Wins Top Billfish Honors and Sniper Captures the Dolphin Jackpot


Wins Top Billfish Honors and Sniper Captures the Dolphin Jackpot in the 2017 Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament

By Capt. Dave Lear

 The bite wasn’t on fire for the 28th annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament. The record 97 boats competing had to search hard in their efforts to find cooperative fish. Some ventured 70 miles south while others ran 30 miles due east from Oregon Inlet. In the end, though, all five award categories were filled, and several nice game fish were raised at the scales. As one team declared when checking out the leaderboard, “We caught a beautiful day.”

Photo By: Capt. Dave Lear

Capt. Rom Whitaker led his team aboard Release, a 52 Bobby Sullivan, to the first-place trophy on the basis of four billfish released (one blue marlin, three sailfish). The all-friends team has been competing in the Alice Kelly for seven years.

“This is awesome,” says angler Allyson Hoggard, who released a blue and a sail. “We’ve had the same team for seven years, all friends, so we’ve earned this, for sure. Capt. Rom is the best ever. This tournament is really a fun setting and a chance for all of us to get together. We have a good time and raise money for a cause we all believe in.”

The other four top teams all scored 300 points for three billfish, and the final outcome was determined by time of release. True Grit, a 54 Paul Mann run by Capt. Hank Beasley was second (three sails), followed by Uno Mas, a 68 Bayliss with Capt. Tommy Lynskey at the helm for three white marlin. Capt. Jordan Croswait on Legacy (57 Bobby Sullivan) skippered the fourth-place team to three white marlin as well. Gratitude, a 60 Paul Spencer run by Capt. Carson Forrester, came in fifth place with two sails and a dolphin.

Photo By: Capt. Dave Lear

Susan Wolf took the top dolphin honors as well as the optional jackpot of $19,550 for her 20.5-pound fish. Wolf was competing aboard Sniper (58 Paul Mann) with Capt. Jimmy Bayne.

The largest yellowfin, a 61.8-pounder, was cranked in by Suzan Quesenberry, fishing aboard Trophy Hunter. Kenneth Brown is the skipper of the 55 Buddy Cannady.

Michelle Desrosiers was on the winning end of a 45.1-pound wahoo. She was fishing on Sea Rounds, a 52 Viking run by Capt. Doc Hoefer. The boat was about 31 miles out on the 700 line in 45 fathoms when the striped speedster hit a purple/black lure. That catch turned out to be her biggest fish ever. Desrosiers and her team mates all work at the same medical facility with Dr. Hoefer.

“It was a good day,” Hoefer said after the weight of the wahoo was announced. “We thought we were going to get rained on this morning, but we never felt a drop. It turned out to be a nice day.”

Photo By: Capt. Dave Lear

Emily Bracher, competing on Pelican with Capt. Arch Bracher, was named both the top junior angler and the Paula Stanski Award winner for Angling Excellence for her white marlin release. A total of 64 billfish were let go by this year’s tournament fleet.

“Thank you, Alice, for bringing us all together once again,” said Director Heather Maxwell. “We couldn’t do this without our wonderful sponsors and all our dedicated volunteers. We raised some serious money for a very worthy cause, and we all had fun. So it really was another beautiful day.”

Photo By: Capt. Dave Lear

Celebrating 28 years, the Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament has become a major event on the competitive East Coast big-game circuit. It was started to honor Kelly, the late champion for Outer Banks women, as well as to raise money for a very important cause—fighting cancer. It’s also the opportunity for women anglers to showcase their Gulf Stream talents while having fun with a defiant splash of pink in the form of t-shirts, costumes, ribbons, bows, and lures.

The Outer Banks Cancer Support Group is the major beneficiary of the Alice Kelly Tournament. All base entry fees are donated to the organization, and additional fund-raising efforts include a raffle drawing and a bra-decorating contest. The 2018 tournament will be held August 11-12 at the Pirate’s Cove Marina in Manteo.


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Duck Down: Experience Waterfowl Hunts in the “Golden Triangle”

Duck Down: Experience Waterfowl Hunts in the “Golden Triangle”


When it comes to exploring great locations for the waterfowl hunt, the State of Arkansas should be at the top of the list.


