Sadistic Killer of Puppy in Miami Walking Free


by Denise Carey-Costa

Mathew Milewski

Mathew Milewski

In most works of fiction there is the common thread of good versus evil. Inevitably the good guys always win and the monsters are banished. What about the nonfiction monsters? Those not created by an imaginative screenwriter or novelist? Those who roam among society undetected in the guise of “humans” committing their evil deeds of torture and murder? Who fights those monsters?

The past few years have seen many of these “human monsters” inflicting pain and suffering on humans and their animal counterparts. Most recently Jennifer Leali in Hernando County, Florida accused in the disappearance of abused rescue dog Zola. Prior to that Radoslaw Czerkawski made headlines for the calculated torture killing of 1-2 year old Puppy Doe.

Another case in Miami Florida has been going on since November 2011 and has the public and animal advocates around the world outraged. Mathew Milewski was charged with beating and dragging his beagle puppy Molly across an apartment parking lot until she bled and succumbed to her injuries. He only had the puppy for one day. One of the most poignant parts of this story is, the puppy named Molly was purchased from an Arkansas breeder who included the note “I hope that she brings as much joy to you and your family as our dogs have brought to us. I wish her a long life of happiness and contentment.” Little did the breeder know they were sending this puppy to a monster that would be instrumental in her death just one day after her arrival.

Witnesses state Milewski put a shock collar on the 4 month old puppy, slammed her against hard surfaces, whipped her with her leash, and dragged her across the parking lot until she was bleeding. A valet parker who worked at the property told police he heard a loud scream from a dog just as he was bringing a car from the garage. His first thought was he had hit an animal with his vehicle.

Milewski was arrested November 2011 and claims the fatal injuries sustained by the dog occurred when he dropped her in the shower. Milewski told investigators he wanted to clean Molly up after he noticed one of her paws was bleeding. He told investigators when he put the dog under the shower head “it” didn’t like it and “it” bit me. He further advised he doesn’t like blood and was so shocked he overacted to the dog biting him. He contradicted the story when he told veterinarian Heidi Foster at the Alton Road Animal Hospital that the way he threw the dog was bad.

Dr. Rosandra Manduca, a veterinary pathologist and adjunct professor at Miami Dade College, was recruited by Animal Services to perform a necropsy. She concluded death was ‘likely due to a brain injury secondary to head trauma.’ Molly’s injuries depicted evidence of having been shaken and slammed against a hard surface. There was bruising around her mouth, indicating that she may have been smothered.

Accusations are already being made that Milewski may have abused other animals. The assistant property manager in Milewski’s apartment building, said that a month before Molly’s death she saw his dog Macy shaking. When she looked at the dog more closely she noticed hemorrhaging in her eyes which is not a good sign Animal services have since confiscated Macy and returned her to her registered owner, Milewski’s ex-boyfriend, who has not been named in police reports.

Milewski is still denying the charges against him. In his own words he was only trying to train the dog and following the instructions for the shock-collar manual. “Dogs don’t become extremely obedient with rainbows and sugarplums,” he said, admitting that it may have appeared ‘abusive’ to onlookers who didn’t know what he was doing, and that he’d been trying to train Molly in a ‘very aggressive’ way.

Since Molly the Beagle’s death in 2011, the case is still going on and has had many twists and turns. In December 2013 Judge Yvonne Colodny ruled that Molly’s body could not be used as evidence. The reason; investigators illegally seized the dog’s body from a veterinarian’s clinic She allowed Milewski to have Molly’s body back which he immediately cremated to destroy the evidence. She ruled that the beagle, which had been left at the animal clinic to await cremation, nevertheless belonged to defendant Matthew Milewski — and he never gave investigators permission to take the puppy’s remains.

Prosecutors maintained that Milewski gave up his right of privacy for the dog after he gave up the body to the clinic, electing a “group cremation” in which he would not be returned the ashes. But Judge Colodny disagreed.

Prosecutor Michael Lee Von Zamft made an appeal to get the necropsy report back onto the court docket as evidence and it was approved. The necropsy report is the very thing needed to get Mathew Milewski implicated as guilty. It proves all the physical abuse Molly endured from him. Many believe Matthew’s act was pre-meditated as he purposefully purchased the dog from Outback Breeders in Arkansas and had her flown to his home in Miami.

Imagine how happy the puppy was going to a forever home, to be loved and cared for. Imagine her pain and anguish when this supposed “man” dragged her across hot pavement until she bled, beat her with her leash and used a shock collar. The puppy was dead within 24 hours of being in Milewski’s care.

Like all movie monsters he felt no remorse for his deeds claiming he did nothing wrong and only wanted to train his puppy aggressively. This is apparent by his consistent referencing of Molly as “it” in all of his statements.

Milewski is scheduled to appear again before Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Yvonna Colodny on September 16th, 2015. If he is charged with third degree felony animal abuse, he will face five years in prison and a fine up to $10, 000.

This is a crime that never should have happened. This type of intentional torture is something from the middle ages. Who in their right mind would do this to an animal and not feel any remorse? Not a human, but a monster with no respect for any living creature whether human or animal.

Unlike the 1931 film version of the classic “Frankenstein,” we the angry villagers cannot chase down these modern monsters with torches and pitchforks and drive them to their death into a burning windmill. The only arsenal we have is our ability to communicate via the written and spoken word, the rights as a citizenry to rally and petition, the rights to vote out leaders and judges who do not take such crimes seriously and mete out minor sentencing for offenders.

We must use the arsenal of weapons that we have to make sure no other animals suffer like Molly, Puppy Doe, or Zola. Do not be silent!! Molly must not be forgotten! Do not turn a blind eye, apathy itself is a crime. Get active and fight the monsters, the ones that don’t go away when we awaken.

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‘Tony’s Tale – Tragedy in Arizona’ Wins at Gwinnett Film Festival


by Ernest Dempsey

A passionate and talented group of animal rights advocates walked up on the stage to receive the award for their film Tony’s Tale – Tragedy in Arizona, produced by Denise Carey-Costa based on her book of the same name and adapted for the screen by Joseph Costa and Denise Carey-Costa.IMG_4836

The film won the best short nonfiction film award at the Gwinnett Film Festival held at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA, July 31 to August 2nd. The award ceremony was held on Sunday August 2nd and concluded the 3-day festival that featured many short and some feature length independent movies from around the world.

Tony’s Tale – Tragedy in Arizona (2014) presented the story of the tragic trial that led to the execution of Tony – the pet dog of Michelle Dozier of Clifton, AZ – by a local court that imposed the death sentence on Tony without any evidence of the alleged aggression and attack leading to the death of a neighbor’s dog.

Since the story was made into a film last year, directed by LA-based director/actor Josh Mitchell, it has won 6 awards and recognitions at various festivals and contests. The film has brought into public attention the need for real justice based on evidence and solid testimonies as against the travesty of justice that was seen in the case of Tony, leading to the needless killing of an innocent dog.

The film is now in distribution through IndieFlix: