Living the ‘Skiff Life”


Living the ‘Skiff Life”

By Craig Lamb

Fishing hard. Playing harder. Cruising the skinniest of water, or heading out miles away from shore into the blue water. Doing the heavy lifting and transporting the goods for a job. Spending quality time with family and friends on a secluded beach. Watersports? Yep, you do that too. Scuba diving over a wreck in the bay. Snorkeling over a reef on the lookout for a lobster dinner.

All of the above describes the Skiff Life. Carolina Skiff owners have been doing it now for 30 years and counting. After three decades of building loyal customers, those owners define what fishing, playing and working mean in a skiff-designed boat.

Carolina Skiff continues responding to the needs of its loyal owners by designing and evolving with what it takes to live The Skiff Life. Need proof? Here you go.

For novices and skilled boaters, the J-Series is the perfect skiff for entry-level boaters or anyone looking for an affordable boat. The J-Series is the perfect skiff for just knocking around the marina or in the skinniest of sloughs, backwaters or mangroves. With 100 percent composite construction the J-Series doesn’t have an expiration date when it comes to rugged durability and a long lasting finish.


A pillar of the brand is the DLX Series, tracing its roots back to the first model built in 1983. Since then the DLX has built a loyal following as one of the most durable, versatile and stable boats on the water. Plain and simple, you just can’t beat it as a runabout, commercial workboat or for just about any activity on the water.

Could the DLX get even more versatile? Yep, and the proof is in the DLX Tunnel Series. The DLX is known for shallow draft, and that gets even more of a lift with the Tunnel Series.

What gives tunnel hulls an advantage is the higher outboard motor mount. Water is dispersed from the hull into a tunnel. Undisturbed water is then funneled to the prop for better bite and less cavitation. Throttle the outboard and the boat quickly gets on plan and stays there without porpoising. What else happens with a tunnel is better performance and even fuel economy. Less hull in the water means less drag, which also means less fuel consumed.

High payload capacity, extra wide body, tough and reliable. Reads like the advertising tag line for a pickup truck, right?

The reality is those words also describe the DLX Extra Wide Series. The DLX-EW draws very little water while remaining stable. You can carry more weight further and faster using less horsepower. Those unique qualities come from a patented hull design with bow splash guards to keep you dry from spray over the bow. And positive tracking keels on the running surface keep the boat tracking true while maneuvering without the typical flat-bottom slide when making turns. Go extra wide with three models with 103” beams with lengths overall from 23’ 2” to 27’ 1.”

A top choice for fishing in shallow water is the JVX Series. A lightweight hull and modified V-hull design combine for a boat that will carry more, go further and faster with less horsepower. You get excellent maneuverability and handling with the positive tracking keels. Patented splash-guards provide the smooth, dry ride. Choose from nine models in center console, side console or stick steering.  

Fishermen have plenty of options from which to choose. Nine different models are in the JVX Series lineup, and you can customize the rig to fit angling needs.

What’s in a name? When the boat is the Ultra Elite Series. The proof is in the name. Ultra means extreme. Superior defines elite. The Ultra Series delivers with three boats in one. Equally at home inshore lake or river, in the bays along the coastline, fishing the tidal creeks and offshore exploring. Whatever the adventure the Ultra Series can do it all. Choose between four models from 19’ to 24.’

Are you ready to live the Skiff Life? Get started using the the Build A Boat feature. On the website, you can find a dealer, request a catalog and more. Check out the loyal following of Carolina Skiff Life fans and owners on Facebook.



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Going Flat for Great Fishing


Going Flat for Great Fishing

By Craig Lamb

Flats fishing, Just the thought brings to mind the sight of big fish cruising over ultra-shallow water. Your mind also might wander to explosive surface feeding activity as the fish gang bait up on top of the flats.

Every inshore angler should know the basics of flats fishing. Flats might not be the most abundant and predominant habitat in your area. What does appeal about flats is that predator species gravitate to them to feed.

