Exploring the Beauty & Skill of Dry Fly Fishing


 Exploring the Beauty & Skill of Dry Fly Fishing


The sport of fly fishing and the industry, itself, has become extensive over the past decade – everything from companies and manufacturers that

Elk Hair Caddis by Skip Morris

Elk Hair Caddis by Skip Morris

supply the equipment needed, to the list of stunning locations across the United States that bring success to the avid fly fisherman, are long and varied. Perhaps it was the ‘River Runs Through It’ film that made many wish to go out into nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery while casting a line and challenging the extremely wise trout. But whatever the cause may be, the sport has become as large as the hunting industry, with more and more sportsmen and women wanting to learn everything they can to get that shot of adrenaline that comes with the first ‘strike’.


What some may not know, however, is that dry fly fishing has also becoming bigger within the fly fishing realm. Done with line and flies that float; a leader is also used that is tapered (3 to 5 meters long), which

Royal Wulff

Royal Wulff

makes it almost invisible, where the fly is knotted, to the unsuspecting prey. Different from sinking fly fishing and nymph fishing, the passion for dry flies has exploded in recent years, with more and more events and competitions being held in this category.


What one needs to know is that although trout consume a majority of their food from below-water sources, the rest of their intake comes from the surface-level – and that is enough to keep the fisherman more than busy. And when it comes to beginners, these anglers usually get more of a kick from dry fly fishing, seeing as that detecting a strike is almost instant, and the thrill of seeing the trout strike their fly makes a good first fishing trip even better.


There are many helpful hints for those who wish to make dry fly fishing a routine. And the added plus with this particular sport is that true peace and serenity come along with it. Most anglers will say that dry fly fishing on small, clear streams can bring about a great deal of fun and success, if the angler stays as low to the ground as possible, and as far from the bank as he/she can while moving upstream carefully. It is a fact that trout face upstream, allowing the current to carry most of their meals to them; which basically means that the attention of the fish is usually focused on that ‘tasty’ current. With this in mind, dry fly anglers learn quickly that their prey can be ‘had’ with talent and a little luck.


Keeping the fly dressed is a given, and making sure that you only use a little floatant instead of too much, will help get you closer to that eventual



victory. But one of the most important things an angler must know is where the most perfect places are, where they can learn, practice, and enhance dry fly fishing techniques. The surroundings should be incredible – with not only a wealth of fish to choose from, but a location that makes one feel as if there’s nothing else in the world but them. Some of the very best locales, as anglers will agree, are located in the Western portion of the U.S., so if looking to begin a dry fly fishing journey, it is smart to begin there.


Montana is the most unforgettable of all when it comes to dry fly fishing, as well as any fishing for that matter. It doesn’t get much better than the rivers waiting there to be explored. In Missoula – Bitterroot,

Parachute Tups

Parachute Tups

Blackfoot and Clark Fork rivers are stunning. But Big Sky Country is also the home of Rock Creek, known for the best brown trout fishing anywhere. Bozeman is also blessed with the Gallatin River running right through their town.


Idaho is yet another state that draws anglers in by the thousands each year. It is no wonder, considering Lewiston boasts Clearwater River, which is one of the best steelhead rivers out there – we’re talking double-digit fish that fight like their own special brand of Gladiator, giving the fisherman or woman a run for their money.


The Snake River is also one talked about by many in regards to the dry fly fishing experience. It is the Henry’s Fork of the Snake that is literally a ‘must-do’ and ‘must-see’ – one of the best dry fly fisheries around. And when it comes to beauty, as the Snake moves into Yellowstone National Park, the last leg of your journey should be spent right there.


From Utah to Arizona to California – the Western United States is truly a wonder for the angler; the sights and sounds are unforgettable…


So what are you waiting for? The fish are waiting!

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For movies opening August 1, 2014


Kam’s Kapsules:

Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun

by Kam Williams

For movies opening August 1, 2014


Calvary (R for profanity, sexual references, drug use and brief violence) Psychological drama, set in a tiny seaside town in Ireland, about a Catholic cleric (Brendan Gleeson) who finds his life threatened during confession by an anonymous parishioner who was raped as a child by a pedophile priest.  With M. Emmet Walsh, Chris O’Dowd, Kelly Reilly and Domnhall Gleeson (Brendan’s son).


