N.J. Pine Barrens Provide Perfect Setting for High Body-Count Horror Flick

Jersey Shore Massacre

DVD Review by Kam Williams


N.J. Pine Barrens Provide Perfect Setting for High Body-Count Horror Flick 


When Teresa (Danielle Dallacco) and her girlfriends arrive at their rental house on the Jersey Shore, they’re shocked to learn that their sleazy stoner landlord (Ron Jeremy) already let someone else have the place for the weekend.  Luckily, Teresa’s mobster Uncle Vito 61WOhUeM5CL(Dominic Lucci) happens to have a summer home sitting empty in the nearby Pine Barrens, since he’s stuck in Staten Island under house arrest with an ankle bracelet.


After picking up five hot-looking guys on the beach, the six cute coeds get back into their convertible and make their way to a clearing in the godforsaken the forest. Turns out Uncle Vito has a pretty posh mansion with a built-in pool.


The bimbos slip into their bikinis and begin flirting with the buff boy-toys, blissfully unaware that a couple of Mafia hit men were just murdered in the same neck of the woods by a deranged maniac. If you’re familiar with high body-count slasher flicks, you have a good idea what’s in store for the unsuspecting revelers.  


The killer soon starts picking them off one-by-one, dispatching each victim in very grisly fashion, whether that death be by baking in a 120732_galtanning bed, by decapitating with a bicycle chain, by stabbing in a shower Psycho-style, by whipping, hanging, wood chipper, or run through by sword. Much of the violence is highly eroticized ostensibly to satiate the bloodlust of fans who like their slaughter with a little titillation on the side.

Written and directed by Paul Tarnopol, Jersey Shore Massacre is a gruesome horror flick not for the faint of heart. And the picture also paints a pretty pathetic picture of Italian-Americans, since the principal players are the sort of vapid, vain characters featured on the reality-TV series Jersey Shore.

While the film fails to break any new ground in terms of the splatterflick genre, it’s still entertaining enough to recommend, provided you have a strong stomach for vivisection and Italian stereotypes.



Good (2 stars)

Rated R for sexuality, nudity, profanity, drug use, ethnic and homophobic slurs, and graphic violence

Running time: 88 minutes

Distributor: Attack Entertainment

Blu-ray Extras: Bigfoot Unmedicated; Italian Ice music video “Melt”; and Behind-the-Scenes of Jersey Shore Massacre.

To order a copy of the Jersey Shore Massacre on Blu-ray, visit: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00KOORC4E/ref%3dnosim/thslfofire-20


Faith-Based Family Flick Finds Its Way to DVD

Moms’ Night Out

DVD Review by Kam Williams


Faith-Based Family Flick Finds Its Way to DVD


            Allyson Field (Sarah Drew) really can’t complain. After all, her life is the epitome of the American Dream. She has a handsome husband who adores her and is an excellent provider, too. She has a beautiful home in suburbia and her own minivan for shopping and 114707_galshuttling around their hyperactive children, Beck (Zion Spargo), Bailey (Shiloh Nelson) and Brandon (Michael Leone).

            Yet, she’s still overwhelmed by her domestic duties sometimes, especially when Sean’s (Sean Astin) work takes him out of town. Consider Mother’s Day, for example, which Ally recently spent cleaning up messes rather than being pampered like a princess.

            Not alone in feeling frazzled, Ally hatches a plan with her BFFs, Sondra (Patricia Heaton) and Izzy (Andrea Logan White) to treat themselves to an evening of bowling and fine dining in a fancy restaurant next Saturday, assuming that their hubbies can babysit for a few hours without incident. That erroneous assumption jumpstarts the comedy of errors which ensues soon after Sean and the other hapless spouses (Alex Kendrick and Robert Amaya) do their best to fill-in.

            Yet, when a baby turns-up missing, guess who’s recruited to join the frantic search party. With116373_gal the help of a buff biker with a heart of gold (Trace Adkins) and an impatient cabbie (David Hunt) with a British accent, the girls put their getaway on hold as their maternal instincts kick-in.