Flats with the presence of baitfish attract lots of predator fish, from red drum to trout and more. Keep that in mind when approaching a flat. Coming in downwind, to avoid making a wake over the flat, is a wise move. So is avoiding running directly across the flat and spooking wary fish.

Flats near deep channels, cuts or any surrounding deep water are fish magnets. The fish have an easy, quick escape back to deep water is the reason why such flats are so productive. Deep holes nearby are also popular when fishing in summertime, when the cooler water attracts even more fish.

The key influencer to flat fishing is obviously the tide. A rising tide is best. Baitfish, crustaceans and other food sources rise with the tide and flood a flat. The reverse scenario occurs on the falling tide. Plan your flats fishing according to the tide chart.

Flats fishing takes a different type of tackle and style of fishing than elsewhere in the inshore angling world. Lightening up with spinning gear, longer rods helps propel lures and bait rigs greater distances across the flat. Long casts are a must, and a rod with a strong backbone is essential for keeping fish from heading into deep water.

With the Sea Chaser Flat Series from Carolina Skiff, you can go into the skinniest of skinny water. Sea Chaser, Flat Series boats, are specifically designed to meet the needs of any extreme shallow water angler.

Evidence of that fact is the Sea Chaser FS 180 with a length overall of 17’ 10,” a beam of 85 inches and a draft of about 8 inches. The boat has a fuel capacity of 33 gallons and is rated for a maximum of 150 horsepower.

Standard features include an insulated bait well with Maxi-Air aerator system to keep bait fresh on the way out, and an insulated fish box to keep catches cold all the way back home. Two lockable rod storage boxes and built in tackle coxes with pullout trays. Standard trolling motor panel and push pole holders. All of it is standard.

There’s enough under-gunwale storage space for ten fly rods in addition to gear storage for gear, like a foredeck dry-storage compartment that can double as a cooler. With a beam of over 85 inches and a large forward casting deck, the 180 Flats offers plenty of room for casting. Deck hardware is recessed, just like you’d expect on any serious flats boat.

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Ultra Elite Series, Carolina Skiff


Ultra Elite Series, Carolina Skiff

by Ted Lund

Carolina Skiff’s new Ultra Elite series is actually three boats in one, allowing boaters, anglers and their families to explore lakes and bays, coastal estuaries and tidal creeks as well as near offshore waters.

The Ultra-Elite is available in Four sizes, the 19 Ultra (19-feet), 21 Ultra (20-feet, 11-inches) 23 Ultra (22-feet, 11 inches) and the ALL NEW 2017 MODEL- 24 Ultra (23-feet  9-inches) A wide beam (97 inches on the 19/21 Ultra, 100 inches on the 23 Ultra and 96-inches on the new 24 Ultra; as well as a beefy stable platform that keeps your family safe and dry, even when conditions head south.


All Four members of the Carolina Skiff Ultra Elite family are loaded with standard features, including stainless steel deck hardware, low-profile LED navigational lights, latch able anchor lockers that drain overboard and feature a courtesy light, as well as insulated dry storage featuring LED lighting and overboard drains. The entire Ultra Elite family comes pre-rigged for today’s state-of-the-art trolling motors, complete with a trolling motor panel, receptacle, and 12-volt accessory plug. ]    

As the size increases, so do the standard options. The 19 and 21 Ultra feature a standard console with a lockable door, a console cushion set with lockable access hatch under the seat, a stainless steel console grab rail and quick disconnect windshield and full instrumentation panel (speed/voltmeter/tachometer/fuel gauge/12-volt accessory plug/ breakered toggle switches.) Boaters can also enjoy remote steering with extreme control cables and a tilt helm, with the option to add hydraulic steering.) Other standard features throughout the range include integrated fuel cells, live baitwells, and all systems rigged to AYBC specifications.