Get on Up (PG-13 for sexuality, drug use, profanity and violence) Chad Boseman portrays James Brown in the biopic chronicling the Godfather of Soul’s rise from abject poverty to the heights of superstardom. Supporting cast includes Keith Robinson, Jill Scott, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer.


Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13 for profanity, action and intense violence) 10th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series about an American pilot (Chriss Pratt) who grudgingly teams with a ragtag outfit of extraterrestrial misfits in order to defend the universe against a diabolical villain (Lee Pace) with a twisted religious agenda. Ensemble cast includes Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, Djimon Hounsou, Glenn Close, John C. Reilly and Benicio Del Toro.


What If (PG-13 for profanity, sexuality and partial nudity) Romantic dramedy revolving around a med school dropout (Daniel Radcliffe) who develops feelings for his BFF (Zoe Kazan) despite the fact that she lives with her longtime boyfriend (Rafe Spall). With Megan Park, Adam Driver and Mackenzie Davis.





4 Minute Mile (PG-13 for mature themes, violence, drinking, drugs, smoking and profanity) Overcoming-the-odds drama about the unlikely friendship forged between an at-risk teen (Kelly Blatz) and the reclusive, retired track coach (Richard Jenkins) who agrees to train him. With Analeigh Tipton, Kim Basinger, Cam Gigandet and Rhys Coiro.


The Almost Man (Unrated) Changed circumstances satire about a sophomoric, 35 year-old slacker (Henrik Rafaelsen) suddenly forced to mature when he gets his girlfriend (Janne Heltberg Haarseth) pregnant. Supporting cast includes Egil Birkeland, Kim Eidhagen and Erik Haugstad. (In Norwegian with subtitles)


Around the Block (Unrated) Aussie drama, set in Sydney, about an aborigine kid (Hunter Page-Lochard) from a broken home who develops a love of acting with the help of his American drama teacher (Christina Ricci). Featuring Matt Nable, Jack Thompson and Daniel Henshall.


Behaving Badly (R for crude sexuality, graphic nudity, drug use and pervasive profanity) Romantic comedy about an awkward teen (Nat Wolff) with a crush on the cutest girl (Selena Gomez) at school. With Elisabeth Shue, Mary-Louise Parker, Dylan McDermott, Gary Busey, Justin Bieber and Heather Graham.


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (Unrated) Third installment in the horror franchise revolves around a bachelor party aboard a Caribbean cruise which is ruined when revelers start becoming infected with a flesh-eating virus right after docking their boat at a remote island. Ensemble includes Sean Astin, Currie Graham, Ryan Donowho, Brando Eaton and Jillian Murray.


Child of God (R for nudity, profanity, violence and disturbing sexual behavior) James Franco adapted, directed and stars in this crime thriller based on the Cormac McCarthy best seller of the same name about a cave-dwelling serial killer (Scott Haze) terrorizing a Tennessee mountain community. Narrated by Wade Williams and featuring Tim Blake Nelson, Jim Parrack and Fallon Goodson.


Finding Fela! (Unrated) Oscar-winner Alex Gibney (for Taxi to the Dark Side) directed this reverential retrospective recounting the career of Fela Kuti (1938-1997), the Nigerian pop music icon who passed away prematurely after contracting the AIDS virus.


Louder than Words (PG-13 for mature themes, smoking and brief profanity) Fact-based drama about a grieving couple (David Duchovny and Hope Davis) who decide to build a state-of-the-art children’s hospital after the untimely death of their young daughter (Olivia Steele-Falconer). Cast includes Timothy Hutton, Adelaide Kane and Xander Berkeley.


War Story (Unrated) PTSD drama about a former Libyan hostage (Catherine Keener) decompressing in Sicily where she divides her time between an ex-lover/mentor (Ben Kingsley) and a young Tunisian (Hafsia Herzi) trying to migrate to France. With Donatella Finocchiaro, Vincenzo Amato and Guido Caprino. (In English and Italian with subtitles)




Power vs. Value in the Sports World

Power vs. Value in the Sports World

~ Amy Lignor

Yes, a list was just posted regarding the most powerful people in sports…in New York, with the winner being Derek Jeter. The fans, apparently, had no problem giving Jeter the title, seeing as that he is basically the best New York sports has to offer. But what people need to know is that powerful and valuable are not always the same thing.


