!” Those were gator hunter and TV personality R.J. Molinere’s words when it came to discussing the ‘best of the best’ on the water today: Carolina Skiff.

For people who may be unaware of these hard working men, the History Channel is right where you can stop by and meet RJ / Jay Paul. “Swamp People” is an American TV series that took off a few years back, opening the door to viewers so they can witness the daily activities of Louisiana natives, as they live in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin and hunt gators for a living.


The King of the Swamp, Troy Landry, faces off with far more than just gators on the show – friends and family alike actually get some of his steam as he works hard to preserve that Cajun way of life. The show even sports a gator-dog named Tyler; while R.J. Molinere and his son, Jay Paul, make bold moves to gain dominance over those gator-filled swamps.

But the one thing RJ / Jay Paul and all “Swamp People” can agree upon is the fact that Carolina Skiff has the perfect equipment when it comes to filling their list of needs.

While sitting down on bayou, R.J. and Jay Paul focused on letting the world know the incredible features Carolina Skiff boats provide, especially when it comes to being the most solid, weight-bearing vessels imaginable.


R.J. stated that holding a lot of weight is no problem for the Carolina Skiff. Whether it be oysters, crab cages, fish, or those legendary Gators, Carolina Skiff built their equipment to make sure if R.J and his son want to load up to 150 gators – big ones, mind you – they have no fear of their boat being weighed down.

“I can get to places other boats just can’t get me to in this,” R.J. remarked. “I can be in shallow, shallow water and I can still do my work just fine.”

Great for him…bad luck for those gators.

“Living on the swamp, you got to have the right equipment, and this is the most versatile boat possible.”

But let’s not forget the aspect of fun, here. Jay Paul chimed in to let the world know you can go out on the water and have a day of fun, as well, and not have to worry about overloading the boat with guests. “It’s an all-round boat.” From doubling up on your load while at work to setting up a barbecue on it when at play, “You can design this boat to work for you!”


The “Swamp People” may be quirky, and a bit unorthodox at times, but they definitely know the type of craft needed to excel at their job, and Carolina Skiff’s DLX-EW (Extra-Wide) Series provides a high payload capacity and an extra wide beam. We’re talking the pick-up truck of boats. Drawing very little water while remaining stable in almost any circumstance, you don’t have to be on a TV show to carry more weight further and faster using less horsepower. That’s why the DLX-EW outshines other work boats: fuel efficiency, carrying more weight with less horsepower. Whether it be work time or play time, the DLX Extra-Wide Series is the best.

Every boating enthusiast knows that a Carolina Skiff is the most durable, versatile, stable and economical boat on the planet, and this company has maintained that stellar reputation for over 30 years. From fit to finish, a Carolina Skiff delivers the most features and the best functionality available on the market today, giving you the best value in both performance and comfort. With more than 60 models to choose from that meet your own personal, recreational or commercial needs, Carolina Skiff has the pleasure boat, fishing boat, runabout, or commercial/work boat that you can’t be without.

So take it from RJ / Jay Paul of the “Swamp People” who do the job and do it well: “There’s nothing more solid than a Carolina Skiff!”

Check out the DLX-EW Series at:


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Tucket Giller with Realtree Xtra makes Perfect Fall Shoe


Tucket Giller with Realtree Xtra makes Perfect Fall Shoe

by Craig Lamb 

Until recently finding a camp shoe combining style with functionality was next to impossible.

You could find a stylish pair to sport around town. Showing the world you live the outdoor life came with a cost, though. The rugged look wore the same way, as in hard on the feet.

Now you can get a pair of shoes made by Tucket Footwear for wearing around town or at camp. These shoes feel comfy and can be worn the year round. Best of all they are functional, stylish and come in a camo pattern worn by serious hunters.


The shoe is the Giller, and they are now available in Realtree Xtra, the most universally popular camo pattern worn by whitetail deer, wild turkey, and waterfowl hunters. Basic leather colors are also available.

Realtree designs the world’s leading camouflage pattern, and started the industry revolution for innovative hunting clothing and patterns in 1986. Since then, wearing Realtree has evolved into a lifestyle, not just a camo pattern worn by hunters.

The match is perfect for Gillers, made using a patent-pending outsole and features that stand out to make the shoe one-of-a-kind. Tucket designed the Giller with a purpose.

“Before now no one made a camp shoe designed with performance features,” notes Dennis McCormick, a respected veteran of the outdoor apparel and shoe industries. “You couldn’t wear such a shoe without it getting wet and staying wet.”

