Suburban Nerds Masquerade as Hardened Gangstas to Retrieve Cat from the ‘Hood



Film Review by Kam Williams

Suburban Nerds Masquerade as Hardened Gangstas to Retrieve Cat from the ‘Hood

Rell (Jordan Peele) was so inconsolable after being dumped by his girlfriend that getting high didn’t help ease the pain. But then, while crying on the shoulder of his cousin Clarence (Keegan-Keanu, Film Review by Kam Williams, fish-out-of-water comedyMichael Key), a cute, little kitten appeared on his doorstep.

Seeing this as a sign of divine intervention, Rell adopted the adorable stray, which he proceeded to feed, bathe and name Keanu, Hawaiian for “cool breeze.” But after bonding for the next couple of weeks, his newfound state of bliss ended abruptly with the kidnapping of Keanu during a break in by members of the 17th Street Blips.

The Blips are a ruthless drug gang from the wrong side of the proverbial tracks. So, Rell realizes that to rescue his pet he’s going to have to venture into the heart of the ghetto.

This is a tall order for a nerd from the burbs totally unfamiliar with the ways of the ‘hood. for some reason, he enlists the assistance of his equally-geeky cousin, whose wife (Nia Long) and daughter (Jordyn A. Davis) very conveniently just happen to be going away for the weekend.

Rell and Clarence adopt gangsta’ alias, Tectonic and Shark Tank, respectively, before confrontingKeanu, Film Review by Kam Williams, fish-out-of-water comedy Cheddar (Method Man), the Blips’ bloodthirsty kingpin. They also deliberately abandoned their bourgie black accents for grammar-butchering Ebonics laced with profanity, the N-word and lots of double negatives.

Of course, retrieving Keanu proves to be quite complicated, as not only Cheddar but a Latino crime boss (Luis Guzman) has staked a claim to the cat (which he refers to as Iglesias). And it is very important that the cousins never admit their middle-class roots lest they risk being exposed as lacking street cred.

Thus unfolds Keanu, a one-trick pony or, should I say, a one-trick kitty directed by Peter Atencio, director of 54 episodes of the Key and Peel TV show. This fish-out-of-water comedy repeatedly relies on the theme that these guys have no idea how to survive in the slums on the run from myriad maladroit morons. That running joke gets tired after about 10 minutes, but the stretch-o-matic skit format insists on beating the dead horse for another hour and a half.

That’s irritainment!

Fair (1 star)

Rated R for violence, sexuality, nudity, drug use, inncessant ethnic slurs and pervasive profanity

Running time: 98 minutes

Distributor: New Line Cinema / Warner Brothers

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Pedophile Priests Shown Sympathy in South American Drama


The Club
(El Club)

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Pedophile Priests Shown Sympathy in South American Drama

The Oscar-winning Best Picture Spotlight addressed the problem of pedophilia in the priesthood from the point of view of the victims. But if you’re looking for a take on the issue more sympathetic The Club, El Club, DVD Review by Kam Williams, Pedophile Priests, South Americato the perpetrators, have I got a movie for you.

Nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Foreign Language Film category, The Club is a disturbing, deliberately-paced drama for the very open-minded directed by Pablo Larrain (Post Mortem). The picture is set at a mountaintop estate nestled along the Chilean seacoast where a half-dozen defrocked clergymen have been sent to repent.

The secluded retreat is run with a firm hand by Sister Monica (Antonia Zegers), a disgraced nun with a checkered past of her own. Nevertheless. it’s her job to enforce house rules dictated by the Vatican including no communication with outsiders, no cell phones, no self-pleasuring, no self-flagellation, and a vow of poverty.

Consequently, the former pastors’ Spartan-like daily regime consists of little more than chores, attending mass, confessing their sins and praying the rosary between meals. Still, there is much to be gleaned from the clerics’ conversations among themselves.

This one feigns innocence, claiming, “I didn’t commit a crime. I’m not a queer.” Another, ostensibly wracked with guilt, eventually finds a gun and shoots himself in the head, when he can no longer live with himself. And there’s an unrepentant soul who says “I see the light of the Lord in homosexuality,” arguing that man-boy love brings one closer to God than heterosexuality.   

Rules are made to be broken, and the plot thickens when a housemate sneaks into town where he forges a friendship with a fellow pederast offering to procure all the local kids he’d like to rape. Will he or won’t he take the creep up on the offer?

