EltaMD® Sunscreen Protects Acne-Prone Skin


EltaMD® Sunscreen Protects Acne-Prone Skin


EltaMD® UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 for acne-prone skin takes the worry out of sun exposure.


EltaMD®—a leader in dermatologist-recommended skin care products for every skin type and lifestyle—provides this cosmetically elegant, oil-free sunscreen for you! Cited as “a cult favorite among physicians” by The Wall Street Journal (2015), EltaMD® UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 combines the UV protection of zinc oxide with the long list of skin care benefits that come with vitamin B3. 

ClearTinted&Untinted-02520-02500-SocialMedia1-COPYRIGHTED FOR EltaMD USE

For more than 25 years, EltaMD® has developed sunscreens and a variety of skin care products that are widely used and recommended by physicians and various other medical professionals. The long-term experience EltaMD® has gained allows them to create unique, innovative products that work. When it comes to sunscreens, the EltaMD® line helps protect and maintain healthy-looking skin. An aid to prevent sunburn, as well as help decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun, when used with other sun protection measures, EltaMD® sunscreens are the “must-have” addition to your skin care products. And, like all EltaMD® products, the EltaMD® UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 is noncomedogenic, sensitivity-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free.


Available in both tinted and untinted versions, EltaMD® UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 for acne-prone skin combines ingredients that work together perfectly: Zinc oxide, a natural mineral compound that reflects and scatters UVA and UVB rays; Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), an anti-inflammatory clinically proven to reduce redness and minimize the appearance of acneic skin; sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), that attracts and retains 1000 times its weight in water to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; and, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), which reduces free radicals to help minimize the visible signs of aging.


Working together, these ingredients allow all those who are prone to acne to live a worry-free, sun-filled lifestyle. To add EltaMD® UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 to your skin regimen, find an authorized physician near you at eltamd.com today.


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Quick Look 2110 Bay Max


Quick Look 2110 Bay Max    

by Ted Lund


The kids are out of school, and nearshore waters provide an opportunity for fishing fun from the Carolinas all the way around to the Texas Gulf Coast. Tidewater’s 2110 Bay Max is a perfect platform for families to get out and become a part of the coastal fishing fun.




Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jack crevalle, ladyfish, and a host of other species provide plenty of rod-bending action for even the youngest anglers. Match the tackle to the task, and you’ll have hours of fun and enjoyment getting the whole family hooked on fishing.

At 21 feet, 6 inches, the Tidewater 2110 Bay Max is the perfect family fun fishing choice. Its 96-inch beam offers a stable, beefy platform for anglers young and old alike. Weighing just 2,050 pounds with a draft of 10 inches, the 2110 Bay Max is the perfect crossover boat, allowing access to shallow flats and deeper bay and nearshore waters. With 56 gallons of standard fuel capacity and recommended 150-hp four-stroke power, owners enjoy a range that’s unparalleled in similar bay boats.

Other standard features on the 2110 Baymax (and the rest of Tidewater’s lineup) include all-composite, no-wood construction with fiberglass stringers and a hand-laid fiberglass hull. Each boat is rigged to AYBC standards and is backed by a 10-year transferable hull warranty.

For more information on the Bay Max family of boats or the entire Tidewater line, visit tidewaterboats.com, call 803-732-7300, or email Sales@TideWaterBoats.com.




Yamaha Revolutionizes Offshore Boating… Again


Yamaha Revolutionizes Offshore Boating… Again

By Ted Lund

Yamaha, one of the leading marine  outboard companies that refined the world of offshore power more than five years ago with the introduction of its popular Yamaha F350 outboard, has done it again, introducing a newly-redesigned F350C that is sure to turn heads from single bay boat applications to quad installations on blue water battlewagons [what are blue water battlewagons?[.

When introduced in 2007, the Yamaha F350 redefined offshore power. There was finally a manufacturer that was offering an outboard with the raw thrust necessary to power larger, heavier offshore boats.


Yamaha not only headed the call of boat builders and dealers, but they started a revolution towards larger, outboard-powered boats. Sales of boats in the 40-foot-plus segment have increased by more than 300 percent over the past five years.

Although other manufacturers followed suit, nothing matches the big bore, naturally aspirated flat torque curve of the 5.3-liter F350C V8. The F350C V8 is nothing short of a premier offshore Outboard-F350-OV_Motoroutboard that offers all the benefits of the original with additional refinement and five full years of limited warranty coverage, for pleasure use.

