Harry Getzov to Speak at Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation Luncheon

Steve Dorrance Speaks with Judyth Piazza about Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation on The American Perspective Radio Program – Click to listen

“The way a nation treats its sick and aging is a direct reflection on the character of the nation as a whole. Harry Getzov and Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation have created a 21st century model that strives toward eldercation and available healthcare. I am proud to be part of these important changes.” Judyth Piazza

Steve Dorrance

Harry Getzov, author, national speaker, and upcoming guest on The View and The Doctors will be speaking in Vero Beach at The Quail Valley River Club on December 5 for the benefit of Treasure Coast Community Health. Harry most recently wrote gOLD, a book of fascinating stories from inspired conversations with Hugh Downs, Maya Angelou (one of the great voices of contemporary literature), Jerry Vale, former major league baseball player William Moose Skowron and nearly 1,600 others. “He is thoughtful, caring and amusing, all at the same time! His uplifting and insightful view of the cycles of our lives is prescient for all, including the boomers who are on deck next, and those who are enjoying the golden years.”

Harry Getzov

Mr. Getzov`s Background

Mr. Getzov is an accomplished attorney, educated at Emory University School of Law. Mr. Getzov obtained a bachelor`s degree from Boston University`s College of Liberal Arts and studied at the Brookdale Center on Aging of Hunter College. As a prolific writer, his articles have appeared in the New York Daily News, Newsday, The Dallas Morning News, The Kansas City Star and amNew York, and he has been a guest on radio in the communities he has visited throughout the country. He spent many years in New York City and Hollywood as an entertainment lawyer. He has an insider`s perspective on an industry most will never experience.

To Benefit Treasure Coast Community Health

Mr. Getzov has generously agreed to make this presentation for the benefit of the Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation (TCCHF). Treasure Coast Community Health provides a wide range of medical, dental and behavioral healthcare services, and is a healthcare home to 20,000 Indian River County residents. We accept Medicare and Medicaid patients, populations of importance to Harry.

Event Details

While overlooking the Indian River from the main dining room, attendees will be served an exceptional lunch by a dedicated staff, and receive a complimentary copy of Mr. Getzov`s book. Please call 772-571-1983 to make a reservation for the December 5th luncheon starting at 11:45 a.m. or request additional information. The TCCH Foundation will benefit from your $50 per person, tax deductible contribution.

Generously sponsored by the Brackett Family Foundation

Judyth Piazza chats with Harry J. Getzov, Author of gOLD, The Extraordinary Side of Aging Revealed Through Inspiring Conversations …

Judyth Piazza interviews Steve Dorrance, Executive Director of Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation…

Ambassador Philip Kapneck: A Gentleman and A Statesman

During the past few years when the recession was starting to take hold and change the American way of life and the American dream, there were those who worked harder and longer each day to help their fellow citizens, keep their heads above water. One of these individuals was Maryland Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck who was able to contact and reconnect with business and industry he attracted to the USA over the past 30 years, that created jobs for individuals in Maryland.

Since the recession, Ambassador Kapneck called on the same companies he helped to set up their businesses in past years, and surfing the wave of goodwill, he was able to find jobs for people who lost theirs with other companies. While this was not one of his duties, he felt that it was essential to help those in need of work.

Ambassador Kapneck does not want any notoriety or press coverage about his work, but it seems that the press has a yearning to cover his unselfish work in helping others.

People like Ambassador Kapneck and their hard work are responsible for 2011’s third straight month in creating new employment over the 200,000 mark in the USA.

Through research we were able to supply a list of some positions that Ambassador Kapneck held and some he is still holding as follows:

  • Delegate to the Maryland State Convention
  • He was appointed by Governor Marvin Mandel to open Maryland’s first overseas office in Brussels, Belgium as the State’s Trade Ambassador. He assisted the Federal Government in “Invest in the USA.”
  • He was appointed by Secretary of Business and Economic Development to represent the State of Maryland with international companies in Asia and the South Pacific.
  • He was appointed by former New Zealand Prime Minister Rowlings as Special Advisor Ambassador/Maryland Trade Ambassador to assist companies in New Zealand and Australia doing business in the USA.
  • He has been appointed by each administration to date, since his first appointment to Belgium over 30 years ago, and is still serving as Maryland Trade Ambassador.

