Tidewater 2400 Bay Max a Leader in Coastal Hybrid Category


Tidewater 2400 Bay Max a Leader in Coastal Hybrid Category

By Craig Lamb

Take a close look at the Tidewater 2400 Bay Max and you will discover a bay boat with inshore and offshore capabilities. What is more, this coastal crossover offers family comforts, too, in a full featured bay boat from Tidewater Boats.

The 2400 Bay Max is a big boat with lots of room to roam when a spacious deck is needed for casting big baits, setting trolling rigs and fighting big fish.

When the catch comes aboard, there are large fish boxes to handle the job. Dual live wells keep baits separated and healthy for a long day on the water. Lockable rod storages provide security and keep unused rigs aboard the boat instead of back home. For rigs at the ready, you can store those at quick-access gunwale rod holders. And a spacious XLT console is laid out with controls at the fingertips, with plenty of room for mounting electronics and even storing tackle and gear. 

The 2400 Bay Max has a centerline of 24’ 4”, and a wide beam spanning 8’ 8.” A fuel capacity of 77 gallons provides peace of mind when making long runs offshore. The 2400 Bay Max is rated for 300 horsepower with a recommended 200 h.p. for optimum performance and fuel economy. View the full spec sheet here.


Tidewater Boats are designed with distinctive Carolina Flair, setting up the dry ride, to direct waves away from the hull using reverse chines. Tidewater likes to appropriately call that feature the Dry Chine Ride.

Carolina Flair and the Dry Chine Ride are enhanced by another feature adding to the smooth, dry ride. The Corrugated Grid Stringer Vertebra absorbs the shock of waves against the hull in choppy water. Filled with foam to reduce noise and vibration, the stringer system works like a human skeleton to create a rigid, unified construction that tightly secures all of the internal parts. Those include fuel tanks, consoles, seating and storage compartments that are fastened to the stringer system. To ensure a solid, tight fit, every stringer system is customized for each Tidewater model.

Another defining Tidewater feature is the Spray Relief Point. That is the point of impact on the hull deflecting water away from the boat. Multiple SRP areas enhance the characteristic dry ride of the Tidewater.

2400_bay_max5Composite construction, foam filled hulls, cored decks and gunwales plus much more quality design, materials and construction are extras that come with the price of a Tidewater.

By taking extra steps not found in most brands, Tidewater has the confidence in providing owners a 10-year, transferrable warranty that covers the hull.

Tidewater stays close to it’s saltwater roots with the manufacturing facility located in Lexington, S.C. Find out more about the complete lineup of models, find a Tidewater dealer at tidewaterboats.com. Visit the growing community of Tidewater owners on Facebook at Tidewater Boats LLC.

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The 10 Best, No, the 100 Best Films of 2016