            Co-directed by Jon and Andrew Erwin, Moms’ Night Out is a wholesome, PG-rated comedy that you can actually watch with the kids. It’s also a faith-based film, though not heavy handed, ostensibly-designed with the Christian Evangelical community in mind.

            By the madcap misadventure’s happy resolution, sanity and safety are satisfactorily restored. More importantly, the wives are no longer taken for granted, but elevated to the lofty status envisioned by William Ross Wallace in the appreciative refrain “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

            A family-friendly testament to motherhood.      


Very Good (3 stars)

Rated PG for mild action and mature themes

Running time: 98 minutes

Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

DVD Extras: Deleted scenes; bloopers reel; Commentary with co-directors Jon and Andrew Erwin and producer Kevin Downes; The Heart ofMoms’ Night Out; Casting Moms’ Night Out; The Art of Improv; and The Art of Action.



To order a copy of Moms’ Night Out on DVD, visit: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00KO6EC4A/ref%3dnosim/thslfofire-20




The Imperfect Marriage: Help for Those Who Think It’s Over

51DOfZ5adPLThe Imperfect Marriage

Help for Those Who Think It’s Over

by Darryl and Tracy Strawberry

Howard Books

Hardcover, $24.99                                                      

252 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4767-3874-1

Book Review by Kam Williams

“Marriage is a battlefield. Trust us, we know. Our marriage has suffered through—and survived—adultery, addiction, financial ruin, and the consequences of our own inner struggles…

However, we finally wised up and let God in… Through our surrender (and a lot of hard work), God orchestrated a miracle. Today, we are blessed to have each other and enjoy a strong, healthy, fulfilling, and meaningful relationship…

In this book, we share our story, the struggles and the triumphs, so you can see how, through the power of God and the process of change, He can transform a marriage from the inside out.”

Excerpted from the Introduction (pages xvii-xix)

Darryl Strawberry won four World Series as a member of the New York Mets and Yankees over the course of his storybook career. Unfortunately, superstardom took a toll on the retired baseball great’s personal life in a way which often ended up splashed across the tabloids.

Several years after the fanfare ended, Darryl found himself turning to “cocaine, women, and alcohol” to numb the pain of bankruptcy, divorce, lawsuits, arrests and incarceration. He was lucky to meet his future wife Tracy at Narcotics Anonymous, though the serendipitous encounter was more like “lost at first sight” than “love at first sight.”

They would impulsively become involved, despite the fact that neither was really ready to forge a sacred union. For, Tracy had her own issues, too, even after being clean and sober for 12 months. Nevertheless, the two rushed into a toxic relationship where they would relapse rather than enrich each other before bottoming out.

Fortunately, both found the way back to love with the help of the Lord, and subsequently built a very strong marriage on the solid ground of the faith they share. The Strawberrys recount their perilous path to salvation in The Imperfect Marriage: Help for Those Who Think It’s Over, a warts-and-all memoir that is part cautionary tale, part self-help handbook.

Liberally sprinkled with quotes from scripture, it’s obvious that the pair puts a great amount of stock in the Bible, taking to heart the advice of Psalm 55:22 to ”Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you.” A divine-ordained blueprint for marital fulfillment designed for couples committed to follow the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ.

To order a copy of The Imperfect Marriage, visit: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00GEEB83Y/ref%3dnosim/thslfofire-20

Movies Opening This Week!


Kam’s Kapsules:

Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun

by Kam Williams

For movies opening August 29, 2014



As Above, So Below (R for terror, graphic violence and pervasive profanity) Found-footage horror flick, set in the catacombs beneath Paris, revolving around a team of American archaeologists who unwittingly unleash countless dormant demons while exploring the uncharted subterranean maze. Co-starring Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge and Perdita Weeks.

The November Man (R for rape, profanity, sexuality, nudity, graphic violence and brief drug use) Cat-and-mouse espionage thriller about a retired CIA Agent (Pierce Brosnan) who comes out of retirement to protect a valuable witness (Olga Kurylenko) to war crimes from his former protégé (Luke Bracey) gone rogue. With Will Patton, Eliza Taylor and Caterina Scorsone.