Ambassador Philip Kapneck has the ability to achieve the goals set before him, and always extends a helping hand, when it is possible to do so. This has made him an icon in his own time, from his success in attracting business and industry to the creation of jobs.

To learn more about Hon Philip Kapneck: Trade Ambassador Kapneck Official Site: http://tradeambassadorkapneck.com.

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About the Author:

Award winning journalist, Judyth Piazza is also the founder of the Student Operated Press (www.thesop.org) and content Manager/Editor for Newsblaze (www.newsblaze.com) and Vero Beach Local News (www.verobeachlocalnews.com).

Matt “Too Smooth” Godfrey Appears on The American Perspective with Judyth Piazza

Dad Pro Boxer Matt ‘Too Smooth’ Godfrey on The AP with Judyth Piazza (Click here to listen)

Since his pro debut May 14, 2004 versus Glen Morgan, Matt “Too Smooth” Godfrey has displayed poise and ring generalship far beyond his age, never more evident than in two early career matches against proven veterans Willie Herring and Jermall “The Truth” Barnes.

Years ago, Matt started boxing at Manfredo’s Gym in Pawtucket (RI) with Peter Manfredo, Jr., former world title challenger and finalist in the original reality television series, The Contender, as well as his current CES stable-mate, 2004 U.S. Olympian Jason Estrada.

A proud, full-blooded Native American (Wampanoug), Godfrey possesses incredibly quick hands and feet, especially for a 200-pounder, in addition to a complete set of sound boxing skills developed during his outstanding amateur career.

Matt had a 194-23 amateur record, capturing six national championships, four open tournaments including the 2004 Everlast U.S. Championships, plus two in the Junior Olympics.
He was a Bronze medal winner at the 2001 Pan-American Games, Silver Medalist in all four of
that year’s national major tournaments – National Golden Gloves, PAL (Police Athletic League), U.S. Championships and U.S. Challenge – and six-time New England Golden Gloves champion.

Photo by Emily Harney

Godfrey was the second heavyweight alternate on the 2004 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team but he decided to turn pro May 14 (2004), winning a unanimous four-round decision against 1-1 Glen Morgan.

A highly decorated U.S. amateur, Godfrey defeated many of today’s leading contemporary pro boxers such as former WBA middleweight title challenger Randy “The Gentleman Griffin (24-2-3, 12 KOs), heavyweight prospect Chazz “Mensa With Muscles” Witherspoon (26-2, 18 KOs), Devin Vargas (18-1, 13 KOs), Corey “Black Ice” Cummings (17-4, 13 KOs), Leonard “Haitian Sensation” Pierre (18-3, 13 KOs) and John Johnson (12-2, 10 KOs).

In his 2004 pro debut, Godfrey won a 4-round unanimous decision against Glen Morgan in Providence, and in his eighth and ninth pro fights, respectively, Matt won 8 and 10-round decisions against the aforementioned Barnes and Herring, for th vacant WBC USNBC title, in 2005.

Godfrey’s stunning first-round TKO of previously unbeaten NABA title-holder Shaun George (11-0-2) on ESPN2 (May 10, 2006) really put Godfrey on the boxing scene. He followed that with a convincing 12-round unanimous decision (116-112, 116-113, 118-111) against Danny Batchelder (24-2-1) on September 23 Hartford (CT) for the NABA, USNBC and WBC Continental Americas championships.

Godfrey’s most notable and career-defining fight through 2007, though, was a shocking second-round knockout of highly-touted Felix Cora, Jr. (18-1-2) for the , in which Matt completely overwhelmed his talented opponent, before an ESPN2 audience (April 6, 2007) at Foxwoods. Four months later, Godfrey defeated Derrick Brown (13-2-3) by unanimous 10-round decision at Twin River in Rhode Island. Following the fight, Matt relinquished his NABA, WBC Continental Americas & USNBC title belts to give others an opportunity as he concentrated on a major world title fight.

