Penelope Could be Killed on Thursday May 1st in Orlando, FL


by Ernest DempseyPenelope

Her name is Penelope and she will be put to death anytime after 6 pm tomorrow if not pulled from the pound in Orlando, FL.

She has $450 in pledges and yet none has committed to adopt or foster her. Now, 2-year-old Penelope has only one day left before the count for her name on the euthanasia list starts at the Orange County Animal Services, in Orlando, FL.  Her Animal ID is A288825  and she is in room no: WD24.

Penelope’s impending death proves the veracity of the popular saying. “”Compassion is NOT enough. You must ACT!” It’s time to act now to save Penelope’s life.

Please share this post with all rescues and literally everybody because tomorrow might be her last day if there is no rescue. Contact the Orange County Animal Services to ask rescue Penelope at:

Orange County Animal Services
2769 Conroy Road
Orlando, FL 32839-2162
Phone: 407-254-9150/9140

The Ducks Remain Mighty in the Western Conference

The Ducks Remain Mighty in the Western Conference

~ Amy Lignor

Dallas, Texas is a place for stars, no matter what team you happen to love. Whether they be in the NFL, NBA, or NHL – the stars
are always riding high in the Lone Star State. So it must feel like a heavy duty hit from the old hockey stick to know that a littleHockey (but with huge quacks), duck brigade came along and wiped them from the NHL scene for the season.


The Dallas Stars brought a little bit of everything this season to their fans – with new management coming on the scene, as well
as new uniforms to set them apart from the rest of the gang. But apparently all the progress could not stop the agony of defeat, which supposedly always must come before the ultimate victory.


The fact remains that Texas can win and win big. Now it will be interesting to see if their football team can rise faster and become the idols they once were, before the Stars beat them to glory and fame.


Sunday morning the Dallas Stars were riding high, perhaps not even too worried about Game 6 against the ‘waddlers’. And with a 4-2 lead, which they were able to maintain for much of the third period, the Stars certainly looked like they would move up and on. Fate, or irony, interceded. (Or perhaps the cloud of Jerry Jones is just covering the city and bringing bad luck to all the sports teams there. Hmmm…something to think about).


Their two goal lead was wonderful, yet they blew it, ruining their dreams of heading to the big game. Now the Stars didn’t do badly. I mean, they worked their proverbial hockey sticks off to make sure the very top of the Western Conference had to play six out of seven to claim victory.


But the Ducks were never down and out – which is what some people seem to forget about them. In fact, studies show that many think of them as nothing more than the team based on the cute movie their kids really loved way back when. But these Ducks are mighty, and it has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.


230px-Bruce_Boudreau_Ducks_2012-02-15Bruce Boudreau, the Anaheim Ducks coach, felt a bit of fear at the 4-2 lead by Dallas, and the comeback he was praying for was
a bit of a shock when it was delivered. However, when looking at any NHL playoff game, comebacks are the ingredient that makes them all worth watching.


The Ducks have always kept going. The first five games were difficult, but the team saw an opportunity to end the series and they rose up to do just that. It is Nick Bonino who will be given praise for a while, that’s for sure. Because of his talent and major abilities, fans and teammates jumped on Nick as if he had literally just taken home – all by himself – the ultimate trophy.


He did exactly what YouTube wants when it comes to their videos. When Bonino skated around the net and hit that puck over Kari Lehtonen’s left shoulder to get the Ducks within 4-3, with only 2:10 left in regulation time – YouTube was granted a sports snippet that all wanted to see.


Then, with only 24 seconds left, the Ducks got that goal to send the game into overtime. A wild moment occurred directly in front of the net as skaters duked it out. Anaheim stood under a lucky cloud, apparently, as the 4-4 tie became a reality.


In the end, though, fans have got to give it up for veteran goalie, Jonas Hiller. He made the Ducks more than mighty as he stopped all 12 shots that came his way (after he replaced rookie Frederik Andersen). Jonas had a hand in everything, with Anaheim winning 29 games, giving them the best regular season they have ever had. Just another reason why people need to see that the word ‘veteran’ does not mean ‘old’ – it means extremely learned, and one who knows exactly how to do the job right.


The Lone Star State may be on their backs right now, their gazes a bit surprised as they deal with the fact that the Ducks took them for the ride of their lives. But…they will be back!



