Trail of Highways; Christ Church St Simons Island Georgia


Trail of Highways™
Christ Church
St. Simons Island, Georgia

Christ Church was built in 1820 but was partially destroyed by Union troops during the Civil War. In 1884, the Reverend Anson Phelps Dodge, Jr., built the present structure in memory of his wife, Ellen. Christ Church is constructed of wood in the cruciform design with a trussed Gothic roof and steeple.

Christ Church, Frederica is open to the public for tours Tuesday through Friday from 2:00pm – 5:00pm. (they are closed on Easter and Christmas) For safety reasons, the cemetery grounds are closed every Monday for routine landscape maintenance from 7:00am – 4:00pm. Visitors can walk the grounds for free. Services are held each day at 5:00pm, on Fridays at 11:30am, and every Sunday from 8:00am – 11:00am. Please be respectful and quiet when on the grounds, and avoid visits during service hours.

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NEW Apex Gear ATTITUDE Archery Sight with Choice Pin Selector™


NEW Apex Gear ATTITUDE Archery Sight with Choice Pin Selector™

Change Your ATTITUDE with Apex Gear

by Capt. Ted Lund


If you’re looking to change your outlook about multi-pin archery sights, you might not have to look any further than the new ATTITUDE with Opti-Choice Pin Selector  from Apex Gear – a company who’s mission is “Performance Driven” technology for bow hunters.

Attitude Sight by APEX GEAR

Attitude Sight

Apex Gear’s new, compact and ultra-lightweight archery sight offers a technically superior and unique feature not offered by ANY other bow sight manufacturer – the Opti-Choice Pin Selector. Have you ever experienced doubt selecting the correct pin for the distance? Not any more! With the simple twist of a dial, archers can chose which of the five multi-colored pins they would like to highlight. Once the desired pin is selected, the archer has the ability to adjust the intensity of illumination, helping them to dial in their shot. It’s so easy to use! Simply rotate the Optic-Choice dial to select exactly which pin to illuminate. Then push-in the dial for multiple brightness settings (Low, Medium, High, Off). That’s all there is to it! Pick the correct pin EVERY TIME with the Optic-Choice Pin Selector technology.

Another beneficial feature offered on this sight is the new Pro-Brite™ pin technology. This simple yet sophisticated .019” dia. pin design helps to minimize pin gap while maximizing brightness. The sight also boasts Apex’s proprietary Gravity-Line™ rotational adjustment that aligns pin movement with gravity for unlimited options — whether making a difficult tree stand shot or dealing with extreme, difficult shot angles. Target acquisition is razor-sharp and nearly instantaneous thanks to a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring. And the adjustable level is also illuminated with luminescent  tape. The new ATTITUDE is a feature-filled option for bow hunters looking for a unique and dependable 5.

Apex’s ATTITUDE is convertible for left or right-handed shooters and is CNC-machined with precision from aluminum. The sight also features reduced vibration characteristics thanks to a TRU-TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating that helps dampen vibrations. Offered in a matte black finish, MSRP is $135.

For more information on the Apex Gear ATTITUDE series of archery sights or to see their complete line of sights, quivers, stabilizers and other accessories, head to

You can also follow them at


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Tarpon Time for Tidewater Owners


Tarpon Time for Tidewater Owners

by Ted Lund


As coastal waters warm up, tarpon begin their annual migration northward along the Gulf and Atlantic

Carolina Bay 2000

Carolina Bay 2000

coasts and anglers from Texas all the way to the Carolinas can get in on the high-flying action. It’s a perfect fishery for Tidewater’s 2000 Carolina Bay, offering a dry, fast ride thanks to the boats notable “Carolina flare” design. It’s the perfect stable platform for chasing the silver king in inshore and nearshore waters. Novice and experienced anglers alike will appreciate the Carolina Bay’s larger casting platform and plenty of other fishing-friendly features including dual livewells, pull-up cleats, folding jumpseats and plenty of rod storage.


Live Baiting

Tarpon techniques vary from location to location, but they’ll rarely turndown a chunky live bait like a threadherring, menhaden or live mullet. Most anglers prefer falling tide, as that’s when tarpon gang up around points, corners in channels or inlets to take advantage of baitfish, shrimp and crabs being swept out on the current.