The 10 Best, No, the 100 Best Films of 2016

by Kam Williams

Kam’s Annual Assessment of the Cream of the Cinematic Crop

10 Best Big Budget Films , 10 Best Documentaries,  10 Best Independent & Foreign Films

10 Best Big Budget Films 

1. La La Land

2. Hell or High Water

3. Deadpool

4. Lion

5. Manchester by the Sea

6. Fences

7. Nocturnal Animals

8. The Finest Hours

9. The Shallows

10. Ghostbusters

Big Budgets Honorable Mention

11. Loving

12. The Magnificent Seven

13. Arrival

14. The Accountant

15. X-Men: Apocalypse

16. Deepwater Horizon

17. The Witch

18. Hacksaw Ridge

19. Ben-Hur

20. The Birth of a Nation 

21. Race

22. Snowden

23. Hidden Figures

24. Jackie

25. Lights Out

26. Money Monster

27. The Infiltrator 

28. Free State of Jones

29. Triple 9 

30. Sully

31. Barbershop: The Next Cut 

32. Fantastic Beasts

33. Now You See Me 2

34. Eddie the Eagle 

35. Southside with You

36. Jason Bourne

37. Miracles from Heaven

38. How to Be Single 

39. London Has Fallen

40. Miles Ahead

41. Hands of Stone

42. Vigilante Diaries

43. Sausage Party

44. Queen of Katwe

45. The Legend of Tarzan

46. Boo! A Madea Halloween

47. Skiptrace

48. The Perfect Match

49. Criminal

50. Inferno

10 Best Independent & Foreign Films

1. Moonlight

2. Kicks

3. Elle

4. Morris from America

5. Burning Bodhi

6. Sweaty Betty

7. Captain Fantastic

8. Little Men

9. In Order of Disappearance

10. No Pay, Nudity

Independent & Foreign Films Honorable Mention

11. I, Daniel Blake

12. Yosemite

13. Of Mind and Music

14. Dough

15. Destination Planet Negro

16. The Hunt for Wilder People

17. A Beautiful Now

18. White Lies

19. Monster Hunt

20. The Fits

21. Believe

22. Before I Do

23. The Fight Within

24. The Bounce Back

25. The Love Witch

10 Best Documentaries

1 13th

2. O.J.: Made in America

3. Weiner

4. Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words

5. Requiem for the American Dream

6. I Am Not Your Negro

7. Newtown

8. Can We Take a Joke?

9. Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You

10. Cameraperson

Documentaries Honorable Mention

11. At All Costs

12. Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

13. The Brainwashing of My Dad

14. They Will Have to Kill Us First

15. The Wake of Vanport

16. Queen Mimi

17. Dispatches from the Gulf

18. When Justice Isn’t Just

19. Hockney

20. Look at Us Now, Mother!

21. Presenting Princess Shaw

22. Dark Horse

23. Kevin Hart: What Now?

24. Do Not Resist

25. Hollywood Beauty Salon


Source:  Baret News

All-Purpose Fishing Knot


All-Purpose Fishing Knot

Just One That Can Do It All


If you want to be a successful fisherman, you have to know how to tie knots. Specifically, you have to know how to tie a variety of knots for different connections. You’ll need one you can count on for tying on swivels, snaps and lures; another for adding a shock leader, and still another for tying fluorocarbon or monofilament leaders to braided line. It’s also a good idea to know how to snell a hook. 

There are dozens of books on the subject of tying knots and hundreds of knot variations – some basic and some for special purposes. Some are easy to tie. Others are so complex you could go through a spool of line just trying to get it right sitting at a table, and then you have to duplicate it when you’re on the water. Trying to memorize techniques for tying a bunch of different knots is confusing. That confusion can lead to mistakes and ultimately knot failure. 


Any knot that is poorly tied can slip or cut into the line causing a failure under considerably less pressure than the breaking strength of the line. When a knot fails, fish get away, and all that’s left is a curl at the end of the line and a sinking feeling that the fish was lost due to angler error.

There’s a simple knot that typically tests out to 90 percent or better than the breaking strength of the line and is capable of handling a wide variety of connections. It’s actually more then just a knot; it’s a knot system, and once you get a little practice, it’s easy enough to tie in the dark. It is appropriately called the Uni-Knot. 

Basic Uni-Knot


In its most basic form, the Uni-knot is excellent for connecting snaps, swivels, and lures, and pretty much any kind of terminal tackle, using monofilament, fluorocarbon and even most braided lines of any pound test. The drawing shows how the knot is wrapped, but here’s how to tie it in detail.

Picture 1: Start by running about 12 inches of line through whatever you’re tying on and put it in your hand like this. 

saltwaterfishinvol6no5allpurposefishingknot061214image1Picture 2: Bring the two segments of the line parallel and create a loop around your pointer and middle fingers.


Picture 3: Wrap the tag end of the line through the loop and around both standing lines at least five times. When using braid, increase the number of wraps to six or seven. 


Picture 4: Slowly pull on the tag end until the knot cinches up, but don’t pull it tight. 


