Travel: Leaving the Commonplace Behind


Travel: Leaving the Commonplace Behind

By Amy Lignor


What is the definition of a vacation? Well, there are those living in the snow who believe their vacation should come along with the warmest beach and a few fancy drinks with little umbrellas in them so they can relax before heading back to the deep-freeze. There are also those who sit at desks all day and dream of a vacation that allows them to hike those trails in the Great Outdoors. There are even more who have the kids literally screaming in their ear who simply want a vacation from their vacation.

travel to the fascinating, not just for Halloween, Shanghai Tunnels, Old Town Tatu, Clinton Road, beauty and culture, spice it up

But when you look at the “trends” in the travel industry, more and more people are choosing to travel to the fascinating. Of course, in this case ‘fascinating’ is all about haunted places, creepy historical mansions and locales that are truly odd. That’s right…this is not just for Halloween fun anymore. In fact, these locations are now offering some of the coolest hotels, best restaurants, nightclubs and hot spots that offer up evening fun, and even shopping, art, and theatre districts in order to make the ‘abnormal’ a perfect place to visit.


In other words…the commonplace is out.

travel to the fascinating, not just for Halloween, Shanghai Tunnels, Old Town Tatu, Clinton Road, beauty and culture, spice it upLet us begin in Portland, Oregon. Here, visitors are heading to the Shanghai Tunnels. These is actually a maze of dark passages that run between Old Town and downtown Portland. People who love the maritime realm will love this “shanghai” tale. It is here, from 1870 to 1940, that abductors took hold of unsuspecting men and actually sold them to captains of sea vessels as basic slaves. These men had to work aboard the ships they were trapped on for no money. How did they get them, you ask? That’s where the tunnels come into play. In Old Town, Portland there were saloons that had trap doors carved in the floor – so when the patron got more than a little tipsy, they fell into this labyrinth and were held there until they were “shipped” out. Haunted by restless spirits, people love touring these tunnels and then heading in to downtown Portland to have a great meal!


Another “Old Town” that’s being visited is located in the bustling city of Chicago. Referred to as Old Town Tatu, it was back in the 1880s that Tatu played home to Chicago’s very first funeral parlor (and you can only imagine the number of mobsters that ended up in there.) Now people go to get inked. Here, tattoos are given, as the visitors (usually) get a view of all types of unnatural activity that includes objects moving of their own accord, active poltergeists, as well as a ghostly apparition that some remember quite well. Chicago is already an incredible city – this just adds to the ‘abnormal’ part of your visit.


travel to the fascinating, not just for Halloween, Shanghai Tunnels, Old Town Tatu, Clinton Road, beauty and culture, spice it upThere are many mansions across the country that are most definitely anything but commonplace. Although most everyone knows about the Winchester House located in San Jose, California, there is also a mansion in St. Louis that is part of the long list of tourist attractions in this stunning city. Now an extremely popular inn and restaurant, Lemp Mansion actually saw sixty years of tragedy inside its doors. The Lemp family was a truly rich dynasty. But when the brewing business hit the skids, father took his own life, followed by his two sons and then, oddly enough, another death occurred of a boy who lived hidden away from the world inside the mansion’s attic. Not only can you enjoy the location now for both the food and service, but there is also a weekly ghost tour of the mansion given to those visitors who wish to sink their teeth into the ‘abnormal’.


Yet another mansion can be visited in the sunny, beautiful city of San Diego. The Whaley House was built in 1857 by an extremely wealthy retailer. Unfortunately, he just so happened to build it atop “unholy” ground that once served as the site where criminals were executed on the gallows. Whether you believe or disbelieve, the facts remain that Whaley was plagued with everything from deaths to suicides among his family, and when people head to San Diego they love to stop by and meet up with these restless spirits.


And if you are one of those who loves to hike and be a part of the Great Outdoors – yet likes a little ‘abnormality’ brought into play – West Milford, New Jersey is the perfect place for your next vacation. Just ten miles long, Clinton Road is a desolate place that has grown popular over time with tales of paranormal activity, phantom trucks being seen flying down the roadway, as well as being the place where mob hit man, “The Iceman” was discovered. Clinton Road has its very own ‘dead man’s curve,’ and offers no exits whatsoever. In other words, you do have to walk, drive or run down Clinton Road the entire ten miles…no matter what you meet up with along the way.