Setting up on one of these areas, you’ll want to target tarpon with a 7-foot medium-heavy- to heavy-action conventional or spinning outfit, armed with a reel holding at least 300 yards of 30-pound superbraid. If water clarity is good, like it is in South and West Florida, you can fish baits on the surface, using either a balloon or large cork to indicate their position and prevent them from diving to the bottom and getting snagged. In murkier water, it’s a good bet to put the baits near the bottom using an egg-sinker. Terminal choices can include 40- to 80-pound fluorocarbon leader, depending on the size of the fish and water clarity. Whatever you decide with, it’s best to opt for a 4/0 to 6/0 circle hook — but remember, never set the hook. The best strategy is to let one of the Tidewater’s many rod holders do the work. But if you insist on being hands on, just wind down into the fish, let the hook come tight and slowly raise the rod tip.

Get Chummy

There is another method of tarpon fishing that get’s little play, but can be equally as effective as live-baiting: Chumming.

Originally developed in the Florida Keys, dead-bait chumming has been used successfully anywhere tarpon are found. In this scenario, you’ll want to use your fishfinder to locate a school of tarpon holding in the current. Next, anchor 50 to 100 yards up-tide of the school and once you come tight, start creating a scent trail by chunking whatever bait you have on hand. In the Florida Keys, where shrimp boat by-catch is readily available, that’s the go-to bait. But if you live anywhere with an abundance of threadherring, menhaden or mullet, those work great, too. Can’t catch your own? No worries. A flat of threadherring or similar baitfish provide plenty of enticement.

Keep a steady stream of bait going; try to distribute it evenly between the port and starboard corners, where your anglers will be stationed. Then, using the same type setups as used for live-baiting, slowly drift a chunk of dead bait back to the school. The object is to keep the bait flowing at the same rate as the freebies.

The bite will register either one of two ways. If the fish picks up the bait and sneaks off (and you will be amazed at how gentle a 100-pound fish can be on the uptake) you’ll register just the slightest increase in speed of the line flowing off the reel. If the tarpon eats the bait and starts swimming towards you, the line will briefly stop as the fish closes the gap.

In either case, your reaction should be the same. Engage the reel, point the tip at the water and start



winding like crazy until the drag prevents you from winding any more. At this point, gently lift into the fish, allowing the hook to find its way into the corner of the tarpon’s mouth.

With the advent of braided line, durable flouro leader and circle hooks, the necessity of bowing to the silver king has almost disappeared. But you will want to keep the rod tip high, ready to give the fish the tip if it jumps or suddenly turns and runs away from.

There’s no better way to get your Tidewater family involved in fishing than providing constant, fun-filled action. And there’s no better way than to chase tarpon during the spring and summer. So get on out and give it a try!

For more information on how to become a member of the Tidewater family or to learn about their entire line of boats pairing performance and quality with value, visit


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Lovely Loni!


Loni Love

The “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” Interview

with Kam Williams

Lovely Loni!



Throughout her career, comedian and actress Loni Love has brought audiences into hysterics with her witty satire and hilarious stand-up. Through her tireless pursuit of excellence, Loni has now found herself at the top ranks of the comedy hierarchy.
Loni Love,  The “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” Interview,  with Kam WilliamsWhen not busy circumnavigating the globe on the stand-up circuit, she co-hosts The Real, the popular, daytime talk show on Fox-TV. She’s also an author, having released her first book last year, “Love Him or Leave Him, but Don’t Pick Up the Tab,” a part-memoir, part-relationship advice opus.


Growing up as a latchkey daughter of a devoted, role model mom in Detroit’s Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects, Loni always had an unparalleled work ethic. Working on the General Motors assembly line in High School, she found a passion for electrical engineering which landed her a scholarship to Prairie View A&M University in Texas.


It was there that she first took to the stage and fell in love with stand-up comedy, routinely getting gigs throughout college. Upon graduation, she landed an engineering job in California and headed west to pursue her dream.

After feeling out the Los Angeles comedy club scene and becoming a regular at the legendary Laugh Factory, Loni reached full steam in 2003 when the electrical engineer by day / stand-up comedian by night was chosen for the comics showcase at HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. Soon thereafter, she won the Jury Prize for Best Stand-Up and was a finalist on CBS TV’s revival of Star Search.
Her comedic flair and entertaining presence landed Loni a role in Soul Plane alongside Tom Arnold, D.L. Hughley, and Snoop Dog. On the small screen, she’s starred in her own half-hour special for Comedy Central, and has also been seen on the channel’s Premium Blend, Weekends at the DL, and Chocolate News.


