Angel Wings Parrot Rescue in Sebastian Florida Needs Your Help

We are a Treasure and Space Coast based Parrot Rescue located in Sebastian Florida, we have been rescuing birds for 11 years and I have fostered for two other parrot rescues.

Due to the volume of requests to take unwanted or unable to keep parrots in my area, I chose to open my own not for profit rescue. We also have a parrot store on eBay as well as an e-commerce store. The store sells parrot related items and food, not birds.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and find the correct forever home for our feathered friends. All donations and re-homing fees are for the transportation, vet bills, and care of the parrots. Here we are all about the birds.

If you have a parrot you are unable to care for any longer, or are interested in adopting a feathered friend, or just wish to foster a bird, please contact us…below is a link to our stores, feel free to check it out and look at our feedback.

If you have a unwanted bird contact Kerry Lewis or Cindy Nichols.

Cindy Nichols
Manager Kerry Lewis
9969 Sebastian River Dr
Micco, Florida 32769

Megacon to Host Florida Premiere of Blood Shot

The Megacon Indie Film Expo is proud to present the Florida premiere of the feature film, BLOOD SHOT. This film is based upon the award-winning short film by Dietrich Johnston which originally played at Megacon in the past. Johnston, and the executive producer Andrew Wyly, transformed the positive buzz about the short film into a star-filled full-length production. Brennan Elliot (Strong Medicine, The 4400) and Michael Bailey Smith (The Hills Have Eyes, Men in Black 2), two of the film’s stars will be appearing at Megacon in support of the premiere and hope to meet their fans and make new ones.

“The idea of making a full length feature film in Hollywood is a real dream come true for independent filmmakers,” said Terry Cronin, who is the director of the Megacon Indie Film Expo. “This is a really fun action-packed movie that has incredible potential for a series. A real franchise builder.”

BLOOD SHOT is the story of a cop named Rip, played by Brennan Elliott, whose life falls apart as he chases a terminator-like vampire, played by Michael Bailey Smith, who happens to be a hitman controlled by a CIA agent played by Lance Henricksen (Millenium, Alien) . The great Brad Dourif (The Lord of the Rings) plays a notorious Middle Eastern terrorist who is plotting a major attack on the U.S. that includes detonating a powerful nuke in the heart of Los Angeles; the only thing standing in his way is an unlikely duo formed by the mysterious vampire (Michael Bailey Smith) and the cop (Brennan Elliott) who is chasing him.

Michael Bailey Smith is excited about coming to the show, “It’s great to return to Florida and see all the cool stuff going on at Megacon. I think the fans will love BLOOD SHOT and I hope to meet everyone who comes out to the show.”

The film will show at the Orange County Convention Center as part of the Megacon on Saturday, February 18th from 7:30 – 9:00 pm. Brennan Elliot and Michael Bailey Smith will take part in the Indie Filmmaking Panel and will be available for autographs and photos on the show floor of Megacon.

The Megacon Indie Film Expo showcases numerous award-winning independent short films in the genres of action, anime, animation, comedy, horror, superheroes, science fiction, and suspense. The short films will be shown Friday, Feb 17th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm. This selection of films is hosted by 3 Boys Productions the founders of the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival and the creators of the horror adventure comic series “Students of the Unusual”. Donations will be accepted for the Hero Initiative.

For more information go to



“Cinderella The Musical” to Premiere at Vero Beach Theater Guild

Make no mistake about it, Indian River Charter High Schumann School for the Performing Arts production of “Cinderella The Musical” is sure to be a hit. The show will be given at the Vero Beach Theater Guild February 2nd, 3rd and 4th at 7:00pm and February 4th and 5th at 2:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking on the “Ticket” tap at

Students performed a sneak peek of some of the popular musical numbers at By the River today and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the residents and guests. By the River is Sebastian’s affordable senior living community. It was the dream and vision of spiritual teacher Ma Jaya to have a place that seniors can call “home” and live comfortably in a vibrant community.

Marissa Hunt (stepsister Grace), Kaitlin Ruby and Mariah Moore (Joy the stepsister)

The story of Cinderella has been told for more than a hundred years in countless cultures. Threatre director, Michael Naffziger, said that this year they had so many talented kids that he dual-cast all the roles, except for the Fairy Godmother.