640px-Derek_Jeter_batting_stance_allisonDerek Jeter is beloved by millions, and makes a great deal of cash for what he does. Let’s face it, he is a valuable player and a valuable commodity to New York and sports. LeBron James…well, he is definitely valuable, when you consider the amount his old archenemies have given to him to leave the Heat and return home. Then there’s Kap in the NFL. This is a youngster compared to most, who has looked good as a QB, but not great – seeing as that he has not brought home the Lombardi Trophy even though he was ‘this close’ once. His value grew enormously with his new contract.


But valuable is a term for cash – it’s all about how well you play in your position, and how much glory you can bring to the team. Valuable means that fans love you, that you become inducted into a Hall of Fame one day; but is that absolute power? No.


Many lists are out there – from Sports Illustrated to every other media outlet you can think of directed at the sports world, offering up what they see as the most powerful. What they mean by powerful, however, are mostly people behind the scenes. They are the movers and shakers. They are ones who hold a sport and a sport’s rules in the palm of their hand, and can basically choose to do whatever they want with little consequences.


In 2013…and, yes, there are people who disagree with this choice, the highest in the sports pecking order was Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the 120830-A-AO884-123National Football League. And whether anyone disagrees still, Roger basically holds the title this year. He is the controller of the largest set of purse strings imaginable…and everyone knows that. Although other sports are beloved by fans – football is the one with the most fans, the most money, gains the most press and, yes, the most problems, depending on who you speak to.


Goodell’s ‘plus’ in everyone’s book was the fact that he was well-versed on discipline. He stuck to protocol at all times. Strict? Perhaps. But he suspends as he sees fit, and brings down punishment that could make or break a team or organization.


We speak about this because of the fact that Goodell is showing his inconsistencies now; his Hammer of Thor seems to be shaking. Remember the extreme punishment that was given to various people in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal? Well, now Goodell has shown leniency in a case that doesn’t seem to require any.


Goodell was referred to as ‘The Enforcer’. So what happened here? Perhaps he’s getting into trouble now because the players in the league have become so wild or…dumb, is a better word for it. You have everything from murders to drug issues to sexual assault to DWI’s to the basic ‘men being boys’ on their summer vacation issues. But with Ray Rice, Goodell has handed out a slap on the wrist, even though there is a case that shows footage that ‘may’ prove Rice assaulted his wife and knocked her unconscious in an elevator. Rice was suspended for just two games.


The NFL’s drug policy is that players 99% of the time who violate the policy receive four game suspensions. This is not even being kept up – with some players receiving two, others four, others just not talked about and shuffled under the carpet. And there is another point being made that after the Cleveland Browns owner handed in a check for $92 million dollars – payment and apology for defrauding customers – Goodell let the matter die quietly.


Goodell states that he allows the legal world to take care of decisions. He waits for the American hand of justice first, and then moves in where the accused person’s career is concerned. But, think about it, guys. Is it possible, just possible, that Goodell is no longer ‘good’ at what he does? Although the most powerful in the sports world, perhaps it would be safe to say that Goodell needs a rest, because his judgment is becoming impaired by the list of violations made by NFL players that’s growing longer than Santa’s ‘bad kids’ list. …And it ain’t over yet.


Selena Gomez and Star-Studded Cast Can’t Save Raunchy Teensploit

Behaving Badly

Film Review by Kam Williams


Selena Gomez and Star-Studded Cast Can’t Save Raunchy Teensploit


120640_galRick Stevens (Nat Wolff) is a socially-awkward virgin experiencing pangs of sexual awakenings. That explains why he is trying to summon up the courage to make a play for Nina Pennington (Selena Gomez), the cute, high school classmate he’s had a crush on since the 6th grade.


Trouble is she already has a boyfriend, Kevin Carpenter (Austin Stowell), a handsome hunk who’s very jealous and possessive. Moreover, Rick is so distracted by his dysfunctional family that it’s hard for him to even have time for dating.


He’s mercilessly teased and abused by his deadbeat dad (Cary Elwes), and his alcoholic mother (Mary-Louise Parker) is recovering in the hospital after recently trying to kill herself. And to add insult to injury, she only left a suicide note addressed to Lucy, her pet dog.


Rick’s siblings have their issues, too. His sister, Kristen (Ashley Rickards), has secretly started working as a stripper, and his closeted brother, Steven (Mitch Hewer), is gay and afraid to come out.


