The Best in Waterfowl Hunting with Billy Blakely in Reelfoot, Tennessee


The Best in Waterfowl Hunting with Billy Blakely in Reelfoot, Tennessee



When it comes to the perfect location for the outdoor enthusiast looking for the best in waterfowl hunting, look no further than Blue Banks in Reelfoot, Tennessee. It is here that the menu of hunting, fishing, bird watching packages and more is literally a mile long. Even people who desire to watch the American Bald Eagle in all its majesty head straight to Reelfoot to do just that.

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Not only does Reelfoot provide everything from this majestic monarch to waterfowl to all kinds of fish, it also provides one of the finest guides on Reelfoot today. Billy Blakely (although his friends call him “Toothpick”) has over 35 years of experience under his belt when it comes to hunting and fishing in and around the lakes in this stunning Northwest Tennessee area. An expert fisherman and hunter, Billy works exclusively for Blue Banks Resort and has brought back return vacationers again and again because of his skills and talent. As operator of the marina facilities at Blue Banks, he has trained many guides for the resort, while also being featured in over a hundred outdoor TV shows and countless articles and magazines.


In other words, when picking Blue Banks for your much-needed vacation, you not only receive the most amazing resort on the lake that provides fine dining and lodging, clean and affordable facilities, as well as hunting/fishing and birdwatching packages, but you also get the best guide in the business.


The Reelfoot Bird Blind Packages with Billy Blakely are just one group at the ready. Able to be booked by both resort and non-resort guests, this is most definitely a memorable experience for one and all. From $50/per person to $229/per person, packages include a baited gas heated blind with a kitchen to prepare meals. And when it comes to the VIP Packages, you also receive an overnight stay, three meals, a private viewing of an active Eagle Nest, and tickets to Discovery Park.


According to Chief Guide Billy Blakely, he “hunts every single day of duck season,” in his area that is located between three waterfowl refuges and only a short distance from the Mississippi River—one of the premier duck hunting regions in the United States. Guiding 80+ days per year for waterfowl, when Billy takes a party of duck hunters out to Reelfoot Lake for a day of hunting, the party often is made up of 4-to-10 hunters at one time, plus a dog, guns, ammunition and food. Traveling before they set up to hunt, the party is shown two miles of the lake that includes spots of shallow water, deep water, stumps, brush and ice. There is also a stationary blind out on the open water to be used, depending on how the ducks are flying that day.


The popularity of waterfowl hunting has grown in numbers over the past few years and continues to widen across the country. From puddle ducks—such as, blue bills, redheads, canvasbacks—to several mallards, Billy Blakely makes sure to provide all visitors with the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to always making the hunt successful.



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For Over 80 Years H&M Landing Has Defined the World of Sportfishing


For Over 80 Years H&M Landing Has Defined the World of Sportfishing


When speaking about the ‘best’ fishing guides in the gorgeous oasis of San Diego, California, the name H&M Landing is at the top of the list and has been (believe it or not) since 1934.

sportfishing, San Diego, California, fishing, guides, H&M Landing, Harbor Water Taxi, West Coast, Coronado Islands, marine wildlifeIt was way back when that two partners in a company called Harbor Water Taxi took one of those rare, much-needed days off from work for a little rest and relaxation, and set out on the water to do a little marlin fishing. What happened, however, was more than just a day of rest – it was a day where these two particular men got “hooked” on the sport and began to seriously contemplate founding their own sportfishing company. The very next year, in 1935, they went with their dream and H&M Sport Fishing Company was born.


Here we are in the 21st Century and H&M is now called H&M Landing Company and its’ fleet has held its position as being the West Coast’s oldest, most experienced and diversified sportfishing company for over 80 years and counting.


When we talk “fleet,” we’re not kidding around here. H&M has one of the finest charter boat fleets in the entire world. One of their private charters can accommodate any group, any size. Offering a full range of open party trips, H&M can even customize charter itineraries to suit everyone’s needs – whether the trip be for business, family, or (as it was in the beginning) simply two friends who want to enjoy the beauty of San Diego while catching those marlin.