Two of the Cinderellas, Kaitlin Ruby, l0th grader, and Julianne Zimei, llth grader, performed today. They are best friends and have not been competing, but rather cheering each other on. As Kaitlin said, “We tag each other. You’re ‘it’ today!”

Harry Getzov to Speak at Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation Luncheon

Steve Dorrance Speaks with Judyth Piazza about Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation on The American Perspective Radio Program – Click to listen

“The way a nation treats its sick and aging is a direct reflection on the character of the nation as a whole. Harry Getzov and Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation have created a 21st century model that strives toward eldercation and available healthcare. I am proud to be part of these important changes.” Judyth Piazza

Steve Dorrance

Harry Getzov, author, national speaker, and upcoming guest on The View and The Doctors will be speaking in Vero Beach at The Quail Valley River Club on December 5 for the benefit of Treasure Coast Community Health. Harry most recently wrote gOLD, a book of fascinating stories from inspired conversations with Hugh Downs, Maya Angelou (one of the great voices of contemporary literature), Jerry Vale, former major league baseball player William Moose Skowron and nearly 1,600 others. “He is thoughtful, caring and amusing, all at the same time! His uplifting and insightful view of the cycles of our lives is prescient for all, including the boomers who are on deck next, and those who are enjoying the golden years.”

Harry Getzov

Mr. Getzov`s Background

Mr. Getzov is an accomplished attorney, educated at Emory University School of Law. Mr. Getzov obtained a bachelor`s degree from Boston University`s College of Liberal Arts and studied at the Brookdale Center on Aging of Hunter College. As a prolific writer, his articles have appeared in the New York Daily News, Newsday, The Dallas Morning News, The Kansas City Star and amNew York, and he has been a guest on radio in the communities he has visited throughout the country. He spent many years in New York City and Hollywood as an entertainment lawyer. He has an insider`s perspective on an industry most will never experience.

To Benefit Treasure Coast Community Health

Mr. Getzov has generously agreed to make this presentation for the benefit of the Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation (TCCHF). Treasure Coast Community Health provides a wide range of medical, dental and behavioral healthcare services, and is a healthcare home to 20,000 Indian River County residents. We accept Medicare and Medicaid patients, populations of importance to Harry.

Event Details

While overlooking the Indian River from the main dining room, attendees will be served an exceptional lunch by a dedicated staff, and receive a complimentary copy of Mr. Getzov`s book. Please call 772-571-1983 to make a reservation for the December 5th luncheon starting at 11:45 a.m. or request additional information. The TCCH Foundation will benefit from your $50 per person, tax deductible contribution.

Generously sponsored by the Brackett Family Foundation

Judyth Piazza chats with Harry J. Getzov, Author of gOLD, The Extraordinary Side of Aging Revealed Through Inspiring Conversations …

Judyth Piazza interviews Steve Dorrance, Executive Director of Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation…

20th Avenue Church of God Fall Carnival – Vero Beach

20th Avenue Church of God is pleased to announce their annual Children’s Fall Carnival on Saturday, October 29th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 775 20th Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida (772) 562-2235.

Fun For All Ages

The carnival will have games and prizes, a moonwalk, giant slides, food, fun and much more.

All proceeds will benefit The Children’s Ministry, K.W.A.M. 24-7.

20th Avenue Church of God
775 20th Avenue
Vero Beach, FL 32962-1454
(772) 562-2235

Church Service Times
Sunday School-9:20 a.m.
Morn. Worship-10:50 a.m.
Even. Worship-5:50pm

Bible Study-6:50 p.m Youth Class (1st Wednesday)

Prayer-7:00 p.m.

2011 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival This Weekend!

3 Boys Productions announced today the program of films selected to screen at the 2011 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival(MIFF). This year, the festival`s program comprises films from U.S. and international filmmakers selected from 238 entries. The 2011 MIFF runs September 9-10 in Melbourne, Florida at the beautiful Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10.

“I`m particularly struck by the creativity in this year`s selections. These filmmakers are charged with telling compelling stories and engaging the audience and they really deliver” said Terry Cronin, the MIFF 2011 director of programming . “For 2011, we are pleased to be able to shine a light on Florida filmmakers who are making their way on the world-wide film festival circuit. We are particularly proud of the talent that has originated here in Brevard County.”