The Calling (R for violence, profanity and disturbing content) Crime thriller about a small town detective (Susan Sarandon) whose investigation of a string of grisly murders brings her face-to-face with a serial killer. Ensemble cast includes Ellen Burstyn, Topher Grace and Donald Sutherland.

Canopy (PG-13 for intense violence and bloody images) World War II drama about an Australian fighter pilot’s (Khan Chittenden) struggle to survive in the jungle after being shot down over Singapore. With Mo Tzu-yi, Robert Menzies and Edwina Wren. (In English, Japanese and Mandarin with subtitles)

The Congress (Unrated) Animated sci-fi adventure about an aging actress (Robin Wright) who breaks a contract by coming out of retirement after having sold a movie studio the exclusive rights to her image. Cast includes Paul Giamatti, Harvey Keitel, John Hamm and Danny Huston.

Last Weekend (Unrated) Ensemble dramedy about a matriarch (Patricia Clarkson) who comes to question her role in her dysfunctional clan during a disastrous reunion at the family lakefront estate she’s about to sell. With Mary Kay Place, Zachary Booth, Rutina Wesley, Judith Light and Jayma Mays.

Life of Crime (R for profanity, sexuality and violence) Mobster comedy about a couple of crooks (Mos Def and John Hawkes) who kidnap the wife (Jennifer Aniston) of a millionaire (Tim Robbins) for ransom only to learn that they’ve done the philanderer a favor by freeing him to spend more time with his mistress (Isla Fisher). Support cast includes Mark Boone Junior, Kevin Cannon and Julie E. Davis.

The Naked Room (Unrated) Fly-on-the-wall documentary focusing on the behavior of patients, parents and physicians in the examination room of a children’s hospital in Mexico City. (In Spanish with subtitles)

The Notebook (R for nudity, profanity, sexuality and disturbing violence) Coming-of-age saga, set in the Hungarian countryside towards the end of World War II, about twin 13 year-old boys (Andras and Laszlo Gyemant) forced to fend for themselves after being left in the care of their abusive, alcoholic grandmother (Piroska Molnar) by their desperate mother (Gyongyver Bognar). With Andras Rethelyi, Ulrich Thomsen and Orsolya Toth. (In Hungarian with subtitles)

Second Opinion (Unrated) Medical expose’ about Ralph Moss, Ph.D., a young writer in Sloan-Kettering’s PR Department who risked his career by blowing the whistle on a massive cover-up of the truth about a promising cancer cure called Laetrile.

Shadows from My Past (Unrated) Holocaust documentary revisiting the plight of The Kaufmans, as preserved in letters exchanged among members of the Austrian Jewish family between 1939 and 1941.

Starred Up (Unrated) Irish crime drama, set in Belfast, about a troubled juvenile delinquent (Jack O’Connell) assigned to an adult prison for violent offenders who meets his match in an inmate (Ben Mendelsohn) that happens to be his estranged father. Cast includes Rupert Friend, Sam Spruell and David Ajala.

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears (Unrated) Behind closed doors mystery about a man (Klaus Tange) whose search for his missing wife takes him down a labyrinthine trail around his apartment building marked by eroticized bloodshed and bizarre sexual fantasies. With Ursula Bedena, Joe Koener and Birgit Yew. (In French, Danish and Flemish with subtitles)

Through a Lens Darkly (Unrated) Historical documentary tracing how African-American photographers utilized the camera as a tool for social change.


Husband Searches for Missing Wife in Surreal Erotic Thriller

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears

Film Review by Kam Williams


Husband Searches for Missing Wife in Surreal Erotic Thriller


Dan Kristensen (Klaus Tange) could find no sign of his wife Edwige (Ursula Bedena) when he returned home from a business trip. Moreover, the communications executive’s suspicions were aroused by the fact that the chain was across the door when he unlocked 121058_galtheir apartment, suggesting that someone ought to be inside.

Inquiring of neighbors only served to compound the mystery, between his landlord who suggested that his wife had a reason to disappear, and the provocatively-dressed elderly senior who tries to seduce him after saying that her husband had disappeared, too. As he makes his way around the building, Dan gradually discovers that the place is a den of iniquity where people participate in all sorts of bizarre sexuality.