Loni’s very own one-hour special entitled Loni Love: America’s Sister aired on Comedy Central to rave reviews. Here, she talks about her latest outing as Donna Erricone opposite Kevin James in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.



Kam Williams: Hi Loni, thanks for the interview.

Loni Love: Hey, Kam! No problem.


KW: What interested you in Paul Blart 2?

LL: I loved the script. I love the process of it’s being a family-friendly movie that also has action. And I also like the fact that the character I’m playing is the only mall cop that can actually fight. I thought the picture was really cute and I’m just really glad to be a part of it.


KW: I loved your appearance on Joan Rivers’ show, In Bed with Joan Rivers?

LL: Thank you!


KW: The two of you were hilarious playing off each other. But there was one moment that gave me goose bumps. That was when she said, “If you ever need a Jewish doctor, mention my name. I could drop dead in any of the original 13 colonies, and there’d be a doctor to revive me.”

LL: [LOL] We joked so much that day, and a lot of people have asked me about it. Her passing is such a tragedy, but we do have our memories of her. The thing people don’t know is that after that interview, she took so much time with me. She spent the whole day with me. I was really amazed by her, and I felt very honored. But it was just a very creepy, weird coincidence that she joked about that.


KW: Why did you go from engineering to comedy?

LL: Because I was the worst engineer in the United States of America. [Laughs] No, I started doing stand-up in college, but I promised my mother that I would finish my engineering degree first. When I got a job in L.A., I started doing engineering, during the day, and stand-up, at night. Then, I got laid off in 2002, and never looked back.


KW: You still stayed busy. Besides acting and stand-up, you found time to write your relationship advice book, “Love Him or Leave Him, but Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab” and to host Café Mocha Radio. Where do you find all the time?

LL: One thing Joan taught me was to never turn any gigs down. In this day and age, you have to multi-task to have a career and to get the exposure that you want. Through doing Café Mocha Radio, I was actually able to interview President Obama and the First Lady. Things I would never have dreamed of have happened to me because if I can schedule it, I’ll do it. I was raised in the Brewster Projects in Detroit, and my mom taught me to work hard. So, when I was offered an opportunity to publish a book, I hunkered down and wrote it. I’ve been a touring comic for over a decade, and to get a chance to be on a talk show every day is a comic’s dream come true. So, all the things I’ve done in the past was training for what you see today, which is really to just be an entertainer.


KW: Is there any question no one ever asks you, that you wish someone would?

LL: I wish people would ask me: What is your favorite body part.


KW: Okay, what is your favorite body part?

LL: My knees! I have exotic knees.


KW: What is your guiltiest pleasure?

LL: Shoot! Anybody who knows me, knows that I love bacon.


KW: What is your favorite dish to cook, bacon and eggs?

LL: I love anything with bacon. Bacon and eggs… I’ll wrap bacon around shrimp… I’ll dip some in chocolate and serve it for dessert… anything with bacon.


KW: The bookworm Troy Johnson question: What was the last book you read?

LL: The Bible.


KW: The Teri Emerson question: When was the last time you had a good laugh?

LL: Just a few minutes ago, when we were talking about Joan.


KW: Was there a meaningful spiritual component to your childhood?

LL: I was raised by a single-mother who made sure I had the guidance of prayer. If you grew up in the projects during the crack era, you had to have some type of faith. And my mom always taught me to pray before I went to school. I think that was very important because there were a lot of things that could’ve happened to me that didn’t because of my mom’s encouraging me to have faith. 


KW: The Ling-Ju Yen question: What is your earliest childhood memory?

LL: Oh my goodness! My earliest was my first day of pre-school which I remember because I got excited seeing that there were tricycles there. That made me want to go to school every day.


KW: When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

LL: I see a very hard-working entertainer, and I’m very happy about how my process is going.


KW: If you could have one wish instantly granted, what would that be for?

LL: To go on a date with Idris Elba. [Chuckles]


KW: The “Realtor to the Stars” Jimmy Bayan’s question: What’s your dream locale in Los Angeles to live?

LL: In L.A., by the beach in Malibu.


KW: What about anywhere in the world?