The stage was set for Matt to fight 13-0 Rudolf Kraj in a WBC title elimination bout. Godfrey started out slow and ran out of rounds, losing a 12-round unanimous decision (115-113, 116-113, 117-111) March 8, 2008 to Kraj in Berlin. “I was terribly disappointed with my first loss,” he noted, “but I realized that all champions (not named Floyd Mayweather, Jr.) lose at some point. It isn’t the end of the world, as long as you learn from a loss, and I’ve learned a lot. I know what I’m capable of and I just have to put it all together. I still believe I’m the best cruiserweight in the world. I want to fight the top guys, on television, and get back to where I belong.”

NABF champion Matt “Too Smooth” Godfrey was anxious to show the boxing world what he has learned from his first pro loss to Kraj. “I went overseas to fight Kraj in his backyard,” Godfrey said. “I got through a difficult fight and learned a lot that I hadn’t experienced in my first 16 pro fights. I proved that I can dig down and go 12 hard rounds. I also learned that I have to become a lot meaner and more aggressive. I can’t just rely on my boxing ability, being ‘Too Smooth,’ and just looking good in the ring. I need to bite down, push forward and take the fight away from my opponent – like Vinny Paz did – instead of just boxing around in the ring.”

In his following fight, Godfrey showed, stopping highly-rated Emmanuel Nwodo (22-4) in his last fight (Aug. 29, 2008) on ESPN2. Godfrey-Nwodo was named August 2008 Fight of the Month by The Ring magazine.

“Too Smooth” showed to all that, gaining invaluable experience from fighting Kraj, he was even more of a force to be reckoned with in the cruiserweight division, by destroying former USBA champion Emmanuel Nwodo (22-4) in their June 29, 2006 NABF title fight on ESPN from Mohegan Sun. Nwodo floored an off-balanced Matt in the third round but Matt weathered the storm and came back strong, unleashing a barrage of unanswered punches in the fourth round to win by technical knockout.

“I wasn’t hurt from the knockdown in the third – we were exchanging right hands and my glove was just left out there,” Godfrey commented after the fight. “We traded punches and he was more hurt than I was but I was the one that happened to lose my balance. Unfortunately for me my glove touched the canvas and I got the knockdown scored against me, but it just goes to show you that I have the heart of a champion being able to come up off of the floor to win by a knockout the very next round, just a typical New England fighter. When we started the third round, I knew it was when my conditioning would kick in. Right from the start I kept pressuring him and pressuring him. Even though I got hit with a few good shots, I knew he would start to slow down and that I would get him.

“After I hurt him, I looked up at the clock and saw that there was a minute and thirty seconds left in the round and knew that I had him. Everybody isn’t sharp for the first three rounds but it is after the fourth and fifth round where you can really see what of a fighter that person really is. I showed you what kind of fighter I am tonight, coming up off from the canvas after the third round and being under pressure, and then to come out in the fourth round and knock the other guy out who has all of the knockouts. I noticed about halfway through the third round when I would put pressure on him, I was able to close the gap because he is a lot taller than me. When he kept me on the outside it made things a little difficult. In some ways in the third when I put pressure on him, I closed that gap and slowed him down. In the fourth round I came out and put on that pressure in close and closed that gap and I got to him. I think I broke his nose in the fourth round with a stiff jab alone. Early on he kept using his distance against me and the only thing that I could do to keep him away from me was to use a really hard stiff jab. Once I started putting the pressure on and landing with the jab is when I busted his nose up. Once I broke it open, every jab I connected with continued to make it worse.

In late 2008, Godfrey became the first Sovereign Nations Boxing Council (SNBC) champion, when he won a dominating 10-round decision against Eddie “The Iron Man” Gutierrez at 4 Bears Casino in New Town, North Dakota. “It was an honor for me to fight for the first Sovereign Nations Boxing Council title, let alone win the first SNBC belt because I am Native American,” Godfrey said upon returning to his Providence home. “Finally, Native American boxers have a chance to be recognized and being the first SNBC champion is a huge honor for me.”