We Need to Understand That the Sky Goes Green

We Need to Understand That the Sky Goes Green

~ ZZ Troutski

126 days of peace. That is the number, according to the Weather Channel, that is in the books when it comes to America not having to deal with a tornado incident so large that it not only took homes and buildings but, took lives.


Everyone talks about the sky turning green, which it does, before the tornado falls. And it is more and more apparent that

Photo by Katherine Boyd

Photo by Katherine Boyd

we need to work harder when it comes to saving our environment; discarding the ‘old ways’ that are not working and are simply adding to the problems. In other words, WE need to go green to perhaps help stop the sudden green hue of the skies from forming.


It was only three years ago that a Little Rock, Arkansas suburb called Vilonia was hit and hit hard by Mother Nature. And yesterday, in that very same spot, three years later, a powerful tornado stayed down on the ground for eighty miles, destroying many northern suburbs of Little Rock yet again, with sixteen people losing their lives during this horrific weather event.


Unfortunately, for all of us these debris scenes and pictures on all weather and news stations this morning are not new. A brand new $14 million-dollar school is gone – just like that, looking like nothing more than a landfill. Huge vehicles were picked up and twisted around one another, scattered across the ground by nothing more than wind.


As Little Rock gets sunshine to see clearly the horrendous destruction all around, other states are looking at major flood watches, as well as the chance that another tornado can come along in someplace new. This extreme rash of tornados and heavy storms are not over, says the National Weather Service, warning that the path is expected to continue throughout today across the South and Mississippi Valley.


Numbing is the word for something like this. It is almost a Stephen King novel – something nightmarish, but should never be real. With the way our world looks at the moment, however, our weather is nothing like that of a novelist’s imagination, it is all too real and is getting worse. The footage of Interstate 40 is a frightening wreck, with the President calling States of Emergencies as residents try to search for everyone missing.


In this particular instance, the environmental impact is huge, with officials making sure it does not grow even more difficult by cutting off all power and utilities to avoid chances of fire.


The news we must all take in when watching these headlines is not the debris and destruction, however. It is the point we MUST learn that tornados are not a freak occurrence as they were once thought to be – waiting for the right combination of jet streams, heat, cold, and moisture in order to be created. Nor are they a celestial or religious event, as some believe. They are NOT random.


There are an average of 4.5 tornados per tornado day. There are constant teams and crews out there looking for them, trying to pre-warn everyone around that they are about to fall. Although this technology has gotten better over the decades, it is not full-proof and never will be. Trying to track Mother Nature is like trying to track a unicorn – she has proven the ability to do what she wants when she wants to, and disappear back up into the sky.


Our environment has problems. The changes in air quality, water quality, jet streams – you name it – are issues that all people everywhere have created over time. If you do not believe this, just look at the severe environmental changes occurring over the past twenty-five years or longer.


And, no, we cannot change anything that happened back in the 1920’s on up. We can not close down factories, stop cutting down trees, stop clearing the way for suburbia to grow – that chance is over. Those decisions were made with no thought about what the future could bring, and they can not be taken back. What we can do is try our very best to change our own daily lives in order to help prevent the earth from crumbling, shifting, and transforming into a deadly place to live.


Our overabundances and our ability to overlook various ways to go ‘green’ is what makes that sky green and brings on a roar that can never be forgotten.


126 days of peace is not enough. It is time to change!


Pageants, Parlors & Pretty Women

41Ev4P285mLPageants, Parlors & Pretty Women:

Race and Beauty in the 20th Century South

by Blain Roberts

University of North Carolina Press

Hardcover, $39.95

378 pages, Illustrated

ISBN: 978-1-4696-1420-5


Book Review by Kam Williams


“[This book] tells us how Jim Crow and civil rights were expressed in southern women’s bodies. Using female beauty as a lens, the book brings into focus an untold social and cultural history of southern women and of the South generally…

I argue that female beauty in the American South was, more so than in the rest of the country, deeply racialized…I also emphasize the complexity inherent in the pursuit of beauty… I approach beauty as an expansive category that encompasses ideals, practices, labor, and even spaces…

Underscoring almost every conversation about beauty in the region were worries about morality and sexuality… Pageants, Parlors & Pretty Women provides a fresh perspective on the anxieties that plagued southerners from the late 19th C. through the mid-20th C. Or, put another way, it reveals how the female body both informed and reflected the challenges of life during Jim Crow.”