There are many more to choose from out there in the world – places that not only provide you with the beauty and culture you’re looking for, but also spice it up with sites you will never forget.


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Bittersweet Prodigal Daughter Parable Arrives on DVD


The Levelling,  DVD Review by Kam Williams, Joe Blakemore, Ellie Kendrick, strained father-daughter relationshipThe Levelling

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Bittersweet Prodigal Daughter Parable Arrives on DVD

It’s not very clear whether Harry Catto’s (Joe Blakemore) death was a murder or a suicide. One thing’s for certain, though. It wasn’t merely a mishap, because nobody accidentally sticks a gun in his own mouth and pulls the trigger. The cops suspect that he killed himself, but his father (David Troughton) is too much in shock to press them to launch a full investigation.

This tragic state of affairs greets Clover Catto (Ellie Kendrick) when she returns home to attend her younger brother’s funeral. Although she’s been away in veterinary school, she’s been estranged from her father for years. In fact, this is her first visit back to Somerset since the 2013 flood which devastated most of the wetland region’s coastal plains.

Upon arriving, Clover sees that much of the rural area still hasn’t recovered from the deluge, including the flattened dairy farm that she grew up on. But before she can devote any attention to the idea of resurrecting the family-owned estate, the grief-stricken Prodigal Daughter needs to focus on reconciling with her father and on figuring out the circumstances surrounding her sibling’s slaying.

That is the engaging point of departure of The Levelling, a haunting, modern parable of Biblical proportions. The deliberately-paced mood piece unfolding against a decidedly-barren, British backdrop marks a most impressive writing and directorial debut by Hope Dickson Leach.

The film also features a nonpareil performance on the part of Ellie Kendrick as Clover. The talented ingenue exhibits considerable range in service of a very emotionally-demanding role. She is assisted in this endeavor by an equally-capable supporting cast basically composed of David Troughton as a dad plunged deep in denial, and Jack Holden as an eyewitness with lots of answers.

A heartbreakingly-palpable exploration of a strained father-daughter relationship as well as a thorough post mortem on their loved one’s untimely passing!

Excellent (4 stars)

Rated R for profanity and brief frontal nudity

Running time: 84 minutes

Distributor: Monterey Video

DVD Extras: Behind-the-scenes interviews

The Levelling, DVD Review by Kam Williams, Joe Blakemore, Ellie Kendrick, strained father-daughter relationship

To order a copy of The Levelling, visit:  


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Go Tripletail for Tasty Fare, Sporting Challenge


Go Tripletail for Tasty Fare, Sporting Challenge

By Craig Lamb

Catching the tastiest inshore fish of them all, while fishing for a species that is a master of disguise. You get that challenge and reap the benefits at the table when fishing for tripletail.

The tripletail gets its name from the dimensions and placement of the dorsal and anal fins, which resemble additional tails. The tripletail has a triangular head with the eyes on top and close together, and by design, they attack their prey from below. 

And if you like white, flakey fish, you’ll love the tripletail. The meat is delicate, rich, flakey and nothing short of exquisite. It melts in your mouth. When you can find it, tripletail at seafood counters goes up to $20 per pound. That makes catching a tripletail worth the time and effort.

You are most likely to find tripletail along the Gulf Coast, from Texas to Florida. They favor warm climates and open water.

The sporting aspect of the tripletail is what makes fishing for this master of disguise fun for anglers of all skill levels. Tripletail can change colors to blend in with whatever floating objects they choose to hang around. When free floating in open water, they often lie on their side, or just below the surface. It’s easy to mistaken a tasty, sporting tripletail for a clump of weeds or drifting debris, and that is how this predator likes it. Other fish, and humans, can’t tell the difference between fish and trash.

Floating shrimp and crab are favorite foods, although as opportunistic feeders the tripletail will make a meal of small baitfish.

Inshore pelagic species gravitate to floating debris, and the tripletail is no exception. Buoys are at the top of the list and especially during crab season when buoys tied to pots make the ideal haunt.

Keep a fake shrimp tied to a spinning rig when fishing for anything but tripletail. If you come up on the tripletail, you will be ready to grab the rig and make a cast.

Premium sunglasses are essential to seeing the elusive tripletail. So is a boat with the features needed to stay out all day long. You get that and more from Tidewater Boats and the all-new 2500 Custom Carolina Bay.