Nevertheless, Rick is determined to summon up the nerve to approach the girl of his dreams, and finally jumps at the chance when their Latin teacher (Charles C. Stevenson, Jr.) drops dead during class, ironically while conjugating “vivo,” the verb for live. Nina accepts his offer to drive her to the funeral which, in his mind at least, will be their first date.


So unfolds Behaving Badly, a screwball comedy directed by Tim Garrick that’s far more raunchy than it is funny. This tasteless teensploitation flick

serves up generous helpings of gratuitous nudity and profanity but precious little that elicits any laughter.


Director Garrick throws everything at the screen but the kitchen sink in an almost desperate attempt to shock, forgetting in the process to craft a plausible plotline that might hold the attention of anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature. Before Rick is allowed to win Nina’s heart, he acts out repeatedly, prematurely ejaculating with a stripper and sleeping with his best’s friend’s (Lachlan Buchanan) mom (Elisabeth Shue) en route to sharing an incestuous moment in a men’s room with his own mother’s seductive alter ego.


He also gets mixed up with Lithuanian mobsters and lands in jail along with most of his guests after throwing a wild party in the house while his folks are away. The bottom-feeding production squanders the services of a star-studded cast featuring Oscar-nominees Elisabeth Shue (for Leaving Las Vegas) and Gary Busey (for The Buddy Holly Story), pop icons Selena Gomez  and Justin Bieber, Dylan McDermott, Jason Lee, Heather Graham and Patrick Warburton.

A misfiring misadventure not even recommended for diehard Selena Gomez fans. 



Fair (1 star)

Rated R for crude sexuality, graphic nudity, drug use and pervasive profanity

Running time: 96 minutes

Distributor: Vertical Entertainment



Saving the Planet by Fostering: The Entire Earth Matters

Saving the Planet by Fostering: The Entire Earth Matters

 ~ Samantha Lewis

We clean the air. We clean the oceans. People are working hard all across the globe to make sure the world we live in becomes better. There are organizations out there saving endangered species; as well as organizations protecting endangered historic locales that literally are the backbone of

our history. But there is another group that also needs saving. Although buildings, the ocean, plant life, forests – all of those areas need to be looked after – animals do too. They need love. They need a home. And although there is adoption, there is still that commitment issue with some, or other problems that do not allow them to keep pets for a drawn-out period of time. So, what to do? Foster!
its-national-foster-care-monthOne of the largest programs when it comes to fostering an animal is the ASPCA Foster Care Program. Volunteers – good people out there who know that our animals need us when they are going through some tough times – have opened up their homes to animals that are not yet ready for adoption. These homes are opened up so that those animals have a chance to live, a chance to thrive, and a chance to one day be adopted by a family who do wish to make them permanent members of their clan.


Fostering animals helps in so many ways. It reduces the amount of time an animal has to spend inside an Adoption Center; it allows the Center itself to accept more animals because of the amount of room that is opened up by the volunteers taking foster pets, and it truly increases the chance of adoption for the animal. Fostering allows the animals to be prepared for a home and family life, and becoming a pet foster parent is yet another way to do your part in saving this world.


Setting up a foster situation is not difficult, and the program you sign up with actually chooses a good match for you and your family, joining with you in making sure you receive an animal you are comfortable caring for.


These are not just National organizations and programs, by the way. Pet fostering has grown huge all over the globe, with your local animal shelter fostering-art
most likely seeking foster parents to care for dog and cats. Now…the one thing that may seem a bit tough for some people is the fact that as a foster parent, you will be returning the pet to the adoption center or to a new family at some point. Therefore, this is a great program for people who love animals, but are not in the situation to take one on full-time for decades to come.


Perhaps you are a cat person; perhaps you feel at ease taking care of a canine instead. Whatever the case may be, the adoption center works with you so that you are comfortable with the pet that is chosen to live with you. And if you have experience or skills in certain areas – like the medical industry – you can even be that savior the animal needs, who is not ready for adoption quite yet because of illness. Then, you as the pet foster parent not only bring your love to the animal, but you also bring your ability to help them get healthy and well.