On the highly detailed H&M website that will literally have any sportfishing lover drooling, you can see this amazing fleet that’s at the ready. From A to V in this case, they have a wide variety of boats to choose from. ‘A’ is for Alicia which sleeps 14 (10 bunks provided/single and double). 46 X 15, the owner is a guide that will bring to you one of the most memorable fishing trips you have ever experienced. The ‘V’ in this fleet is for Vendetta and is 45 x 14. Owner Ray Summer is one of the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to fishing guides, but where H&M is concerned that is the norm.

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Just to give you a little detail, the trips offered are various and many. 1/2 day fishing trips have you fishing the coastline from Imperial Beach to the Point Loma kelp beds, or Mexican Waters according to the “best bite” out there. Depending on the season, the game fish that are available to catch look like the best ‘menu’ any seafood restaurant could offer: yellowtail, calico bass, sand bass, barracuda, bonito, mackerel and rock fish.


H&M also has 3/4 day fishing trips available that lead you to either the Coronado Islands in Mexican Waters or offshore areas in US waters. These are perfect trips for those on a tight schedule, providing you and your friends with a full day of fishing while taking up less than a full day. In the spring, summer and fall, trips target surface game fish (yellowtail, white sea bass, barracuda, bonito, and calico bass); whereas, in the winter, trips focus upon sand bass, rock cod and bottom fish.


Multi-day trips ranging from one-and-a-half to three-and-a-half days can be chosen. And when it comes to booking that sportfishing, San Diego, California, fishing, guides, H&M Landing, Harbor Water Taxi, West Coast, Coronado Islands, marine wildlifeperfect trip that allows you to remain in the San Diego paradise for up to 21 days, if you wish, you can choose from the long range fishing trips offering personal service and modern accommodations that can only be found within the H&M Landing fleet.


Every vessel is individually owned and operated, which is another way to ensure that you and your guests will receive the highest level of personal service. All trips include luxury aboard accommodations, complete meal service, personal crew attention, live bait, on board fish filleting and even refrigerated fish holds to preserve your catch. All you need to bring is sunscreen and your duffle bag, and you have the blue waters of San Diego – and everything swimming in them – at the ready. H&M even offers the adventurous out there Whale Watching tours that are unbelievably cool, allowing you to observe marine wildlife in their natural environment.


So now that you know the absolute perfect sportfishing company out there, it is time to head on over to and book that ultimate trip today. WARNING: Get ready to drool!


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Lowrance Continues to Dominate After 60 Years


Lowrance Continues to Dominate After 60 Years 

For six decades, the iconic brand Lowrance has led the fishing and boating industries in product innovation and customer service, supported professional anglers around the globe and dominated the tournament trail. But how did it all begin?

Founded by Darrell J. Lowrance, the company revolutionized the fishing industry with the design and manufacture of the original FISH LO-K-TOR – the first transistorized sonar product to display individual fish and show their depths. The FISH LO-K-TOR is one of the most prolific sonar devices ever produced, with over 1 million sold from 1959 to 1984. Throughout its long and successful history, Lowrance continued to break new ground in marine electronics and is credited with introducing the first sonar unit to include a micro-processor; patenting a low-profile Skimmer® transducer capable of high-performance at boat speeds up to 70 mph; introducing the world’s first hand-held GPS for under $500; developing the world’s first liquid-crystal display (LCD) product with integrated GPS, mapping and sonar capabilities; and patenting a sonar system with an interactive display.

Timeline of Notable Events:

1959 – Lowrance introduces the first FISH-LO-K-TOR portable sonar unit, also known as the “Little Green Box.” It quickly becomes the most popular sonar in the world – with more than 1 million produced between 1959 and 1984.

1974 – Lowrance produces its first graph recorder, the LRG-600, combining a flasher and a paper chart in one box.

1979 – Lowrance introduces the LDD-1800, one of the first digital depth sounders to be controlled by a tiny, built-in computer. It shows only the bottom depth in large digital numbers and requires no controls. This is Lowrance’s first completely automatic depth sounder.

1982 – Lowrance Unveils the X-15. This computerized chart uses a 10-key keypad instead of a range knob. Another innovative feature is its capability to show separate targets that are as little as one-inch apart — something no other sonar unit of any kind could accomplish.

1985 – Lowrance introduces the legendary X-16 paper graph recorder, which is selected by a team of scientists to be the sonar used in Operation Deepscan – an expedition to explore Scotland’s, Loch Ness.