This new Carolina Bay model is a large, stepped bottom, feature full, high-end, family-friendly performance bay boat. 2500 Custom Carolina Bay has a centerline of 25′ 2″ and a 9-foot beam. The boat has a fuel capacity of 74 gallons and rates for a maximum of 350 horsepower. 

Tidewater Boats are designed with distinctive Carolina Flair, setting up the dry ride, to direct waves away from the hull using reverse chines. Tidewater likes to appropriately call that feature the Dry Chine Ride.

Carolina Flair and the Dry Chine Ride are enhanced by another feature adding to the smooth, dry ride. The Corrugated Grid Stringer Vertebra absorbs the shock of waves against the hull in choppy water. Filled with foam to reduce noise and vibration, the stringer system works like a human skeleton to create a rigid, unified construction that tightly secures all of the internal parts. Those include fuel tanks, consoles, seating and storage compartments that are fastened to the stringer system. To ensure a solid, tight fit, every stringer system is customized for each Tidewater model.

Another defining Tidewater feature is the Spray Relief Point. That is the point of impact on the hull deflecting water away from the boat. Multiple SRP areas enhance the characteristic dry ride of the Tidewater.

Composite construction, foam filled hulls, cored decks, and gunwales plus much more quality design, materials and construction are extras that come with the price of a Tidewater.

By taking extra steps not found in most brands, Tidewater has the confidence in providing owners a 10-year, transferrable warranty that covers the hull.

Tidewater stays close to it’s saltwater roots with the manufacturing facility located in Lexington, S.C. Find out more about the complete lineup of models, at Visit the growing community of Tidewater owners on Facebook at Tidewater Boats LLC.

Original Source;  Sportsmans 

Making Money Online


Making Money Online

by Amy Lignor


Yes…there are books, audiotapes, videos on YouTube, seminars, webinars and every other ‘nar’ you can possibly think of that offer up information on how YOU can be a millionaire using nothing but your own home computer. Of course, if wealth were that easy, no one would be clogging the highways on Monday morning. They would be home in their robe enjoying the day and counting their oodles and oodles of cash. Not to mention, you would think if wealth online was a plan that worked there would be far more doing just that, considering literally everyone is spending at least three hours on their computers each and every day for personal time and are staring at their cell phone screens 24/7.

legitimate ways to make money online, surveys, Freelance writing, online selling, work-at-home, Reputation


So, are there legitimate ways to make money online? Actually, there are. But let’s get the truth out right away: There are websites that will “pay” you to take surveys, write articles, test and promote various products for businesses, etc., but they’ll give you a little added spending money, at best – not a millionaire’s lifestyle.


If you wish to take surveys, companies such as, Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks will provide cash for that process. User Testing is one site that offers cash for trying out various products, and companies like IZEA will pay you to blog, tweet, or take videos of products you test. Again, don’t quit your day job, but these are things that are fun to do if you have a big blog following.


The second way to make some cash can actually bring in the most if you are truly dedicated. Freelance writing is all the rage. Those who are successful at it can earn an average of .50 cents to $1.00 per word. (With some even doubling that amount.) First, of course, you have to build your portfolio, reputation for being on time and good at your work and, most definitely, have a passion for writing in the first place. If you don’t care to write, don’t take it on. You can advertise your services and your resume on sites liked LinkedIn, and work for everyone from publishers needing book reviews to travel magazines looking for articles on vacation destinations, as well as work in the medical transcription field.


If you are the ultimate salesperson, then the online selling market can bring you extra cash. This is one side of online business that is on the rise. The easiest way to begin, however, is to open a PayPal account in order to receive payments and pay others far more easily than having to wait for checks or money orders in the mail. Also, take great pictures of the products you’re selling. This way, buyers know exactly what they’re sinking their money into. Above all, be honest. If there is a dent, scratch, or anything else on the piece make sure that information is printed in the description. That way, you will receive great reviews from those who buy from you, you will build your name, and you will end up having customers return again and again. Amazon, eBay and Etsy are the best sites to help you out with this area of making money online.