When you step up to the 23 Ultra —you’ll find even more standardized accessories, including a newly-designed step-down console featuring a Port-a-Potty, leaning post, removable 100-quart cooler, rear fold-down bench seat, transom sink with hideaway faucet and a three-drawer transom tackle system.  The all new 2017 Model 24 Ultra feature a new flip up console with changing curtain, Leaning post with back rest and 100qt removable cooler, (3)three fold down rear deck jump seats, rear 20 gallon bait well and so much more.

Add-ons abound for all four Carolina Skiff Ultra’s, including seating, t-top and hull color options.

And just like every other member of the Carolina Skiff family, the Ultra Elite Series enjoys 100-percent wood-free, all-composite construction resulting in a boat that will last — providing your family with a lifetime of on-the-water memories.

For more information on the Ultra Elite, or the entire line of Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser or Fun Chaser boats, to design your own dream skiff or locate a dealer near you to schedule a float test, visit


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Skiff-style boat launching


Skiff-style boat launching


With an overall length of 19 feet and weighing just 1,660 pounds (without power) the Carolina Skiff 198 DLV is the perfect choice for novice or seasoned anglers looking to venture inshore saltwater fishing. The spacious layout makes it great for families and friends who enjoy coastal nature touring.


With a maximum rigging horsepower of 115, the boat performs extremely well in light chop and is at home near shore or calmer bay waters. The smooth, dry ride comes form the Carolina Skiff’s popular modified Tri-V hull skiff design that allows boaters to venture into deeper waters than other skiffs.


Standard features include quality stainless steel components, plentiful storage space, wide-open deck space and large front and rear fishing decks. Rear cushion jump seats and a console with an open face for mounting up to a 10-inch flush mount electronic screen are top of the line fishing features. For convenience, you get three stainless steel cup holders, a stainless cooler seat frame with adjusting flip flop back rest and your choice of a Bimini top or a T-top.


On top of it all, you get peace of mind knowing the 198 DLV is backed by more than 30 years of quality design, innovation and boat building that are part of the Carolina Skiff heritage.


The 198 DLV is part of a lineup of skiffs ideally designed for accessing skinny water off limits to bay boats and larger skiffs. Endless adventures await in shallow estuaries, bayous and backwaters. That makes accessing those waters likely by way of backroads and launch ramps with steeper inclines or short on length. On a low tide launching can be tricky in such spots.


Follow these tips and you can explore new places and enjoy boating like never before.


Wax on, boat off

Gulf Wax is a paraffin wax used for canning, candle making and many other household projects. You can also apply it to your trailer bunks to send the boat on it’s way into the water. When there’s not enough and the ramp ends too soon this trick really works. Initially the boat must be in the water so the bunks are exposed. Apply a thin coat and keep the bar in a plastic storage bag for later use. Keeping the winch strap connected to the boat is a must. Unhook it the moment you are ready to launch.


Wading in

You’re likely going to get wet, either wade fishing a flat or beaching the boat on a remote island, so wearing shorts is probably a given. There is no shame in getting in the water, just because you have a trailered boat, to walk it off or on the trailer.


Find a finger dock

If alone your best mate might be a small dock. Here’s a tip designed to keep the boat from floating away if you are solo. Back down the ramp, so you are launching the boat near the dock. Tie a long line to the boat and the dock so it won’t float away once launched. Pull out and park your trailer. Your boat will be waiting for you at the dock. 


No dock, no worries

Lots of remote ramps don’t have docks at all. If you arrive at such a ramp, there is an easy way to get around the boat floating away when launched. Back the trailer to the water’s edge. Unfurl 10 feet or more of winch strap while keeping the hook attached to the bow hook on the boat. Back down and allow the boat to float free of the trailer. Then put the vehicle in drive and allow the line to gently become taught. That will nudge the boat and send it floating toward you. Put the vehicle in park, get out and unhitch the winch cable. You can either tie it off or beach the boat.


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Looking for a Boat that will Work for You? Well, look no Further.