Godfrey defended his NABF and SNBC crowns against a fellow Native American, previously unbeaten Shawn Hawk (18-0-1), on ESPN from Philadelphia. Matt breezed to his 19th win by 10-round decision (99-91, 97-93, 96-92) and relinquished his SNBC belt after the match out of respect for Hawk, who grew-up on a poor reservation and overcame many obstacles.

In what was supposed to be a “stay busy” bout for Godfrey in September of 2009, in Sacramento, against Michael Simms (20-11-2), Godfrey showed the heart of a champion, picking himself up off the mat in the opening round to win a 10-round split decision (96-93, 95-94, 94-95) against the dangerous Simms, a World amateur champion who defeated present WBA heavyweight champion David Haye in 1999.

In his last action August 21, 2010, Godfrey unsuccessfully challenged WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck in Germany, getting stopped (TKO5) for the first time in his pro career.

Godfrey is managed by Bret Hallenbeck and trained by “Iceman” John Scully.

Age: 30 Born: January 16, 1981 in Providence, RI

Hometown: Providence, RI

Pro Record: 20-2 (10 KOs) Former NABF, NABA, WBC Continental Americas, SNBC & USNBC Cruiserweight Champion

Judyth Piazza Chats with Innkeeper Extraordinaire Andrew Warren About The Westcott House

Judyth Piazza chats with Andrew Warren, The Westcott House Bed and Breakfast, St. Augustine, Florida (Click to hear radio interview on The American Perspective)

The Westcott House Bed and Breakfast, built in 1880, will take you back in time to the Victorian Age. It is one of the few inns located directly on the magnificent Matanzas Bay and within walking distance of historic St Augustine. Each guest room is romantically decorated with period antiques, some with double Jacuzzis and fireplaces.

Whatever your desire, we will strive to make your stay a memorable one. We hope you will revel in the history of yesterday and create memories for tomorrow during your stay at the Bayfront Westcott House Inn of historic St Augustine, Florida.  Every morning, enjoy our delicious homemade hot breakfast on the side porch or the garden terrace and, for that extra special day, ask our friendly staff about breakfast in bed. In the evening, come down to the dining room for a complementary wine and cheese reception to help you relax at the end of the day.

In addition, ask about our romance Packages: have beautiful roses, iced champagne, fresh chocolate strawberries,  placed in your room upon arrival. Our staff is prepared to assist you in any way to make your visit to Florida unforgettable!

Our romantic, luxury, Victorian waterfront inn is filled with porches and courtyards and magnificent views.

The picturesque Matanzas Bay captures stunning sunrises over views of the Intercoastal Waterway. Sit on the front porch and watch shorebirds soar, turtles paddle up to the seawall, and playful dolphins and manatees swim by. Walk hand-in-hand along the sea wall past the beautiful Bridge of Lions to the historic Castillo de San Marco. Or take an easy stroll along any of the brick lined streets to the city’s historic sites, museums, art galleries, quaint shops and many fine restaurants. To view our second story deck click HERE

Voted “# 1” in St. Augustine by St. Augustine and Jacksonville Residents. Featured in numerous magazines and publications referring to the Westcott House`s superior decor and service.

For More Information: http://www.westcotthouse.com

Phone: 904-825-4602 or 800-513-9814
Address: 146 Avenida Menendez
St. Augustine, Fl 32084

Judyth Piazza Goes Ringside with Gus Curren, House of Champions,

Judyth Piazza chats with Gus Curren, House of Champions, Vero Beach, Florida on The American Perspective (Click here to listen to interviews)

Vero Beach, FL:  Gus Curren produced a combined 25 State Regional Champions including a 17 year old heavyweight ranked # 3 in the Country.

Trained World Champion Stevie Johnston, WBF and IBO Heavyweight Champion Sherman Williams and WBO Lightweight Champion Graham Earl.

Currently training National Team Of China and undefeated cruiserweight Danny Kooij 10-0.

House Of Champions has been a training base for 19 World Champions including Oscar Delahoya, Pernell Whitaker and Arturo Gatti.

House of Champions Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=340235765022&v=wall&viewas=0

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The American Perspective can also be heard at a variety of other news sites such as Vero Beach Local News www.verobeachlocalnews.com, St. Aug News, www.staugnews.com, and The Baret News Network just to name a few.