Last, but not least, setting up a work-at-home company is another way to make cash online. This is the most difficult one to get up and running – unless you get lucky and land a five-minute spot on “Shark Tank.” But there are many companies out there already in business that will hire you to work for them. The freelance writing comes back into play here with much larger companies who want editing jobs done for them, as well as being hired by new authors out there who need an editor – and you will get paid for those services if you’re good at your work. Creative people are needed in all types of industries – not only writers but also filmmakers who want to bid on jobs. This particular field is also highly competitive, so make sure you bid low and do a great job.


Reputation is everything when it comes to making money, especially when you’re talking about the internet. Because remember, once your name is online, people will be talking about you. Make sure that talk is all good.


Source:  Baret News

Going Flat for Great Fishing


Going Flat for Great Fishing

By Craig Lamb

Flats fishing, Just the thought brings to mind the sight of big fish cruising over ultra-shallow water. Your mind also might wander to explosive surface feeding activity as the fish gang bait up on top of the flats.

Every inshore angler should know the basics of flats fishing. Flats might not be the most abundant and predominant habitat in your area. What does appeal about flats is that predator species gravitate to them to feed.

Flats with the presence of baitfish attract lots of predator fish, from red drum to trout and more. Keep that in mind when approaching a flat. Coming in downwind, to avoid making a wake over the flat, is a wise move. So is avoiding running directly across the flat and spooking wary fish.

Flats near deep channels, cuts or any surrounding deep water are fish magnets. The fish have an easy, quick escape back to deep water is the reason why such flats are so productive. Deep holes nearby are also popular when fishing in summertime, when the cooler water attracts even more fish.

The key influencer to flat fishing is obviously the tide. A rising tide is best. Baitfish, crustaceans and other food sources rise with the tide and flood a flat. The reverse scenario occurs on the falling tide. Plan your flats fishing according to the tide chart.

Flats fishing takes a different type of tackle and style of fishing than elsewhere in the inshore angling world. Lightening up with spinning gear, longer rods helps propel lures and bait rigs greater distances across the flat. Long casts are a must, and a rod with a strong backbone is essential for keeping fish from heading into deep water.

With the Sea Chaser Flat Series from Carolina Skiff, you can go into the skinniest of skinny water. Sea Chaser, Flat Series boats, are specifically designed to meet the needs of any extreme shallow water angler.

Evidence of that fact is the Sea Chaser FS 180 with a length overall of 17’ 10,” a beam of 85 inches and a draft of about 8 inches. The boat has a fuel capacity of 33 gallons and is rated for a maximum of 150 horsepower.

Standard features include an insulated bait well with Maxi-Air aerator system to keep bait fresh on the way out, and an insulated fish box to keep catches cold all the way back home. Two lockable rod storage boxes and built in tackle coxes with pullout trays. Standard trolling motor panel and push pole holders. All of it is standard.

There’s enough under-gunwale storage space for ten fly rods in addition to gear storage for gear, like a foredeck dry-storage compartment that can double as a cooler. With a beam of over 85 inches and a large forward casting deck, the 180 Flats offers plenty of room for casting. Deck hardware is recessed, just like you’d expect on any serious flats boat.

Visit Carolina Today!

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Finding a Hobby that Fits Your Personality

Finding a Hobby that Fits Your Personality

by Amy Lignor


Although there are many out there who turn to their computers or cell phones as their hobby, there are just as many others who want to be more creative. They want to learn something new and fun to do in their spare time. They’re not looking for cash, they’re looking for a way to relax and ‘get away’ from the daily grind. Of course, when it comes to choosing the right hobby, personality is everything.

considerationsSay you are the patient type, then sewing is a fantastic hobby for you. Not only could you create some beautiful clothes, but you also have a variety of other areas to choose from. If you are the visual type, then drawing is a wonderful way to sit and wile away the time while creating a stunning piece of art to hang on the wall. So what are the most up-and-coming hobbies in 2017? You may just be surprised.

No one is quite sure if it’s the popularity of the song and dance reality shows, but the number one hobby people are choosing lately is learning how to play a musical instrument. This one is definitely for the patient person – and can actually earn money if done really well and you discover you have a passion and a talent for the instrument you choose. This is also a hobby that brings along health benefits by increasing your memory capacity, increasing concentration, and teaching you perseverance.