With each flat he enters, the sadomasochistic displays revealed are increasingly kinky, eventually even rising to the level of a bloodbath replete with decapitationafter the word “decapitation”. Co-directed by Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani, The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears is not so 121056_galmuch a mystery with a linear plotline as a surreal thriller designed for cinephiles with a taste for abstraction and eroticized violence.

Undeniably artistic, yet gruesome and harrowing, this atmospheric adventure has a dark,
ominous air about it which keeps you braced for something bad for the duration of the entire endurance test. A difficult to decipher whodunit guaranteed to have you still scratching your head even after its confounding resolution.


Good (2 stars)


In French, Danish and Flemish with subtitles

Running time: 102 minutes

Distributor: Strand Releasing




Catacombs Provide Claustrophobic Setting for Harrowing Horror Flick

As Above, So Below

Film Review by Kam Williams


Catacombs Provide Claustrophobic Setting for Harrowing Horror Flick


            The late alchemist, Dr. Marlowe (Roger Van Hool) lost his mind and then committed suicide over a futile quest for the Philosopher’s Stone supposedly hidden somewhere in the cryptic maze of catacombs beneath Paris. Now, his headstrong young 117371_galdaughter, Scarlet (Perdita Weeks), has decided to follow in daddy’s footsteps by mounting her own search for the sacred talisman said to turn metal into gold.

            The determined Brit has prepared herself for the dangerous trek by earning not only Ph.D.s in archeology and symbology, but a black belt in karate to boot. She’s being assisted in this dangerous endeavor by a team comprised of her linguist ex-boyfriend (Ben Feldman); an African-American cameraman (Edwin Hodge); a graffiti artist familiar with the caves (Francois Civil); plus a couple of other local yokels (Marion Lambert and Aly Marhyar).   

            The motley crew’s descent starts out unremarkably enough, despite a little gallows humor and worries about whether they might encounter any bats or rats. The most concerned participant is George whose little brother Danny (Samuel Aouizerate) drowned in the cave at a young age. Adding fuel to the fear is the fact that the last time George accompanied Scarlet on an expedition he ended up in Turkish prison.

            This is the ominous point of departure of As Above, So Below, a found-footage horror flick 121863_galwritten and directed by John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine). The film has all the hallmarks of the genre inaugurated by The Blair Witch Project back in 1999, from the claustrophobia created by incessant, extreme close-ups to the seasick cinematography coming courtesy of handheld cameras.

Credit Perdita Weeks as the intrepid protagonist for keeping her audience enthralled even after the production morphs into a farfetched cross of Tomb Raider (2001) and The Da Vinci Code (2006). Whether crawling across piles of skeletons, deciphering ancient Aramaic messages, or fearlessly repelling down uncharted shafts, spunky Scarlet has the ‘tude and charisma to keep you rooting for her as others meet their fate, one-by-one.

            A harrowing tale of survival revolving around an endearing heroine every bit as brainy as she is resourceful.


Very Good (2.5 stars)

Rated R for terror, graphic violence and pervasive profanity

Running time: 93 minutes

Distributor: Universal Pictures


To see a trailer for As Above, So Below, visit:


Medical Expose’ Revisits Cover-Up of Promising Cancer Cure

Second Opinion

Film Review by Kam Williams


Medical Expose’ Revisits Cover-Up of Promising Cancer Cure


If you’ve ever wondered whether the cancer industry is truly interested in developing a cure for the disease, you might want to check out this eye-opening expose’ confirming your worst fears. Directed by Eric Merola, the shocking documentary blows the covers off a 119997_galshameful chapter in the history of Sloan-Kettering hospital, a revered institution long-trusted to have the best interest of its patients at heart.


Apparently, that wasn’t the case back in July of 1974 when one of its top researchers, Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, announced that an experimental drug named Amygdalin, also known as Laetrile, had proved highly effective in treating certain types of cancers in laboratory mice. Instead of heralding the discovery as a major inroad in the fight against malignancies, the Sloan-Kettering brass, ostensibly at the direction of the American Cancer Society, moved swiftly to discredit Dr. Suguira’s findings.