1988 – Lowrance diversifies into the navigation market and introduces its first Loran-C products, the LMS-200 and LMS-300. Boasting wide LCD screens, these dual-purpose units have both a Loran-C receiver and sonar capabilities. These are also the first units with menus, making it easy to fine-tune the device.

1995 – Lowrance introduces the GlobalMap 2000, the world’s first LCD product to offer integrated GPS, mapping and sonar capabilities.

2006 – Lowrance is purchased by Simrad Yachting. This merger creates Navico, now the largest recreational marine electronics manufacturer in the world.

2008 – Lowrance announces a complete overhaul to its line of GPS and sonar devices with the introduction of the Lowrance High Definition Systems (HDS). These multifunction displays mark the first use of the renowned Navico Operating System (NOS), and greatly extend the functionality of the Lowrance line to include radar, AIS, real-time weather, integrated audio and advanced sonar imaging options.

2009 – Lowrance makes sonar history with the introduction of its game-changing DownScan Imaging™, giving anglers a photo-like image of what is directly beneath their boat. Rocks look like rocks, trees look like trees and fish look like fish.


Today, Lowrance continues to push the envelope. Recent innovations include the award-winning StructureScan® 3D, SideScan, and DownScan Imaging, independent dual channel CHIRP sonar, StructureMap™, Broadband Radar™ and SiriusXM® Weather Chart Overlay. The company’s current line of multifunction displays and fishfinders range from the affordable and reliable Hook series, to the standalone Elite-Ti series, to the full-feature HDS series. Light years away from the days of the FISH-LO-K-TOR, the company’s latest release, the revolutionary HDS Carbon series adds a high-performance dual-core processor, multi-touch SolarMAX™ HD screen, dual channel CHIRP and Network Dual Sounder to the proven features that have made HDS multifunction displays the choice of anglers at all levels around the world.

Lowrance’s 60 years of constant innovation have all been focused on helping anglers get the most out of their time on the water. This rich heritage has set Lowrance at the pinnacle of recreational marine electronics, and paves the way for what will easily be another 60 years of industry domination.

To learn more go to

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Skeeter WX2060 big boat for big water


Skeeter WX2060 big boat for big water

By Craig Lamb

When you move up to a 20-foot multi-species boat, you expect more of everything. The Skeeter WX2060 delivers with more cockpit space, storage, and standard options than any boat in its class.

At 20′ 6″ the WX2060 is rigged with the economical and powerful Yamaha VMAX SHO® V6 4.2L outboard. With a 25-inch shaft, this motor pushes the performance envelope with 250 horsepower. When it comes time to set trolling lines for multi-species action, the WX2060 delivers again with a Yamaha T9.9 horsepower kicker outboard.

The interior of the WX2060 is designed for anglers that spend lots of time in the cockpit. That makes this rig ideal for trolling and multi-species angling. Spacious sidewall rod storage compartments define the interior, along with plenty of storage space at arm’s reach for storing utility boxes with terminal tackle and baits.

When it comes time to troll, the WX260 has the edge with the Skeeter React Keel which provides unparalleled slow speed control and handling. The keel design resists cross winds and currents that would put lesser boats off their line and off the fish.

The innovative hull design represents the culmination of efforts by Skeeter engineers to create a harmony of design between big water ride in rough conditions and precise handling at fishing speeds. How the WX2060 handles in rough water is only one half of the story.

No matter how you like to fish, the React Keel makes boat control easier. You spend less time keeping the boat on top of the strike zone and more time focused on fishing. That means putting more fish in the live well!

The React Keel is a Skeeter design innovation marked by revolutionary advanced control and turning. The accentuated keel that runs from the bow rearward along the centerline of the hull tops the list when it comes to noteworthy breakthroughs in hull engineering. This advancement redefines how WX models with the React Keel handle wind, waves and current.

Another element of the performance and fishability of the WX2060 is the Torque Transfer System. This unique system transfers the vertical torque and energy from the engine to the stringer system in the bottom of the boat, virtually eliminating stress on the transom, deck, and hull sides, while providing lift along the entire keel of the boat.

