3-Time Oscar-Winner Arrives on DVD



DVD Review by Kam Williams

3-Time Oscar-Winner Arrives on DVD


19 year-old Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller) got more than he bargained for when he entered the hallowed halls of mythical Shaffer Conservatory. The promising prodigy had reasonably expected what was arguably the best music school in the entire 51gj4amIJNLcountry to be the ideal place to pursue his ambition of becoming a celebrated jazz drummer.

But, from the first day of class, he ends up under the thumb of Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons), an impatient perfectionist with a twisted teaching method. This Machiavellian professor’s approach involves not only belittling his students but pitting them against one another by making them compete for spots in the school’s elite performance band.

In Andrew’s case, he has to contend for the coveted drummer’s chair with both an upperclassman (Nate Lang) and a fellow newcomer (Austin Stowell).  Meanwhile, he finds himself having to duck chairs being thrown at his head while simultaneously being called everything from a “retard” to a “pansy ass” to a “tonal catastrophe” by a taskmaster who rationalizes the abuse on the tough love theory that his job is “to push people beyond what was expected of them.”

A perverse relationship evolves in which Andrew willingly breaks up with124574_ori his patient girlfriend (Melissa Benoist) and surrenders any semblance of a social life in order to “Practice! Practice! Practice!” for the sake of his Svengali-like coach. However, such a narrow, self-negating path gradually takes a toll on his body and soul, as evidenced by bloody, calloused hands and ensuing bouts of depression.

Written and directed by Damien Chazelle (Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench), Whiplash is a wonderfully-electrifying drama very much akin to an overcoming-the-odds sports saga. Yet, it might be better thought of as a novel variation on the protégé-mentor theme typified by such relatively benign offerings as The Emperor’s Club, Dead Poets Society and Mr. Holland’s Opus.

The groundbreaking adventure just won a trio of Academy Awards in the Film Editing, Sound Mixing and Best Supporting Actor (J.K. Simmons) categories. A compelling, coming-of-age tale about a lifelong dream-turned-neverending nightmare, all because of a sadistic studio bandleader from Hell!


Excellent (4 stars)

Rated R for profanity and some sexual references

Running time: 107 minutes

Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Blu-ray Extras: Audio commentary; Timekeepers; Whiplash: the original short film; Fletcher at Home; An Evening at the Toronto International Film Festival with Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons and Damien Chazelle; the theatrical trailer; and Sony previews.


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New Druid Knife on the Cutting Edge


New Druid Knife on the Cutting Edge

by Ted Lund


One of the leading manufacturers of cutlery world wide has introduced a cutting-edge multi-purpose knife to the outdoors industry.

The brainchild of Steel Will Knives, the Druid 200 is a perfect match for outdoorsmen ranging from campers and hunters to hikers and anglers thanks to a sturdy and robust platform and universal cutting abilities.

Druid 200

Druid 200

Rugged construction translates into unparalleled craftsmanship and durability thanks to a full-body tang. Exposed at the butt of the handle, the tang forms a multi-purpose hammer and is rounded to not interfere with the handling of the knife.

Taping out at an overall length of 11.6 inches, the blade of the Druid 200 is 6.1 inches in length and the high-carbon steel features a satin finish and provides continuous premium performance with dynamic results. The high-carbon chromium-bearing steel has a thickness of 0.2 inches, giving outdoorsman the ability to complete most field tasks including clearing brush, making tinder, and skinning wild game. The thermoplastic elastomer handle fits securely in the hands of most outdoorsmen. Thanks to a unique groove design, outdoorsmen can enjoy confident control in dry and wet conditions.

The Druid 200 is conveniently carried and protected by an individually crafted leather sheath

with an integral belt loop that rests comfortably on the user’s belt, adding a professional, elegant — and practical — appearance.



Steel Will Knives was created with one purpose: to craft the world’s best knives by choosing



the finest time-tested metals from Japan, Austria, America and other countries and to ensure every knife achieves the distinct properties for which it is created. Each Steel Will knife is produced with scrupulous attention to every detail. The company is constantly searching for new ideas to revolutionize its products and to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Steel Will Knives prides themselves on designing products with the highest level of performance, quality, and craftsmanship.   To learn more about the DRUID 200, please visit  Steel Will Today!