Picture 5: Wet the knot and pull firmly on the standing line until the knot slides into place and tightens around the eye. Then clip off the excess tag. 


Practice it at home, and you will be able to tie it in 15 seconds or less, even on a rocking boat. This knot is the foundation for several other knots, making it the most versatile fishing knot you can learn.

Uni-Loop Knot 


Some lures, like jigs, work better when attached using a loop knot. The loose connection allows the lure to swing more freely at the end of the line. Nothing could be easier than using a Uni-Knot for this purpose. Tie the knot exactly the same way, but do not cinch it down to the eye of the lure. Leave it an inch or two away and using a pair of pliers, pull the tag end of the knot very tight to lock it in place.




Bait hooks with offset eyes are designed to be attached using a Snell. This type of attachment allows for a straight pull from the line to set the hook. The Uni-knot can be used for this purpose and doesn’t require you to learn a totally new knot. Simply pass the line through the eye of the hook, make a loop with the tag end, and make the five wraps around the line and the shank of the hook. Then pull the tag end, wet the knot, and complete the knot by pulling on the standing line. 

Uni-to-Uni Connection



There are many occasions where an angler has to join two pieces of line together. Adding a heavier shock leader to your running line and connecting a length of fluorocarbon or monofilament to the end of braided line ensure the fish won’t see the line connected to your bait or lure. With a Uni-to-Uni connection, it doesn’t matter if the lines are of different types or vastly different diameters. All you do is place the two lines alongside each other, and tie a basic Uni-Knot in one, cinching it up lightly, then turn them around and tie another Uni-Knot in the other exactly the same way. Wet both knots and pull firmly on both standing lines until the two knots come together. A final hard pull seats them together for a strong connection. Y

For More Great Fishing Tips, Visit Yamaha Outboards.com Today!

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Docudrama Revisits Exploits of Expatriated Whistleblower


Snowden,  Blu-Ray Review, by Kam Williams, cloak-and-dagger drama, NSA Whistleblower, international manhunt, Hong Kong, Oliver StoneSnowden

Blu-Ray Review by Kam Williams

Docudrama Revisits Exploits of Expatriated Whistleblower

Citizenfour won the 2016 Academy Award in the Best Documentary category. But given how the movie made less than $4 million worldwide, one might reasonably conclude that the details of Edward Snowden’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) dump of National Security Agency documents remains substantially unknown.

This is ostensibly the thinking of three-time Oscar-winner Oliver Stone (for Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July) in turning the story into a cloak-and-dagger drama about the NSA whistleblower-turned-fugitive’s leak of classified information before going into hiding from the U.S. government. The movie unfolds in June of 2013 in the Hong Kong hotel room where Snowden met with journalists Glenn Greenwald (Zachary Quinto) and Ewen Macaskill (Tom Wilkinson) along with Laura Poitras (Melissa Leo), the eventual director of Citizenfour.

  We learn that following four days of interviews, Greenwald published his first story in the British daily newspaper, The Guardian. The Pulitzer Prize-winning series related in stunning detail the extent of NSA surveillance of American citizens in direct contradiction of a recent denial uttered under oath to Congress by James Clapper, the nation’s Director of National Intelligence.

Because the articles identified Snowden as the source of the information, he immediately became the subject of an intense international manhunt. He somehow managed to slip through the dragnet and boarded a commercial airliner bound for Moscow, despite the fact that his passport had been revoked and the U.S. had requested his extradition from Hong Kong.

Upon landing in Russia, Edward was awarded temporary asylum and he has languished there ever since. Lucky for him, this movie has revived interest in his case, inspiring him to recently make a public appeal for clemency.

But a presidential pardon is unlikely to be forthcoming, even though President Obama considered the apprehension of the “29 year old-hacker” a very low priority back in June of ’13. So today, Snowden remains a fugitive from justice charged in absentia with theft, espionage and conversion of government property.