Getting wet is part of being outdoors, obviously. McCormick, the founder, and president of Tucket, calls the Giller a performance shoe and the first of it’s kind. He has plenty of facts to support the claim.


 The EVA innersole is the most popular material used by Nike in many of its high performance running shoes. So you get the same comfort and foot support as your running shoes with a unique twist.

What else makes the Giller different is being the first drainable shoe of it’s kind. The Giller has 24 drain holes that quickly drain water to speed up the drying process. Completely submerge the shoe, and it will drain and dry within seconds.

What else is really cool about the drain-minding design is the patent-pending outsole. Multiple pods quickly channel larger volumes of water through angled treads that are counter-angled to the next thread. So water drains from the sides of the shoe and through the bottom.

Those features even provide superior grip. No more foot slippage that can sprain ankles. Feet stay inside the shoes instead of coming out. You get a firm footing on a slippery boat deck, another plus for my feet. The outsole material has even passed slip testing by OSHA standards for occupational footwear.

The Giller is light, too, and thus the reason why it can be worn all day, anywhere and anytime. One shoe in size 11 weighs just 8.4 ounces. Slip on a pair and you don’t even feel like they are on the feet.

All of the above features add up to the perfect camp shoe. To clean them all it takes is rinsing off the dirt or washing with a mild soap. The shoes will be ready to wear again within a few minutes.

Best of all, the same Gillers you wear in duck or deer camp can be worn in town when date night rolls around. Add a pair of socks, if the dress code is required, and you have the perfect shoe for the night.

There is a feel-good aspect of wearing the Giller beyond the performance features. For every pair purchased, the company donates funds to community food banks to buy at least three meals per consumer purchase.

“We want our company to fulfill a greater purpose,” added McCormick. “The fact is that there are many children all around us that go to bed hungry every night.”

The Giller in Realtree Xtra is available in whole sizes, from 9 through 12. Get a pair for $80.

Find a retailer, or shop the shoes, and learn more about the Tucket story at Check out the latest news and hang out with Giller fans like me at the Tucket Facebook page.



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The Sound of Silence


The Sound of Silence

by Rob Reaser


Since the start of the compound bow era nearly 50 years ago, manufacturers have worked diligently to make their products lighter and faster. It’s a task they have conquered exceedingly well, but always with a subtle “swimming upstream” caveat. With these faster-shooting, lighter-weighing, and smaller-profile bows comes an increased propensity for noise. All that energy has to go somewhere, and since no arrow can absorb 100-percent of a bow’s juice, that excess energy transfers throughout the bow and to anything attached to it. The result is vibration and noise that is both annoying to the shooter, and alarming to game animals.

TRUGLO-Archery Hunting-Products-BFMG-Content Marketing-Whitetail Hunting-Some folks wrongly believe that speed makes up for noise. In other words, they think that a fast bow and ultra light micro-diameter shafts can deliver a lethal shot before a game animal has time to react. While it is true that a fast-flying arrow can help mitigate animal flinching and string jumping to some degree, it doesn’t eliminate the problem. Whitetail deer, in particular, are usually wound tight as a banjo string. If you have a 30-yard shot on a buck that is looking right at you, most likely he will be moving before your arrow reaches him. And as veteran bowhunters know, the difference between a lethal, ethical shot and a poor hit can be measured in half-inch increments. Even the slightest flinch of a game animal caused by bow noise can be enough to put your arrow’s point-of-impact somewhere you don’t want it to be.

Quietness is a key selling point for any bow manufacturer, but no matter how quiet a bow is in stock form, no one shoots a stock bow. Once you add the requisite sights, quivers, and possibly a bow-mounted camera, you’ve just introduced a boatload of potential noise makers to your setup.

Fortunately, solutions abound, and while there is no one magic bullet for quieting a bow, the cumulative effects of strategic noise reduction can stack the odds in your favor. Here’s how you do it…


String Dampers

TRUGLO String Dampers-BFMG-Content Marketing-

String Dampers

Pluck a string and it vibrates. Placing rubber string silencers, such as the TRUGLO TRU?BLOCK™ String Silencers, between the strands of your bowstring will significantly reduce that vibration and its subsequent noise. Usually two rubber-type string silencers are sufficient for most bows—one between the serving and the upper cam and one between the serving and lower cam. Every bow’s harmonic “sweet spot” is different, so experiment with silencer placement by sliding them up and down the string to see where they are most quiet.