— Excerpted from the Introduction (pages 6 -10)


America has a long, ugly legacy of promoting diametrically opposed images of black and white females. This can be traced all the way back to Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson, an adulterer who had a white wife, but fathered a half-dozen children with Sally Hemmings, one of his hundreds of slaves.

Yet, in his only book, “Notes on the State of Virginia,” the hypocritical third President of the U.S. frowned upon race-mixing while denouncing black women as unattractive on account of their hair texture and skin color. He actually went so far as to pronounce sisters so promiscuous that they would just as soon mate with an ape as a human.

Sadly, such racist notions continued to shape popular attitudes about African-American femininity after Emancipation, especially in the South with its strictly-enforced color line. In the wake of the Civil War, Caucasian women “were transformed into symbols of white supremacy and, eventually, massive resistance,” to integration and equal rights.

That is the proposition put forth by Blain Roberts in Pageants, Parlors & Pretty Women: Race and Beauty in the 20th Century South. Roberts, a History Professor at California State University, Fresno, discusses at great length the role which beauty played in maintaining the racial divide.

For, the enduring plantation myth still propagated post slavery placing white women on pedestals as paragons of virtue in need of protection proved to be the ideal tool for justifying the persistence of white supremacy ad infinitum. And Jim Crow Era bigots found affirmation in the Miss America beauty pageant which would for many decades be not only lily-white but dominated by entrants from former Confederate States.

The opus also delineates the black female struggle to escape the stranglehold of their stereotype as “sexually licentious” and “innately depraved and dirty.” They fought back by turning to skin lighteners and straightening combs until finally being freed by the Sixties’ “Black is beautiful!” movement to embrace their natural hair and skin tones.

A far more sophisticated examination of black and white pulchritude than Gone with the Wind’s long unquestioned suggestion that it’s as simple as Mammy vs. Scarlett O’Hara.


To order a copy of Pageants, Parlors & Pretty Women, visit:

Facials & Moisturizers: A Classic Combo for Healthy Skin

Facials & Moisturizers: A Classic Combo for Healthy Skin

 ~ James Moore

There are so many ways people want to turn back time, and some of these ways are the most expensive you can possibly think of. No, not talking about cryogenics here – we’re talking about plastic surgery.


shutterstock_47545204There is pain, there is swelling, and the process – although results may look good when immediately done – does not last. One must go under the knife again and again as the wrinkles reappear. In addition, the surgery is able to be spot a mile away, making that all-natural ‘you’ look extremely unnatural as the surgeries pile up.


When it comes to the basics, your skin may be a bit depressing when put up against those runway models and actresses who seem younger and fresher than you. However, they are air-brushed most of the time. When you look at a face soft, flawless skin comes from many things – mostly genetics; but facial treatments help far more than plastic surgery because the long-term benefits are truly fantastic, allowing you to keep that face you loved so much in your twenties without changing a thing except for proper maintenance.


FaceLuXe is a company that’s more than a fan-favorite when it comes to their business. The skilled experts at FaceLuXe know how to treat your skin, and they understand the intricacies about the process. Having a facial is one thing, but being able to work with someone who realizes that your skin is unique offers comfort, simply because of the care and attention that’s given to you as the client.


Facials are a treatment meant to cleanse, firm, smooth and moisturize. There are millions who find facials to be the ultimate choice when it comes to helping their skin; and they love the added extra benefits of being pampered while they find time to relax in an already hectic world. Facials are the third most popular spa treatment, right behind massages and manicures/pedicures, therefore, FaceLuXe and it’s sister company MassageLuXe make sure that all facets are covered when it comes to helping a person look and feel better.


Moisturizing and taking care of the skin is a difficult process because of the climate you find yourself in. In other words, hot and humid summers are certainly going to require different care than someone who lives in the bitter cold 4-6 months of the year. Thankfully, FaceLuXe has become so popular that they are found in almost all climates, making the process of achieving healthy skin all that much easier.


Your skin, just like your heart or lungs, is important to take care of – often and well. Whether your skin is normally dry or oily also will determine how you, as an individual, approaches skin care. Facials and moisturizing are the well-oiled team that makes sure you and your skin are not only defying age but literally winning the battle.


Moisturizing allows your skin to retain water, lubricating your skin and making it look better. The combo of the right moisturizer and the right facial schedule with FaceLuXe helps maintain a young, smooth appearance no matter where you live.


So for just a few basic tips on how to moisturize in order to make sure that all your extremely relaxing facials at FaceLuXe can work to their best ability, take a look at your climate.