Looking for a Boat that will Work for You? Well, look no Further.

By Ted Lund

Chances are, Carolina Skiff has the boat for you. And a great, family friendly choice is the JVX family of boats, available in the Center Console (CC), Side Console (SC) and Super Shallow (SS) series. The JVX Series is designed and rigged with fishing in mind. With the JVX, getting in the shallow creeks and rivers is never an issue. Its light-weight hull with the modified V-hull design gives you a boat that will carry more weight further and faster with less horsepower, while delivering outstanding performance.
No matter why you need the JVX, we offer a full array of accessories and options, so you can rig the JVX to fit your needs. The JVX has the patented splash guards to help keep you dry and the positive tracking keels for enhanced maneuvering. From the open bay, to the shallows, chances are, the JVX is exactly the right boat for you and your family.


The Center Console, Side Console, and Stick Steering JVX models are available in 16-, 18- and 20-foot versions, and each offers a unique layout perfect for a variety of situations.

The Center Console JVX is perfect for shallow bay and estuary fishing, where anglers might need the comfort of being able to distribute weight and passengers along the centerline afforded by the center console layout. The Side Console features a similar layout that is perfect for bass, walleye and pike fishermen, looking for a minimalist approach with a wide-open deck layout fore and aft. For anglers seeking super-shallow performance where deck-space is at a premium, a tiller-rigged Stick Steer JVX is perfect for fishermen wanting to chase tailing redfish, speckled trout, snook and tarpon in the Southeast and Gulf Coast as well as striped bass and bluefish on the shallows of Nantucket and the rest of the Northeast.

Regardless of series, the JVX family shares similar characteristics. The 16 tapes out at 15-feet, 10-inches in length and weighs in at 973 pounds and is rated for a maximum six people or 1,652 pounds with a 60-horsepower engine. The 18 measures out at 17-feet, 9-inches, weighing 1,073 pounds and is rated for a 70-horsepower engine. It will take seven passengers with a total weight of 1,652 pounds. The 20 hits the 20-foot mark exactly, and with a 90-horsepower engine will handle up to eight passengers or 1,836 pounds.


Each of the three will handle 15-, 20- or 25-inch shafts, and the entire JVX family enjoys a super shallow four-inch draft. And like every other member of the Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser, and Fun Chaser family, the JVX Series enjoys 100-percent all-composite construction, meaning your boat will be around to provide decades of fun on the water for the whole family.

Boaters know Carolina Skiff is the most durable, versatile, stable and economical boat on the planet — and they’ve maintained their reputation for more than 30 years. From fit to finish, Carolina Skiffs provide the most features and the best functionality available on the market, giving boaters and anglers the best value in both performance and comfort. With more than 60 models across the Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser and  Fun Chaser lines, you are sure to find a boat that meets your personal recreational or commercial needs.

To learn more, build a custom boat or locate a dealer near you, visit or call 800-422-7282.



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Skiff-ing into shallow water


Skiff-ing into shallow water

By Craig Lamb


Part of the reward in owning a skiff is the versatile craft’s go-anywhere capabilities. Skiffs are great for venturing into quiet backwater estuaries for viewing wildlife or fishing. On the same adventure, they can take you to a secluded beach or sandy lagoon. Either way, the shallow draft and maneuverability of a skiff opens up more places to enjoy the water.


Water too shallow for a bay boat is indeed perfect for skiff running. That makes knowledge of anchoring gear and techniques a good idea to master. The goals are for the boat to be there when you are ready to go and still have it afloat. Use these simple anchoring tips to enjoy the advantages of a skiff.


Most boaters are attracted to beaches with sandy bottoms. Those with soft mud or rock can trap a boat in place on the outgoing tide or push it too far ashore on the high tide. Avoid both risks by checking the tide chart before you stay for a long afternoon on that secluded beach.