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Carnival Time Needs Work


Carnival Time Needs Work

~ Samantha Lewis

Let’s face it, the last thing anyone was thinking about during the famous Carnival time in New Orleans, was the fact that there may have been toxic chemicals all around them. From the objects tossed into the crowd to the parade route itself, the well-
known Mardi Gras beads and throws are more than a ‘must-have’ or a ‘tradition’ they are hazardous.


Mardi_Gras_beads_metallic_styleIt is known that seventy-one percent of the beads contain levels of lead that exceed standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Committee. But as the ‘party’ closes down for the year, the talk is about the revelry – the cultural celebration that is fun for everyone (minus the environment). This is not “new” news by any stretch; the infamous chemicals in the beads have been spoken about year after year after year so that all locals and visitors, while celebrating a true historic tradition, would know of the ‘bad seed’ that comes to the ‘party.’


Yes, it is true that millions of pounds of trash are shoved into landfills each year after Mardi Gras has ended. In fact, it’s a statistic that New Orleans collected over 1,700 tons of garbage during the last ten days of Carnival, which added up to nearly $1.5 million they had to spend on sanitation. Yet even with all the ‘going green’ sentiment that the U.S. seems to have when it comes to headline news, a majority of attendees still throw trash on the ground, and pilot programs for recycling have been too small to have any noticeable effect.


Not many know that the bead tradition didn’t actually come along in the parades until the 1950’s. And the strings thrown to the attendees at that time were glass, imported from Czechoslovakia. Over time, a far cheaper source had to be found. It’s not surprising, as Mardi Gras grew, the beads needed to be purchased in mass quantities, and has become a multi-million dollar industry in China. The Mardi Gras beads have certainly moved up the ladder in production, but fallen far down the ladder when it comes to quality.


Another fact: Approximately 25 million pounds of beads are imported to New Orleans every year, with less than 2% recycled.Mardi_Gras_2007_Trash_Cleanup However, there are organizations for the truly ‘green-minded’ who want to celebrate AND be a part of the action, yet not worry about being part of the problem.


There are companies out there that should be looked at, as well as organizations such as Verdi Gras. Working alongside the Arc of Greater New Orleans, they are responsible for collecting and repackaging the beads. Donations can be made right along that parade route in purple and gold bins, and all year-round via bins located throughout the city.


Another well-known brand is Zombeads, which uses repurposed and recycled materials to create paper beads and assorted throws, like voodoo dolls, and rice bags to sell to krewes. These throws are higher quality items and have far less of a negative impact on the environment. Profits from Zombeads go to support the work of the local environmental and social justice non-profit organization, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade.


I Heart Louisiana, also creates eco-friendly, sustainable throws, and works to bring local artists and individuals in touch with krewes to ensure that production remains in New Orleans, bringing in an extra economy that is sorely needed.


It is highly important to understand that becoming eco-friendly where Mardi Gras is concerned not only cuts down on sanitation issues, but cuts down on some seriously toxic chemicals infiltrating the environment. The majority of beads made contain lead, cadmium, and a list of other chemicals. Some of these may be actually outlawed in some states. The Ecology Center estimates that in only one year, the total inventory of Mardi Gras beads can contain up to 900,000 pounds of hazardous flame retardants and 10,000 pounds of lead.


It’s frightening to know that these chemicals can and have played a part in huge health problems (cancer, birth defects, asthma, learning disabilities); and cause irreparable damage to the environment by seeping into the water table and finding a way into your food supply.


It’s time to do something about this. More people and more companies need to get involved. It is fun to enjoy the festivities and celebrate Carnival time, but it is necessary to find a way to protect the City so that the ‘party’ doesn’t have to come to an end.


Source:  Roadtrekin.com

Zac Geith Joins Tactacam Prostaff


Zac Geith Joins Tactacam Prostaff

by Ted Lund


One of the nation’s top professional hunters has joined the Tactacam prostaff — and he couldn’t be happier.


Zac Geith

Victory Outdoors’ (victoryoutdoors.net) Zac Geith has started using his Tactacam 2.0 while filming for the popular hunting and outdoors web portal. He really appreciates the seamless, integrated design that makes the Tactacam a functioning part of his compound bow.