A dry climate takes its toll. Anything from the solar energy coming from the sky to full-time air conditioners will intensify the heat and dry even more. To keep that young glow you want a moisturizer that’s oil-based; this will help retain more water in your skin’s outer layers.


On the flip side, when it comes to hot water, a blistering shower sounds like a great idea when Old Man Winter comes calling, but what many do not know is that hot water further dries the skin; no moisturizing occurs. Taking short showers with warm water is a good thing for the skin. And the application of baby oil or a petroleum-based moisturizer after the bath or shower will also help the skin retain moisture.


Humidity has all that water in the air, but if you have oily skin in this type of climate, moisturizer on a daily basis is still needed. Moisturizers that contain humectants work best in humid areas because they absorb water from the air and require humidity to be effective (look for products that list urea, glycerin or alpha hydroxy acids on the label).


Moisturizers are a tangled web when you look at the mass of products on the market, so just make sure to carefully choose the correct ingredients for your skin type and climate. Then, make sure you head to your weekly FaceLuXe appointment for the completely relaxing, safe and skilled treatments your skin deserves!



Spidey’s Flawless Stone

14067318_galEmma StoneThe “Spider-Man 2” Interview

with Kam Williams


Spidey’s Flawless Stone
Emily Jean Stone was born on November 6, 1988 in Scottsdale, Arizona where she started acting at an early age. With her striking beauty and sincere talent, the Golden Globe-nominated actress (for Easy A) has claimed her place as one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses.

She recently wrapped filming a still untitled Cameron Crowe project opposite Bradley Cooper and Alec Baldwin which will be released on Christmas Day 2014. She just finished shooting the Woody Allen film Magic in the Moonlight in which she stars opposite Collin Firth, also set for release later this year.

Besides The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Emma will soon be seen in the dark comedy Birdman, starring opposite Zack Galifinakis, Michael Keaton and Edward Norton. Previously, she lent her voice to the hit animated film, The Croods. And she will soon reprise her role as the voice of Eep for the sequel, which will hit theaters in July of 2019.

Emma’s additional film credits include the period drama Gangster Squad; Easy A, the award-winning drama The Help; the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, LoveFriends with Benefits; Paperman; the animated comedy, Marmaduke;Zombieland; the romantic comedy Ghosts of Girlfriends PastThe House Bunny;The Rocker; and the ensemble comedy Superbad.


When not filming, Emma is an advocate for Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. Laura Ziskin, the late producer of The Amazing Spider-Man, started the organization and got Emma involved.

In addition to SU2C, Stone is also an ambassador for Gilda’s Club New York City. Named for Gilda Radner, the late comedian and original cast member of SNL, Gilda’s Club offers a place where people dealing with cancer can join together to build social and emotional support. Stone has become an active member in the Gilda’s Club community and continues to do so by engaging with their younger departments for children and teens.

Here, she talks about her latest movie, Spider-Man 2, where she reprised her role as Spider-Man’s love interest Gwen Stacy.


Kam Williams: Hi Emma, thanks for the interview. I’m honored to have this opportunity to speak with you.

Emma StoneOh, thank you, Kam!


KW: I’ve admired your versatility and so much of your work, from Superbad to Zombieland to Easy A to Crazy, Stupid, Love to The Help to Gangster Squad to Spider-Man.

ES: Thanks.


KW: Now, I have a lot of questions for you from fans which I’m going to mix in with my own. Editor/Legist Patricia Turnier would like to know how it was reuniting with the cast and crew to do Spider-Man 2.

ES: It was so great! I had never worked with the same cast and crew twice in a row before. So, I had a really good time. We had a nice rapport and trust among all of us, and with the new cast members as well, like Dane [DeHaan] and Jamie [Foxx]. It was a blast!


KW: Patricia also asks: Are you at all like Gwen?

ES: In some ways, yes, since I find things about myself that can relate to every character that I’ve played. So, yeah. But in other ways, maybe not as much. [Laughs]


KW: Harriet Pakula-Teweles asks: What’s the difference between a screen romance with a super-hero and one with an ordinary leading man?

ES: Well, I think Peter Parker in some ways is both because he’s a regular high school student, now college student, who happens to have this other life as Spider-Man. It’s sort of one and the same and this point. They’re pretty symbiotic. They’re inseparable!


KW: Harriet also asks: With so many classic films being redone, is there a remake you’d like to star in?