There are many reasons why a specific animal needs a foster caregiver. Among those are; mothers with newborn litters, young kittens and puppies, and recovering, sick, or injured animals. Some animals just need attention from a foster caregiver – a person who can help them learn how to socialize with people or other animals so they can make entrance into a family and be the perfect pet for the ones who choose to adopt them. There are even those amazing animals who are basking in the last few years of their lives. They are growing old, but have every right to enjoy all the years they have left as free of pain and as cared for as humanly possible. This is fostering that becomes part hospice care for an animal, which takes a huge heart and an amazing soul to volunteer for.


In the end, it is the entire environment that matters. Yes, the ocean, air, and land need our help, but so do the creatures walking among us. By giving time to foster a pet, you are working with a community of people who want nothing more than to make every single life on this planet count!


Call your local shelter today.


TrekinGear States You Are ‘Free 2 B’ You!


TrekinGear States You Are ‘Free 2 B’ You!


Road Trekin Adventure & Travel is all the ‘buzz’ in the outdoor world. Offering everything from news to lifestyle reports to cultural Zion National Park Fil Stripand historical information, green updates, and the latest tour companies, ideal vacation spots, and organizations that are working to keep the Great Outdoors alive and well, this is a truly nature-enthusiastic ‘crew’ that wants to bring everyone into the world of exploration and fun!


People with all types of ‘loves’ are jumping on the proverbial bandwagon: Hikers, hunters, campers, photographers, kids and family – all of them love learning about work that can be done to help the natural world and have fun in it all at the same time. This is the theory at the very core of the Road Trekin heart and soul. Pirate ships searching for treasure; geysers shooting forth in Yellowstone – this company shouts from the rooftops (or, at the least, from very high buttes), that the U.S. of A. has some of the most intriguing, unique and captivating locations anywhere.


But when you talk about unique places…let’s face it, you need a unique wardrobe to go along with it. In other words, although you many need that hiking and mountain gear, perhaps even the guns and ammo for the whitetail season – you should never overlookYellowstone Moose Calves the ‘fun’ and entertainment of the sport you choose…which is exactly what TrekinGear provides. And whether you are out and about, or hanging from the side of a cliff-face pretending to be in a scene from ‘Mission Impossible’, or simply walking down the streets in your own hometown, these clothing ‘gems’ are must-haves.


The CIRCUS CITY U.S.A. line is but one that makes you feel ‘Free 2 B’ just who you are: a person lovin life and trekin the world! And this is the only line of t-shirts, by the way, that truly celebrates everyone from the statuesque (long-necked, in this case), to the full-figured gals and guys that literally are head of the ‘Big Top’ no matter who (you lazy lion, you) believes otherwise.


The scenes on the t-shirts are hysterical. When it comes to the ‘Giraffe’; “From his glorious height the Big Top looks like nothing more than an ant farm; the elephants nothing more than creepy, hairless dogs. And as a little girl uses her bouquet of balloons to rise up and offer the giraffe a tasty dinner of a twig…” well, you gotta see it to believe it!


Another? Well, when it comes to that ‘hairless dog’ that the giraffe must turn his eyes away from considering the glare of the lights on his gray, high-glossed skin… When the music begins, the elephant lumbers forward, twitching a bit, most likely trying to figure out why some sparkly-dressed woman is sitting on top of him. (How those sequins must have scratched!) And to discover what he did next, you have to see the t-shirt and learn all about the announcement he trumpeted to the crowd!


Yes, there are others – there is a lion born to make you laugh as well as a mermaid that, perhaps, will lead you back into a horror movie. (Oh, wait…that’s the clown). Anyway, the CIRCUS CITY U.S.A. t-shirts are the numero uno thing you need in your closet in order to get trekin in style!


If clowns creep you out (thanks a lot, Stephen King!), you can also wear the “Let’s Go!” apparel which will allow the horse to yell ‘giddy-up’ at your family – which is a nice change of pace for the horse. And when it comes to, say, a bit of ‘potty’ humor – ‘The Outhouse Spout’ of the Chamber Pot Brewing Company is but one of the unique and hysterical t-shirts they have up for grabs in order to finish off the perfect adventurers’ wardrobe. In addition, you will also learn that in Montana fences may certainly be for sheep and cows, but the good old Montana moose has no problem being ‘Free 2 B’ him at all times.