Via a variety of empathetic flashbacks, we are informed by the film that Edward was a high school dropout who suffers from epilepsy. He also enjoys a very loving, enduring relationship with Lindsay Mills (Shailene Woodley), the loyal girlfriend who followed him from Virginia to Hawaii to Moscow. More importantly, the movie establishes Edward as so patriotic he was willing to jeopardize his future to sound the alarm about the surreptitious NSA’s widespread violations of our Constitutional rights.

Congrats to Oliver Stone for crafting a reverential biopic which convincingly repositions a supposed traitor as an altruistic hero of the highest order.   

Excellent (3.5 stars)

Rated  R for profanity, sexuality and nudity

in English and Russian with subtitles

Running time: 135 minutes

Distributor: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Extras: Deleted scenes; “Finding the Truth” featurette; and a Q&A with Edward Snowden. . 

To order a copy of Snowden on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, visit: https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B01LTHO65M/ref%3dnosim/thslfofire-20

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Kam’s Annual Assessment of the Best in Black Cinema



Blacktrospective 2016

by Kam Williams

Kam’s Annual Assessment of the Best in Black Cinema




Best Big Budget Black Films

1. Fences

2. Loving

3. The Birth of a Nation

4. Free State of Jones

5. Race

6. Hidden Figures

7. Barbershop: The Next Cut

8. Southside with You

9. Miles Ahead

10. Queen of Katwe

Best Independent Black Films

1. Moonlight

2. Kicks

3. Sweaty Betty

4. The Perfect Match

5. Of Mind and Music

6. The Bounce Back

7. Morris from America

8. Mr. Church

9. Nina

10. The Fits

Best Black Documentaries

1. 13th

2. O.J.: Made in America

3. I Am Not Your Negro

4. Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

5. The Wake of Vanport

6. When Justice Isn’t Just

7. Kevin Hart: What Now?

8. Presenting Princess Shaw

9. Do Not Resist

10. The Wake of Vanport 2

Best Actor (Lead Role)

1. Denzel Washington (Fences, The Magnificent Seven)

2. Nate Parker (The Birth of a Nation)

3. Jahking Guillory (Kicks)

4. Stephan James (Race)

5. Ice Cube (Barbershop: The Next Cut)

6. Markees Christmas (Morris from America)

7. Terrence Jenkins (The Perfect Match)

8. Don Cheadle (Miles Ahead)

9. Parker Sawyers (Southside with You)

10. Shemar Moore (The Bounce Back)

Best Actor (Supporting Role)

1. Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Free State of Jones, Hidden Figures, Kicks)

2. J.B. Smoove (Barbershop: The Next Cut)

3. John Legend (La La Land)

4. Craig Robinson (Morris from America)

5. Forest Whitaker (Arrival)

6. Bill Bellamy (The Bounce Back)

7. Common (Barbershop: The Next Cut)

8. Christopher Jordan Wallace (Kicks)

9. Deon Cole (Barbershop: The Next Cut)

10. Isaac Ryan Brown (Believe)

Best Actress (Lead Role)

1. Ruth Negga (Loving)

2. Viola Davis (Fences)

3. Taraji P. Henson (Hidden Figures)

4. Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures)

5. Janelle Monae (Hidden Figures)

6. Royalty Hightower (The Fits)

7. Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Free State of Jones)

8. Aunjanue Ellis (Of Mind and Music)

9. Leslie Jones (Ghostbusters)

10. Zoe Saldana (Nina)

Best Actress (Lead Role)

1. Naomie Harris (Moonlight)

2. Gabrielle Union (The Birth of a Nation)

3. Janelle Monae (Moonlight)

4. Lupita Nyong’o (Queen of Katwe)

5. Regina Hall (Barbershop: The Next Cut)

6. Eve (Barbershop: The Next Cut)

7. Aunjanue Ellis (The Birth of a Nation)

8. Emayatzy Corinealdi (Miles Ahead)

9. Halle Berry (Kevin Hart: What Now?)

10. Nicki Minaj (Barbershop: The Next Cut)

Best Director (Big Budget Film)