Resting in Stuttgart, Arkansas – like a jewel among the grass – is 3,000 acres located in the heart of Arkansas’s Grand Prairie. It is here the Duck Down Guide Service can be found and is literally a duck hunter’s paradise. With exclusive access to hunt more acres and offer a wider variety of hunting options than any other guide service in or around Stuttgart, Duck Down is simply waiting for you to book your guided duck, goose, dove or predator hunt for the upcoming seasons.

Duck Down Guide Service, waterfowl hunting, Arkansas, the golden triangle, combo hunting packages

It is important to note that Duck Down is not your ordinary guide service; you will not be taken to the same shot up and shot out blind day after day after day. In fact, it is the amount of acreage that has been one of the biggest keys to Duck Down’s absolute success. Another key comes from the fact that Duck Down is located only 15 minutes west of the “Duck & Rice Capitol of the World,” and only a mile or so north of the largest wildlife management area in the entire state (Bayou Meto) that is managed specifically for ducks. Hundreds of thousands of ducks inhabit Bayou Meto’s 33,000 acres, and when the season opens, thousands of hunters from Arkansas and other states all over the country flock to this world famous area to hunt. This constant hunting pressure causes the ducks to seek refuge in the nearby fields of Duck Down’s farm, which is why there is never a shortage and the waterfowl hunter finds the ultimate success.


When you book your hunt, know that you will be hunting in what is known as “the golden triangle” of Arkansas duck country. With more than 2 million migrating waterfowl calling this area their home for the winter, by utilizing Duck Down, you are set upon a remarkable piece of property that was the largest land transaction ever made in Southeast Arkansas history.


Currently taking reservations for the 2017/2018 Hunting Seasons, (1st season: November 18-26; 2nd season: December 7-23; and 3rd season: December 26-January 28), it is time to include yourself in one of the popular Duck Down Arkansas Guided Duck Hunts.

These guided morning hunts begin one hour before legal shooting time and end at 10:00am. At that time, your guide gathers the decoys and prepares for the ride out. Afternoon hunts begin at 2:30pm and end at the close of legal shooting time. The packages that include lodging come with a great stay at B’s Duck Lodge/Big Jim’s Lodge, and the prices are as follows:

            1 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $445.00 / $570.00

               *1 person for 1 guided morning duck hunt with lodging and meals;

            2 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $890.00 / $1,140.00

            *1 person for 2 guided morning duck hunts with 2 nights lodging and meals;

            3 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $1,335.00 / $1,710.00

               *1 person for 3 guided morning duck hunts with 3 nights lodging and meals;

            4 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $1,780.00 / $2,380.00

            *1 person for 4 guided morning duck hunts with 4 nights lodging and meals;

            And the 5 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $2,225.00 / $2,850.00

            *1 person for 5 guided morning duck hunts with 5 nights lodging and meals

There are even combo hunting packages with lodging and meals where the hunter can not only enjoy the duck hunts in the morning, but also be thrilled with the guided afternoon Speckle Belly Goose hunts. This is acreage that is well-known for the high numbers of Speckle Belly geese that migrate down and claim the Duck Down property as their winter home. Responding to the calls as well as the mallard does, these birds have exceptional eyesight, which makes for a more adventurous and thrilling hunt. But once the decoys are set and all hunters are hidden, these birds can’t seem to resist the sweet ‘yodels’ and ‘clucks’ that the Duck Down guides have mastered.


These combo hunts are also available in packages ranging from 1 day to 5 days, and included with the package hunts are: lodging, meals, maid service, transportation to and from blind, gas, bird retrieval, hunting location, hunting blind, decoys, batteries, bird processing, bird packaging and that experienced and excellent Duck Down hunting guide.


So brush up on that “fowl” language of yours, get the calls in check, and book your trip to that “golden triangle” of Arkansas duck country that awaits the passionate waterfowl hunter in you!




Mother-Daughter Vacation Nightmare Comedy Comes to Home Video


Snatched,  Blu-ray Review, Amy Schumer, Randall Park, Goldie Hawn, Wanda Sykes, Joan Cusack, kidnapped, EcuadorSnatched

Blu-ray Review by Kam Williams

Mother-Daughter Vacation Nightmare Comedy Comes to Home Video

Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) is just having one of those days. First, she’s fired from her sales job in a boutique for irresponsibly ignoring customers in order to try on outfits for herself. Second, her boyfriend (Randall Park) callously dumps her on the eve of their planned romantic getaway to Ecuador, stating, “You don’t have any direction in life.”