Wild RainbowsThe Great Outdoors was not meant for a suit and tie; nor, was it meant for high heels or gowns that were only meant for a ‘Real Housewife’ to look horrific in. These creative lines of apparel will have you laughing and applauding as you jump on board, raft, plane, train, automobile, even moose – and join up with Road Trekin Adventure & Travel to have an absolute ball!


Get Trekin on ordering your wardrobe ‘must-have’ today!  Trekin Gear “Free 2 B”






Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

Get Your Circulation Back on Track with StepIt


Get Your Circulation Back on Track with StepIt


Medical innovations are constant sources of hope for a person suffering from pain. Being able to prolong life, as well as live it as happily and as pain-free as possible, is the goal that brilliant minds are working to achieve each and every day. One of the most difficult problems a person faces comes from the fact that their blood circulation is poor, causing symptoms that can then lead to Stepitlarger medical issues, the need for surgery, even death. But there is hope, as the latest medical innovation appears on the market – an aid that has become one of the most talked about, and one of the most crucial for people who are suffering.


The name is StepIt, and this is one medical device that has everyone from hospitals to research institutions, from the United Kingdom to the U.S. of A. deeply interested. Clinical studies have already been done, making it completely clear that StepIt is an item people with poor circulation can count on.


To put it in the simplest of terms, this is the ‘Rocking Foot Pedal’ – designed and developed to increase blood circulation in the legs. For those who are unable to walk or exercise because of painful joints, muscles, etc., StepIt actually simulates walking, which activates the Calf Muscle Pump in the lower legs. Offering the benefits of walking, StepIt makes sure that the legs remain active so the blood circulation will increase, helping the heart and body to thrive.


One of the greatest things about StepIt is the fact that no prescriptions or pills are necessary to get the results a person needs to stop their suffering, or simply feel better every day. StepIt is literally a pedal (much like an accelerator), where by pressing down with the foot, the vital movement and exercise of the heel of the foot occurs easily. Keeping the foot in motion, keeps the blood flowing.


A much-needed stimulator, anyone can utilize StepIt – whether at home, on the go, traveling on plane, train, in the automobile, or even while in the office. Using StepIt allows the person to relax calf muscles through the drop motion; while the rise motion causescontent_banner the muscles to contract, squeezing the veins and sending blood back to the heart. Simple but brilliant, this easy pump action helps increase activity when one can’t get outdoors or exercise at the gym. And the benefits are truly good for everyone, because later in life issues do arise regarding blood clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis), as well as other illnesses and symptoms including the painful swelling of feet, ankles and legs.


StepIt studies have also shown improvement in other areas – from helping to better lives after a stroke to incredible improvements on healing leg wounds, as well as aiding people who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. Even diabetes problems have been addressed, with StepIt proving to be a positive factor for increasing blood circulation.


Made of a special plastic material, the sturdy design is equipped with a specially designed steel spring located between the rocking cradle and the footpad, which offers the light resistance that one would receive if walking in the Great Outdoors.


As we all know, this is the world of computer laptops and cell phones. 90% of jobs in the U.S. are work done while sitting down, as people use technology for ease and tend to forget the hours they’ve spent sitting in a chair and not allowing the blood to circulate properly in the body.


Overlooking this fact can bring about pain, but using StepIt allows you to still have that much-needed exercise no matter where you happen to be sitting. It even folds up for easy storage to take along with you wherever you go, so that vital range of motion never stops. Whether it be from your inability to move around, or are more or less immobilized for hours by that blinking computer screen, StepIt is here.


This is the brilliance – this is the constant innovation that medical minds out there are continuing to create. With StepIt, the list of benefits for Diabetics, the elderly, overweight persons, wheelchair users, even women who suffer from leg swelling during pregnancy, is a mile long. Now everyone has the ability to feel better and live a more comfortable and pain-free life.


Get Your Circulation Back on Track Today!   www.StepIt.com



Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

A Hunter is Center Stage Once More in The Catch by Taylor Stevens

A Hunter is Center Stage Once More in The Catch by Taylor Stevens

Book Review by Amy Lignor

Vanessa Michael Monroe is known as a bit of a chameleon. She is a definite hunter who has built her reputation on getting things done, whether it be dangerous things, or shady deals in the legal realm, Vanessa knows what it takes to succeed.
18691024Usually on the go and traveling near and far, Vanessa behaves much like a man, especially when she heads into countries that don’t exactly hold women in the highest esteem. She is not your regular ‘information getter’ and has learned her list of survival skills the hard way, then uses those skills to get information out of terrorists and kidnappers.