“The camera goes into the housing, then attaches via your stabilizer slot on the bow,” says Geith.  “From that point on, its not only a video camera but doubles as a stabilizer, and your point of view is basically line of sight with the bow.”


Nice Bucks

The 32-year-old Geith has been bow-hunting since he was bit by the bug at 13 and killed his first deer at 14. His college roommate, Curtis Goettsch, founded Victory Outdoors and Tactacam has been a big part of their sharing their experiences with thousands of outdoorsmen around the world.

One of his favorite attributes of the Tactacam is the ability to record and film hunts and other outdoor activities in high definition, then share them with friends and family as well as on social media. He had that chance last fall when he bagged one of the  largest deer to date, a massive Iowa whitetail taping out at 187 3/8 inches.

“We were running two Tactacams at the time — one on the bow and one freestanding and here comes this giant buck

Giant Buck

Giant Buck

that we’ve never seen before,” says Geith. “You couldn’t have scripted it any better, and if you tried to just tell somebody the story, they’d never believe you. But we got it all thanks to Tactacam and I can share the deer of a lifetime with the rest of the world.”

Geith and his monster buck are now touring outdoors shows around the country sharing the Tactacam experience with hunters and fishermen everywhere. A big part of that experience comes in part thanks to the hunter-centric design features built into Tactacam — including its realistic field of view and ease of use.

“I see this camera overtaking it’s competitors  and some of the other point-of-view cameras because it was developed by outdoorsman for outdoorsman,” says Geith. “With one of its competitors, a 10-foot shot looks like its 20 yards away. With Tactacam, what you see is what you get, up close and personal.”

He also likes the one-button touch to record feature.

“There’s no fumbling around and making sure the camera is working,” says Geith. “You hit the button, the camera vibrates and you are recording.”

Geith also appreciates the wide variety of mounts available  with each unit.

“You have bow mounts, gun mounts, adhesive backed mounts, there’s no limit to what you can do with these,” says Geith. “You can film a whole show if you want to.”

“This year we’re going to be shooting with multiple Tactacam’s,” says Geith. “I can’t wait to see how we can share our hunts.”

For more information on Tactacam’s innovative series of video products designed and manufactured by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen, visit tactacam.com. To see Tactacam in action or witness Geith’s hunt of a lifetime yourself, visit victoryoutdoors.net.


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Waterpik® Supports Children’s Dental Health Month With Rebate Coupons And Donations


 Waterpik® Supports Children’s Dental Health Month With Rebate Coupons And Donations


A Head Start On a Lifetime of Good Oral Health Habits

 In Conjunction With America’s ToothFairy Foundation


FORT COLLINS, CO – Water Pik, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative personal health care products, is leading the charge to start children off on a lifetime of healthy oral hygiene.  During Children’s Dental Health Month, the company will be offering rebate coupons on its funWaterpik® Water Flosser For Kids, each of which will be accompanied by a matching donation to America’s ToothFairy.


The Waterpik® Water Flosser For Kids (WP-260) is a custom model made for children ages 6 to 12 years of age, featuring a compact, simplified design that makes water flossing easy, even for small children. It’s perfect for kids who wear braces or have trouble flossing, and fun to use every day. Twenty removable cling decals let kids personalize their Water Flosser to their own tastes.


In support of National Children’s Dental Health Month (February) and World Dental Health Month (March), Water Pik is providing two incentives to bring the Water Flosser For Kids to homes and families everywhere. In addition to $5.00 purchase rebate coupons, good through March 31st, Water Pik will also make a $5.00 donation to America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation for each rebate redeemed. America’s ToothFairy is an educational outreach organization focused on the importance of children’s oral health, as well as oral disease prevention and protection for our most vulnerable children.


“You can’t begin too early for a lifetime of brighter smiles and healthy gums,” said Suzanne Carranza, Senior Marketing Manager for Consumer Oral Health at Water Pik. “We’re proud to support the efforts of America’s ToothFairy and the important mission of National Children’s Dental Health month. Like Water Pik, both of these initiatives are dedicated to better oral health for children everywhere, and the Waterpik® Water Flosser For Kids is a great way ensure that goal. Through these rebate coupons and donations, we hope to see more children started on a permanent road to great dental health.”