Then, she cries on the shoulder of her mother (Goldie Hawn) who only proceeds to rub salt in her wounds with, “Michael was the best you’ll ever do.” Nevertheless, against her better judgment, Emily invites her on the trip because the pre-paid  vacation package is non-refundable.

Trouble is, Linda is also highly-neurotic, a worrier who rarely leaves the house, let alone the country. Plus, she’s a helicopter mom, which means she’ll be hovering around Emily the whole time, and thus probably preventing her from meeting a new guy. In the end, Linda grudgingly agrees to step out of her comfort zone, and hastily packs for what ought to be an uneventful stay an exclusive resort in paradise, judging from the brochure.

That is the stock setup of Snatched, a screwball comedy far more entertaining than it might read on paper. For, while the script does unfold like a generic “Vacation from Hell” yarn, it’s actually way above average, since it’s executed by a stellar cast topped by a quartet of consummate comediennes.

The picture co-stars Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn as the aforementioned mother-daughter at the center of the story. It also features a couple of veterans in scene stealers Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack who make the most of their supporting roles.

The plot thickens soon after the protagonists land in Ecuador. First, Emily’s swept off her feet by a tall, dark and handsome stranger (Tom Bateman) she meets in a bar. The next morning, he lures them off the safe confines of the compound for what’s supposed to be an innocuous adventure of the countryside.

Next thing you know, the Middletons find themselves kidnapped by a ruthless gang led by the bloodthirsty Morgado (Oscar Jaenada) demanding $100, 000 ransom. Trouble is, the U.S. State Department could care less, and Emily’s brother Jeffrey (Ike Barinholtz) is an agoraphobic who couldn’t be counted on to come to the rescue.

Not to worry. The squabbling mother-daughter put aside their differences and rely on their wits to survive. Schumer, Hawn, Sykes and Cusack, all at the top of their game!

Excellent (4 stars)

Rated R for sexuality, brief nudity, pervasive profanity and crude humor

Running time: 90 minutes

Production Studio: Chernin Entertainment

Distributor: Distributor: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Blu-ray Extras: Audio Commentary by director Jonathan Levine; deleted scenes; extended and alternate scenes; and a gag reel.

To order a copy of Snatched on Blu-ray, visit


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The “King” Will Take Center Stage at the 2017 Wildlife Conservation Expo


The “King” Will Take Center Stage at the 2017 Wildlife Conservation Expo

by Amy Lignor


Each and every year the Wildlife Conservation Expo is held to address situations out there that are harming our world and its animal inhabitants. This time around, WCN’s annual Fall Wildlife Conservation Expo in October, will be focusing on various issues, but it is the King of the Jungle who will be taking center stage.

Wildlife Conservation Expo, Dr. Colleen Begg, Fall Wildlife Conservation Expo, conservation, endangered species, wildlife supporters, Dr. Shivani Bhalla,  Niassa Lion Project

For those who are not aware, the Wildlife Conservation Expos are unique opportunities for all wildlife lovers to come together as a community and hear, first-hand, stories from the mouths of the conservation heroes. They travel from all over the world to the expo with tales about how endangered species are being saved, and what still must be done to make sure they do not disappear from the earth forever.


The Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) that holds this event is an organization engaged in protecting all endangered species as well as preserving their natural habitats. They do this by offering their support to entrepreneurial conservationists who constantly pursue innovative strategies and ideas that allow both people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive.


Making these connections – bringing together conservationists with passionate wildlife supporters – has enabled the WCN to raise more than $50 million for wildlife conservation. When it comes to the annual expo held in San Francisco, several guest conservationists attend in order to share their work with the public and share their knowledge among their peers. Over 40 environmental organizations exhibit at the event, and this time out there are speakers focusing on the mighty lion and what is being done to protect and attempt to save the literal “king” before one of the most beloved creatures goes the way of the Dodo.


Dr. Shivani Bhalla with the Ewaso Lions (EL) will speak about the wilds of northern Kenya, where people must live alongside many predators, the biggest of which is the lion. With only 2,000 lions left in Kenya, this region serves as an essential habitat for the big cats. Attendees will learn about the Ewaso Lions and how the organization uses community outreach and education programs to engage locals in conservation, and how those locals receive help in return.