“On the heels of two sold-out showings at the Florida Film Festival, Melbourne native Andrew Kenneth G(a)y brings his feature film, A Beautiful Belly, to his hometown. Palm Bay`s Lee Thongkham brings his hypnotic feature, Tears of Remedy, for a special engagement on Friday. Orlando`s Jose Zambrano Casella will delight the horror enthusiasts with his suspenseful feature, The Sacred. MIFF alumnus Michael Baumgarten brings an after-hour s(e)xy Hollywood-produced thriller called Pretty Obsession which was co-produced by Melbourne`s Robin Krasny. And the short films will really knock your socks off, too! Whether its the dark humor of Matt Cantu`s zombie reality show The Zombie Factor or Devi Snively`s amazing short Last Seen on Dolores Street or the weather reality of Brevard County`s Chris Kridler and her short film Chasing Reality about passionate storm chasers, it`s all sure to be fun”

The films selected for the 2011 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival are:


A Beautiful Belly directed by Andrew Kenneth G(a)y

A warmly comic story of an aspiring but out-of-work children`s entertainer who gets his longtime crush pregnant on their first date: It`s engaging, entertaining, and hilarious.

Butterflies directed by Ester Brym

A feature documentary film following the lives of six young people that are prominent `weblebrities` on the video site YouTube. The film explores the new media, its power, and its future.

Pretty Obsession directed by Michael Baumgarten

A pretty eighteen year-old puts herself and her family in danger when she leads a double life as an erotic web cam model.

The Sacred directed by Jose Zambrano Casella

Five young people went on a journey, a weekend of fun, and what they found is the evil inside themselves. Sins come back to kill you!

Tears of Remedy directed by Lee Thongkham

Every teardrop comes with a story, one that endures beauty and pain, and mostly, love.

Palm Bay director, Lee Thongkham, tells a rich and enigmatic story about the power of tears.

Horror Films

Blinky™ directed by Ruari Robinson

Meet Blinky™. All he wants is a friend. The only problem is, he`s not very good at making friends.

Last Seen on Dolores Street directed by Devi Snively

In a hard-boiled town, a heartbroken woman says goodbye to an old pet and hello to a new nightmare. Sometimes, life`s a real bitch.

The Sacred directed by Jose Zambrano Casella

Five young people went on a journey, a weekend of fun, and what they found is the evil inside themselves. Sins come back to kill you!

The Zombie Factor directed by Matt Cantu

The zombie apocalypse becomes REALITY on The Zombie Factor, the most dangerous show on television.

Florida Shorts

This year`s MIFF features 18 films shot in Florida

The Adventures of Monty Moudlyn directed by Zach Hibbard

Monty Moudlyn is the friend who`s always `up`. The kind of eternal, insufferable optimist that you sometimes want to kill.

The Breakdown directed by Robby Sparks 

Stress relief never felt so good!

Burial Island directed by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge

Two friends set up camp on a deserted island in the Everglades which had once been an ancient Indian burial ground. (Plus preview of The Money Trail directed by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge)

Chasing Reality directed by Chris Kridler

Storm chasing is portrayed as an extreme sport on television, but the reality is dramatically different. In this documentary, storm chasers talk about life on the road, their peculiar relationship with their cars, and the frustration, smells and miles that go into those few moments of seeing a tornado.

Follow Your Dreams directed by Sue Dontell

A man trying to follow his dream to be a singer is sidetracked by his wife`s illness.  He has to set his priorities in that his wife is the most important thing in his life.  The wife realizes the light is gone from her husband`s eyes in not being able to follow his dreams.  She realizes the importance of following a dream as things come full circle.
The Incredible Banana directed by Paulette King

No matter how hard you think you may have it, there is always someone who is less fortunate them you.

Life Lessons directed by Paulette King

A sister saves the day for her seven year old brother

Maybe directed by Kevin Shah

An average guy Jim trys to find a girlfriend. Jim gets “Maybe`ed” every time and there seems to be no hope, till he meets Rachel. This is a light-hearted take on dating, relationships and being average. A movie inspired by true events.

Melbourne, FL: December/January:

Home  directed by Craig Weinstein

A short nonfiction (mostly) collage of the filmmaker`s home of Melbourne over a winter holiday.

No Boundaries directed by Paulette King

Trusted neighbor is having an affair with her next door neighbor`s son.

The Red Shoes directed by Sue Dontell

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met someone who had no feet.`  A girl learns a valuable life lesson to be grateful for what you do have rather than to be unhappy about what you don`t have.  There is always someone in this world worse off than you.