Combine performance and handling with standard options and you have a boat ready for anything with the WX2060. Check out these standard features:

  • Lowrance® HDS12 Gen 3 Touch fish finder on dash
  • Minn Kota® 112 Ultrerra® US2 trolling motor
  • Dry deck ventilation system
  • Hamby’s Beaching Bumpers® Keel Protection
  • Tuff Coat Channel Trailer with tandem axles
  • Automotive style cockpit side panels
  • Bow and rear customized tool holders
  • Bluetooth® sound system

All of the top-end performance comes from Skeeter’s relentless passion for designing, testing, and building the best bass boat in the industry.

Learn more at You can request a brochure or download a catalog, build your dream rig, and get Skeeter Team merchandise.  Got a question? They’ve got answers at the Skeeter factory in Kilgore, Texas. Call (903) 984-0541, or find the nearest dealer here.

This document contains many of Skeeter’s valuable trademarks. It may also contain trademarks belonging to other companies. Any references to other companies or their products are for identification purposes only, and are not intended to be an endorsement.

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Yamaha’s new F25


Yamaha’s new F25

By Craig Lamb

Today’s hot angling trend toward fishing skinny inshore backwaters with lightweight tackle just got a lift from Yamaha. Meet the all-new F25. This updated 25 horsepower outboard is the ticket to accessing remote fishing spots like never before.

The reason is weight, and that translates to unparalleled portability and performance in a midrange outboard. Weighing less than 126 pounds and easy to grip, store and transport, the F25 is the perfect match for  today’s lightweight inflatable boats.

The F25 is one of the lightest 25 horsepower available. Two stroke or four stroke. What is more, this outboard is packed with impressive firsts and features that take midrange portability to a new level.

Improved, built-in carry handles, a resting pad on two sides for more protected storage options and the outboard’s overall compact profile and lighter weight. Add it all up, and this outboard can be easily transported in a vehicle. As a result, you can access more skinny water than ever before for new fishing opportunities.  

Lightweight means easy to carry and easier to start. Take a seat, and with a one-handed pull, the F25 easily comes to life. You also have the option of adding an electric start kit for even more convenience. 

Easy starts come from Yamaha’s Electronic Fuel Injection that is standard on the F25. Best of all, Yamaha’s EFI is battery-less for minimal effort with manual starting. No battery also means less weight.

Grab the tiller handle (available in short and long models) and feel the new ergonomics that make gripping more comfortable and better control with wet hands. The three-position tiller handle locks firmly into place for safer, easier handling. Speaking of handling, boats are easier to maneuver in tight turns at the dock or through cramped fishing spots with a 45-degree steering angle.

For trolling the Variable, Trolling Switch is another first for a midrange outboard. With VTS® you can troll slower than standard in-gear idle for better fishing.  Take control of the VTS using the multi-function tiller handle or through Yamaha’s Command Link Plus®. Using Command Link®, anglers can adjust trolling speed from 750 to 1050 RPM in 50 RPM increments. The result is more lure control and precise presentations to keep baits in the strike zone, longer, when fishing cuts, canals, and inlets.

The F25 is packed with performance features like you find in heavier, higher range horsepower outboards. Yamaha’s EFI means smoother running, greater fuel efficiency, and leading acceleration in class. To keep weight down and efficiency up, the F25 uses an all-new twin cylinder design with a single overhead camshaft. It’s quiet, clean and keeps with the overall idea behind making the F25 the lightest around.

For saltwater anglers and boaters needing a midrange outboard for a skiff, the F25 delivers all of the above portability and performance with Yamaha’s class-leading corrosion protection. The F25—and all Yamaha midranges—feature the exclusive Ultimate Corrosion Protection System. That pairs Yamaha’s exclusive industry-leading corrosion resistant base materials with a proprietary five-layer paint process. Yamaha also placed sacrificial anodes in and around the powerhead, drawing corrosion away from vital engine parts.

Easy to transport, start and handle. That equates to lower operating costs, longer lasting parts, and better fishing. What more could you ask for in a midrange outboard? Visit Yamaha Today!