An eerily-unsettling examination of pedophilia from the perspective of the perpetrators   suggesting that these sex offenders might not be monsters, but merely misunderstood children of God.

Very Good (3 stars)


In Spanish with subtitles

Running time: 97 minutes

Distributor: Music Box Films

DVD Extras: Commentary by co-stars Alfredo Castro and Antonia Zegers; interviews with Antonia Zegers and director Pablo Larrain; Berlinale press conference excerpt; and a collector’s booklet featuring cast and crews interviews and an essay by film critic Jessica Kiang.

To order a copy of The Club on DVD, visit:

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Is Buying a Hobby Farm in Your Future?


Is Buying a Hobby Farm in Your Future?

By Burt Carey

More and more Americans are escaping big city or suburb life for one in the country on their own 40 acres, trading traffic and honking horns for the quieter, simpler life of a farmer. They’ve traded business apparel for denim, floppy hats and boots.

Is Buying a Hobby Farm in Your Future?Buying a hobby farm can be exhilarating and frustrating all at the same time, even for the most prepared among us. Here are some things to consider before moving to the countryside.

First, you won’t find your Green Acres by driving around looking at properties with for sale signs. Whether you want to grow vegetables, raise cattle or other livestock, or buy a retirement cottage in the woods with a pond, employing a real estate agent that specializes in farms will save your time and money.

Also consider that you’re not likely to find a turn-key operation that suits yours desires perfectly. The majority of hobby farm owners develop their properties over time, adding barns, stables, fencing and other amenities as they go.

Hobby farms come in a variety of styles to match with the owners’ goals. Some farmers want to raise livestock, pelts or produce to sell at local markets, which requires locations relatively close to urban population centers. Farms farther away from big cities are less expensive than those close to a city.

Hobby farms can range from hunting properties to country estates to a house with outbuildings. What typically happens with these farms is that the house is in pristine order but barns, stables and other outbuildings have been neglected, or vice-versa. You’ll need to consider the types of floors used for the outbuildings, whether they are dirt, gravel or concrete, how well or whether they are insulated, and the availability of electricity and water.

For those who want a farm for personal use, such as for horses or growing gardens to produce their own vegetables and fruits, a small tract of land in the 5- to 10-acre size is probably plenty of space. But if you’re looking to market what you grow, you’ll be looking for a farm anywhere from 20 to 50 acres in size.

The history of any farm you want to buy may dictate what types of vegetables or fruits will grow there. Here you can’t study enough. Your research should include soil types, the availability of water, the chemicals used by nearby farming operations, terrain, climate, and the marketability of the produce your wish to grow.

On the animal husbandry side of farming, your farm will need barns, paddocks, chicken coops or kennels, depending on the number and type of animals you want to raise.

As you look to purchase a farm, whether for personal or commercial use, be sure to ask about existing equipment, livestock and other assets. Many sellers will include tractors, chickens and existing crops in the sale price.


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Jewish Baker Takes Muslim Apprentice in Unlikely-Buddies Dramedy


Dough, Film Review by Kam Williams, Jewish BakerDough

Film Review by Kam Williams

Jewish Baker Takes Muslim Apprentice in Unlikely-Buddies Dramedy

Nat (Jonathan Pryce) is the owner of Dayan and Son, a Kosher bakery located in London. The store’s name is a bit of a misnomer since he’s been the only Dayan working there ever since his father passed away.

Nat’s disappointed that his own son, Stephen (Daniel Caltagirone), opted to become a lawyer rather than join the family business. Consequently, he had to settle for teaching the tricks of the trade to a neighborhood kid (Dominic Garfield), only to have that sole assistant eventually stolen away by Sam Cotton (Philip Davis), a conniving competitor planning to open another bakery right next door.

To add insult to injury, Cotton is also wining and dining Nat’s lonely landlord Joanna Silverman (Pauline Collins), not out of affection, but to buy the building for a song. If successful, he’ll be able to kick Nat out once the lease expires. Worst of all,  Dayan and Son is having trouble staying afloat due to a dwindling clientele that’s dying off.

Nat’s fortunes change soon after he hires Ayyash (Jerome Holder), a teenaged Muslim immigrant from Darfur, as his new apprentice. For, it isn’t long before the store is attracting long lines of customers.