The first thing you’ll notice is a new look; the graphics speak to what’s under the cowl that no other manufacturer offers – a naturally aspirated, 5.3-liter V8 with the best torque characteristics in the business. The “V” design not only defines the cylinder arrangement, it also denotes the way the engine makes its power:  The top of the “V” graphic represents the flatness of the F350C V8 torque curve (torque output plotted against RPM); that’s a curve familiar to anyone who knows engines and values performance. A flat curve that is the classic marker for consistent, smooth, naturally aspirated V8 power.

But it’s when you take the cowling off that you’ll notice the Yamaha difference. The 5.3-liter V8 configuration of the F350C is designed to easily produce 350 prop shaft horsepower, with less stress and strain on internal engine components than small displacement, high-output outboards. Four oversized valves per cylinder increase breathing efficiency and contribute significantly to this engine’s power and torque.

The F350C’s multi-point fuel injection system consists of seven different sensors that constantly measure vital atmospheric conditions and engine functions to give the Engine Control Module (ECM) the information needed to precisely and instantly adjust the fuel/air mixture for optimum performance and economy. Variable camshaft timing advances and retards the angle of the intake camshaft to dramatically increase power and throttle response in the low- and mid-rpm ranges, giving the F350C substantially greater torque between 2000 and 3500 RPM to plane large offshore boats with authority. The single electronic throttle control valve routes all air entering the F350C through a single 81mm intake controlled by the ECM to ensure the precise amount of air necessary for any given condition — maintaining optimum power and efficiency. And Yamaha’s exclusive in-bank exhaust helps to enhance engine performance by sending exhaust gasses out more efficiently and reducing exhaust pressure.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology, and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA’s® C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception. To learn more about the Yamaha F350C or to find an authorized dealer near you, visit www.yamahaoutboards.com.

*Available on select new twin, triple and quad Yamaha outboards installed on new boat packages manufactured by participating boat builders and sold by authorized dealers only.  This document contains many of Yamaha’s valuable trademarks. It may also contain trademarks belonging to other companies. Any references to other companies or their products are for identification purposes only, and are not intended to be an endorsement.


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Amazing Emayatzy!


Emayatzy Corinealdi,  The “Roots” Interview with Kam Williams, Roots, Belle ReynoldsEmayatzy Corinealdi
The “Roots” Interview

with Kam Williams

Amazing Emayatzy!

Born at Fort Knox, Kentucky on January 14, 1980, Emayatzy Corinealdi was an army brat whose family moved around a lot during her childhood as dictated by her dad’s military career. After stints around the country and overseas, she put down roots in New Jersey, which enabled her to study at the Actor’s Training Studio as well as William Esper Studio.

She parlayed a recurring role on the TV soap opera The Young and the Restless into a critically-acclaimed starring one in Ava DuVernay’s Middle of Nowhere (2012). She’s since appeared in the screen adaptation of Zane’s erotic thriller Addicted (2014), and as Miles Davies’ wife Frances in miles Ahead (2016).

Here, Emayatzy talks about her latest out as Belle, Kunta Kinte’s (Malachi Kirby) wife, in the remake of Roots.

Kam Williams: Hi Emayatzy, thanks for the time.

Emayatzy Corinealdi: Thanks, Kam.

KW: What interested you in Roots?

EC: The idea of bringing the story of the history of this country to a new generation was an important conversation that I believe is necessary, given the current climate of race relations in the United Slates.

KW: How did you prepare to play Belle Reynolds? Did you watch the original miniseries?

EC: What was happening everyday in this country: police brutality, injustice, people feeling angry and ignored, all of these issues were things that helped to prepare me. That coupled with the knowledge that I have since gained about enslavement and its history.

KW: Did you have any emotional moments on the set during the shooting?

EC: Every day was an emotional moment on set. The final scene, having her daughter Kizzy taken away, might’ve been one of the toughest by far.

KW: What message do you hope people will take away from the miniseries?

EC: Know your history. It can teach you who you are, where you have come from, and how to be a better person as a result. Also, I hope that young people especially will begin to have a better understanding of slavery and its effects, which are still evident today, To understand those parallels and, from there, begin ta be a part of the wave of hope to change things for the better

KW: You recently portrayed Frances Taylor, Miles Davis’ first wife, in the biopic Miles Ahead. Did you feel any extra pressure to get the role right, given that you were playing a real person?