Arrow Weight

Modern bowhunting equipment achieves unprecedented speed through a combination of mechanically efficient bow design and lightweight arrows. One of the downsides of lightweight arrows, though, is that they do no absorb as much of a bow’s energy as heavier arrows. That inescapable inefficiency means that the energy not transferred to the arrow goes into the bow and its accessories, resulting in vibration that not only causes noise, but also can loosen screws and other attaching hardware.

Light versus heavy arrows is a debate in bowhunting circles, but no matter which camp you fall into, you cannot deny the physics. If you want to help quiet your bow, use the heaviest arrow you are comfortable shooting.



Originally designed to improve a bow’s stability, stabilizers have become an important tool for absorbing vibration and noise. For a hunting

TRUGLO Stabilizer-BFMG-Content Marketing-

TRUGLO Stabilizer

bow, which necessarily must use a short stabilizer, that’s asking a lot. The good news is that advances in sound dampening materials and engineering have led to bow stabilizers that are highly efficient in vibration absorption and, in some cases, are even adjustable.

Among the most advanced hunting stabilizers on the market today are TRUGLO’s new Carbon XS™ stabilizers. Available in 7- and 9-inch lengths, these aesthetically pleasing stabilizers utilize a composite performance material construction combined with a unique continuously curving design for balanced energy transfer and adjustable weight suspension system that allows you to custom-tune the stabilizer for your particular shooting setup. Another adjustable stabilizer from TRUGLO is the TRU?TEC™ Carbon Pro with a carbon-composite exoskeleton and adjustable weight suspension system as well. If you’re a screw-it-on-and-go type, check out the DEADENATOR XS™ in black or your favorite licensed camo pattern. Whichever model you choose, you will enjoy a reduction in both hand shock and noise.



TRUGLO-Quivers-BFMG-Content Marketing-Bow Hunting-Archery-

TRUGLO Bow Quiver

Probably the noisiest bow accessory is the arrow quiver, as many quivers use mounts that have notoriously loose tolerances. This “slop” between the mount and the quiver body can create a significant racket when you release the bowstring. You want a quiver that has a tight, no-rattle fit between the quiver body and the mount, a thick foam hood insert to keep the broadheads from rattling, as well as tight arrow grippers to keep them secure.

TRUGLO goes one step further in quiver noise reduction with the TRU?TEC™ LT with its Postive-Lock mounting system for smooth one-hand removal and ultra-secure attachment to the bow. This quiver comes with five color-matching rubber inserts that help absorb vibrations. Simply pick your color and insert the damper in the quiver frame.


Bow Sights

TRUGLO-Archery Sights-WhiteTail Hunting-BFMG-Content Marketing-

TRUGLO Archery Sight

In addition to quivers, bow sights can be big noisemakers. Most are comprised of many small parts that are held together with screws. The more parts there are, the greater the potential for noise—especially at any metal-to-metal contact points.

Buying a precision-made, high-quality bow sight will go a long way to ensuring quiet performance. So will verifying that all adjustment screws and attaching hardware are snug. It’s a good practice to check the tightness of all bow sight hardware after each practice session and before each hunt.

In addition to offering bow sights with the quality materials and construction, many TRUGLO sights such as the CARBON HYBRID™ Micro also feature the TRU?TOUCH™ Soft-Feel Technical Coating. This finish not only looks and feels better than painted or anodized metal, the coating’s inherent sound-dampening qualities help put the “hush” on one of the bowhunting world’s most raucous accessories.


Arrow Rests

TRUGLO-Arrow Rest-Bow Hunting-BFMG-Content Marketing-

TRUGLO Arrow Rest

The other must-have accessory that has the potential for creating a racket is the arrow rest. As with quivers, arrow rest noise is proportionate to its material and construction quality. TRUGLO engineers its drop away and capture rests such as the CARBON XS™, UP•DRAFT™, DOWN•DRAFT™ and STORM™ to be quiet both during and after arrow launch. They accomplish this through close tolerances and precise parts fitment, as well as the selection of materials used for the “hard” components and the composition of the arrow shelves and pads.

Of course, even high-end arrow rests like these can use a little extra help in the quiet department—not because of bow vibration as much as arrow “clang.” We’ve all dropped an arrow off the shelf and cringed as the unnatural “clank” echoed through the still woods. You can keep this potential disaster to a minimum by adding moleskin or similar adhesive material to the inside of your rest and around your risers’ window and shelf areas.


But Wait, There’s More…

We said earlier that noise dampening is a cumulative effort affecting many areas of your bow. A couple of items increasingly found on factory bows that also contribute to noise reduction are limb dampers (rubber attachments that fit on or between your bow limbs) and string stoppers (a device that cushions the string upon release). Your particular bow may or may not have come with these devices and may or may not be able to accommodate them, so check with your local pro shop for more info.