But what Nat doesn’t know is that Ayyash has been spiking the batter with marijuana. That’s the reason for the sudden increase in satisfied shoppers. Of course, it’s just a matter of time before the cat’s out of the bag, and matters come to a head when the proprietor gets an explanation for his skyrocketing profits.

Dough, Film Review by Kam Williams, Jewish Baker

Thus unfolds Dough, a tender-hearted dramedy directed by John Goldschmidt (Maschenka). The cross-cultural adventure milks most of its humor and tension out of the friendship grudgingly forged between between unlikely-buddies Nat and Ayyash. The picture effectively contrasts the former’s being old, Jewish,white, British and middle-class with the latter’s being young, Muslim, black, African and living hand to mouth.

Dough, Film Review by Kam Williams, Jewish Baker

  The film also features a surprising number of intriguing subplots, including a love triangle involving Nat, Joanna and Cotton; Ayyash and his mother’s (Natasha Gordon) becoming homeless, Nat’s neglected granddaughter (Melanie Freeman) craving quality time with her grampa, and Ayyash’s antagonizing a vengeful drug dealer (Ian Hart).

By the closing tableau, all the loose ends are tied up quite satisfactorily, and we’ve also learned a very timely lesson in tolerance. ‘Dough’-lightful!

Excellent (4 stars)


Running time: 94 minutes

Studio: Viva Films

Distributor: Menemsha Films

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Mets’ Noah Syndergaard Off to a Blazing Start


Mets’ Noah Syndergaard Off to a Blazing Start

By Burt Carey

New York has a long history of producing positive media for its sports stars. Some are deserved, others not so much. The accolades for New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard are starting to mount.

New York Mets, Major League Baseball, Noah Syndergaard, Rookie of the Year, Sports IllustratedAll he’s done so far in the young 2016 Major League Baseball season is compile a 2-0 record in four starts, with a 1.69 ERA and 0.98 WHIP. He’s given up just 22 hits (none of them home runs) while striking out 38 batters.

At 6 feet 6 inches and 240 pounds, he’s an imposing figure to be standing just 60 feet away hurling a baseball at 99 miles per hour. What’s truly impressive is that the second-year righthander has developed a 93-mile-per-hour slider. Yes, he throws his breaking ball as fast as most major league pitchers’ fastballs.

When Syndergaard was called up during the 2015 season, he seemed to easily handle the promotion en route to Rookie of the Year contention. He compiled a 9-7 record with a 3.24 ERA and recorded 106 strikeouts in 150 innings over 24 games.

While baseball writers, scouts and other experts report on the 23-year-old’s excellent mechanics, the question is whether he will be able to sustain throwing a high number of innings without injury.

Sports Illustrated writer Tom Verducci reports, “The Mets’ 23-year-old righthander … throw with so much velocity, even when he spins the ball, that in short time we will know one of these things for sure: He is either a threat to himself – pushing the limits of musculoskeletal integrity – or he is a once-in-a-generation physical marvel.”

Well, there goes that New York media again.

This generation of major league players is full of physical marvels hurling from pitching mounds. There’s the Dodgers’ three-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw, who’s just 28 years old. There’s Zack Greinke, the Arizona Diamondbacks hurler and Cy Young Award winner, who isn’t exactly a grandpa at 32 years of age. And 26-year-old Madison Bumgarner, the Giants 6-foot-5-inch lefty who came oh so close to winning 20 games in both the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

The difference is that Syndergaard consistently throws his fastball in the upper 90s, and that nasty slider comes toward the plate at such velocity that hitters, especially righthanded hitters, are left guessing in a split second which pitch he has thrown.

Whether his arm can sustain the punishment of 200+ innings over an entire season is the only questions left unanswered. The Mets’ Matt Harvey was the last New York pitcher to come close to the velocities Syndergaard is throwing. He threw 96 miles per hour fastballs and breaking balls at 90 in 2013 but blew out his elbow in 2014.

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Prince’s Paisley Park Home/Office/Recording Studio to Become Museum


Prince’s Paisley Park Home/Office/Recording Studio to Become Museum

By Burt Carey

As millions of music fans across the world mourn the death of Prince, his family is paving the way to give the public a behind-the-scenes peek into the artist’s exceptionally private life.