Special Sneak Preview of “The Space Coast” directed by Lear Bunda

Starring Dana Snyder(Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Amber Freeman, Pat Martin, Dustin Harbin

Twilight of Youth directed by Jerald Fine

Brash, young stockbroker who despises the elderly contracts a strange virus that rapidly ages him.

Vestiges directed by Alex Sushil

Calvin Fields has an appointment with a dermatologist.

Extraordinary Shorts

Caught Short directed by Will Hall-Smith United Kingdom

A scatological romantic comedy.

Crossing Salween directed by Brian O`Malley Thailand/Ireland

In eastern Burma, a young girl named Ho Reh finds herself orphaned after the massacre of her village by the army. She must make the arduous journey to the Salween River that divides the horrors of Burma from the safety of Thailand.

Fumbling Toward Ecstasy directed by Gemma Faith Ireland

Offers comfort in its familiar Irish surroundings yet challenges stereotype, daring to explore female s(e)xuality in later stages of life.

Goliath directed by Ryan Daniel McKinney USA

After contracting HIV, a boy struggles with what is out of his control while his father tries to hold it together by looking to hold someone accountable.

Happenstance directed by Sandy Pranjic & Victoria Strehlau Canada

A cautionary tale.

Karate Wipe directed by Virginia Abramovich USA

A comedic exploration of one of the many challenges of fatherhood.
Loft directed by Gareth Chambers Ireland

A man and his pigeons live in fear of a young boy and his soccer ball…something must be done!

Manhood directed by Melanie M. Jones Canada 

Forced to flee to the woods when war strikes their cozy suburban neighborhood, Midge continues her quest to turn her husband Harold into a paragon of manliness with surprising results.

Ol` One Eye directed by Brain Folan Ireland

An old man gets a new glass eye, however this is not your standard prosthetic. To his amazement he discovers that he can in fact see with his new eye.

Orange Desespoir Directed by John Banana France

What happens when a small sad orange decides to leave for the other side of the shop to meet a bunch of fun dancing pineapples ?

Rest Stop directed by Melanie M. Jones Canada

Danny must make difficult choices and live with the consequences of his actions while hitchhiking through Northern British Columbia.
Signs directed by Vincent Gallagher Ireland

There is magic in what we see every day. Sometimes we just have to look hard enough.

Festival Sponsors

The 2011 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival sponsors include: Celebrity Level Sponsors- A Cut Above Video, Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10, Treasure Coast Dermatology; Leadership Sponsors-Browning`s, The Courtyard at the Oaks, Academy Award Sponsors- Against the Grain Tattoos, Bill and Karen Slover. Food sponsors include The Courtyard at the Oaks, Flo`s Catering, Freddie D`s, Forever Soul Ichabod`s, Island Pasta, Miyako`s, Mustard`s Last Stand, Nature`s Market, Pizza Hut, Shells, Skewer`s, Taste of India, Tijuana Flats, and Tropical Smoothie. The MIFF recognizes critical support from the Space Coast Film Commission, and our patrons- Better Bodies, Victoria Buckley, Paulette King, Tommy “Tricks” Loomis, and Sky Diary. The support of these organizations will help the charity Unconditional Love, Inc. In return, sponsorship of the MIFF provides these organizations with community exposure and unique access to MIFF attendees.

About Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival

Now in its 13th Year, the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival prides itself on the promotion of independent filmmakers to the Brevard County community and as a destination for filmmakers worldwide. Each year independent films are screened to enthusiastic audiences and all the funds raised go to charity.

3 Boys Productions

In 1998, a creative group of friends (Terry Cronin, Jeff Hall, Bob Lizek,and Pat Martin) decided to form a production company to produce independent films in Melbourne, Florida. This group has evolved into publishing comic books and novels including the critically-acclaimed detective series “The Skinvestigator”. They continue to host the annual Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival and the Megacon Indie Film Expo in Orlando.

 For more info go to

or join us on Facebook!/melbourneindependentfilmmakersfestival

LoPresti First Saturday to Benefit By the River

— Join Us for a Lively Discussion — 

LoPresti First Saturday Charity Breakfast, June 4th, will benefit By the River, the area’s independent living community for low-income seniors. Host author/pilot Howard Keefe, a renowned winning race pilot will share his exciting P-51 stories.