1. Denzel Washington (Fences)

2. Antoine Fuqua (The Magnificent Seven)

3. Nate Parker (The Birth of a Nation)

4. Malcolm Lee (Barbershop: The Next Cut)

5. Don Cheadle (Miles Ahead)

Best Director (Independent Film)

1. Barry Jenkins (Moonlight)

2. Justin Tipping (Kicks)

3. Billie Woodruff (The Perfect Match)

4. Zachary Reed and Joseph Frank (Sweaty Betty)

Best Director (Documentary Film)

1. Ava DuVernay (13th)

2. Raoul Peck (I Am Not Your Negro)

3. Leslie Small and Tim Story (Kevin Hart: What Now?)

4. Rita Coburn Whack and Bob Hercules (Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise)


Source:  Baret News


The Grandest New Year’s Celebrations Around the World


The Grandest New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

by Amy Lignor


Oh, yes…there are many, many places to travel in order to ring in that New Year in style. Some people have already stated that they see 2017 becoming one of the ‘best of the best’ years the world has ever seen – from technology to business to education to even “going greener” – heck, green has even been chosen as the top color of 2017. But where should you make the memories that last when it comes to ushering in what may just be the best year seen in a long, long time? Well…here are some fantastic locales to pick from which, over time, have shown they are unbeatable when it comes to you and your family having a whole lot of fun!

New Year Celebrations, around the world, Chile, Iceland, Edinburgh, California, Australia, New York, countdown

Sydney Habour Bridge & Opera House Fireworks New Year Eve 2008 Photo by Hai Linh Truong


Valparaíso, Chile offers the largest, most ornate New Year’s Eve show Latin America provides. From a fireworks show that’s launched from 17 different areas along the coast to a party that lasts until the sun rises on that first day of 2017. More than a million travelers make their way to these shores for a beach party that literally has no match.


For those who like skiing or the beauty of the white snow to be their background for New Year’s Eve, Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, throws a citywide celebration. The party is more than memorable, with community bonfires set in order to symbolize the destruction of the troubles that the previous year brought along, while a myriad of fireworks light up the sky. Hotels and restaurants offer a fantastic view of the city; there you can spend a New Year’s Eve party with a huge celebratory crowd before perhaps heading to the hot springs for a warm and welcoming bath.


If you are into the lush beauty of the California wine country, both Napa and Sonoma Valleys are the locations to travel to if you are interested in a quieter, more romantic New Year’s Eve. Many of the large hotels and wineries put on their unique wine-fueled parties in cellars and wine caves. And from candlelit dinners to masquerade balls, the Valleys host them all.


One of the most special and enthusiastic places to spend New Year’s is in Edinburgh. The Scottish put on their Hogmanay celebration lasting four days. Concerts, a huge street party, and a torchlight parade is available to one and all visitors. You will also learn the Scottish way of “first-footing,” where the first guest brings gifts for the rest to celebrate the New Year.


To be the very first to ring in 2017, head to Sydney, Australia. Hosting one of the most humongous parties every year, Sydney puts on a Technicolor waterfront show and televises it to billions around the globe. Lasting all day and all night, families also can enjoy air and water shows as well as the Harbour of Light Parade, which is a real stunner with more than 50 illuminated boats and other vessels to be thrilled by.


Closer to home, the City of Lights, the City that Never Sleeps, Sin City, whatever you choose to call it, is a place not to be missed. What happens there (on New Year’s Eve, anyway), does not stay there. Las Vegas puts on the ultimate party with so many shows, events, concerts, and casino bashes that it would be impossible to take them all in. The unique “Downtown Countdown” is also held at the Fremont Street Experience, and from atop some of the most famous bars/hotels in the world, you can see fireworks shot off up and down the Strip.