With the Niassa Lion Project (NLP), Dr. Colleen Begg will be at the event speaking about the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique. This is one of the last great wild places on Earth, and an important stronghold for African lions. The Niassa Lion Project draws together scientific study with passion and empathy for the disappearing creatures, and sound management practices. For them, conservation is as much about people as it is about the magnificent lions.


This is one spot in the world that would literally take your breath away if you were to see it. The dramatic landscapes play home to wildlife populations that remain largely untouched, while also being one of the dwindling few ‘safety zones’ left for the African lion.


Take note that lions have disappeared from 83% of their historical range on the continent, so every remaining viable habitat is crucial. The greatest threat to lions comes from a disgusting growth in trade of lion skins, claws and teeth. What the Niassa Lion Project is striving to do on a daily basis is to build a sustainable lion-friendly community. They do this by working closely with community members, government officials, reserve management teams and even tourism operators because everyone who does their part is considered a very necessary cog in the wheel.


The attendees to the expo will be intrigued to learn about the lions who live with some of the world’s poorest people. NLP’s goals are to reduce food insecurity and provide alternative livelihoods and income for people living inside Niassa Reserve. These “alternative livelihoods” programs are active in five villages and include small livestock breeding, conservation agriculture, elephant beehive fences with honey production, and crafts groups. And a team of 26 wildlife guardians are working in 30 villages to monitor the lions, stay aware of both mortality and conflict issues, and remain the direct link between conservation programs and communities.


Tickets go on sale this week, August 15th, and it will be an extremely educational and fun trip for you and the family. Learning about this true wildlife corridor and these “wildlife guardians” that work every single day to stop poaching, spread community outreach and institute ongoing camera trapping programs to assess wildlife densities, is an experience you will not forget. If you are a passionate wildlife lover, the WCN Expo being held on Saturday, October 14, 2017 (10am-6pm) at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, CA, is one “must-do” that “must” go on your list.


Take the time to learn about the African lions and the work that is being done (and still needs to be done) in order to make sure the King of the Jungle remains on his throne.


Source:  Baret News


Summertime the Right Time for Red Drum

Summertime the Right Time for Red Drum

By Craig Lamb

Some say redfish; others say red drum. No matter where you live this powerful freight train of a saltwater species is among the most prized of all game fish.

A late summer beach vacation coincides with the best time for catching trophy reds. Jetties are prime locations and are easy for anglers to find. Use a depth finder to locate nearby drop-offs with steep inclines, from 5 up to 30 feet. Reds use the deep holes to hide, and ambush mullet washed across the shallow sides of the bottom.

Use a big, splashy topwater plug when the reds herd mullet against the jetty rocks. When they disappear switch to a Mirro-O-Lure or lipless crankbait like a Rat-L-Trap.

Your family wants beach time. Oblige them and yourself by looking out for reds on the beach. Keep a big, splashy topwater rigged and ready whenever your boat is beached. Big redfish will herd baitfish, such as mullet, and push them toward the shore. The presence of diving birds is always a good sign of redfish action.

In the Carolinas, red drum, as they are called, are targeted by anglers during the flood tide. That is when high waters push red drum shallow to feed on mud and flats that normally are dry. The abundance of nutrients and food is the draw, and so is the cover of Spartina Grass.

The fish are easy to spot with the tips of their tails wagging across the surface. Finding the fish is the easy part. The challenge is making precise presentations. Keeping the bait within the path of vision is key. Cast ahead of the fish—far enough to adjust the path toward the fish—without landing it too close to spook.

An ideal boat for hunting down redfish (or red drum) is the 218 DLV by Carolina Skiff. The boat is a standout because this rig combines the best features of two boats into one. Those are a bay boat for handling the chop, with a shallow draft, skiff-style boat that can take you into the skinny water where inshore fish feed.

This design gives anglers the better of both worlds. The 21 DLV provides access up into coastal rivers and even into shallower tidal creeks without worry. The modified Tri-V hull, wide beam and extremely shallow draft keep the boat from sliding in tight turns or even running aground on shallow runs.

The 218 DLV has a length overall of 20’ 10.” A wide beam spanning 98” provides stability and plenty of room for fishing. The boat weighs 1,773 pounds with a maximum weight capacity of 2,700 pounds. Rated for 150 horsepower, the 218 DLV can be rigged for power and fuel economy with today’s performance designed four-stroke outboards.