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Carolina Skiff Owner Spotlight

  Carolina Skiff Owner Spotlight 

By Craig Lamb Chris

Lanier’s job requires spending a lot of time on the water. That means he knows a thing or two about boats, and his personal choice for a fishing rig is a Carolina Skiff 19 DLX. “It’s unstoppable, bullet-proof and built like a tank,” says Lanier. Lanier, 35, has spent his entire career in the U.S. Navy and the Marine Corps. Currently, he’s a dive instructor specializing in training corpsmen skills in deep-sea rescue and recovery. Lanier is currently assigned to the U.S. Naval Diving & Salvage Training Center in Panama City, Fla.


Photo by Chris Lanier

Between the base and his home near Mobile, Ala., is some of the best fishing on the Gulf Coast. Lanier’s 19 DLX gets plenty of good use in the bays, flats and coastal rivers of northwest Florida. “The high gunwales make it possible for me to take it six or 10 miles off the coast for amberjack,” he says. “Then on the way back in I can cruise into some really shallow flats for reds and trout.” “I can do it all from the same boat,” he adds. “It’s just awesome to have two boats in one with the Carolina Skiff.” Lanier discovered the durability and reliability for which Carolina Skiff is known while stationed in South Carolina at Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island. “Durability was a big part of why I chose the Carolina Skiff,” he adds. “I wanted a boat that could last years and I’ve got it.” Lanier repowered the 2004 model in 2016. That’s when he switched to a 70 h.p. Yamaha outboard. He customized the rig by adding sea decking at port and starboard at the stern. He also added the decking to the lid of a Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler that doubles as a casting platform when cruising the flats for redfish. The Carolina Skiff 19 DLX is ideal for Lanier’s style of fishing. It’s a top performer in near-shore waters and inshore flats. Call it the pickup truck of the boating world.


Photo by Chris Lanier

From a day of hardcore fishing to an evening cruise it adapts to any need around the border waters between deep and shallow. The DLX draws very little water, so getting back into ultra-shallow water is easy. Lanier recognizes the soft, dry ride made possible by the patented hull design with splash guards that limit bow over spray. Positive tracking keels on the running surface keep the boat tracking true while maneuvering without the typical flat-bottom side. The durability factor of his Carolina Skiff is an attribute recognized early on by Lanier. Patented box-beam construction produces a solid, durable, non-flexing hull that is completely wood free. Durability includes peace of mind for Lanier and other Carolina Skiff owners. Foam flotation exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements, providing positive flotation while adding sound deadening throughout the hull. “It’s just a cool boat all around and I plan to keep it a long time,” says Lanier. Check out the lineup of Carolina Skiff models at You can find a dealer, learn more about the brand legacy, and build a boat on the website. You can also contact Carolina Skiff and request a catalog. Join the community of Carolina Skiff followers at the Carolina Skiff Facebook Page.   Original Source: Sportsmans

Tucket Giller with Realtree Xtra makes Perfect Fall Shoe


Tucket Giller with Realtree Xtra makes Perfect Fall Shoe

by Craig Lamb 

Until recently finding a camp shoe combining style with functionality was next to impossible.

You could find a stylish pair to sport around town. Showing the world you live the outdoor life came with a cost, though. The rugged look wore the same way, as in hard on the feet.

Now you can get a pair of shoes made by Tucket Footwear for wearing around town or at camp. These shoes feel comfy and can be worn the year round. Best of all they are functional, stylish and come in a camo pattern worn by serious hunters.


The shoe is the Giller, and they are now available in Realtree Xtra, the most universally popular camo pattern worn by whitetail deer, wild turkey, and waterfowl hunters. Basic leather colors are also available.

Realtree designs the world’s leading camouflage pattern, and started the industry revolution for innovative hunting clothing and patterns in 1986. Since then, wearing Realtree has evolved into a lifestyle, not just a camo pattern worn by hunters.

The match is perfect for Gillers, made using a patent-pending outsole and features that stand out to make the shoe one-of-a-kind. Tucket designed the Giller with a purpose.

“Before now no one made a camp shoe designed with performance features,” notes Dennis McCormick, a respected veteran of the outdoor apparel and shoe industries. “You couldn’t wear such a shoe without it getting wet and staying wet.”

Getting wet is part of being outdoors, obviously. McCormick, the founder, and president of Tucket, calls the Giller a performance shoe and the first of it’s kind. He has plenty of facts to support the claim.