In this, Book 4, featuring Vanessa, she shows up in Africa to keep away from the man she loves. She is frightened that the violence she gets into will eventually cause him harm. Joining a security team aboard a ship traveling through the waters of Somalia, the home of many pirates, Vanessa is faced with an actual pirate attack and is called into action.


Most of the action is told within the confines of Monroe’s head as, early on, she’s injured in a fight. Needing to out-think several groups, including, Russians, Somalians and Kenyans, her intelligence is almost on the level of ‘X-Men’ superpowers. Speaking more than a dozen languages, and being able to learn new ones in only a matter of weeks, Vanessa can play people and entire countries against each other while never being more than one step away from the action at all times.


This writer is fabulous and the characterizations are thrilling. Although a true suspense novel where nothing should be revealed in a review, let us just say that there is nothing sentimental or flowery going on here. You get what you see, and that includes the cleverness, the grit, and the pain. A definite keeper!!


Until Next Time,


Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for Some

51aZbUfhlZLDollar Democracy:

With Liberty and Justice for Some

by Peter Mathews


Paperback, $24.99

368 pages

ISBN: 978-1-49605973-4

Book Review by Kam Williams

“Big corporations and their super wealthy owners have bought many American politicians through campaign contributions and lobbying. These politicians have voted to benefit their donors, not the American public… The Corporate dominated policies of these sponsored politicians have resulted in the greatest gap between the American rich and poor since the Great Depression…

They have made decisions that led to: outsourcing good middle-class jobs; dismantling our public education system; deteriorating health care that

Peter Mathews

Peter Mathews

leaves Americans in danger, sick and broke; the destroying of our environment; the polluting of our food through deregulation of Big Agribusiness, pesticide use, and proliferation of Genetically-Modified Foods: the crash of Wall Street and the Great Recession, from which the bottom 99% of Americans have not yet recovered.”

Excerpted from the Book Jacket

In recent years, the American Dream has proven to be increasingly elusive for most of us. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job, you’re probably working longer hours for less pay.

Meanwhile, millions of jobs are being outsourced to China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Mexico, the Philippines and other countries that don’t have decent child labor, minimum wage and/or occupational health and safety standards. Consequently, it’s no surprise that there have been several suicides at Apple factories by disgruntled peasants paid only pennies per hour to perform repetitive tasks for 10-12 hours, 7 days a week, with no compensation for overtime.

What makes Third World nations so attractive to multinational corporations are the cheap labor and absence of consequences for human rights violations. Let’s face it, it’s impossible for unions operating in the U.S. to be as appealing to a company as a totally submissive labor force that’s easy to exploit with the help of a Communist government.

This is among the critical factors contributing to the current, domestic economic crisis discussed in detail in Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for Some. The insightful tome was written by Peter Mathews, political science professor, talk show host and former Democratic Party nominee for Congress in Long Beach, California.

Besides jobs, the author sets his sights on such hot button topics as education, health care, the environment, Wall Street vs. Main Street, and election finance reform. Invariably weighing in from a progressive perspective, Mathews is dismayed that, “An American child’s chance of acquiring a quality education depends more on the parents’ income than on almost anything else.”

Despite the country’s dire state of affairs, he remains optimistic, and closes the opus with some viable plan for the people to reclaim the American Dream. The literary equivalent of a one-man million-man march for equality and justice for every U.S. citizen.

To order a copy of Dollar Democracy, visit: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1496059735/ref%3dnosim/thslfofire-20

Top Ten DVD List for July 29, 2014

This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams


Top Ten DVD List for July 29, 2014         medical-simulation-top-10             

Next Goal Wins


The Amazing Catfish


Secret State




D-Day 360


Half of a Yellow Sun


Midsomer Murders: Set 24


The Big Chill [Criterion Collection]


Frontline: United States of Secrets


At War with the Army (Film Chest Restored Version)


Honorable Mention

Babar and the Adventures of Badou: Gone Wild


Five Dances


PBS Kids: Daniel Tries Something New




Bubble Guppies: Get Ready for School




My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic [Keys of Friendship]




Ambert Alert: Terror on the Highway


Tennessee Queer