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Judyth Piazza and Chris A. Otto Help to Provide a Halo of Protection for Seniors

Judyth Piazza chats with Chris A. Otto, Chairman and CEO of Halo Monitoring (Click here to listen to audio interview)

What if there’s a fall and nobody’s there to help? It’s a question millions of American families with aging loved ones ask every day. Seniors prefer to live at home where it’s safe, comfortable and affordable – but someone with the ability to help needs to be close by, just in case. That’s why Halo Monitoring, maker of myHalo, the most advanced medical alarm with automatic fall detection, is urging families to observe Fall Prevention Awareness Day on the first day of Fall, September 23.The statistics are alarming. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports:

One out of three senior adults fall each year.
In 2007, 18,000 older Americans died from fall related injuries.
In 2008, 2.1 million older Americans were injured in falls. 

“Staying active, regular review of all medications, and making your home safer are all proven ways to reduce the risk of falling,” says Chris Otto, CEO of Halo Monitoring. “However, it’s important that families understand that despite all precautions, accidents still happen. Even minor falls can turn deadly if a fallen loved one is left alone for extended periods. It is critical that help arrive within the first four hours of a fall. myHalo is the first system of its kind and offers the most advanced fall detection available. When a fall does occur, help will be called automatically, without the need to press a button.”Through the use of a small comfortable, wireless device worn by a senior loved one, myHalo assures security for seniors and peace of mind for their caregivers. The advanced myHalo system is the first wearable medical alarm that sends an automatic alert- no need to push a button- in the event of a fall. In addition, while most medical alarms only react to an emergency, myHalo is the first system of its kind to monitor the user’s health and physical activity 24/7. Through the use of a private, secure website, the system provides the ability for designated persons and family to “look-in” on an elderly loved one for peace of mind without invading their personal privacy.
With a new study showing an elderly person’s fear of falling likely increases the risk of an actual fall occurring, the peace of mind provided by myHalo is invaluable. Robin Sanders bought myHalo for his 77 year old mother-in-law, Elizabeth Madison, who lives in Roseville, MN.

 “After Elizabeth fell in the basement and almost hit her head we agreed we needed myHalo,” said Sanders. “About one month later she again fell in the basement and her husband was upstairs and unaware. myHalo detected the fall, the monitoring center called the house, and notified me as well. We all feel better knowing myHalo is there.”

 “I felt so alone when I fell, it was a real wakeup knowing what can happen,” adds Madison. “I don’t have that fear of falling anymore. Now I feel secure, and I know if I fall that someone will come to help me without my having to push a button or call for help.”

 “Falling is a reality and denying the problem won’t make it go away. Families do all they can to protect their elderly loved ones, and myHalo is there to provide additional security and peace of mind,” adds Otto.

 About Halo Monitoring:
Halo Monitoring’s products assure security for seniors and peace of mind for their caregivers. The advanced myHalo system is the first medical alarm that sends an automatic alert- no need to push a button- in the event of a fall. While most medical alarms are only able to react to an emergency, myHalo is the first system of its kind to provide 24/7 activity and health monitoring. Seniors get proactive care when they need it, while remaining independent.

 Website: http://www.halomonitoring.com

 Source: The Student Operated Press

Judyth Piazza Interviews Forrest Fyr, Author of Poet Tree ‘Forever Memories’ on The American Perspective

Judyth Piazza chats with Forrest Fyr, Author of Poet Tree ‘Forever Memories’ (Click here to Listen)

Born in Haverhill, MA and raised in Bradford, MA Forrest Fyr had spent his early years listening to music and imagining a world full of unicorns and dragons. He started writing poetry in the late 1980’s and established himself as a poet in 1991 with the creation of over one hundred poems during the year of his high school graduation. Since that time, Forrest has written over 400 individual poems.Forrest attended University of Massachusetts in Lowell, MA between 1994-1996 where he studied chemical engineering, while working full time with a semi-conductor manufacturer. After becoming burnt out he soon became a financial planner in southern New Hampshire and educated himself within the life insurance industry for 5 years before his health declined in 2004. Throughout this time span Forrest continued to write poetry, engaging in different methods of writing, but continued his unique style of recording when he wrote each poem.