 The EVA innersole is the most popular material used by Nike in many of its high performance running shoes. So you get the same comfort and foot support as your running shoes with a unique twist.

What else makes the Giller different is being the first drainable shoe of it’s kind. The Giller has 24 drain holes that quickly drain water to speed up the drying process. Completely submerge the shoe, and it will drain and dry within seconds.

What else is really cool about the drain-minding design is the patent-pending outsole. Multiple pods quickly channel larger volumes of water through angled treads that are counter-angled to the next thread. So water drains from the sides of the shoe and through the bottom.

Those features even provide superior grip. No more foot slippage that can sprain ankles. Feet stay inside the shoes instead of coming out. You get a firm footing on a slippery boat deck, another plus for my feet. The outsole material has even passed slip testing by OSHA standards for occupational footwear.

The Giller is light, too, and thus the reason why it can be worn all day, anywhere and anytime. One shoe in size 11 weighs just 8.4 ounces. Slip on a pair and you don’t even feel like they are on the feet.

All of the above features add up to the perfect camp shoe. To clean them all it takes is rinsing off the dirt or washing with a mild soap. The shoes will be ready to wear again within a few minutes.

Best of all, the same Gillers you wear in duck or deer camp can be worn in town when date night rolls around. Add a pair of socks, if the dress code is required, and you have the perfect shoe for the night.

There is a feel-good aspect of wearing the Giller beyond the performance features. For every pair purchased, the company donates funds to community food banks to buy at least three meals per consumer purchase.

“We want our company to fulfill a greater purpose,” added McCormick. “The fact is that there are many children all around us that go to bed hungry every night.”

The Giller in Realtree Xtra is available in whole sizes, from 9 through 12. Get a pair for $80.

Find a retailer, or shop the shoes, and learn more about the Tucket story at Check out the latest news and hang out with Giller fans like me at the Tucket Facebook page.



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Tucket Footwear Presents the “Boat Shoe” that Does it All!


Tucket Footwear Presents the “Boat Shoe” that Does it All!

by Amy Lignor

Boat shoes are footwear that all the sailors, journeymen, and adventurers of the world love to own. In fact, they needed to own a pair when it came to having a comfortable shoe with non-marking, firm-grip rubber soles, explicitly designed for use on a boat.


However, the one thing boat shoes have not offered in the past is a 21st century quality and performance that is for today’s boating, sailing and water activities.


Tucket Footwear has a true “love of water,” and because of this trait, they have used their innovative, collective knowledge to fill a large gap in the footwear market that has existed for over 80 years. With a product known as the “Giller,” Tucket Footwear created a shoe that features the full virtues of the classic loafer/boat shoe, but also performs in water. In other words, while in the Great Outdoors, the Giller provides the grip needed, but you can also fully submerge them in water, and the Giller will drain in, literally, three to five seconds – drying fast.


Boating is more than a hobby for some, and an obsession for others. Being out on the water, enjoying everything from catching the “big fish” to simply taking the time to relax and enjoy the sea, has become a part of American life. Dennis McCormick, Founder of Tucket Footwear, loved his boat shoes; they filled a need. But when it came to getting them wet and having them dry easily, the normal boat shoes on the market could take hours or even the entire day to dry out. In addition, after they had become wet, they smell, the water spots that came about made them look stained and old, like a pair of shoes you basically hide in the closet or throw out in order to spend hard-earned money on a new pair.


The one thing you would assume “boat shoes” would’ve always been is water-friendly. Yet, looking back over the decades, the original boat shoe has undergone barely any updates. As technology and the world “sailed” forward, boat shoes were left behind. Dennis McCormick did a great deal of research and made it his mission to create a new “boat/loafer shoe” that combined the much-loved traditional styling, with modern design elements and modern technology. He and his Tucket Footwear Team transformed his mission into a reality with the Giller. Not only does it look great, feel great, and grip well, but it also drains fast and dries fast, so water is no longer an enemy.


The Giller has proven its remarkable performance. Not a surprise, when considering the fact that the Founder of Tucket Footwear has a background in both footwear fashion and technology. Coming up with ideas for over the past six years, the Giller was a true brainstorm of total uniqueness. 


Manufactured in the U.S.A., this fully-functional boat shoe, in a driver moc design, that can be fully submerged in water and drain instantly also doesn’t need to be put into the closet when stepping off that boat. In fact, the Giller performs perfectly from boat to beach to restaurant—even to the stadium to watch the game. And the sleek design makes the Giller one of the “best of the best” when it comes to style.


Tucket Footwear’s gift, however, doesn’t stop with the Giller. This is one company that also gives back to the community. With too many children going to bed hungry every night, Tucket Footwear has made it part of its personal mission that for every pair of shoes purchased by you, the customer, they will donate funds to community foodbanks to purchase meals for children and families in America who need help. In other words, this is one company and one product that is more than necessary.


Tucket Footwear offers a great adventure to one and all. If you want to find that perfect shoe to make boating even more engaging, head to Tucket Footwear and make sure that the Giller has a place in your wardrobe!


To learn more and order the elite boat shoe today, head to:


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Tucket Footwear and Be First Media Group Inc

  Tucket Footwear and Be First Media Group Inc: New Content Marketing Program for 2016  


Be First Media Group Inc. and Tucket Footwear have reached an agreement for a National Content Marketing Program for the remainder of 2016. Tucket Footwear manufactures a superior line of water friendly footwear in the U.S.A. for today’s boaters. The love of the water led to fill a market need and Tucket Footwear has the classic look of your old standby shoe but is a drainable boat shoe that can be submerged as well as dries out in moments vs. the “old” boat shoes of the past. Tucket Footwear is setting the new standard in boat shoes in the market today. If you love the water, you will love this shoe! tucket_footwear_shoes Be First Media Group, with their effective and unique content marketing platform using the combination of their solely owned 106 national websites and massive social media presence is developing strategic content for Tucket Footwear highlighting their superior boat shoes for today’s boaters, anglers and lovers of water.

“We are excited to be working with Tucket Footwear. Their drainable boat shoes are perfect for boaters, anglers, water and beach lovers. As a boat owner and angler myself, Tucket Footwear has created a fantastic shoe that enables me to get wet, maintain a solid grip on the deck while catching fish and look good doing it too!  states Darren Shepard, C.E.O of Be First Media Group Inc. BEFIRST MEDIA GROUP LOGO 150A strategic content marketing plan is key to generating more efficient results than banner ads, social engagement and enhancing SEO. 

Be First Media Group Inc. has successfully generated solid results for many different companies in the marine industry and other markets for the past several years. “We are excited about getting the same results for Tucket Footwear” Mr. Shepard continues. To learn more about Tucket Footwear please visit:

For additional information about Be First Media Group Inc. and ‘Real Content Marketing Solutions” with a strategic content program to deliver measurable results, SEO and more, please visit  


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Be First Media Group and Roundabout Watercraft

  Be First Media Group and Roundabout Watercraft: Real Content Marketing Solutions for 2016  


Be First Media Group Inc. and Roundabout Watercraft have reached an agreement for a National Content Marketing Program.   Be First Media Group, with their effective and unique content marketing platform using the combination of their solely owned 106 national websites and massive social media presence is developing strategic content for Roundabout Watercraft highlighting their unique boats for anglers and waterfowl hunters. The key program is focused to generate consumer traffic to Roundabout Watercrafts website with a solid, measurable click performance and ROI. roundabout-watercraft-featured-3 “We are excited to be working with Roundabout Watercraft and their fantastic models of boats for the shallow water angler in both salt and freshwater applications as well as the waterfowl hunter. Being two unique companies with products and services of the highest quality as well as result driven, we are excited to be a part of Roundabout Watercrafts continued growth and success today and in the future” states Darren Shepard, C.E.O of Be First Media Group Inc.

BEFIRST MEDIA GROUP LOGO 150A strategic content marketing plan is key to generating more efficient results than banner ads, social engagement and enhancing SEO.  Be First Media Group Inc. has successfully generated solid results for many different companies in the marine industry and other markets for the past several years. “We are excited about getting the same results for Roundabout Watercraft and working with such a fantastic company” Mr. Shepard continues. If you have an interest in small water angling and coastal waters, checkout Roundabout Water Craft For additional information about Be First Media Group Inc. and ‘Real Content Marketing Solutions” with a strategic content program to deliver measurable results, SEO and more, please visit


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