The Waterpik® Water Flosser For Kids features an extra safe, kid-proof electrical design, as well as easy fingertip controls on the On/Off switch and the Pressure Control System, plus a reservoir that can be used as a cover to keep the unit clean. It includes one Orthodontic Tip for braces, and one Classic Jet Tip for general cleaning. The product is backed by a two-year warranty.


For a beautiful smile, healthier gums and better check-ups, the Waterpik® Water Flosser has been clinically proven to be far more effective than traditional string floss for reducing plaque, gingivitis, and gum disease. Used in conjunction with brushing, the Water Flosser has been proven up to 3 times as effective as string floss for cleaning around braces and up to 5 times as effective as brushing alone when used with the Orthodontic Tip.


Also, clinically proven to be up to 50% more effective than traditional string floss, the Waterpik® Water Flosser removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas; especially important for kids that wear braces. The system removes hard-to-reach bacteria and debris that causes bad breath.


The Waterpik® Water Flosser For Kids sells for $49.99. Consumers who purchase a unit from now until March 31st will receive a $5 rebate coupon, and in support of Children’s Dental Health Month, Water Pik will donate another $5 for every rebate coupon redeemed to America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation For more information on the Waterpik® Water Flosser For Kids, visit www.waterpik.com/kids


About Water Pik, Inc.

Water Pik, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative personal healthcare products sold under the Waterpik® name. The Company has developed and introduced many products that are considered the first of their kind and have led to the formation of new markets, including the Water Flosser, and the pulsating shower massage. The Waterpik® brand is one of the most trusted oral health brands of dental professionals throughout the world. The Company’s products are sold through a variety of channels, including mass merchandisers, drug store chains and specialty retailers. Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, the Company operates facilities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit the Water Pik, Inc. website at waterpik.com. Water Pik can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.



Con Man Matches Wits with Former Protégé in Farfetched, Cat-and-Mouse Crime Caper



Film Review by Kam Williams

Con Man Matches Wits with Former Protégé in Farfetched, Cat-and-Mouse Crime Caper



Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie) is an aspiring con artist who picked the worst guy to steal a wallet from when she settled on Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith). She had no reason to suspect that he was a third generation flimflam man descended from a grandfather who ran a crooked poker game in Harlem back in the day.


126959_oriNicky was more curious than infatuated when he accepted the seductive stranger’s invite up to her hotel room after sharing drinks at a bar in midtown Manhattan. So, he was ready when an accomplice (Griff Furst) posing as her berserk husband burst in brandishing a fake gun.

Rather than hand over his wallet, Nicky calmly laughs and schools the two in the flaws of their little shakedown, such as not waiting until he was naked to try to rob him. Jess is so impressed that she not only confesses, but begs him to take her on as a protégé, giving him a hard luck story about having been a dyslexic foster kid.

Nicky agrees to show her the ropes, and even invites her to join his team of hustlers about to descend on New Orleans where they plan to pickpocket plenty of unsuspecting tourists. They’re also set to hatch an elaborate plan to fleece a wealthy compulsive gambler (BD Wong) of over a million dollars.

Though Jess proves to be a fast learner and the plot is executed without a hitch, Nicky is reluctant to include her in his next operation after they become romantically involved. Instead, he moves on alone to Argentina, where he hopes to bilk a racing car mogul (Rodrigo Santoro) of a small fortune.

The plot thickens when Jess is already draped on the arm of the playboy billionaire by the time Nicky arrives in Buenos Aires. Is she in love with the handsome Garriga or simply staging her own swindle? Will she expose Nicky as a fraud or might she be willing to join forces with her former mentor?

Co-directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy, Stupid, Love), Focus is an overplotted, cat-and-mouse caper which ostensibly takes its clues from the cleverly-concealed classic House of Games (1987). But where that multi-layered mystery was perfectly plausible, this frustrating homage unnecessarily ventures from the sublime to the ridiculous, thereby sabotaging any chance that its promising premise might be played out in serious fashion.