A book signing will follow for personalized autographed copies of “Galloping on Wings.” The event will be at the Sebastian Airport off Main Street, with a hot and fresh breakfast at 9:00 a.m. and presentations from l0:00-ll:30 a.m.

Remo rides available. $8 suggested donation. All are welcome to hear more about By the River and Sebastian aviation. 

For more information about By the River and tours of the community, please call 772-3888-5858

Boxing in Vero Beach with ‘Classy’ Chris Gray

Judyth Piazza chats with ‘Classy’ Chris Gray, Sweet Science Training Center, Vero Beach, Florida on The American Perspective Radio Program. (Click here to listen)

‘Classy’ Chris Gray is a spiritual warrior both figuratively and literally. A stanch family man, Chris has built a foundation of success on hard work and love for both family and God.

“My Wife is my best friend and when I am not in the ring we do everything together, I guess you could say I am more of a home body these days,” says Gray.

When asked what is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you, Gray said, “Getting married, I never thought I would ever get married.  I love being married and that is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.”

Gray was also asked who he would like to meet one day and he said, “Christ without a doubt, just the amount of love that he showed for people is amazing.”

Vero Beach’s #1 Workout! Our hardcore “Rocky” style workouts will get you in the best shape of your life- all experience levels are welcome!

*Self Defense

1137 21st Street,
Vero Beach, FL 32960
772 501 2744


Mon – Tues:  6:30 am – 8:00 pm

Wed:  6:30 am – 6:00 pm

Thurs – Fri: 6:30 am – 8:00 pm

Sat:  8:00 am – 12:30 pm

Orthodontic Specialists of Florida Offers Special Price on Invisalign

Orthodontic Specialists of Florida (OSOF) to Offer a Special Price on Invisalign to Meet What is Hopefully an increase in Employers Hiring

Orthodontic Specialists of Florida (OSOF) announced today that due to the response to their “Smile, You’re Hired” campaign which the group test-marketed in Tampa, FL in November and December of 2010, will be extended throughout all 33 offices in the state of Florida by offering Invisalign for $199 per- month, to adults looking to reenter the job market in 2011, with a new smile and first-impression during the interview process.

“We decided to test market ‘Smile, You’re Hired’ in Tampa, only because we wanted to tread lightly on the issue of employment in the state of Florida, but what we’ve found is that almost 60 percent of our patients to date are adult patients who are seeking reemployment in 2011, and are looking for an affordable monthly payment, and discreet way to improve their smile” said Alan D. Shoopak, D.M.D., founder and owner of OSOF. “My staff and I are seeing a steady flow of these types of new patients on a weekly basis, and we feel the greatest reward when someone stops back in from our ‘Smile, You’re Hired’ program, and they’ve recently landed a job.”

As reported in Tampa by WTSP’s Kathryn Bursch, a CBS affiliate, the number of adults coming into Orthodontic Specialists of Florida to improve their smile, thereby improving their impression during interviews, as America goes back to work in 2011 is increasing, and will hopefully continue to do so as this program is now extended throughout the state.

“We want to encourage others to chip in as well, and help America get back to work in 2011, even if it’s just 50% off neckties by a department store, or an individual helping a job seeking friend with a resume,” added Shoopak.

Link to OSOF “Smile, You’re Hired!” page:
To schedule a “Smile, You’re Hired” consultation at one of OSOF’s locations, please call 1-855-BRACES-4-U.

* Some exclusions apply; down payment required.

Royal Wedding Insider Victoria Arbiter Sits Down with Judyth Piazza

Judyth Piazza chats with Royal Wedding Insider, Victoria Arbiter (Click here to listen)

Victoria Arbiter brings to her work a wealth of experience born from a life spent traveling the world and working professionally in a broad range of performance and media-related fields.

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Windsor, England, Victoria is the daughter of Dickie Arbiter, a career journalist, and the former press secretary to Queen Elizabeth II. From a very young age, Victoria accompanied her father as he covered some of England`s most notable state occasions, including Trooping the Color, The Cenotaph, and the New Year`s Eve celebrations in Trafalgar Square. At the age of five, she made her live radio debut, joining her father as he presented the Christmas Day Morning Show for LBC News Radio.

As a child, Victoria set her sights on becoming a ballet dancer, and at the age of twelve she was accepted into the prestigious Elmhurst Ballet School in Camberley, England, where she trained in all aspects of dance. While at Elmhurst, she made her professional theatre debut in The Adventures of Mr. Toad in London`s West End, and this was closely followed by Cinderella at The Theatre Royal Windsor.