LL: Paris.


KW: The Melissa Harris-Perry question: How did your first big heartbreak impact who you are as a person?

LL: My high school boyfriend taught me to take care of myself first, and I’ve always carried that throughout my relationships.


KW: Are you ever afraid before going onstage for a stand-up performance?

LL: Only if there’s not a bar. [Laughs]


KW: The Viola Davis question: What’s the biggest difference between who you are at home as opposed to the person we see on the red carpet?

LL: That I have a wig on. [Chuckles]


KW: The Anthony Anderson question: If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose?

LL: X-ray vision.


KW: The Judyth Piazza question: What key quality do you believe all successful people share?

LL: A solid work ethic and being on time.


KW: The Harriet Pakula-Teweles question: With so many classic films being redone, is there a remake you’d like to star in?

LL: Yes, Lady Sings the Blues.


KW: What advice do you have for anyone who would like to follow in your footsteps?

LL: Start with a solid five-minute routine, and go to open mic nights until you build yourself up.


KW: Finally, what’s in your wallet?

LL: A condom! [LOL]


KW: Thanks again for the time, Loni, and best of luck with the film and your many other projects.

LL: [Still laughing] Thank you so much, Kam.


To purchase a copy of Loni’s book, “Love Him or Leave Him, but Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab” visit:


 Source:  Baret News Wire

Trails of Highways; Cannon Being Fired at Fort Castillo de San Marcos


Trails of Highways™
Cannon Being Fired at Fort Castillo de San Marcos
St. Augustine, Florida

The cannons are fired every Saturday from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm.
The fort also host several other historic demonstrations..

Fort Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States (Castillo San Felipe del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico is older). Located on the western shore of Matanzas Bay in the city of St. Augustine, Florida, the fort was designed by the Spanish engineer Ignacio Daza. Construction began in 1672,] 107 years after the city’s founding by Spanish Admiral and conquistador Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, when Florida was part of the Spanish Empire. The fort’s construction was ordered by Governor Francisco de la Guerra y de la Vega after the destructive raid of the English privateer Robert Searles. Work proceeded under the administration of Guerra’s successor, Manuel de Cendoya in 1671,[ although the first stone was not laid until 1672.

The Castillo de San Marcos is built with the unique limestone, “coquina”. Made of many tiny shell fragments and sand lightly bound together with calcite, it has survived cannon balls and hurricanes but is very fragile to human contact. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Florida.
Relax and Ponder as you take in the view of the city from the gundeck. The Fort’s green offers a large recreation area perfect for a picnic or a shady nap.

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Top Ten DVD List for April 28, 2015


This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams

Top Ten DVD List for April 28, 2015




American Interior


The Wedding Ringer


Last Days in Vietnam


The Gambler


The Mentalist: The Complete Series [Box Set]


The Mystery of Lord Lucan


New Tricks: Season Eleven


Boy Meets Girl


The Almighty Johnsons: Seasons One-Three



Honorable Mention


Masterpiece: Wolf Hall


The Physics of Light


Let’s Learn: S.T.E.M.


The Comedian




The Marine 4: Moving Target


Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies


Twice Born: Stories from the Special Delivery Unit


Mia & Me: Discover Centopia


Inherent Vice


The Barber


The Boy Next Door


50 to 1


Drink Me: The Vampire Next Door

Source:  Baret News Wire

Computer Nerd Falls for Fembot with Free Will in Intriguing Sci-Fi Thriller


Ex Machina

Film Review by Kam Williams

Computer Nerd Falls for Fembot with Free Will in Intriguing Sci-Fi Thriller



Caleb Smith (Domnhall Gleeson) works as a computer programmer for Blue Book, the most popular internet search engine in the world. As the winner of a staff lottery, he is summoned to the secluded, hilltop retreat of the company’s reclusive CEO, Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac).

130456_oriOnly after being brought there by corporate helicopter does the nerdy 26 year-old discover that his billionaire boss has a hidden agenda. As it turns out, the place is less a home than a high-tech facility dedicated to conducting research in artificial intelligence.

But before Caleb is allowed to stay, he’s forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement promising to keep secret what he’s about to witness. Nathan next explains that it’s an invention, an android he wants Turing tested, meaning examined for any software flaws revealing it as non-human.