Finally, no matter what type or how many accessories you have on your bow, make sure everything is tightened down. Even the smallest loose part can make a disproportionally big noise when you launch an arrow. Putting a few Allen wrenches to your bow between each target practice and hunting session can go a long ways to making sure your bow sounds more like silence and less like a hickory nut hitting a tin roof.


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Meet the New “Multi-Tool” of the Bowhunting Sight World


Meet the New “Multi-Tool” of the Bowhunting Sight World

The all-new ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series bow sight delivers unprecedented versatility and field performance at a budget-friendly price!

by Rob Reaser


Let’s face facts: selecting the ideal sight for your bowhunting rig can be an exercise in frustration—especially when working with tight finances. Most budget-oriented sights are a compromise between features and price, and the old adage “you get what you pay for” is especially true in the bow sight arena.

But what if we told you there was a new hunting sight on the market that weighs the cost versus features scale in your favor?

That’s exactly what APEX GEAR offers with its all-new ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series bow sight.

APEX Accu strike-Archery Sight-BFMG-Content Marketing-ACCU•STRIKE™ is a familiar name in the APEX GEAR lineup, known as a “back to basics” sight that delivers hunting versatility at a price in line with the working class bowhunter’s budget. For 2016, APEX GEAR’s engineers have greatly expanded that versatility while keeping the price in check.

There are four models in the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series, but before we dive into those specifics, let’s take a look at the improved XS Series platform that’s common to all.

For starters, the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS is a five-pin sight. This is great news for multi-pin fans who are taking advantage of the long-range accuracy and penetration capabilities of the micro and ultra-micro hunting shafts on the market today, yet who aren’t comfortable using single-pin, slider-type bow sights. That fifth pin (there were four on the previous ACCU•STRIKE™ sight) can comfortably extend your range another 10+ yards or simply help reduce your pin gap, depending on your shooting style and equipment setup.

Speaking of shooting style and equipment, the versatility of the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS can accommodate any bow hunting platform. The reversible bracket, for example, greatly expands the pin cluster’s vertical adjustment range, and works in concert with the precision CNC-machined dovetail windage adjustment. Furthermore, the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS is adaptable for both left- or right-hand shooters. Elevation and pin adjustment markings are also included to assist in fine-tuning.

While all of these features make the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS ideally suited to a broad range of bow hunting applications, the key advantage of APEX Accu strike OptiChoice2Reaerthis sight is its low-light performance. Seasoned bowhunters know it is often those last 15-20 minutes of shooting light when the magic happens, and a sight that allows pins to standout during those murky minutes can make all the difference.

All ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series sights come with extra-long fibers (significantly longer than their predecessor) for improved ambient light gathering, and a level that is illuminated with luminescent tape. The extended-length fibers deliver optimal light to the .019-inch pins no matter if you’re deep in the woods or working the edge of a green field. Where the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS sight models differ is in their manual lighting systems.

The star of the new ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series lineup is the AG1615 BKS model. Available in black, the AG1615 BKS comes with the OPTI•CHOICE II PIN Selector. This feature serves two key functions.

First, the OPTI•CHOICE II lets you illuminate all five pins at once, and do so at three different light settings: low, medium, and high. Switching the illumination level to match the lighting conditions is as simple as depressing the button on the side of the OPTI•CHOICE II PIN Selector. Controlling the luminosity of the entire pin cluster is perfect when your shooting distance and ambient light levels are changing rapidly.

Second, the OPTI•CHOICE II PIN Selector allows you to do just that—select only the pin you wish to illuminate. By rotating the OPTI•CHOICE II dial on the side of the bracket, you can choose which of the five pins to illuminate and by how much. This works great when your target is holding within a specific range, or when you just want to isolate the pin you need and avoid any visual “heat of the moment” confusion.

In all, the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS AG1615 BKS delivers everything you need to make the winning shot in visually challenging conditions.

The other three bow sights in the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series feature APEX GEAR’s popular Micro push-button light. With the touch of a button, this light enhances pin illumination to help you make that critical 11th-hour shot.

What distinguishes these three models is the finish. Buyers can choose between black, Lost Camo, or Realtree Xtra. Regardless of which model or finish you prefer, all ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series sights come with the TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating.

We all enjoy one-stop shopping, and in a way, the ACCU•STRIKE™ XS Series sights provide just that—everything you could want in a diverse and feature-packed bowhunting sight, and all at a price that will make you smile.

Visit Apex Today.


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