Nevertheless, co-stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie generate enough chemistry to steam up the screen and make the farfetched romantic romp just worth the watch, provided eye candy alone can do for you in lieu of credulity.


Good (2 stars)

Rated R for profanity, sexuality and brief violence

Running time: 104 minutes

Distributor: Warner Brothers Pictures


Source:  Baret News Wire

TenPoint’s Titan Xtreme Will Put Turkeys in the Bag This Spring


TenPoint’s Titan Xtreme Will Put Turkeys in the Bag This Spring

By Burt Carey


If you’re ready to approach this spring’s turkey season with a bit of a twist, TenPoint Crossbows has an idea you’ll find intriguing.

The Titan Xtreme isn’t just a crossbow, it’s a crossbow that will have you wondering why you’ve waited this long to shoot from a horizontal platform.

It’s also a joy to carry into the woods.

Titan Xtreme

Titan Xtreme

The Titan Xtreme features a Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity pattern and an axle-to-axle width of just 18.5 inches in the cocked position, resulting in a narrow profile that blends nicely against any setting. That boss gobbler will never see you sitting there until it feels the power of an arrow sent downrange at 333 feet per second (measured with TenPoint’s 370-grain Pro Lite Arrow). A bird that’s hit with 91 foot pounds of kinetic energy is a bird that isn’t going to run away after impact.

Walking through the woods, the 38-inch length and 21.6-inch width of the uncocked Titan Xtreme isn’t bulky, and you’ll be pleased with its 7.3-pound weight. The crossbow pulls to 180 pounds with just a 12.6-inch power stroke.

The Titan Xtreme’s Fusion Lite stock not only helps the crossbow achieve lightweight carrying status, it also accommodates either the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanism. You can choose which of those cocking mechanisms to pair up with this crossbow.

The ACUdraw is the most user-friendly and practical solution available on the market today for cocking a crossbow effortlessly and accurately every time. Fully integrated into the stock, with no dangling parts, it requires only the strength of the average person’s index finger to operate. The ACUdraw allows hunters of all ages and physical abilities to enjoy the great experience of bowhunting by reducing the draw weight to about 5 pounds when operated manually.

The ACUdraw, which mounts inside the stock, is not bulky and doesn’t require additional assemblies or hang-on accessories.

The ACUdraw 50 takes traditional rope-cocking to a new level. For years many crossbow shooters used the conventional but cumbersome rope-cocker to load their crossbows, reducing the draw weight by half. TenPoint’s ACUdraw 50 is an integrated unit that mounts in the butt stock. Its ropes retract neatly inside the unit’s housing after cocking. No storing the rope, untangling it, or putting it away after use!

The contoured ACUdraw 50 covers fit the stock without adding bulkiness. The lightweight covers also improve the alignment of the mechanism’s hooks and handles in the housing for improved security when not in use. Powerful Neodymium mini-magnets hold the handles securely and silently in place. (WARNING: These magnets could interfere with pacemakers or other implants.)

The Titan Xtreme is sold as a packages that includes a 3x Pro-View 2 Scope and a three-pack of TenPoint aluminum arrows with 100-grain practice points, and an instant detach 3-arrow quiver. It retails for $819 and is available at dealers throughout the United States.

Find out more about the Titan Xtreme or other TenPoint Crossbows products by going online to www.tenpointcrossbows.com.


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For movies opening February 27, 2015



Kam’s Kapsules:

Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun

by Kam Williams

For movies opening February 27, 2015





Focus (R for profanity, sexuality and brief violence) Will Smith stars in this crime caper about a con man who meets his match when he falls for a femme fatale (Margot Robbie) trying to bilk the same billionaire (Rodrigo Santoro) in Buenos Aires. With BD Wong, Gerald McRaney and Laura Flannery.


The Lazarus Effect (PG-13 for terror, intense violence and some sexual references) Horror flick revolving around medical researchers who come to regret discovering a way to revive the dead after bringing back to life the fiancée (Olivia Wilde) of a grieving colleague (Mark Duplass). Ensemble includes Donald Glover, Evan Peters, Sarah Bolger and Bruno Gunn.