EC: Definitely! I indeed wanted Ms Frances to be pleased while at the same time honoring my director’s vision, along with my own creativity. It is a balancing act which, I am glad to say, did pay off with her approval!

Emayatzy Corinealdi,  The “Roots” Interview with Kam Williams, Roots, Belle Reynolds

KW: Did you consult Frances in preparation for the role?

EC: For sure. We had quite a few lunches that were filled with great stories, laughter and truth.

KW: Are you a fan of Miles’ music?

EC: I am now. I was not as familiar with him before the film. He was always this mysterious man on my father’s album covers up until that point.

KW: Ling-Ju Yen asks: What is your earliest childhood memory?

EC: Climbing trees when I was about 9 with my best friend. Climbing trees is still one of my favorite things to do. A tree and a good book and I’m happy.

KW: Was there a meaningful spiritual component to your childhood?

EC: Absolutely! God has always been the head of my life, even before I knew it.

KW: What is your favorite dish to cook?

EC: Arroz con pollo, my father’s recipe. He is a chef in Kansas City, and he is fantastic.

KW: The Uduak Oduok question: Who is your favorite clothes designer?

EC: I don’t have one. I like what looks good on me and, as a result, I don’t find myself drawn to one specific designer all the time.

KW: If you could have one wish instantly granted, what would that be for?

EC: To hug my mother just one more time.

KW: When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

EC: A woman who stands up for what she believes.


KW: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

EC: Called my friends up at almost midnight to play in a freshly excavated ditch near my house. It was dark, there were piles and piles of dirt, space and opportunity and each and every one of them came and we had a good time. Until the police came, that is. But hey, it adds to the excitement.

KW: Larry Greenberg asks: Do you have a favorite movie monster?   

EC: Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men. He has taken the place of Jason who was my former favorite. I don’t ever want to see that dude anywhere.

KW: AALBC.com founder Troy Johnson asks: What was the last book you read?

EC: “Her Again,” a Meryl Streep biography. https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0062342843/ref=nosim/thslfofire-20

KW: Finally, what’s in your wallet?

EC: Capital One was the first thing that carne to mind. [LOL]

KW: Thanks again for the time, Emayatzy, and best of luck with all your ventures.

To order a copy of Roots on Blu-ray, visit:

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Top Ten DVD List for August 30, 2016


This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams

Top Ten DVD List for August 30, 2016

This Week’s DVD Releases, Kam Williams, Top Ten DVD List, 08/30/16


The Jungle Book


The Commitments  [25th Anniversary Edition]


The Phenom


19-2: Season Two


Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Twelfth Season


Chicago Med: Season One


Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two


Me Before You


Shameless: The Complete Sixth Season


Blunt Talk: The Complete First Season


Honorable Mention

Chicago Fire: Season Four


Supernature: Wild Flyers




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New Mystery, Double Talk by Sherban Young, Makes You Laugh Out Loud!


Double Talk, Sherban Young, Mystery, laugh out loud, book review by Amy LignorNew Mystery, Double Talk by Sherban Young, Makes You Laugh Out Loud!

Book Review by Amy Lignor

For those who have not yet had the good fortune to pick up a Sherban Young mystery, now is the time to do so! Let’s just say that once you begin reading this title, you will immediately run to the library and/or Amazon and get all the rest.

A character with his own series, Warren Kingsley, is back. Warren, a man who has the face and physique of a god (and the ego to match), also owns the abilities to brood, ignore others, and know deep in his heart that he really is the “best of the best” in most areas. An ex-bodyguard, he is now the speechwriter for the Mayor of Kilobyte.

In Kilobyte the residents are truly multifaceted; they can never have just “one” career. Even Mayor Frederick Abbott is not content with just being a public servant. He also owns a baseball team, he’s a restaurateur, and has his hands (and money) in half of the other companies in town.

Frederick Abbott was bedazzled by Warren Kingsley when they first met. He saw a very handsome man who could easily nab the female vote right away. Warren stole the mayor’s speech off a table and basically edited out most of it. Without looking up his background, the mayor hired this man…not realizing at the time that he’d just employed a speechwriter who believed everyone spoke way too much.

Mayor Abbott is also married to a much younger, prettier wife who has the acting ability of Streep or Loren. She can turn on the frightened waterworks when need be, flutter her eyelashes and show adoration to her ‘old’ husband, and then turn on a dime and be caught in a pool house with a young dog groomer and a completely believable excuse for the whole thing.