ES: No, not one I could think of off the top of my head. If there’s a classic I’m tempted to redo, it’s because I loved the original so much. But I wouldn’t really want to mess with it.


KW: Lisa Loving asks: Did you ever wish you had a superpower in the film, considering the fact that several other characters did? Or were you happy not to, since superheroes and villains tend to be jerkier than normal people?

ES: I feel like Gwen’s mind, her intelligence is her superpower, and her heart, too. I think if there’s any superpower I’d want her to have it would be invisibility, so she could advise Spider-Man while remaining unseen, and not get so swept up into his antics.


KW: Environmental activist Grace Sinden asks: How different was acting in Spider-Man 2 for you from the original, and is 105464_galSpider-Man 3 in the works?

ES: I know Spider-Man 3 is in the works. They’re already working on it now. Spider-Man 2 was different in the sense that the original was kind of just setting the table of the story while the second movie was sort of getting into the feast. So, it felt like we were all finding our footing on the first movie and getting to know each other and what kind of story we wanted to tell in our version of Spider-Man. Now, in the second one, we knew what the tone was, so we were able to dive deeper into the real heart and meat of the story.


KW: Grace also says: Watching a panel discussion you were on about the Spider-Man costumes, I heard that you are opposed to gender stereotypes. Is that the case?

ES: [Chuckles] It’s interesting how that whole conversation, which was just a simple conversation, has become a big deal. No, I don’t really believe in gender stereotyping, but I was genuinely just asking for a clarification of the definition of it in that circumstance.


KW: A lotta guys didn’t exactly send in questions, but asked for dates or just went on about you, like Gil Cretney who said: “Love that girl!” and Richie the Intern who gushed: “She’s really attractive!”

ES: [Giggles] That’s nice!


KW: Obama biographer Dinesh Sharma asks: Why did you recently refer to yourself as a “bland, basic bitch” in Vogue?

ES: [LOL] Because that was a comment I read about me once, and I thought it was kind of funny.


KW: Attorney Bernadette Beekman asks: Who was your favorite superhero growing up?
ES: I loved the Tim Burton Batman movies, so I’d have to say Michael Keaton. I also enjoyed Beetlejuice, so I guess Michael Keaton characters were my superheroes.


KW: Bernadette also asks: Is there someone who does superhuman things in real life that you admire?

ES: Lot’s of people! Anyone who’s making a huge impact or speaking out about what they believe in or who’s brave enough to be themselves is a superhero to me.


KW: Pat says: I love the character Pippi Longstocking.  Would you consider playing her onscreen? I think you would be perfect for the part.

ES: Well that’s very nice of you to say, Pat. Of course I would!


KW: The Ling-Ju Yen question: What is your earliest childhood memory?

ES: Hmm… That’s a good question. [Pauses to reflect] I don’t really have one that I revisit. It’s kind of a haze of memories of the first house my family lived in, like being in the living room and the bedroom at about 2 or 3 maybe. But I don’t really remember anything too vividly.


KW: What is your favorite dish to cook?

ES: I like to bake, but I haven’t gotten all that great at cooking. So, pasta is usually my “go to” dish. I’m really good at making Kraft macaroni and cheese. [Chuckles]


KW: Do you spice it up, or just follow the instructions on the box?

ES: I don’t use any milk, but I add too much butter for human consumption. It’s pretty damn good! It’s my dad’s college recipe. He ate it every day for a year.


KW: The Uduak Oduok question: Who is your favorite clothes designer?

ES: I don’t really have one favorite. I have a few.


KW: The bookworm Troy Johnson question: What was the last book you read?

ES: I just finished re-reading The Four Agreements.

I’m reading Lolita now for the first time.

And I’m trying to get back into The Goldfinch. I started reading it, but put it down after about 150 pages. I’m going to try to finish it, because people seem to really love that book.


KW: The music maven Heather Covington question: What was the last song you listened to?

ES: “Cigarettes and Coffee” by Otis Redding.


KW: If you could have one wish instantly granted, what would that be for?

ES: I’d wish for an infinite amount of wishes. 


KW: Is there any question no one ever asks you, that you wish someone would?

ES: I don’t know. That’s a good question. I’d have to think about it. [Chuckles]


KW: When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

ES: My face.


KW: The Anthony Mackie question: Is there anything that you promised yourself you’d do when you became famous, that you still haven’t done yet?

ES: No, because I never thought it was going to become a reality. It’s all been pretty nuts!