’71 (R for graphic violence, disturbing images and pervasive profanity) Historical drama, set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, about a British soldier’s (Jack O’Connell) desperate  effort   to survive after he‘s severely beaten during an IRA riot and separated from his unit. With Richard Dormer, Jack Lowden, Sam Reid and Martin McCann.


Ana Maria in Novela Land (Unrated) Escapist fantasy about a slacker having a really bad day (Edy Ganem) whose fortunes suddenly change when she magically switches places with the star of her favorite TV soap opera after a lightning strike. Featuring Mercedes Mason, Luis Guzman, Sung Kang and Tamara Taylor. (In English and Spanish with subtitles)


Bluebird (Unrated) Introspective character study set in a frozen town in Maine where a guilt-ridden, school bus driver (Amy Morton) can’t sleep since making a mistake that led to a tragic accident. Co-starring John Slattery, Louise Krause, Emily Meade, Margo Martindale and Adam Driver.


Deli Man (PG-13 for profanity) Foodie documentary taking a guided look at the history of Jewish delicatessens in the U.S. as seen through the eyes of Ziggy Gruber, 3rd generation owner of a shop in Houston.


Eastern Boys (Unrated) Homoerotic drama revolving around a young refugee (Kirill Emelyanov) from Eastern Europe who passes himself off as a gay escort in Paris where he’s picked up by an unsuspecting sugar daddy (Olivier Rabourdin) looking for a good time. With Edea Darcque, Camila Chakirova and Bislan Yakhiaev. (In French, English and Russian with subtitles)


Everly (R for sexuality, nudity, profanity, torture and graphic violence) Salma Hayak stars in the title role of this revenge thriller as a prostitute out to bring down the empire of the brutal pimp (Hiroyuki Watanabe) who forced her into the profession. Cast includes Jennifer Blanc, Caroline Chikezie, Uros Certic and Gabriella Wright.


The Hunting Ground (Unrated) “No means no” expose’ chronicling the exponential rise of date rape on college campuses all across America.


Kung Fu Elliot (Unrated) Martial arts documentary about kickboxer-turned-wannabe matinee idol Elliot “White Lightning” Scott’s attempt to become Canada’s first, homegrown action hero, much to the chagrin of his impatient fiancée.


Maps to the Stars (R for profanity, sexuality, graphic nudity, disturbing violence and drug use) David Cronenberg directs this dysfunctional family drama examining a Hollywood dynasty’s desperate quest for fame and fortune, including a TV psychologist (John Cusack) whose stage mom spouse (Olivia Williams) is managing the career of their child star son (Evan Bird). With Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska and Robert Pattinson.


The Widowmaker (Unrated) Chilling tale of greed uncovering the conspiracy of silence surrounding heart disease and the practice of cardiology.


Wild Canaries (Unrated) Brooklyn-based whodunit revolving around a just-engaged couple (Sophia Takal and Lawrence Michael Levine) who suspect foul play when their elderly neighbor (Marylouise Burke) mysteriously drops dead inside her rent-controlled apartment.  With Alia Shawkat, Jason Ritter and Kevin Corrigan.


Source:  Baret News Wire

Share Your Family’s Special Hunt or Catch with Tactacam


Share Your Family’s Special Hunt or Catch with Tactacam

by Ted Lund


Nothing generates interest in the outdoors like building and sharing your memories of a once-in-a-lifetime hunt or fishing trip; its the best way to engage new generations of boys and girls in the sport.There’s also no better way to get that special somebody to put in time in a deer stand, duckblind or on a bassboat than by filming and preserving their experiences for posterity.

Tactacam Stabilizer Mount

Tactacam Stabilizer Mount

And there’s no better way to do that than with Tactacam’s line of point-of-view digital video cameras. Tactacam was the first POV camera company that designed a digital video camera specifically for outdoorsman; they started from the ground up, designing the Tactacam 2.0 around state-of-the-art optics fine-tuned specifically for recording the thrill of the hunt for you to share with friends and loved ones.