You have London, Cape Town, Canada…there are cities out there that put on some of the most amazing and memorable New Year’s Eve events that you can possibly think of. So what is the best one? No matter what list you read or who you talk to, The Big Apple still reigns as being the one that everyone tunes into just in case they can’t be there live and in person. But if you have a choice and can ring in 2017 outside the home, New York City and that famous “ball drop” is truly at the heart of all Americans.


But no matter how you and your family choose to celebrate, just remember to have a happy, safe, healthy New Year, and look forward to 2017!

Source:  Baret News


Beleaguered Boy Befriended by Tree in Bittersweet Escapist Fantasy


A Monster Calls

Film Review by Kam Williams

Beleaguered Boy Befriended by Tree in Bittersweet Escapist Fantasy

Conor O’Malley (Lewis MacDougall) is understandably miserable. First of all, the 12 year-old divorced mom (Felicity Jones) is terminally ill. Second, they’re both estranged from his father (Toby Kebbell) who has long since started another family over in America.

A Monster Calls,  Film Review, by Kam Williams, E.T., Lewis MacDougall, bittersweet escapist fantasy, J.A. Bayona

Third, Conor is tired of being mistreated by his cold-hearted grandmother (Sigourney Weaver) who cares more about her prized possessions than his welfare. And finally, he’s routinely teased at school by a bully (James Melville) about always being off in his own dream world.

So, it’s no surprise when Conor starts being plagued by nightmares on a daily basis. A few minutes after midnight, the giant yew tree (Liam Neeson) standing in the graveyard outside his bedroom window turns into an intimidating, anthropomorphic monster.

A Monster Calls,  Film Review, by Kam Williams, E.T., Lewis MacDougall, bittersweet escapist fantasy, J.A. Bayona

Despite its imposing presence, the beast gradually gains the kid’s confidence, agreeing to tell a trio of insightful allegories on the condition that Conor reciprocate with one of his own. The idea, ostensibly, is that there will be a meaningful lesson to be learned from each of the parables.

That is the point of departure of  A Monster Calls, a bittersweet escapist fantasy directed by J.A. Bayona (The Impossible). The movie is based on the illustrated children’s novel of the same name by Patrick Ness who also adapted it to the big screen. Ness’ award-winning book was inspired by the late Siobhan Dowd, who passed away before she could tackle the semi-autobiographical project herself.   

The film is less a feel-good flick than a picture about making the best of a bad situation. For, the monster’s stories paint a sobering picture of life that’s anything but rosy. However, they do ultimately enable Conor to own up about his deepest fear, when it’s his turn to share.

Given the mature themes and the dire plot developments, it’s hard to recommend A Monster Calls for vulnerable youngsters. Nevertheless, it is unique in its approach to preparing a tweener to processing an impending tragedy.

A visually-enchanting, if fateful, fairy tale.

Very Good (3 stars)

Rated  PG-13 for mature themes and scary images

Running time: 108 minutes

Distributor: Focus Features

Source:  Baret News


Get more Stability with the Roundabout


Get more Stability with the Roundabout

By Craig Lamb

Kayaks are taking the angling world by storm and with good reason. Today’s designs make it easy to customize a kayak to fit the needs of the angler.

You can mount electronics, neatly stash gear inside compartments and sit in comfortable, ergonomically designed chairs. Much of what you take in a big rig will fit or adapt to a kayak for skinny water fishing. With some kayaks, you can even stand up and make pinpoint casts to wary fish. That’s a plus in shallow waters, where a boater easily spooks fish.

Yet with all their benefits of creating new, exciting opportunities for fishing there is one feature still lacking in a kayak. That feature is stability.

Take one too many steps while standing up in a kayak and going overboard is the likely result. Paying more attention to your balance and footing takes away the fun of fishing where big boats can’t go.


None of the above is a worry with the Roundabout, the ultimate round, ultra-shallow water skiff. What you get with the Roundabout are the features, safety and comfort of a larger boat in a small package. Read more here about the story behind the Roundabout.