Another hobby that dipped for a while but then rose once again when books became easy-to-get online because of the digital world, is reading. There are many excited readers out there who do everything from read new authors and give them reviews; to increasing their own intelligence by diving into everything from fiction to biographies to historical works. Reading is a passive hobby that offers you the relaxation you need from the busy day-to-day chores life has to offer.


Some people have chosen to meditate as a hobby. Each day they set aside time to sit by themselves and meditate in order to calm down, relax, and practice self-control while also reducing stress levels. By choosing this hobby, they earn a healthier lifestyle.


When it comes to increasing intelligence, there are many hobbyists that have turned to the more ‘puzzling’ world. There are so many things to choose from nowadays that keep the brain challenged and enhance the sharpness and keen ability of the mind. From Sudoku to logic riddles to board games – creativity is developed and the brain continues to get a happy, healthy workout.

increase intelligence, creativity, imagination, language, music, stress reducer, meditation, culinary arts

Others turn to learning a new language, which, like learning a musical instrument, is one of the more difficult hobbies to take on. However, if you are an avid traveler, learning a new language is always a great way to spend your time. Enhancing intelligence, learning new words, and getting ready to see a whole new world is what learning a language brings to the table. Not to mention, travelling is also a great hobby – although for this particular one, cash is most definitely required.


Staying on the same creative tangent, writing is also a huge hobby for many out there. There are so many different paths that can be walked in this particular arena – from writing in a personal journal on a daily basis to creating stories for your kids. You hone your focus, creativity and imagination through the hobby of writing, and it offers you time to get away from it all.


Last, but not least, is the culinary world. More and more people are learning how to cook. As their passion grows, so does their knowledge. And everyone always has some family or friends they can try this particular hobby out on – which not only makes the hobbyist happy, but the well-fed family members, too.


So if you’re looking for a hobby – a way to decrease the stress, fill in those boring moments with something fun, and feel healthier – go online now and find the hobby that fits perfectly with your personality!

increase intelligence, creativity, imagination, language, music, stress reducer, meditation, culinary arts


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Brandon Palanuik, Chris Zaldain Choose Skeeter, Here’s Why


Brandon Palanuik, Chris Zaldain Choose Skeeter, Here’s Why

By Craig Lamb

Brandon Palanuik and Chris Zaldain come from different parts of the country and favor totally different angling styles, yet they share one strong, common interest.

No matter where you live and how you fish the office for a successful bass pro is his boat. And Paluniuk and Zaildain choose Skeeter as their choice.

Palanuik, of Hayden, Idaho, and Zaldain, of San Jose, Calif., are top pros on the Bassmaster Elite Series. They have a combined

Palaniuk and Zaldain also represent the next generation of Tour anglers that demand cutting-edge features in a bass rig. Staying competitive requires fishing from a boat that delivers performance, fishability, and toughness. They know, like many of their peers, that only Skeeter delivers it all.

Their boats, motors and trailers get put to the ultimate test. For eight months they will be on the road competing for weeks at the time. Fishing means dealing with rain, snow, rough water and all types of fishing scenarios.

Chris Zaldain

Model: Skeeter FX 20

Power: Yamaha V6 4.2L four stroke V MAX SHO 250 h.p.


Features I like the most:

I really like the billeted aluminum frame with the tool organizer and drink holder. A trolling motor recess plate is standard on most any quality bass boat, but Skeeter has taken it to another level with that feature. Everything stays organized and ready at the fingertips up front.

What else I like is the rod tie-down straps at the bow. They are the best in the industry. Skeeter recognizes that anglers have a lot of money invested in rods. I can secure six or more rods on each side of my boat—that’s thousands of dollars in value—and not worry about losing them. It’s a rubber coated with a stainless steel hook—the most heavy duty and secure rod strap of any boat.

For fishability, I like the hull design. The low gunwales prevent lures from getting caught on the deck, plus you can make low, underhand casts without the rod striking the boat.

Brandon Palanuik

Model: Skeeter FX 20

Power: Yamaha V6 4.2L four stroke V MAX SHO 250 h.p.

Features I like the most:

What I really like about the new 2017 FX series is single live well with dual capabilities. What that means is you have a live well that is fully connected. It has a removable divider in the center that is easy to take out with thumbscrews. The benefit of that is when I’m not fishing a partner or team tournament I can remove it for more fish space. Big fish have more room to prevent stress.