He then introduces his curious guest to Ava (Alicia Vikander), the fetching fembot he wants studied over the course of a week. Caleb is surprised by her level of sophistication, since her brain is complex enough to discern the connotation of idioms like “breaking the ice.” He’s even more impressed by her non-deterministic nature, as she appears to have been successfully programmed with free will.

The plot thickens several days into the project when Ava senses Caleb has developed feelings for her. At130462_ori that point, the attractive automaton quietly confides her fears about being expendable in the eyes of Nathan who wouldn’t have a second thought about wiping her memory banks clean once she’s no longer considered state-of-the-art. After all, that’s what he’s done to each of her mothballed predecessors in his relentless quest to build a better cyborg.

Where does Caleb’s loyalty lie? With the callous employer he suddenly sees as a heartless tinkerer? Or with the flesh-covered machine exhibiting a full range of emotions, including a seductive vulnerability? That is the dilemma confronting the anguished protagonist in Ex Machina, an intriguing sci-fi adventure marking the splendid directorial debut of Alex Garland.

Best known as the scriptwriter of 28 Days Later, the gifted Brit more than proves his mettle as a filmmaker, here, with a thought-provoking thriller guaranteed to keep you enthralled while reassessing the meaning of consciousness.



Excellent (4 stars)

Rated R for profanity, violence, sexual references and graphic nudity

Running time: 108 minutes

Distributor: A24


To see a trailer Ex Machina, visit:

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More Than a Score


More Than a Score
The New Uprising against High-Stakes Testing

Foreword by Diane Ravitch

Edited by Jesse Hagopian

Introduction by Alfie Kohn

Afterword by Wayne Au

Haymarket Books

Paperback, $16.00

336 pages, Illustrated

ISBN: 978-1-60846-392-3

Book Review by Kam Williams

“As the essays in this book make clear, public education is under attack. So is the teaching profession… Those who are leading the charge are very wealthy individuals, hedge fund managers, corporate executives, and venture philanthropists.

More Than a Score,  The New Uprising against High-Stakes Testing,  Foreword by Diane Ravitch,  Edited by Jesse Hagopian, Book Review by Kam WilliamsThe attack on public schools and the teaching profession is fueled by a zealous belief in test scores… Reformers treat standardized tests as both a measure of quality and the goal of schooling. They don’t care that their fetishizing of tests has perverse consequences, that it leads to narrowing of the curriculum, cheating, teaching to the test, and gaming the system.

Reformers don’t care that their focus on scores as the be-all and end-all of schooling has warped education, particularly in districts where children have the highest needs and the lowest scores. Test-prep is all-important; it leaves no time for projects, activities, and deep learning.”

Excerpted from the Foreword (pages xi-xii)


The size of America’s Prison-Industrial Complex increased exponentially towards the end of the 20th Century, when big business successfully lobbied politicians to privatize correctional facilities all across the country. Unfortunately, while Wall St. benefited immeasurably from the conversions, minority youth were the primary victims of the subsequent rush to fill all the new jails via the kindergarten to prison pipeline.

More recently, investors started setting their sights on the nation’s public schools, again with the idea of profiting at the expense of the poor. President George W. Bush’s much-ballyhooed “No Child Left Behind” policy was ostensibly little more than a thinly-veiled attempt by entrepreneurs to wrest control of public education from the federal government.

The capitalist reformers’ basic argument was that failing schools could be turned around if they were run

more like streamlined businesses than academic institutions, and that the best way to gauge how well one was doing was by looking at students’ scores on standardized tests. To the extent that bureaucrats swallowed that sales pitch, teachers and principals found their jobs in jeopardy as they attempted to adjust to the altered curricula.

The fallout has already been shocking in cities like Atlanta, where numerous staff members are headed to prison for falsifying grades to protect their salaries as well as bonuses tied to test results. Elsewhere, we find faculty and pupils pushing back against the pressure to focus so narrowly on standardized tests and against the suggestion that scores are the most reliable way of assessing the quality of an education.

All of the above is the subject of More Than a Score, a collection of thought-provoking essays edited by high school history teacher Jesse Hagopian. The book includes articles not only by Jesse and fellow educators, but also by students, parents and administrators invariably questioning the wisdom of widespread standardized testing.

A clarion call by an army of passionate child advocates coming to the defense of kids caught in the crosshairs of the corporate-promoted practice of teaching to the test.