Leading the features is stability. The Roundabout’s wide beam measures 72 inches. That is about equal the beam size of some kayaks and small fishing boats. A wide beam makes the Roundabout the most stable boat of its kind.

With unmatched stability you get fishability. Within an arm’s reach of anywhere in the Roundabout is abundant storage space. There’s plenty of it, including three spacious compartments spread across the 22 square-feet of deck space. Click here for the full list of specs for the Roundabout.

The Roundabout is stable, offers plenty of options for customizing it to fit the anglers needs and even improves fishing success. With everything at your fingertips and a stable boat, you can stand up with confidence and cast into tight cover where big fish hide. When it comes time to fight the catch and bring it aboard, you will have no worries about taking the wrong steps. 


The Roundabout is available in five packages. The Sport RWC Fishing package for one or two anglers begins at $1,095.

What’s even better is the Roundabout has turned what once was a solo sport into a fun activity that can be shared with a friend. Many choices of optional accessories are available for customizing the RWC models. Those include the 2-Seat Conversion Kit.

To speak directly with someone at Roundabout Watercrafts, call 844-RWC-BOAT. Email: info@roundaboutwatercrafts.com.  Sign up for the newsletter and check out all of the Roundabout models, accessories and learn more about the round boat at roundaboutwatercrafts.com.

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Look for Vertical Structure, Vegetation When Bass Fishing This Winter


Look for Vertical Structure, Vegetation When Bass Fishing This Winter

Yamaha Pro James Niggemeyer Chooses Creek Channels, Points, and Rocky Banks in Cold Weather

 James Niggemeyer’s “to do” list for winter bass fishing is a short one. The Yamaha Pro looks for vertical structure that changes the bottom depth; he checks that structure for possible vegetation cover and he slows his lure presentation. It’s a strategy that has served him well during his career as both a professional tournament angler as well as a guide on Lake Fork, Texas.


“In cold weather, bass really gravitate to vertical structure, which allows them to easily and quickly move up and down in the water column if the water temperature changes rather than travel a long distance to find agreeable conditions,” explains Niggemeyer, who will be fishing his third Bassmaster Classic® world championship in February. “The ideal vertical structure is a steep-sided creek channel or a point that drops straight down, but the actual amount of depth change does not have to be that great. I have caught a lot of winter bass where the depth change was five feet or less.”

Because the Yamaha Pro prefers fishing shallow water, he usually begins his search for winter bass in water depths of less than 10 feet. The visible shoreline often gives him a clue about depth changes underwater, since the terrain features above water usually continue below the surface. In winter, rock and gravel shorelines are nearly always the most productive, too.

“Anytime I also see baitfish present is always a plus,” adds Niggemeyer, “but during the winter months bass frequently change their diet from shad to crawfish, which aren’t that easy to see on our electronics, so not seeing any type of forage isn’t going to keep me from fishing a particular area like a rocky shoreline.”


What will keep him in a particular spot is finding vegetation near any type of vertical structure. The vegetation does not need to be one of the bass favorites like green milfoil or hydrilla, either. Brown reeds and even dead shoreline grasses can also attract and hold winter bass.

“Vegetation represents an environment where bass can hide and ambush their prey more easily,” continues the Yamaha Pro. “All types of forage utilize vegetation for food and shelter, and the bass recognize this. Certain types of vegetation, especially thick weeds like milfoil and hydrilla, will hold bass all year, but through my years of fishing, I’ve learned to check any type of vegetation during the winter months

“I really like jerkbaits and crankbaits because I visualize them just like jigging spoons, except I’m fishing them horizontally,” says Niggemeyer. “Sometimes a slow, steady retrieve will be effective, but other times I’ll let them fall, then rip them back more erratically. Spinnerbaits are great for fishing over the top or along the edge of vegetation, too, and attract fish because of their flash as well as their vibration

“I don’t always downsize to smaller lures, either. If I’m fishing deeper water, I’ll use a heavier crankbait, or a larger jerkbait to reach the fish.”