An old acquaintance of Kingsley’s, John Hathaway, walks into Kilobyte one day with his own agenda. Apparently, Hathaway is the only ex-client of Kingsley’s who’s still alive. Trying to get information about the town and its people from his old bodyguard is basically impossible, but Hathaway is there to do a little “detecting” and won’t go away until his own job is complete.

Very soon, strange packages show up for various workers at the Municipal Building and a paid assassin takes a shot at the mayor in his office. The mayor, thinking on his feet, throws both a dog toy and a much heavier bust at the killer, saving his own life. But the assassin escapes and vows to do the job they were hired for. A press secretary ends up murdered, the cops go on the hunt (led by very cool Sheriff Jenny Blake), and suspects come out of the proverbial woodwork.

Yes, it might be even more thrilling and funny if you began the Warren Kingsley series with book one: “Five Star Detour,” but this is definitely a standalone that readers will enjoy without knowing any of the Kingsley backstory. This author, with his intelligent words, will make you wish that he would actually become the speechwriter for someone in this very real election year. That way, at least something would be funny.

Author Sherban Young continues to gift fans with fantastic mysteries that make you laugh out loud.

Get your copy now!

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Vast Expansion of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands


 Vast Expansion of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument
Recreational fishing is allowed to continue in the expanded area
 President Obama announced a vast expansion of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument, known as Papahanaumokuakea, out to 200 miles or the limits of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone, creating the world’s largest marine protected area. In 2006, President George W. Bush created the monument with a boundary which extended to 50 miles and excluded recreational fishing.
The new Presidential Proclamation moves to conserve the physical and living marine resources within the Monument’s waters. All commercial resource extraction activities including commercial fishing, oil exploration, and mineral extraction are prohibited in the expanded areas.
Non-commercial fishing, such as recreational fishing and resources for Native Hawaiian cultural practices, are permitted in the expanded area. NOAA and the Department of the Interior will be responsible for managing the expanded marine monument and have been given three years to put forward implementing regulations. President Obama’s action follows a proposal put forward by Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), Hawaiian state officials and Native Hawaiian leaders.
“We are pleased that the administration recognizes the conservation contributions of sportfishing” said Scott Gudes, vice president of Government Affairs for the American Sportfishing Association. “The uses allowed to continue, such as boating and recreational fishing, show a true appreciation of the value of outdoor recreation for our nation’s citizens. Outdoor recreation is about appreciating nature and the outdoors, as much as it is about jobs and the economy.”
Gudes continued, “We greatly appreciate the contributions of Sen. Schatz in this process.  The expansion boundaries he proposed were adopted in this proclamation.”
“This designation is an important example of how resource conservation and recreational activities, such as sportfishing and boating, can go hand in hand,” noted Nicole Vasilaros, National Marine Manufacturers Association vice president. “We applaud the Obama Administration and Sen. Schatz for their efforts and continued recognition of the important role of the recreational economy.”
“Recreational fishing and boating are compatible with conservation, and that is brightly highlighted in this designation,” said Center for Coastal Conservation President Jeff Angers. “Sen. Schatz’s leadership ensures that anglers, America’s original conservationists, will be included as management partners.”



The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is the sportfishing industry’s trade association committed to representing the interests of the sportfishing and boating industries as well as the entire sportfishing community. We give the industry and anglers a unified voice when emerging laws and policies could significantly affect sportfishing business or sportfishing itself. ASA invests in long-term ventures to ensure the industry will remain strong and prosperous, as well as safeguard and promote the enduring economic, conservation and social values of sportfishing in America. ASA also gives America’s 46 million anglers a voice in policy decisions that affect their ability to sustainably fish on our nation’s waterways through Keep America Fishing®, our national angler advocacy campaign. America’s anglers generate more than $48 billion in retail sales with a $115 billion impact on the nation’s economy creating employment for more than 828,000 people.