Prince, Paisley Park, music remembered, Chanhassen, Minnesota, memorabilia“We will turn Paisley Park into a museum in Prince’s memory,” brother-in-law Maurice Phillips told The Sun, a U.K. tabloid. “It would be for the fans. He was all about the fans – this would remember his music, which is his legacy. Prince was always private but would have wanted his music remembered.”

The world knew him by his first name only, a brand Prince grew into sales and a huge persona that translated in popular appeal on stage. Born Prince Rogers Nelson in Minneapolis on June 7, 1958, he died last week at the age of 57.

Paisley Park is the name of Prince’s 50,000-square-foot mansion in Chanhassen, Minn., a small city of less than 25,000 people southwest and just outside the suburbs of Minneapolis. Since his death a week ago, Prince’s home has been visited by tens of thousands of mourning fans. And while Chanhassen itself may not have the accommodations for thousands annual visitors, Minneapolis is close enough to handle what could become a popular tourist destination.

The plan to create a museum follows the lead of other famous musicians whose estates have become fan attractions. Perhaps the most famous of all is Graceland, Elvis Presley’s Memphis mansion, and Bob Marley’s former home in Kingston, Jamaica.

How far the family will be able to take their plans is yet to be seen. Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, filed court documents in Carver County, Minnesota, declaring that Prince did not have a will. She is asking the court to appoint a special administrator to oversee the artist’s estate, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

One of Prince’s music collaborators and former love interest Sheila E., also expressed interest in making Paisley Park into a museum. “We’re hoping to make Paisley what he wanted it to be. He was working on it being a museum,” she said. “He’s been gathering memorabilia and stuff from all the tours, like my drums and his motorcycle.

“There’s a hallway of his awards and things, which he really didn’t care about too much, but he displayed it for the fans because he knows that they would want to see it,” she continued.”There (are) pictures of him all down the halls, some you’ve seen before and some never. There’s a mural on the wall with his hands out, and on one side is all the people he was influenced by and the other side is all of us who have played with him. It’s beautiful.”

Prince sold more than 100 million records worldwide in a variety of styles, including funk, R&B, rock, soul and pop. He won seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, and Rolling Stone ranks him at No. 27 of its 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

Prince, Paisley Park, music remembered, Chanhassen, Minnesota, memorabilia


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Millennial Generation’s Variation on "The Big Chill" Arrives on DVD


Burning Bodhi, DVD Review by Kam Williams, aneurysm, Albuquerque, The Big Chill, Drama

Millennial Generation’s Variation on “The Big Chill” Arrives on DVD

Bodhi was a popular guy back in high school several years ago. So, when he passed away unexpectedly from an aneurysm, it’s no surprise that many of his friends might decide to return home to attend the funeral.

Among the pals descending on Albuquerque for the services is Miguel (Eli Vargas) who picks up a pregnant hitchhiker (Sasha Pieterse) en route from Chicago. Another is Miguel’s roommate, Dylan (Landon Liboiron) whose mom (Virginia Madsen) hasn’t seen her son since he went away to college.

  Then there’s Ember (Cody Horn), a promiscuous bimbo who admits to sleeping with Bodhi despite identifying herself as a lesbian. And Katy (Kaley Cuoco), who has a child being raised by her grandmother, is out on probation after spending time behind bars for drug possession and for leading police on a high-speed car chase.

This motley crew of mourners and a few others reunite to reminisce, imbibe and asses the state of their lives in Burning Bodhi, an alternately whimsical and sobering meditation on mortality. The movie marks the outstanding writing and directorial debut of Matthew McDuffie who exhibits quite a knack for capturing the attitudes and angst of today’s twenty-somethings. His pithy dialogue is laced with lots of memorable lines like, “May the light at the end of the tunnel is just you coming out of another vagina.” Executing the flip script is a very talented ensemble led by The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco who exhibits an impressive acting range in a role far afield from the person (Penny) she plays on that popular sitcom.

Burning Bodhi, DVD Review by Kam Williams, aneurysm, Albuquerque, The Big Chill, Drama

The plot thickens when Dylan’s jealous girlfriend Lauren (Meghann Fahey) shows up in time to put the kibosh on any rekindling of romance between him and his ex, Katy. Meanwhile, Ember can hardly contain her crush on Katy, who was dumped by Dylan for sleeping with dearly departed Bodhi right after he left for the Windy City. And so forth.

To summarize in 25 words or less, this compelling, character-driven soap opera examines the incestuous coupling, uncoupling, re-coupling, revelations and regrets among a wacky clique of world-weary ex-classmates. A trendy, Millennial Generation variation on The Big Chill which gives that beloved classic a real run for its money.