With jigs and drop shots, Niggemeyer works the lures slowly along the bottom, usually casting to the shallower water and then bringing them down a vertical breakline. Both can also be hopped lightly for additional action, or left in place beside a piece of cover if bass are more lethargic.

“Bass fishing in winter is also a mental game,” concludes the Yamaha Pro, “because you normally are not going to get as many bites as you would in warmer water. That means making a lot of casts without any action. Still, you’ll always increase your chances of catching fish this time of year if you concentrate on vertical structure or vegetation, and just slow your presentation.” Y

More Great Boating and Fishing Tips, Visit Yamaha Outboards.com Today!

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Making Your Health “Resolute”


Making Your Health “Resolute”

by Amy Lignor


It is time for those New Year’s Resolutions to be made. We all know the ones most likely being placed on lists everywhere: stop smoking and lose weight. Why? Because these have always been the top two when it comes New Year’s Resolutions, 2017, good health, happinessto goals, so that the next time the ball drops you feel amazing that the goal was achieved. A tough fact to learn, however, is that even though more than half of Americans resolve to better their health in some way each year, less than half are still on target to achieve their goal six months later.

Enthusiasm always deadens after the “party” is over and the real world comes back into play. The holidays are wonderful times, yet the luster of it all fades. So…are there ways to keep people working towards their goal? You bet there are!

Take the weight loss resolution. That one resolution, a great many times, comes along with the feeling that there should be overnight success. It is still a reality that gaining it took a lot less time and energy than it will ever take losing it, but setting normal goals for yourself can aid in keeping your momentum and that luster shining brilliantly far more than six months into the year. Results can and will happen, yet there are so many programs, machines and equipment out there that when it comes to weight loss, sometimes the ability to pick the right advice that will actually work becomes more of a load to carry than the actual extra weight. In the end, it’s the social factor that needs to be in place in order to keep the goal you’ve set for yourself.


This is the same basic foundation when it comes to quitting smoking. You need that support of family and friends around you to not only help, listen to the frustration, etc., but also be highly supportive: going to a gym with a best friend so that they, too, can get healthier but also become a “team member” in achieving your goal is perfect. If the focus is smoking, speaking to an ex-smoker and having them on your “team” can be truly helpful. After all, they’ve already gone through it, so they are the absolute best people to help you.


Never forget how much cash you will save either. Let’s be honest, if you added up the costs of those extra snacks, pizza deliveries, etc., something a whole lot more fun could be bought for both you and your family. When it comes to smoking, the cash saved is huge. And the idea to spend cash on something that won’t necessarily lead to your early demise is most definitely another plus.


Stress is also a problem for almost everyone, and the amount of stress can become astronomical. For good health, stress must be cut. The work hours need no more extending. Exercise, nutrition, spending time with family and friends – these are all important in order to cut the stress and allow you to get a more restful sleep – which in turn causes you to do far better at work than you did when you spent way too many hours there.


My own grandfather used to tell me: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” The line was very strong and precise. But in the real world, without a restful sleep, you are more likely to develop poor health. A higher risk of obesity, as well as Type 2 diabetes and memory issues have been linked to lack of sleep.


There is also a solid, basic factor when it comes to owning good health: happiness. No rolling of the eyes on this one. Yes, work is difficult at times. Yes, the bills keep coming in and the kids need that college education. Those facts are most definitely real. However, by taking time out – even small amounts of time – and enjoying the life you’re working so hard at making, allows you to leap onto the good side of health. Thousands of studies have proven positive/happy people are less likely to deal with heart attacks or develop heart disease than those who are resting on the side of gloomy.


In every place – whether big city or small town – there are always locations where you can enjoy a walk, sit and listen to music, or simply have a good day outdoors in the sunshine with your family.


Thus, it’s time to make those 2017 Resolutions the most resolute they have ever been

Source:  Baret News