Step aboard the 218 DLV and you discover how Carolina Skiff designed this serious fishing rig for saltwater anglers, fishing shallow and deep. A wide open deck and cockpit allows plenty of elbow room for multiple anglers to cast, troll and fight fish. The front and rear casting decks offer abundant room for taking the stealth approach when casting to tailing reds in skinny water.

Durability is a foundation of all Carolina Skiff models. Patented box-beam construction produces a solid, durable, no-flexing hull that is completely wood free. You get peace of mind and years of enjoyment knowing that quality construction is a priority at Carolina Skiff.

Get even more peace of mind from the foam floatation used in the hull that exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Foam flotation exceeds Coast Guard requirements, providing positive flotation for shallow draft and quick-planning characteristics. Using more flotation than necessary also creates sound-deadening properties that make the ride smoother and quieter.

Ready to build and customize a 218 DLV? Get started using the Build A Boat tool. Visit today . Join the community of Carolina Skiff followers at the Carolina Skiff Facebook Page.


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Top Ten DVD List for August 15, 2017


This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams

Top Ten DVD List for August 15, 2017

Bluebeard, Honorable Mention, The Blacklist: Season Four, Top Ten, DVD List, August 14

Everything, Everything [Bubble Girl Courted by Boy Next-Door]

Bluebeard [South Korean Suspense Thriller]

Murdoch Mysteries: Season 10 [Police Drama Set in Toronto in the Gay Nineties]

Alien: Covenant [Ridley Scott Returns to Direct Storied Sci-Fi Series]

Britney Ever After [Britney Spears Biopic]

Mickey and the Roadster Racers [Start Your Engines]

Hickok [Legendary Wild Bill Hickok Western]

Baby Steps [Gay Asian Coming Out Dramedy]

Digimon Adventure Tri: Determination [Dubbed Version of Popular Anime Movie]

How to Be a Latin Lover [Jilted Gigolo Seduces Wealthy Widow]

Honorable Mention

The Blacklist: Season Four [Crime Thriller TV Series]

Revolting Rhymes [Based on Classic Tales by Roald Dahl]

Once upon a Time in Venice [Purloined Pooch Whodunit]


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Learning the “Calls” of the Hunt


Learning the “Calls” of the Hunt


When it comes to learning the “waterfowl calls” in order to bring you the most successful hunt possible, and fill up that bag to its ‘limit,’ it is important to know what calls you need to learn, as well as what products are out there on the market that can bring you the most success.

waterfowl calls, successful hunt, hunting supplies, waterfowl hunter, eight calls

These calls serve a very clear purpose; they are designed to do something that very few other hunting supplies are able to do – bring your prey directly to your door, so to speak. And, yes, while it does take time to master them, whether you are a beginner or not, they can be mastered.


There are eight calls important to you. The first is the “Basic Quack.” As easy as this one may sound, there are some callers who actually never master a basic quack, and then wonder why the ducks don’t show up. There are people who use qua qua qua when it is time to end the basic quack. Unfortunately, there needs to be a clean, crisp, ‘quaCK’ instead. Stick to the basics, end your quacks correctly, and everything will fall into place.


The second call comes in the form of the “Greeting Call.” The greeting call is usually used when the hunter first sees ducks at a distance. It is a series of 5 to 7 notes, given in descending order, released at a steady rhythm: Kanc, Kanc, Kanc, Kanc, Kanc.


The “Feed Call,” is best described as tikkitukkatikka, with the call being sent while raising and lowering the volume ever so slightly. Award-winning waterfowl callers state that the feeding call, although not used often, should be learned in order to add variety.


The “Hail” and/or “Highball Call” is an overused call in the minds of the pros. They will state not to use this call within 100 yards of the ducks. But when you do use it, blow high, hard, and loud. Hails are the loudest of the lot, and you must try to sound as natural as you can. If you decide to try the hail call, start with a long, strong: Aaaaaaink…Aaaaaink, aaaaink, aaainkaink as you taper off in sound and volume.


When ducks do not respond to your greeting call and you want an immediate response, it is the “Comeback Call” that is used. More urgent and delivered faster: Kanckanc, Kanc, Kanc, Kanc, it is still about 5 to 7 notes and should not be overdone.