Not only did they issue a “Second Opinion” disputing the notion that Laetrile might reduce tumors, but they even went so far as to suggest that its side effects were much worse than chemotherapy, which was “an out and out lie.” That is the contention of Dr. Ralph Moss, a colleague of Suguira who was also on the Sloan-Kettering staff at the time.


Moss was so offended by the disinformation being disseminated in the press by his bosses that he eventually decided to turn whistleblower. Truth be told, Laetrile was “better than all the known cancer drugs” then available.


However, Sloan-Kettering came down on Moss like a ton of bricks, too. He was summarily terminated, losing both his job and career in 119985_galthe process.


Furthermore, he was unable to interest any mainstream media outlets in the cover-up, despite the overwhelming data in favor of
Laetrile. In fact, the New York Times proceeded to publish a front-page story denigrating the drug.


Dr. Moss’ only satisfaction is that the three hypocritical superiors who fired him, Dr. Robert Good, Dr. Lewis Thomas and Dr. Chester Stock, all MDs, all died of cancer, ironically. Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath to “First, do no harm?”



Excellent (4 stars)


Running time: 75 minutes

Distributor: Merola Productions




The Tale of Two Commissioners

The Tale of Two Commissioners

~Amy Lignor

When it comes to the ‘bug guns’ in the world of sports, there are two men that make the headlines for many things – right and wrong decisions, as far as the public is concerned. Goodell is the heavyweight in the NFL. This is a man who always seems to be facing controversy – especially with players in the NFL getting into trouble…trouble that causes them to earn everything from suspensions to financial penalties.


090201-F-7552L-008Goodell is a strong, tough cookie who never seems to get angry about what people have to say. He stands firm on his decisions, even though his suspensions haven’t worked very well, considering this past summer seems to have been one of the worst for the players, who decided to do everything from drink and drive to beat up their girlfriends (…and get away with it, by the way). Goodell is the one in the proverbial ‘hot seat’. Of course, if you want to be the top guy, you have to take it. Ask the President, if you don’t believe me.


The other infamous ‘Commish’ is in the news because he is headed to ‘freedom.’ He is now stepping away from the baseball limelight and can soon not have to hear the words ‘Pete Rose’, or deal with a sport that (like the NFL), is experiencing far worse issues than it used to in the good ole’ days.


Bud Selig is saying so long. Holding a media conference in Cincinnati in order to take questions, he offered up a knowing smile to the reporters in the standing-room-only space. He told them that he could “probably guess some of Bud_Selig_on_October_31,_2010the questions” that were coming…especially the same question that has haunted him since 1989.


The name ‘Pete Rose’ is like a tarp wrapped round Selig’s form. And in Cincinnati on Friday, with his retirement a given, the reporter asked: “How do you think this ends with Pete Rose?”


Everyone knows (or should) that Rose was banned for life from the sport he loved back in 1989 because of illegal betting. Seems quite tame, considering the charges that are being brought against people in sports nowadays.


Sections of Selig’s answer…, “The man was a great player and had a great history…he was a great hitter,” followed by, “But, you know, there are a lot of things in life that happen that the commissioner, or any of us, wish hadn’t happened. I was particularly close to Bart Giamatti, one of the best friends I ever had in the world.” (Giamatti was the man who sent Rose packing after the six-month investigation into the gambling charges…and then passed away of a massive heart attack shortly thereafter.)


But no matter what curveball was thrown at Selig, it became quickly apparent to one and all that the situation with Rose – the eternal banishment of the star – would stay just as is when Selig leaves the power of ‘Commish’ behind.


Selig had to deal with the more emotional side of the question, considering the city he was standing in at the time. He was questioned as to whether showing compassion and forgiveness by offering Rose a pardon before he left ‘office’ would give him a huge positive check on his historical resume. Again, Selig made it plain that he would not be a ‘judge’ when it came to that scenario.


Yet, no matter what the fans are looking for, and no matter if the right thing back in 1989 still stands as being the right thing in 2014 – Selig will stick to doing what he was always trained to do. In other words, fans should know that a retirement by the “Commish” is not going to matter in this case. He is doing what’s in the best interest of the sport, and to Selig that is for Pete Rose to remain banned from baseball.