The Vanishing Brand


The Vanishing Brand

by Amy Lignor


This roof was once a familiar sight that you knew you would see no matter where you were headed in New England. Whether you were going to ring the Liberty Bell or traveling from your own small town to Washington, D.C. to soak up all the really neat things inside the Smithsonian, Howard Johnson would Howard Johnson, RCA, Woolworths, Montgomery Wards, PaineWebber, American culturebe there along the way. Now, the news is that only one is left. In just a couple of weeks, one of the last two Howard Johnson restaurants in America will close its doors and the orange roof with blue spire will no longer be there for drivers to visit. Baby boomers may have been nourished at this locale, but the kids of the eighties also remember the orange roof because we could scream out from the backseat at our parents up front to “STOP!! We want ice cream!” Which Dad would do because he wanted a cup of coffee and an order of waffles or a cheeseburger, depending on the hour.


There was a time Howard Johnson’s took off. It soared financially and made restaurant franchises the “in” thing to become a part of for all entrepreneurs. Predating the hotel chain, this New England-based restaurant chain began in 1925 and once totaled 800. Mr. Johnson inherited a small soda fountain outside Boston which evolved into this chain offering up the best in comfort foods, including those unforgettable twenty-eight flavors of ice cream. In Bangor, Maine, this particular Howard Johnson Restaurant and Lounge boasted the likes of Stephen King (who lives in Bangor) as a person who stopped by frequently to grab a patty melt. Now, with this closing, the HoJo’s in Lake George becomes the sole survivor attempting to keep the name alive.


This closing makes you think of all those “names” that are long gone and will never return. From the financial industry to transportation to department stores, there are those that are part of peoples’ memories that will, sadly, never exist in the memories of their children.


Financially, there have been more than a few to close their doors. Everything from the stock market fall to cheating scams (Enron, anyone?) has taken them out for good. But there were some strong names that people counted on once upon a time. PaineWebber, in fact, could never brag about being the largest brokerage on Wall Street, but it was once a most trusted name.

Add to that A.G. Edwards & Sons as well as the man who always listened – E.F. Hutton – and the list goes on.


When it comes to the roadways, we lost many, including the Pullman Palace Car Company in Illinois which lasted more than a century. And when it comes to the skies, Eastern, which started out as the mail carrier for the United States Postal Service back in the mid-1920s, before expanding and taking over air travel on the East Coast, went bankrupt in 1989. But they weren’t the only ones. TWA was knocked out of the sky after peaking in the early 1980s; while one of the most popular, Pan Am, broke in 1991. Although, the latter is one company that, even though it is no longer, became so much a part of American pop culture that the logo is still found on designer travel bags.


All the way back to 1919, RCA was around, selling radios and entering the broadcasting world. It was in 1929 that it bought out the Victor Talking Machine company, henceforth becoming RCA Victor with that famous dog in all he ads. But…alas, GE took it over in 1986 and the RCA “entity” disappeared.


The single sheet catalog belonging to Montgomery Ward can actually fetch cash as an historical item, if you happen to have one buried in the closet. It was back in 1872 that Montgomery Ward began that catalog and, in 1926, the first retail store was created. Weakening, struggling over the decades, it barely made it through the year 2000. And when the last of the Montgomery Ward stores closed in 2001, people actually cried.


Woolworth’s was also there with them. They ran with the times as shopping malls came into the American focus. Woolworth’s expanded and bought out other stores with names like Foot Locker. But the fast expansion proved to be the company’s downfall. 1997 saw the last Woolworth’s closed, and in 2001 a change of name to, you guessed it, Foot Locker. Now Foot Locker is in the headlines stating they will be closing some stores very soon.


As all the ‘comfort’ names cease operations, it proves that no matter how the country is “growing,” the question of whether or not it’s all worth it remains to be answered.

Source:  Baret News

Jackie Chan Teams with Johnny Knoxville for Familiar Unlikely-Buddies Flick



Film Review by Kam Williams

Jackie Chan Teams with Johnny Knoxville for Familiar Unlikely-Buddies Flick

Jackie Chan made dozens of martial arts movies in his native Hong Kong prior to finding phenomenal success stateside in 1998 co-starring with Chris Tucker in the buddy-comedy Rush Hour. Their pairing Skiptrace,  Film Review by Kam Williams, Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxvilleas unlikely-partners proved so popular that they returned to the well to shoot a couple of sequels in Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3. And Jackie further milked the familiar formula in outings opposite Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights.

Despite being perhaps a little long-in-the-tooth to still be doing such stunt-driven adventures, the sixty-something matinee idol is back with Skiptrace, a slight variation on the theme co-starring Johnny Knoxville. Knoxville is known for Jackass, the TV and film franchise in which he and a coterie of deranged confederates perform an array of death-defying feats.