One call that is actually overlooked a great deal but has been proven to be highly effective for the waterfowl hunter is the “Lonesome Hen Call.” When ducks are call-shy, this will be more appealing to them. The call is nothing more than widely spaced, drawn-out, Quaaaaink quacks. And it is definitely necessary to space these calls out, leaving several seconds between each one; if the quacks are too close together, it scares the ducks away.


The “Pleading Call” is used to grab the attention of ducks flying 75 to 200 yards above. A series of 5 to 6 quacks that are really dragged out, as if you are begging the ducks to land, the sound is a Kaaanc, Kanc, Kanc, Kanc with the first note held a little longer than the rest. It’s the caller’s way of literally pleading with the ducks to come into or return to the spread.


Last, but not least, is the “Whistle.” For the Mallard, Pintail or Wigeon hunt, masters swear by the whistle. Using whistles in conjunction with calls allows the hunter to “speak the ducks language.” Using whistles also gets younger people involved because there is no way to mess up.


So…what calls are out there on the market that can truly help make your hunt a success? There are many, but one is the Duck Commander Camo Max Duck Call. Hand tuned, it is made to emulate the hen mallard calls. One of the most popular and versatile duck calls in its line, this call is able to achieve the sound of a mallard hen with great accuracy.


If hunting in lush vegetation, the Buck Gardner Double Nasty Camo Green Duck Call is the perfect one to have along. Designed for the more rugged hunter, this call is made out of hardened acrylic material, making it durable and resistant to wear and tear.


Learning and inexperienced hunters will be aided a great deal by the Ha-Yardel-Fleets DR-85 Mallard Call D Reed. This is a great example of a learner’s duck call, with a simplistic design that is easily adjustable. Sturdy, this call is able to take a lot of hours of practice without any actual damage being done to the reeds.


There are many more to research, but by first learning the actual calls, you can better your chances at having the ultimate waterfowl hunt experience!




9th Episode in the Sci-Fi Series Certain to Scare the Living Daylights Out of You


Alien: Covenant, Blu-ray Review, Ridley Scott, ALIEN franchise,  Michael Fassbenderm Katherine Waterstonm Billy CrudupAlien: Covenant

Blu-ray Review by Kam Williams

9th Episode in the Sci-Fi Series Certain to Scare the Living Daylights Out of You

Alien: Covenant is the 9th episode in the enduring, sci-fi franchise launched back in 1979, provided you count the trio of Alien vs. Predator spinoffs. This installment is a sequel to Prometheus (2012) which devoted fans know was a prequel to the original. Covenant was directed by the legendary Ridley Scott who also made the first and the previous picture in the series.

As the futuristic tale unfolds, we find the spaceship Covenant hurtling through the ether on a mission  to colonize a distant star with its cargo of 2,000 cryogenic humans and 1,140 frozen embryos. The crew, under the command of Captain Jacob Branson (James Franco), is composed of seven couples plus a state-of-the-art android named Walter (Michael Fassbender).

Before they reach their destination, the vessel is damaged by a “shock wave generated by a neutrino burst from a solar flare,” whatever that pretentious, scientific jargon means. The upshot is that the accident conveniently dovetails with the arrival of mysterious radio signals that appear to be human in nature.

Curiosity gets the better of them, and they divert the crippled craft to the source of the transmissions, an uncharted planet nearby. Against their better judgment, they dispatch an expedition team to the surface to determine whether the place is habitable and might thus serve as a substitute settlement spot for their hibernating pod people.

Unfortunately, the intrepid explorers are blissfully unaware that they’re being contaminated by a monstrous, microscopic virus that can enter a body through any open orifice. After a brief gestation period, the opportunistic infection drains the hosts of their vitality while simultaneously morphing into the drooling, gelatinous, man-eating creatures long associated with the Alien adventures.

This doesn’t bode well for the Covenant, and what ensues is a high burn-rate affair in which crew members are gradually picked off one-by-one, with each succumbing to a demise a little more grisly than the last. To paraphrase, the franchise’s immortal, inaugural tagline: In space, no one can still hear you scream, or save you from a body-snatching chestburster either.

A blood-curdling sequel and worthy addition to the series certain to scare the living daylights out of you!