Excellent (4 stars)

Rated R for profanity, sexual references and drug use.

Running time: 93 minutes

Distributor: Monterey Video

DVD Extras: Interviews with the actors.

To order a copy of Burning Bodhi on DVD, visit:

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Top Ten DVD List for April 26, 2016


This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams

This Week’s DVD Releases by Kam Williams

Top Ten DVD List for April 26, 2016                       

Cary Grant: The Vault Collection [18 Films from the Archives]

The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates

Son of Saul

Burning Bodhi


Ride Along 2

Art House

19-2: Season One

Packed in a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson


Honorable Mention

Wabbit: Season One, Part One

Death Becomes Her

Bloody Wednesday

No Evidence of Disease

The Driftless Area

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Tyler Talks about His New Sci-Fi Series


Tyler James Williams
The “RePlay” Interview

with Kam Williams

Tyler Talks about His New Sci-Fi Series

Born in Westchester County, New York on October 9, 1992, Tyler James Williams can be seen this spring co-starring as computer whiz Monty in CBS’ Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, a new spinoff series. Early last year, he guest-starred as Noah in AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Tyler James Williams, The “RePlay” Interview, with Kam Williams

In 2014, he impersonated Steve Urkel on Key & Peele. The skit received rave reviews and was named the #1 sketch of the year by New York Magazine.

On the big screen, Tyler starred as Lionel Higgins in the breakout film Dear White People, a satire about being a black face in a very white place. The picture was well-received, including winning the Special Jury Prize at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. The year before, he appeared in Peeples opposite Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson.

Tyler might be best known for his work on the Emmy Award-winning series Everybody Hates Chris for which he won a 2007 NAACP Image Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. In 2012, he was nominated for another Image Award for his performance as gifted rapper plaguec by self-doubt in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Let It Shine.

Tyler began acting at the age of 4 on Sesame Street and he subsequently co-starred in the animated series Little Bill. His other television credits include Law & Order: SVU, as well as numerous appearances in sketches on Saturday Night Live.

An accomplished musician, Tyler recently released a mixtape with his brother Tyrel titled Me, My Brother & a Mic. Here, he talks about starring in RePlay, a scripted time-loop series from New Form Digital which debuted on April 20th.

To see the premiere episode of RePlay, visit:

Kam Williams: Hi Tyler, thanks for the interview.

Tyler James Williams: Thank you, Kam.

KW: What interested you in RePlay?

TJW: I just really liked the story and I loved the movie Groundhog’s Day.

KW: How would you describe the series in 140 characters or less?

TJW: It’s DJ Allison Lee’s (Lyndsy Fonseca) 25th birthday party and she just HAS to impress promoters. She fails and wishes for another try. She gets 25 chances to get it right.

KW: The premise does sound a little like Groundhog’s Day.

TJW: Yes, I would describe it as a modern day Groundhog’s Day. I really liked RePlay because it wasn’t just Allison’s character that experienced a replay, but eventually her friends realize they are also reliving the same day. And it is interesting to see how humans would act if they knew there were never any consequences for their actions because the next day they could wake up and just redo it.

Tyler James Williams, The “RePlay” Interview, with Kam Williams

KW: If you had an opportunity to repeat the most important day of your life until you got it right, would you?

TJW: Oh man, I think I would. I would probably take a really bad date from when I was younger where just everything went wrong.

KW: How would you describe your character?

TJW: I play Nate who is Allison’s best friend, but he is secretly in love with her. He is in the “friends zone,” but really tries to get out of it. Each day, he gets a bit more desperate.

KW: What is your favorite dish to cook?

TJW: I love breakfast food any time of the day.

KW: Ling-Ju Yen asks: What is your earliest childhood memory?

TJW:  Well I remember everything from my days shooting Sesame Street. It was such an incredible experience. My mom also convinced me to steal one of Big Bird’s feathers, which I still have.

KW: Sherry Gillam would like to know what is the most important life lesson you’ve learned so far?

TJW: Patience, always be patient. I also believe everything happens for a reason.

  Tyler James Williams, The “RePlay” Interview, with Kam Williams

KW: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

TJW: Hmm… How about shooting the RePlay party scene over and over again and doing the wake up scene 25 times on the same day in a row! That was pretty crazy! [Laughs]

KW: What is your guiltiest pleasure?