Perhaps Selig should give a call to Goodell offering his assistance. Roger looks like he needs some lately, especially as he allows some players to stay on the gridiron when they have broken more rules (and laws) than Pete Rose ever thought of.


Source: Baret News Wire

Captive is Captive No Matter How You Look at It

Captive is Captive No Matter How You Look at It

~ Samantha Lewis

When it comes to the saving of a species – whether that be plantlife or wildlife – obstacles arise around every corner. For every no-kill shelter opened, five more dolphins seem to die in a net somewhere. For every person who helps in the courts bring down the ‘bad guys’ who kill the Black Rhino for a horn, or the Great White for some ridiculous million-dollar soup, there seems to be five more ‘bad guys’ to take their place.


Killerwhales_jumpingThe upside is that there are so many millions of people who work hard to bring back endangered species and stop others from becoming a memory. There are those who strive to rebuild habitats, delete invasive species that have taken over the lands because people stopped caring. Wetland conservation is done every day; land owners become land stewards and replace key components that have gone missing. And there are those who constantly bring about change, restoring the world’s natural resources.


There are debates as to what is right and what is wrong, however. These are fundamental arguments about how to save the world and not risk a species’ existence, or make the world so polluted that human existence is no longer able to be kept up because of the quality of air we breathe or water we drink.


The newest debate in the headlines is actually a very old, ongoing debate that has been part of our households for as long as this writer can remember. The news comes from SeaWorld, a place that has been praised for their good works, while also bashed repeatedly for their wrong choices.


Killer whales should not be held in captivity. That is the view of the majority out there; however, there is another side to the story. Captive killer whales are whales that have been hurt, which is why they were brought to shore, so to speak, in the first place because they no longer had the ability to survive against predators.


SeaWorld has taken a step in their attempt to prove to the world that they are most definitely concerned with the health and welfare of the orca; and not just Killer_Whale_Kissworried about putting people in seats to watch them do tricks for the crowd. Their step? They will be building ten-million gallon tanks (basically, double the size of the ones they have now), with technology that will create a ‘real life’ fast-moving current that the orcas can swim against.


These new “environments” are on schedule to open in 2018; first in San Diego, then on to Orlando and San Antonio. Is this nicer for the whales? Sure. Does it change anything? Basically, no. The cage is still ‘home’.


It was a spokesman for PETA that summed it up by stating: “A bigger prison is still a prison.” It is the PETA organization that is at the forefront of this issue, pushing for sanctuaries by the sea that will allow the orcas to experience the ‘real’ ocean again, be able to hear their species and their families out there, and one day be comfortable and readied enough to go back out and be reunited with the ones they love. In other words, PETA wants to put in motion a way for orcas to no longer be held in captivity.


SeaWorld is definitely speaking as if this is for pure conservation efforts, and has nothing to do with their cash flow regarding shows. In fact, SeaWorld Entertainment president and CEO Jim Atchison stated: “Our vision for our new killer whale homes and research initiatives is to advance global understanding of these animals, to educate and inspire conservation efforts to protect killer whales in the wild.”


Blue World Project is the company’s research and conservation effort that they place millions of dollars into – attempting now, more than ever, to get the people on their side.


“Free Willy” was the glory days when it came to the orca. Keiko was the killer whale who became the media darling; everyone across the globe wanted to find a way to integrate captive killer whales back into the wild. But for every good there is a bad, which came with the documentary, Blackfish, which allowed viewers to witness the life of a captured orca up close and personal. Tilikum was the ‘star’ at SeaWorld Orlando, where three trainers met their deaths, with the critical film voicing the fact that the captive conditions were the reason why the ‘killer’ killed.


SeaWorld has always vehemently denied any mistreatment to their killer whales in any way, shape or form. But their fight does not end there. The California legislature is now considering passing a bill that would ban using orcas as entertainment, period. Add in the loss of Southwest Airlines, a partner with SeaWorld that promoted them with Shamu jets, and investors who look to be pulling away from the company, no longer trusting in its healthy future – and SeaWorld ends up on the edge of its own extinction.