Excellent (4 stars)

Rated R for violence, profanity, sexuality, nudity and bloody images

Running time: 122 minutes

Distributor: Distributor: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Extras: Audio commentary by Ridley Scott; a dozen deleted and extended scenes; Meet Walter; Phobos; The Last Supper; The Crossing; Advent; Master Class: Ridley Scott; theatrical trailers; and David’s illustrations. 

To order a copy of the Alien: Covenant Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, visit: 

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Mamoudou’s Breakthrough Role!


Mamoudou Athie,   The “Patti Cake$” Interview, Kam Williams, Me & Mean Margaret, The CircleMamoudou Athie

The “Patti Cake$” Interview

with Kam Williams

Mamoudou’s Breakthrough Role!

Mamoudou Athie is set to play opposite Brie Larson in her directorial debut, Unicorn Store. He also can be seen in the recurring role of Grandmaster Flash in “The Get Down,” a Netflix series created by Baz Luhrmann.

Mamoudou recently starred opposite Stockard Channing in “Me & Mean Margaret,” a  pilot for an NBC sitcom. On the big screen, he appeared alongside Emma Watson and Tom Hanks in The Circle, a suspense thriller based on Dave Eggers’ novel of the same name.

Mamoudou received critical acclaim for his stage debut at New York’s Lincoln Center Theater opposite Diane Lane and Tony Shalhoub in The Mystery of Love and Sex. Here, the graduate of the Yale School of Drama discusses his new film, Patti Cake$, an overcoming-the-odds saga revolving around a Rubenesque, white rapper’s (Danielle Macdonald) quest for superstardom.

Kam Williams: Hi Mamoudou, thanks for the interview.

Mamoudou Athie: Thank you, Kam.

KW: What interested you in Patti Cake$?

MA: In a nutshell, the script, the director and the character, particularly meeting Geremy [writer/director Geremy Jasper]. I had a sense he was going to make something special. I initially had reservations about my character, Basterd, but I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. And the script is one of a kind, yet also familiar in a personal way. Had me laughing aloud as well.

KW: How would you describe the film in 25 words or less?

MA: It’s a glorious underdog story with wit, charm, and verve about the illest rapper in Dirty Jerz [aka New Jersey], KIlla P [played by Danielle Macdonald] with no holds barred stunts, high octane high speed car chases, and superheroes galore. And we have 300 million Instagram and Twitter followers.

Mamoudou Athie,   The “Patti Cake$” Interview, Kam Williams, Me & Mean Margaret, The Circle

KW: How did you approach playing Basterd? Did you base him on anybody?

MA: Not on any one particular person. I took something of a dim sum approach to  him. He’s a mix of some people I grew up around, Geremy’s thoughts and influences, for sure, and Mickey Theis, a classmate of mine from YSD [Yale School of Drama]. He’s one of the most beautifully sensitive actors I’ve ever worked with.

KW: What message do you think people will take away from the film?

MA: Go mother-[bleep]-ing hard!

KW: Were you surprised by the performance of your co-star, Danielle Madonald?

MA: Nah, I knew she’d totally slay it after I heard her first track. But when I heard that first track, yes — I was surprised. That was amazing!

KW: The music maven Heather Covington question: What was the last song you listened to? 

MA: May’ve been “Stunt Queen” by Bloc Party or Arcade Fire’s “Infinite Content.”

KW: Ling-Ju Yen asks: What is your earliest childhood memory?

MA: I don’t know . It’s kind of a medley, but what sticks out the most is going to the park and zoo with my family and my holographic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle TV. It was half an inch and actually for my action figures, but I loved it more.

KW: Was there a meaningful spiritual component to your childhood?

MA: Sure!

KW: Who loved you unconditionally during your formative years?

MA: My family.

KW: What is your favorite dish to cook?

MA: Eggs… I’m lazy..

KW: The Morris Chestnut question: Was there any particular moment in your childhood that inspired you to become the person you are today?

MA: Again, I’m not sure if there was one particular moment, but I’m almost positive my parents have never lied while I’ve been alive. So they certainly set the bar for morals. I’ve lied though. Sorry, Moppa.

KW: Sherry Gillam would like to know what is the most important life lesson you’ve learned so far? 

MA: Hmm… I can’t say it’s THE most important as it’s hard to rate these things, but certainly being honest is a good way to sleep well at night. Learned that verrrrrry early. [Chuckles]

KW: What was your very first job?

MA: Cutting grass. I worked at the National Shrine in DC for a spell in 10th grade.