TJW: When I am in New York, I love going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering chicken wings and fries.

KW: “Realtor to the Stars” Jimmy Bayan asks: What’s your dream locale in Los Angeles to live?

TJW: I really like where I live in L.A. right now. I live in the Valley and I feel I picked a spot that has some New York aspects. There are diners and a corner store.

KW: Finally, what’s in your wallet?

TJW: Money and a hair tie for my personal trainer Jimmy. You never know when he needs to put it up in a man bun. [Laughs] I am really into fitness right now and trying to bulk up.

KW: Thanks again for the time, Tyler, and best of luck with all your endeavors.

TJW: My pleasure, Kam.

To watch episodes of RePlay, visit:   

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The Scott Brothers are at the Center of the Renovation Craze


The Scott Brothers are at the Center of the Renovation Craze

by Amy Lignor


When you need help making those perfect chocolate chip cookies you remember from your youth, you head straight to Grandma’s kitchen. When you need help filing your taxes, you go straight to that CPA who has a box of Kleenex on their desk for when you begin to sob. And when you want to know how to renovate your home (on or under budget) in 2016, you head straight to the phenomenal duo – the Scott Brothers.


Drew and Jonathan Scott, HGTV, leaders of renovation craze, "Property Brothers", refurbish, redecorate, reuse, recycle, budgetDrew and Jonathan Scott have taken over the television airwaves, and now the bookstores, by doing exactly what everyone seems to want to learn about these days – renovation and making the “old, out of date” house look brand, spanking new. One of the biggest rages in this country can be found on HGTV. People no longer want to just hop into a mega real estate loan in order to buy a new, ready-to-move-in home on the market. Of course, they don’t have to now, seeing as that a slightly more used house (and way lower priced) can be fixed up to a standard even higher than it was the year it was built.


Beginning on a horse farm in Vancouver, the Scott brothers have become the leaders of this renovation craze. These identical twins actually bought their first house while still in high school and ended up flipping it for a $50,000 profit. Today, Drew is the real estate expert wearing the nice suit while Jonathan (in work clothes and tool belt) takes care of all the renovations new homeowners need. Shows like: “Property Brothers,” “Property Brothers at Home,” “Buying & Selling” and “Brother vs. Brother,” make up the Scott’s body of work to help the homeowner. And now, they have put out a book called, “Dream Home: The Property Brothers Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House,” that gives everyone out there information, instructions, and aid on how to make their old home look like new.


Whether buying or selling, the Scott brothers offer up “must-know” tips on what to do to make your buy or sell the best it can be. The Scott’s main advice? Well…


Be realistic about what you can fix. It is important to understand that not every car is a Porsche and not every home is a “dream” home. There will be places that you can’t change within the house, and the owners should look at those things first and accept the fact…that’s just the way it is. The Scott’s say that any house can be made to look beautiful, but location is important, as well as what’s around this particular house that could make the resale value plummet, even if it has had a nice renovation. (A horrible structure next door, a busy highway running behind it, etc.)


Next up… Inspection. When it comes to fixer-uppers, inspections are really important. The Scott Brothers say to hire the pickiest individual you can for the job, and definitely ask all questions you want to ask. If the inspection is thorough, the homeowner does not have to worry about something horrific (and expensive) popping up out of nowhere.


Then comes; budget. The Scott brother’s projects on TV are one thing but not the real thing when it comes to certain fees and expenses that the real world will make a homeowner pay. Most likely you will not be able to renovate your house and stay at a $30,000 budget just because there was an episode you saw where the brothers did that. Make sure the contractor’s cards are on the table, so to speak, and make sure that you completely understand that only a few rooms and not the entire house may be covered under your budget. Unless your last name is Trump, of course.


Also, when it comes to the contractor, remember that they are not also designers. Designers are a whole different species. The contractor builds your walls sturdy, but you will want a good designer to make those walls pleasing to the eye.


With each month, home renovations (as well as the tons of TV programs that focus on the subject) are multiplying in the U.S. People want to refurbish, redecorate, or in some cases tear a room out and put something else in. A good idea and great for resale value, but you must make sure that before you green light projects that you seek out the best advice possible. And make sure that these identical twins – the Scott Brothers – become a weekly viewing attraction as you sit on your couch in your “good, old” house.

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