Is this a lesson to be learned for other companies out there that wish to profit from putting what are supposed to be ‘free’ species into cages to earn a buck? We shall see. But for now, the orca is in the limelight, earning a bigger home that will most definitely never be home.


Source: Baret News Wire

Exploring the Architecture of Mesa Verde National Park


Exploring the Architecture of Mesa Verde National Park


Not only is it a National Park, but Mesa Verde is also a well-protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, being the largest and most amazing archaeological preserve in all of the U.S..


It was President Theodore Roosevelt who, in 1903, called for protection of the area and created the Park. With some of the most well-preserved cliff dwellings in the world, our President sought to make sure all future generations would be allowed to explore, learn and view the incredible ‘first works of man’ that originated there.


Montezuma County, Colorado, is the home of this incredible past; a past that shows the ingenuity, abilities, and culture of our earliest ancestors. Mesa Verda-Road Trekin Adventures-Content Marketing-Trekking Gear-Travel-Trekin Gear.com-Near the ‘Four Corners’, ruins of homes and villages actually built by the Ancient Pueblo people (sometimes referred to as the Anasazi), is where one and all can view this stunning area with over 4000 archaeological sites and over 600 cliff-dwellings that truly show the evolution of Man’s mind.


Through various archaeological evidence, it is said that the Anasazi inhabited Mesa Verde between 600 and 1300. The villagers worked to grow crops. Hunting was also the career of the men, while the Anasazi women became truly famous for their amazing and elegant basket weaving. Pottery is also famous when it comes to Anasazi artifacts, and the people – unlike most throughout history – left no actual written record for geologists, naturalists, or adventurers to learn more about them, allowing them to stay somewhat of a mystery.


When it comes to Mankind, architecture is but one of the things that have evolved throughout time. Mesa-top villages were the homes that came first in regards to the earliest of Americans; however, the idea of cliff-dwellings soon began to grow, and the Mesa Verde people were the ones who are best known for the creation of them.


Touring Mesa Verde National Park is like going back through time; seeing how Man lived and invented these structures built within caves and under outcroppings in cliffs. Heading into the structures, visitors get to view these first accomplishments. The blocks of hard sandstone, held together and plastered with adobe mortar that were the ingredients for cliff-dwelling construction, are amazing to see.


The architectural forms are stunning; everything from kivas to towers to pit-houses have been found. However, the size of the dwellings are Mesa Verda-Road Trekin Adventures-Content Marketing-Trekking Gear-TrekinGear.com-3incredibly varied. What helps when attempting to put together the lives of the ancients, are the decorations and motifs used in specific cliff-dwellings. From T-shaped windows to oddly shaped doors, evidence found shows that these additions are actually a part of the extremely spiritual culture that the people practiced. Life was a wave of family and honor – honoring the spirits of both land and sky that watched out over the past.


One extremely interesting location to see at Mesa Verde is the Balcony House. With 40 rooms, it offers evidence of how room and passageway construction evolved throughout the centuries. And today, the tunnel, passageways, and 32-foot entrance ladder make Balcony House one of the most adventurous cliff dwelling tours in the park. (Not to mention, one of the coolest).


Cliff Palace is the largest. With over 150 rooms and 23 kivas, this particular cliff-dwelling was home to 100 people. Quite a palace considering that out of the nearly 600 cliff dwellings inside the Park, most only contain 1-5 rooms. Believed to be extremely spiritual – as if the hub for the entire tribe – Cliff Palace is seen in 2014 as being the place that served as the social, administrative, and ceremonial building.


And when it comes to ceremony, the beauty of Sun Temple in Mesa Verde National Park is incredible for the viewer. Some believe the building was never completed; however, the size and the incredible detail in the construction certainly means that the cliff-dwellers wished to use the site for Mesa Verde - Road Trekin Adventures-Content Marketing-Trekking Gear-Travel-Trekin Gear.com-2honoring and practicing the beliefs and faith of their people.


When it comes to the ancient world, it is amazing for present-day people to learn about the realms that existed long before they ever arrived. A world thrived in every century…and each world brought about advancements that would create the very foundation of everything we know today.


Mankind continues to evolve, and Mesa Verde National Park spotlights that incredible evolution!


Original Source: TrekinGear.com