KW: When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

MA: Depends on the day!


KW: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

MA: Sorry, I didn’t hear that question. Next!

KW: If you could have one wish instantly granted, what would that be for?

MA: Instant worldwide utopia.

KW: What is your guiltiest pleasure?

MA: Excess napping and snacking. Shame.

KW: Is there any question no one ever asks you, that you wish someone would?

MA: [LOL] No. That’s funny to imagine, though. I’m thinking of a person in an interview wondering, “I wish they’d ask me about this!” while quietly fuming internally.

KW: Harriet Pakula-Teweles asks: With so many classic films being redone, is there a remake you’d like to star in?

MA: No! There are so many stories that have yet to be told. New content! Infinite content!

KW: Finally, what’s in your wallet?

MA: The usual.

KW: Thanks again for the time, Mamoudou, and best of luck with Patti Cake$.

MA: Thank you so much, Kam.

Source:  Baret News


Get Your Groove On! Visit Music City U.S.A.


Get Your Groove On! Visit Music City U.S.A.

by Amy Lignor


For some, it seems like choosing a vacation destination is extremely difficult. However, if you’re looking for a perfect “menu” that includes: sites to see, history to be learned, the best restaurants imaginable, and enjoying the heck out of each and every day while listening to the ‘best of the best’ music imaginable, then there is only one choice…Nashville!

Nashville, Songwriting Capital of the World, Queen of England, Music City, Country Music Hall of Fame, Parthenon, Grand Ole Opry, vacation

Nashville’s very first celebrity, believe or not, was the famous frontiersmen Davy Crockett, who was known far and wide for his colorful fiddle playing. As time moved forward, Nashville literally grew to become a national center for music publishing. So how did it get the nickname, “Music City?” Well…you’ll most likely be surprised. It came about when the first around-the-world tour by a musical act was made by the Fisk Jubilee Singers, who happened to come from Nashville’s Fisk University. It was upon playing for the Queen of England that the queen stated the Fisk Jubilee Singers must come from “Music City.”


There is no question that any historian or visitor who simply wants to go to some of the coolest places located in the United States, will love traveling to Nashville. The historic venues that you and your family or friends can be a part of makes up a list a mile long.


Start your visit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Not only will you experience the evolution of one of the fastest growing music genres, but you will also see how country music influenced other genres of music, explaining why Nashville became and remains the epicenter of the country music industry.

Just up the street from there is the Parthenon at Centennial Park. Here, you’ll find a full scale replica of the Greek Parthenon (no, not kidding at all.) You’ll learn why Nashville was called the “Athens of the South” before British royalty ever dubbed it “Music City.”

Next…the Ryman Auditorium – the home of the Grand Ole Opry – awaits. Literally nicknamed “Carnegie Hall of the South,” the Ryman’s unrivaled acoustic qualities has caused it to receive the prestigious “Theater of the Year” award seven times. In other words, this is the best auditorium to experience live music. The Opry is still staged live every week and continues to ignite the careers of hundreds of rising stars.


On to Music Row. This is a true empire for musicians and visitors. Recording studios, record labels, entertainment offices – anything and everything you can think of make up this area and is a whole lot of fun to delve into.


As the “Songwriting Capital of the World,” when it comes to being “discovered” as a writer, the famous Bluebird Café still showcases songwriters performing their original music. Here you can be a part of it all as you walk through these doors, following in the steps of some of the most famous talent in the world. Sit, drink, eat, and listen to the music performed in a venue that continues to launch songs and writers each and every week.


Take in the Walk of Fame Park during your visit and have a blast! Nashville is not all country and western music; this city has literally become a hub for pop, rock, bluegrass, jazz, classical, and more. Artists galore have chosen to call Nashville home, and running into one of the best musicians on the planet is not unheard of when visiting the city.


Do not miss those world-famous honky-tonks, either. Live music can be seen and heard every day and night of the week in Nashville, and Lower Broadway – with those neon lights and music streaming out of doors and into the streets – cannot be missed. There’s no cover charge, but don’t forget that the bands need your tips.


“Music City” has proven for over 200 years that it is the place to go for music, while also soaking in the historic ambience and having a whole lot of fun. So…Get Your Groove On, America! Head to Nashville for your next vacation and discover a destination that you will want to visit again and again.


Source:  Baret News