Upon leaving Elmhurst, Victoria made the bold decision to move to New York, where she auditioned and was accepted on scholarship to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Following graduation, she was invited to join the Academy Company, where she went on to play some of her favorite roles including Raymonde in A Flea in her Ear and Joanna Trout in Dear Brutus.

Shortly after leaving The Academy, Victoria made an appearance on the CBS daytime drama, Guiding Light, where she met her future husband, Ryan Brown. For three years Ryan played the role of Bill Lewis on Guiding Light before joining the cast of The Young and the Restless in the role of Billy Abbott.  Now a fiction novelist, Ryan`s comic thriller Play Dead was published in hardcover in 2010 by Gallery Books, a division of Simon and Schuster.  He is the son of New York Times Best-selling author, Sandra Brown.

Her career took yet another turn when she joined the web-based television network Yo New York as Senior Producer and Entertainment Correspondent. In her new role with the network, she covered major events such as The Directors` Guild of America Awards, The TV Land Awards, countless movie premiers, and other celebrity-driven affairs. Those she has interviewed include luminaries such as Ron Howard, Shirley McClaine, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Simpson, Uma Thurman and Michael J. Fox. While with Yo, she also produced and hosted profiles for numerous charities including The Ronald McDonald House and Habitat for Humanity. She was the only web reporter to secure an exclusive interview with Sarah Duchess of York, and, based on that interview, she was invited to be a weekly contributor to Lori Krammer`s show for the online talk radio network eYada.

Victoria hosted two seasons of A Taste from the Melting Pot, an international food and culture show for PBS. Featuring first-generation nationals from around the world, the show offered an intimate look into the customs and flavors of countries including Cameroon, Ecuador, and Israel, among others.

Most recently, Victoria hosted the brand new Signature Series for Voyages North America. The program, aimed at the high-end, luxury adventure-traveler has already seen Victoria zip-line over the El Yunque Rain Forest, and swim in the largest known bio-luminescent bay.

Victoria is currently working as Creator, Executive Producer, and Host on the pilot episode of Overdressed and Undercooked, a lighthearted, entertaining foray into the world of a novice cook on a mission to improve her culinary skills and conquer her fear of the kitchen. Victoria leads the audience on a humorous, often precarious quest to prepare the perfect meal before her mystery celebrity guest arrives for dinner. With the help of some of New York`s finest chefs, she learns to prepare an array of dishes from Italian and Chinese, to barbecue and raw vegan, while trying to remain glamorous and unflustered.

Victoria is a keen traveler, and work opportunities have allowed her to experience places as diverse as Cairo, Dubai, Kuwait, and Paris. She also lived and worked in Los Angeles for three years. Some of her favorite destinations include Venice, Costa Rica, French Polynesia, Greece, and Southern Africa.

Victoria has a broad range of interests. She ranks go-carting with Diana Princess of Wales as one of her most memorable experiences; but she has also dodged hippos while kayaking the Zambezi River, lunched at the top of the Austrian Alps, suppered while cruising the Nile, hiked the Rain Forests of Central America and the Mountains of Alaska, bathed in the hot springs of Costa Rica, and ridden camels in the Egyptian desert. She`s been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, into the depths of the pyramids of Giza, and once crossed the second largest lagoon in the world to spend the night on a remote island in the South Pacific with no electricity.

When not gallivanting the world, Victoria likes nothing better than to curl up on the sofa with a good book or to watch reruns of Ally McBeal. She still loves to attend the ballet and Broadway, and has been known to drag her husband to the odd cheesy concert (Streisand, Celine, and her absolute favorite, Il Divo). Although she still gets back to England two or three times a year, Victoria now lives in New York with her husband, young son, and rescued cats, Minnie and Batsi.!/victoriaarbiter

See More:

Hottest Reporter Covering Royal Wedding? Victoria Arbiter Of CBS News – I’m enthralled by Victoria’s British accent, if Rosie O’Donnell had a British accent I might be tempted to hit on her.

The American Perspective: Sarah Goodall, Former Lady Clerk To Prince Charles and MT Robison – Sarah Goodall promises to lift the lid on Charles`s private office with a first-hand account of the break-up of his marriage to the late Princess of Wales and his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.