What’s really key for me is that if a pump goes out, the live well remains fully functional. I can use the functioning pumps without worrying about fish care. Plus, I can use both sides of the pumps for even better fish care when big bass are inside.

What else I like is the hull design and ride of the Skeeter. It rides practically the same in rough and calm water. Boat control is amazing. So is response time in rough water. The hull responds fast, and that really is important in rough water.

Visit Skeeter Today! 

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For movies opening April 28, 2017


Kam’s Kapsules

Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun

by Kam Williams

For movies opening April 28, 2017

MOVIES OPENING THIS WEEK,   Kam's Kapsules,  Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun,  by Kam Williams


The Circle (PG-13 for mature themes, drug use, a sexual situation and brief profanity) Suspense thriller about an ambitious executive (Emma Watson) at an unethical, social media company who finds herself increasingly pressured by its power-hungry CEO (Tom Hanks) to violate subscribers’ privacy. With John Boyega, Patton Oswalt and the late Bill Paxton.

How to Be a Latin Lover (PG-13 for coarse humor, sexual references, crude gestures and brief nudity) Sibling rivalry comedy about a jilted gigolo (Eugenio Derbez) who moves in with his long-estranged sister (Salma Hayek) after getting kicked out of the mansion by his elderly, heiress wife (Renee Taylor) of 25 years to make room for an even younger man. Ensemble includes Rob Lowe, Linda Lavin, Raquel Welch, Mckenna Grace, Kristen Bell, Michael Cera and Rob Corddry. (In English and Spanish with subtitles)

Sleight (R for violence, substance abuse and pervasive profanity) Action thriller about a street magician (Jacob Latimore) who starts dealing drugs for a mobster (Dule’ Hill) to raise his sister (Storm Reid) after the death of their mom. With Seyvhelle Gabriel, Cameron Esposito and SNL’s Sasheer Zamata.


Bang! The Bert Berns Story (Unrated) Reverential retrospective chronicling the aborted career of songwriter/producer Bert Berns (1929-1967) who wrote such hits in the Sixties as “Twist & Shout,” “Hang on Sloopy” and “Piece of My Heart,” and helped launch the careers of The Drifters, The Isley Brothers, Janis Joplin, Neil Diamond and Van Morrison before passing away prematurely at the age of  38.

Danger Close (Unrated) War correspondent documentary chronicling the career of Alex Quade, a female reporter who, since 2001, has frequently embedded herself with U.S. Special Operations Forces on classified combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.   

Grey Lady (R for violence and brief profanity) Crime thriller about a homicide detective (Eric Dane) who gets more than he bargained for when he ventures from Boston to Nantucket to track down his partner’s (Rebecca Gayheart) killer. Featuring Natalie Zea, Amy Madigan and Adrian Lester.    

LA 92 (R for profanity, bloody images and disturbing violence) “No justice, no peace!” documentary revisiting the events surrounding the riots which broke out around Los Angeles in the wake of the Rodney King verdict. 

The Mayor (Unrated) Political potboiler, set in South Korea, about the woes which ensue for the Mayor of Seoul (Min-sik Choi) after he announces plans to run for a record-breaking third term. With Do-won Kwak, Eun-kyung Shim and So-ri Moon. (In Korean with subtitles)

Obit (Unrated) Life after death documentary chronicling the work of the New York Times’ obituary writers.

One Week and a Day (Unrated) Midlife crisis drama about a grieving shopkeeper (Shai Avivi) who, much to his wife’s (Evgina Dodina) chagrin, starts getting high and shirking his responsibilities after sitting Shiva for his recently-deceased 25 year-old son. Supporting cast includes Sharon Alexander, Uri Gavriel and Tomer Kapon. (In Hebrew with subtitles)

Rupture (Unrated) Sci-fi thriller revolving around a single-mom’s (Noomi Rapace) attempt to escape from the mysterious organization that abducted her. Co-starring Peter Stormare, Kerry Bishe’ and Michael Chiklis.


Source:  Baret News

Go Skiing With Tidewater


Go Skiing With Tidewater

By Craig Lamb

Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Those hand gestures mean more than acknowledging that you like something.

In skiing terms, the thumbs up gesture means the skier wants boat speed to increase. Back off the throttle when thumbs go down. Those are just two of the seven skier hand signals that are fundamentals of learning the original powerboat watersport.