To order a copy of More Than a Score, visit:


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DVD Recounts Real-Life Ordeal of Black Family Held Hostage by White Supremacists



DVD Review by Kam Williams

DVD Recounts Real-Life Ordeal of Black Family Held Hostage by White Supremacists



Garrett Tully (Joe Anderson) is about to be paroled after spending the last 15 years behind bars. Although he might have paid his debt to society, he has little hope of making a smooth adjustment back to civilian life, given his fervent hope that America is on the brink of a race war.

Supremacy,  DVD Review by Kam WilliamsYou see, Garrett has a lot invested in that belief, being a white supremacist with tattoos of swastikas, a Confederate flag, an Iron Cross and the word “HATE” adorning his face, arms, fingers and chest. This means his prospects of turning a new leaf aren’t very brilliant, especially since Doreen (Dawn Olivieri), the Aryan Brotherhood groupie picking him up from prison, is packing heat just in case they cross paths with a black person on the way home.

And wouldn’t you know it, they’re pulled over by an African-American police officer en route and, before Doreen has a chance to produce her license and registration, Tully calls the cop the “N-word” and blows him away with the gun hidden under the seat. Next, rather than hightailing it to a neo-Nazi sanctuary, the unrepentant race baiters decide to break into a house in a black neighborhood where they proceed to use more racial slurs like “porch monkey” and “niglet” while holding everybody hostage.

Fortunately, the Walker family patriarch (Danny Glover) makes sure cooler heads prevail, until help arrives. Too bad the police negotiator (Derek Luke) turns out to be African-American, too.

Directed by Deon Taylor (Chain Letter), Supremacy is a hostage thriller ostensibly inspired by actual Supremacy,  DVD Review by Kam Williamsevents which transpired in Sonoma County, California on the night of March 29, 1995. At 11:30 that evening, Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Trejo was assassinated by a recently-paroled member of the Aryan Brotherhood and his gun moll, just before they forced their way into a nearby house and held the owners captive.

The resolution of this Hollywood version of the standoff relies on an empathetic Mr. Walker’s rising to the occasion. His philosophizing (“Prison does something to a man.”) miraculously manages to induce a couple of the most menacing and despicable screen characters in recent memory to have an 11th hour conversion.

A pretty preposterous turn of events, but who am I to argue with a tale supposedly based on a true story?


Fair (1.5 stars)


Running time: 111 minutes

Distributor: Well Go Entertainment

DVD Extras: Behind-the-Scenes featurette; and the theatrical trailer.



To order Supremacy on DVD, visit:


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Gambler and Golfer Conspire to Fleece a Sucker in Cat-and-Mouse Caper


The Squeeze

Film Review by Kam Williams

Gambler and Golfer Conspire to Fleece a Sucker in Cat-and-Mouse Caper



Augie Baccas (Jeremy Sumpter) is a God-fearing golfing sensation who credits his phenomenal success on the links to a combination of hard work, talent and a belief in the Almighty. And the promising prodigy is on the verge of leaving his dysfunctional home for the greener pastures of the PGA Tour so that he’ll no
The Squeeze,  Film Review by Kam Williamslonger be mistreated by his abusive stepfather (Elliott Grey) anymore.

But then he’s approached by an unsavory character who rolls into town in a classic convertible with an attractive blonde (Katherine LaNasa) riding shotgun. Reeves “Riverboat” Boatwright (Christopher McDonald) is a brash gambler sporting a thick Southern drawl and enough cash to seduce the youngster into making a deal with the devi.

The plan is to sucker a mark unaware of the kid’s prowess into betting a million dollars against him in a two-man match. Augie’s take will be 10% provided he wins. In Las Vegas, they find what they think is a patsy in Jimmy Diamonds (Michael Nouri), a high-roller with his own golf pro (Jason Dohring).

That is the basic setup of The Squeeze, a pat cat-and-mouse caper marking the writing and directorial debut of Terry Jastrow. Unfortunately, this battle-of-wits’ plot proves way too predictable to hold one’s attention very long.

A moralizing, paint-by-numbers parable lifted right out of the Hollywood hack playbook.


Fair (1.5 stars)

Rated PG-13 for sexuality, profanity, drug use and mature themes

Running time: 95 minutes

Distributor: ARC Entertainment


 Source:  Baret News Wire