A favorable incoming tide and protected location with little wind or few waves are ideal spots for anchoring. After the boat is in knee-deep water, spin it around at idle speed, so the boat faces the deep water. After stopping the engine, you can then walk an anchor out into deeper water. Also, deploy one or two stern anchors to keep the boat pointed away from the beach.


 Not all skiffs are created equal even though they can all take you in water too shallow for bay boats. The Carolina Skiff 218 DLV stands out for its versatility, performance and over 30 years of reliability. Go shallower with a boat that drafts only 6 inches. A modified Tri-V hull provides smooth, outstanding performance and a dry ride in choppy water.  


Carolina Skiff owners brag about the abundance of storage space and interior design of the DLV Series. Port and starboard storage boxes at fore and aft and a roomy, open deck provide plenty of space for all water sports, from fishing to diving and family excursions. 


Large front and rear fishing decks, six flush mounted rod holders, 18-gallon live well and console space for flush mounting electronics with 10-inch screens top the list of fishing features.


And what about a swim platform on a skiff? You bet. The much-needed boarding platform for swimming comes standard.


If attention is in the details the Carolina Skiff, 218 DLV has that covered, too. An anchor locker comes standard. That makes it convenient to deploy the anchor when the time and place comes for a fun, family afternoon on the beach.


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Safety Check your Carolina Skiff


Safety Check your Carolina Skiff

By Craig Lamb


Over time the skiff has expanded its inshore saltwater boating role from workboat to functional rig for enjoying water sports by the entire family.


Skiffs of today are still no-frills rigs at the core. Yet many are refined to include some fishing features found in flats or bay boats. Easy to maintain and operate, skiffs appeal to a wide boating audience.


The versatile skiff needs no introduction to inshore boaters. Most enjoy their time on the water to the fullest. One day that might be pulling crab traps and the next outing could be free diving over lobster beds. Casting for multi-species gamefish is a given, too.


All those activities make preparation and safety a high priority for skiff owners. Smart skiffers keep a checklist of everything they need for a given activity. That is a wise move since the needed gear ranges far and wide, from extra spools of fishing line to snorkels.


To keep it all at the ready many skiff owners keep gear separated in clear plastic storage containers. Everything stays in the same place to eliminate worries about leaving something behind on shore.


Carolina Skiff has been around for more than 30 years and has a loyal following of those owners. They keep coming back for the same reasons. Carolina Skiff values those owners so much that turning customer feedback into designs and updates is a foundation of the business.


The JVX Series is part of that legacy. Designed and rigged with fishing in mind the foot center console model handles shallow water with ease with a 4-inch draft. At nearly 18 feet in length, the JVX 18 CC has a lightweight, modified-V hull. That design carries more weight faster and farther with less horsepower.


You don’t hear much about performance and handling in a skiff beyond the basics. That’s not so with the JVX. Patented splash guards keep passengers dry with positive tracking keels that enhance handling and maneuvering.


For peace of mind, all Carolina Skiffs have upright and positive floatation that exceeds requirements by the U.S. Coast Guard. That means a virtually unsinkable boat for peace of mind.


Inside the aft deck has a 12-gallon live well while the foredeck is rigged with a 12-volt trolling motor plug. Six-rod holders are standard. A second live well is optional, and the trolling motor plug can be upgraded to 24 volts. 


Skiffs by design are known to be versatile. The JVX 18 CC is no exception. It features a standard 70-quart cooler for icing down lots of food and drink. A swim platform provides ease of access for boarding and launching into water sports. Seating is roomy, and cushions at fore and aft are optional.


JVX 18 CC: LOA: 17 ft. 9 in. • Beam: 6 ft. 6 in. • Draft: 4 in. • Weight: 1,073 lb. • Max Power: 70 hp


Carolina Skiff is currently the number one boat brand in retail sales of outboard-powered fiberglass boats, 24-feet and under. Their popular brands include Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser, Fun Chaser deck boats and Fun Chaser pontoon boats.


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