Here, he reprises some of his greatest hits, like rolling down the street in a barrel. The same can be said of Chan, as so many of the picture’s chase and fight sequences have a feeling of deja vu about them. Nevertheless, a treat is in store for the unintiated, especially youngsters who’ve never seen either of these leads ply his trade before.

In Skiptrace, Jackie plays Hong Kong detective Benny Chan, and Johnny co-stars as Connor Watts, an American gambler on the run from a Russian casino owner (Charlie Rawes) he fleeced to the tune of a million dollars. At the point of departure, Benny’s partner Yung (Eric Tsang) is murdered by a mysterious mobster known as The Matador, and he makes it his mission to bring the creep to justice.

Meanwhile, half a world away, Johnny just happens to witness the kidnapping of Yung’s daughter Samantha (Bingbing Fan). So, that makes him invaluable to Benny when the two subsequently cross paths, as much as the detective dislikes the idea of cooperating with a slippery con man.

Skiptrace,  Film Review by Kam Williams, Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville

Directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2), Skiptrace overall is a globe-trotting affair which unfolds at a dizzying pace in the course of visiting a variety of ports-of-call all across the planet. The multi-layered whodunit eventually builds to a big showdown at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal back in Hong Kong, where the case is very satisfactorily resolved.

Though he’s certainly no Chris Tucker, Johnny Knoxville does prove a decent enough accomplice for Jackie Chan’s endearing combination of antics and acrobatics. 

Good (2 stars)

Rated PG-13 for violence, suggestive content, profanity, drug use and brief nudity

Running time: 107 minutes

Distributor: Saban Films

To see a trailer for Skiptrace, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWUjtb0i7dg 

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Crossbows the perfect fit for youth hunters



Crossbows the perfect fit for youth hunters

By Craig Lamb


Many states require a minimum draw weight of between 35 and 40 pounds for the purposes of archery hunting for whitetail deer and wild turkey. That keeps many enthusiastic youth hunters out of the woods until they can gain enough strength to meet the rule.


Or does it?


“The crossbow allows kids the opportunity to hunt at a much earlier age,” says Jake Miller, an avid archery hunter. “And especially with the cocking devices that exist and meet those state minimum requirements.”


Miller knows from experience. His hunting career began at the age of 6, when he was gifted a TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Titan. He’s now on the TenPoint staff and remains a big fan of the crossbow.


“My father took me out into the yard, and I practiced at different distances,” he recalls. “We would go to our local archery pro-shop, so I could test out several different crossbows and get comfortable with shooting them.”


“We watched hunting television shows, and the old VHS tapes and all of this combined really peaked my interest” he continues. “I shot my first deer that season.”


Miller is using the same approach and passing along his passion for hunting to younger hunters.


“Gaining the strength required to pull a compound bow doesn’t happen until they reach their teens,” explains Miller. “By then they’ve missed out on the chance to learn about the outdoors, experience it all and gain appreciation for what hunting is all about.”


To get started TenPoint offers useful advice on how to purchase a crossbow. If you are in the market for a crossbow, don’t know much about them, are looking for advice, then follow the practical guidelines to help you reach a decision for outfitting a youth with the proper gear.


For youths, Miller recommends considering the Wicked Ridge Ranger Crossbow by TenPoint.



After years of research, development and testing Wicked Ridge engineered the ideal hunting crossbow for small-framed shooters. The Ranger is designed with an ideal length of pull, physical weight and overall size. It’s features and performance makes it the perfect performer in its class.


Watch this video about the Ranger.


The Ranger features a 150-pound draw weight that is easily cocked using the ACU-52 integrated, self-retracting rope cocking system. The crossbow weighs just 5.9 pounds to make it easy to carry for youths.


The standard package (black) includes a TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Scope and Wicked Ridge Instant Detach 3-Arrow Quiver. The Premium package (camo) includes the scope, quiver and three Wicked Ridge Ranger Carbon Arrows with 100-grain practice points. The premium package also includes the ACU-52 cocking device.


Miller is a strong believer in mentoring youth hunters because of the many interests they have competing for their leisure time.


“Not very often will a child just have the interest in hunting, or crossbow hunting, on

their own,” he says. “As adults, we have to cultivate that interest.”


“Be the role model that is willing to talk with them about it, introduce them to it, show them how to shoot and make hunting a lifelong passion.”



Original Soursce: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com