First timers will do well learning the fundamentals of skiing on land. Learning the hand signals, placing feet in and adjusting bindings and holding the handle properly are on the list. So is proper body position for starting and body position while skiing.

Learning the basic safety codes before jumping in is another good idea. Topping the list is wearing a properly fitting personal flotation device. Choose a PFD that is designed for skiing and put it on before getting into the water. Don’t give the starting signal until ready. Make sure all slack is out of the towline, and you are clear of any dangerous obstacles.

Falling is a given until your practice instills the confidence you need to stay up. When a fall is inevitable, try to go backward or to either side. A forward fall, obviously, increases the chances of hitting the ski.

Remember those diving board cannonball plunges you made as a kid into the swimming pool? That is also the proper body position for starting. First, practice it on land, wearing skis. Grip the handle, knuckles up, and have a partner pull on the rope to help pull you up. This will give you the feeling of being pulled up by the boat.

While practicing, make sure the knees are together at all times. Let the boat do the work for you. Once up remain in a chair position with the arms straight, shoulders and knees flexible. Once comfortable, bring your hips underneath your shoulders, and away you go!

Watersports, cruising, and fishing all go together. You can it all aboard the all-new Tidewater Boats 220 CC Adventure. Like all Tidewater Boats, this beauty is where luxury meets functionality. A yacht-style helm station, backlit aluminum carbon fiber dash panel, wrap-around bow seating with flip-out backrests, and so much make this a dream boat for a family outing.

Click here to view the spec sheet for the 220 CC Adventure.

The 220 CC Adventure is loaded with popular options that put smiles on faces. A bow table with cushions, TH Marine LED Underwater Lights, Taco 270 Series Outriggers and a Fusion Stereo prove the point.

Tidewater Boats are designed with distinctive Carolina Flair, setting up the dry ride, to direct waves away from the hull using reverse chines.

Composite construction, foam filled hulls, cored decks, and gunwales plus much more quality design, materials and construction are extras that come with the price of a Tidewater.

By taking extra steps not found in most brands, Tidewater has the confidence in providing owners a 10-year, transferable warranty that covers the hull.

Add it all up, and the 220 CC Adventure makes the perfect boat for water skiing, fishing, cruising and anything else a family likes to enjoy on the water.

Visit Tidewater Today!

Original Source:  Sportsmans 

Cajun Baby chooses Skeeter for a reason

Cajun Baby chooses Skeeter for a reason

By Craig Lamb

Cliff Crochet, known on the pro bass tour as the Cajun Baby, has a lot to be proud of besides his south Louisiana roots. In Cajun country, boats are part of life, either for a livelihood or connection to the outdoors for recreation with friends and family.

Crochet quote about Cajun roots.

Crochet’s resume includes 9 Top 10 finishes, three appearances in the Bassmaster Classic, and a win in his backyard. That happened last October on the Atchafalaya Basin in south Louisiana. Crochet has $431,578 in B.A.S.S. earnings, and his star is rising as he gains more experience.

Crochet, like his peers, chooses Skeeter for it’s legendary performance in tournaments. Skeeter invented the bass boat, and with that mark came the first B.A.S.S. tournament in 1969. Since then, anglers running Skeeter boats have won millions in winnings.

For eight months of the year, the boat favored by Crochet is on the water from Texas to New York and points in between. At the top professional ranks, there is no room for failure, and Skeeter delivers the confidence, performance, and fishability demanded by top pros like Crochet.

Here’s why he chooses a Skeeter.

Model: Skeeter FX 21

Power: Yamaha V6 4.2L four stroke V MAX SHO 250 h.p.

Features I like the most:

The size of the front deck is a favorite. I have plenty of room to move around and don’t feel confined. That really matters when you are fishing in heavy cover. The benefit of the wide deck is having more room for casting baits into tight areas. Accuracy is better and so is lure presentation.

The interior layout has a lot of little things that are big to a tournament angler. What comes to mind, and what I really like is the recessed receptacle and storage area for a trash can. It’s removable and helps keep trash where it belongs, instead of blowing out into the water.

I also like the new design and material used to cover the cooler. It’s insulated too, but the lid is more designed to be stepped on than previous models. You get so much more with a Skeeter, and they listen to the needs of anglers more than any other boat builder.

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Original Source:  Sportsmans