This is a serious piece of equipment, designed for serious outdoorsmen by serious outdoorsmen. Tactacam enjoys best-in-class performance in hi- and low-light conditions and the shockproof, waterproof camera records your hunt or fishing trip in vivid color with a 12-megapixel sensor capable of recording in 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. The 16:9 video ratio aspect is perfect for posting your killshots or big fish releases to Facebook and Youtube. Benefitting from an outdoors-centric design, Tactacam 2.0 also features excellent low-light capability and vibration reduction.

The feature serious outdoorsmen will appreciate the most is the one-touch automatic recording feature that makes sure you get the shot — instead of missing it while fumbling with switches to make sure the camera is recording. Want to get your reaction to the ultimate shot? Couple the Tactacam 2.0 with the optional Selfie lens and you’ll never miss any of the action ever again.

Each of these unique POV video cameras also includes stabilizer, scope, gun, universal and strap mounts. The Tactacam 2.0 is shock-resistant and rated for guns up to .50 caliber and is waterproof up to 30 meters. Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, Tactacam provides over two hours of record time. Additional batteries are available to extend recording life.

A USB 2.0 connection allows the Tactacam to connect and charge to both Mac and PC computers and storage is provided by Micro SD cards up to 32GB. When purchasing your Tactacam from the online store, hunters enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee and each Tactacam product and accessory comes with a 1-year warranty protecting against manufacturing defects.

For more information or to purchase your Tactacam 2.0, visit their online store at www.tactacam.com and get ready to Share Your Hunt or Catch! Follow Tactacam on Facebook for the most up-to-date-information on their entire line of products specifically designed for hunters and anglers. Get ready to Share Your Hunt today!

Tactacam is a Registered Trademark.

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Set Your Sights on Spring Gobblers With TRUGLO


Set Your Sights on Spring Gobblers With TRUGLO

by Ted Lund


Across the South, archery enthusiasts are getting ready that first gobbler of the year.

Part of that tune-up is making sure you can shoot what you set your sights on and there is no better way to improve your chances this Spring than investing in a new TRUGLO archery sight setup.

While archers have more than a dozen state-of-the-art sights to choose from, several stick out as perfectly suited for bagging that Tom that’s been haunting you all winter long.

Archer's Choice  Range Rover Pro

Archer’s Choice
Range Rover Pro

TRUGLO’s patent-pending new flagship sight, the Archer’s Choice Range-Rover PRO allows archers to zero in their accuracy thanks to its Zero-In Adjustment Dial. The ultra-smooth dial provides remarkably precise micro•adjust elevation tuning, giving hunters an extra edge in difficult conditions. The innovative scope housing features a 1/2-inch diameter circle with a lighted center dot for superior long-distance accuracy and also accepts an optional +.50 diopter lens with nearly 2x magnification. An adjustable green LED has 11 brightness settings courtesy of the included  CR2032 battery. Micro-adjusting for windage is a breeze thanks to its precision click design and hunters can enjoy the accuracy provided time after time by the sights tool-less yardage and windage lock. More than 40 pre-marked yardage tapes help simplify setup and an adjustable yardage-stop customizes the maximum yardage setting. An optional quiver mount is  also included for direct mounting of a quiver to the bracket, and the Archer’s Choice Range-Rover PRO is adjustable for right- and left-handed archers. The Range-Rover PRO is available in black and includes a TRUGLO lens cover as a bonus.

For outdoorsmen seeking the lightest, most dependable archery sight on the market, TRUGLO developed the new Carbon Hybrid Series. With TRU-FUSION hybrid technology, the Carbon Hybrid becomes the first and only archery sight constructed with the optimum combination of carbon fiber composites and aluminum. The unique composition provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and offers unparalleled durability bolstered by TRUGLO’s TRU-TOUCH soft-feel technical coating. The patent-pending design and hybrid construction transfers less vibration and the unique metal PRO-BRITE pin design, featuring extra-long fibers increases durability and brightness. The extra-long, aesthetically pleasing reversible bracket adds a color accent to your bow, increases sight radius and allows for increased vertical adjustment. Several versions (TG7515B, TG7515J and TG7515L) are micro-adjustable, while the TG7415B features standard adjustment. All of the Carbon Hybrid Series sights are designed for both right- and left-handed shooters and come in both black and camo finshes.

For more information, to learn more or to locate an authorized TRUGLO dealer near you, visit www.TRUGLO.com


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