Forrest. left college before earning his degree. It took quite a toll on him to work and study at the same time. It finally did catch up with him while working in the insurance field where he became more ill. After some time he discovered that he was sexually abused as a child and was groomed by two adults. This in turn led to the arrest of one individual. After coming to the conclusion that he was not going to suffer any longer he decided to move on and publish his works. Forrest wanted to start over and erase some of the memories that haunted his past so he got out of the hometown area in which he grew up. He lives with his fiancee, his Jack Russell Terrier Orion, several cats and a cockatail named Faith.


judyth piazza

The American Perspective is a cutting edge radio program that is full of inspiration and information. It`s intended to help people succeed in life. Each week the American Perspective features celebrity guests from around the nation such as Zig Ziglar, Yolanda King, Maya Angelou, Billy D. Williams, Tony Little, Mark Victor Hansen, Dave Ramsey and many many more.

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Firework Festivities – All Day – Parade 8:30 am – Fireworks at 9 p.m.

Come join the fun for the firework Festivities – All Day – Parade 8:30 am – 9 p.m. Fireworks

Saturday July 3, 2010

The annual parade marches off in the morning down Indian River Drive, ending at Riverview Park with an all-day event featuring crafters and food vendors. Fireworks to follow in the evening.

When: 8:30 am-Parade begins. 9 p.m.-Fireworks

Where: Indian River Drive &; Riverview Park-the park is located at the intersection of US Highway 1 and Route 512, Sebastian, FL

Location : Riverview Park

Executive Chef Jane Faraco Discusses STAX Restaurant With Judyth Piazza

Judyth Piazza chats with Jane Faraco, Executive Chef at STAX Restaurant, Vero Beach, Florida (Click here to listen)

Executive Chef Jane Faraco, husband Chef Jim along with son-in-law Josh Niebels are stacked for success.

The trio recently opened STAX, located at 1931 Old Dixie Highway, which was the former site of The Undertow Restaurant on April 22 with the intent to immerse themselves in the urban downtown area of Vero Beach, Florida.

After the Faracos sold their New Hope, PA restaurant Havana and retired to Vero Beach, the couple knew that they still had something to give to the community.

“I got the concept for STAX after watching Emeril and his ability to stack and layer flavors. This is one of the things that makes STAX unique,” said Jane.

STAX is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

STAX Restaurant

1931 Old Dixie Highway

Vero Beach, FL 32960

(772) 770-0977

The Veteran’s Council of Indian River County Celebrated Memorial Day

The Veteran’s Council of Indian River County celebrated Memorial Day as well as paid tribute to all of the men and women that have died while defending the United States of America and its allies abroad with Master of Ceremonies, Lt. Col. Eric “Rip” Wieler, USMC (Ret.).  

During the ceremony a moment of silence and the placing of the wreath at the marker of Petty Officer 2nd class, Ronald Scott Owens, a Vero Beach resident who was killed in the attack on the destroyer USS Cole. Owens was also a posthumous recipient of the Purple Heart. Placement of the wreath was carried out by SSG Jack Main, US Army & Sgt. Brian Wright, USMC.  

“Seventeen people died and 39 were injured in an attack on the American guided missile destroyer, USS Cole, in Aden harbor, Yemen, on October 12, 2000.” The attack had been orchestrated by Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network.

Some other featured events included the invocation by Charlie Cox, U.S. Navy CB’s who is the oldest living veteran in Vero Beach, Florida at the ripe old age of 100. 

Patriotic Medley – Vero Beach High School Band, Band Directors, James Sammons & Page Howell 

Bag Pipes – Michael Hyde, USMM 

Special Music – Dolores mark Chambers, vocalist 

Keynote Address – Col. Martin Zickert, USAF (Ret.)

 21 Gun Salute and Taps – VFW Post 3918 Honor Guard 

Benediction – Capt. Richard Flick, USN (Ret.)

 Bag Pipes – Michael Hyde, USMM