KW: Thanks again for the time, Emma, and best of luck with the film.

ES: Thank you very, very much, Kam. It was nice to talk with you.




The World of Sports Had Heroes

The World of Sports Had Heroes

 ~ Amy Lignor

No one was ever perfect. There are men in the Hall of Fame in all sports that certainly had their share of mishaps. Maybe it was something about them that made their mistakes bearable, or perhaps it was the time period of black-and-white television and the idea that their talents on the field were far more important than the money in their pockets, that made them great and have

kept them the ‘best of the best.’ Maybe for these reasons children looked up to them, and didn’t much care if they were funny-monkey-pictures-2
gambling on the side, as long as they hit home runs. These were the days when Elvis sang ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and chicks screamed – there were idols, with flaws, but they were larger than life no matter what mistakes they were making.


Back in that time period there were flaws in our country. Wars, racial tensions, events that made history. But apparently, all of this work that was done to make us better people and a better country has turned into a joke with some ‘big shots’ who seem to forget that TV – like life – is no longer black-and-white. People all over the world can hear everything in seconds, which means you are judged by the people in seconds.


Everyone should know by now that social media spans the globe, so any ‘alleged’ comments made on a tape by, say, an NBA owner who ‘if the tape is deemed authentic’ decided to jump back in time to say something unbelievably moronic. So moronic, in fact, that his own team actually sat and discussed whether or not they should boycott their own playoff game.


Perhaps they came to the conclusion – as everyone should – that allowing morons any time in their sphere is a waste of time. After all, speaking to a person who’s all mouth and no brains is more than difficult, seeing as that they do not listen to anyone but their own ego.


The NBA commissioner stated that the league was investigating the ‘alleged’ comments. And even though the paparazzi, news reports, and social media have described these ‘alleged’ comments as ‘offensive’, the league is focusing on the authenticity of the recording, as well as what context the ‘alleged’ comments were made in when ‘allegedly’ spoken.


This is due process, and everyone is allowed that in the U.S. of A. If found to be authentic, the owner could receive a “wide range of sanctions” – but if the recording is found authentic, to the rest of us, there will literally be no sanctions that could be given that would make the ‘alleged’ speaker intelligent.


I am sure many of these league investigators – whether they be for the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. – would really like to simply smack the ‘alleged’ perpetrators of anything and tell them this: Having money in your pocket does not give you the right to be an idiot. Because with so much money in your pocket, you could afford to take a few classes that would perhaps increase your brain power.


This owner: “remains emphatic that what is reflected on that recording is not consistent with, nor does it reflect his views, beliefs or feelings,” In fact, “It is the antithesis of who he is, what he believes and how he has lived his life.”


Here is where “if the shoe fits” philosophy comes into play. In the past eight years, the Los Angeles Clippers’ owner has settled multiple racial discrimination suits filed against him; one of these was in 2009, where he paid the U.S. Justice Department $2.73 million to settle allegations his companies ‘targeted and discriminated against blacks, Hispanics and families with children in renting apartments in greater Los Angeles.’


These are facts. There is also the fact that under previous commissioner David Stern, the NBA never publicly disciplined Sterling in the previous incidents.


Babe Ruth wasn’t perfect; nor was DiMaggio. And Elvis, well…he will always be the King…‘nuff said. Black-and-white came with an old television set. It is 2014, people: Today we live in a Technicolor world.  Embrace it…or shut up!




This Week’s DVD Releases

medical-simulation-top-10This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams



Top Ten DVD List for April 29, 2014


These Birds Walk


Father Brown: The Complete Collection


Up the Junction


Betty Boop: The Essential Collection: Volume Three


Frontline: Generation Like


Gamera Ultimate Collection: Volume One


Civil War: The Untold Story


Gamera Ultimate Collection: Volume Two


Mr. Selfridge: Season 2


You, Me & Them: Series One



Honorable Mention


Super Skyscrapers


Godzilla: The Complete Animated Series


The Strange Woman


Lady Peacock


Prince Killian and the Holy Grail


SpongeBob, You’re Fired!


Labor Day


Locker 13




Watching Them Go is Just as Hard During the NFL Draft

Watching Them Go is Just as Hard During the NFL Draft

~ Amy Lignor


Cowboys_Stadium_fieldEveryone speaks about the draft picks: Who’s the best? Who can come to your team and actually make a difference? Is there a QB out there who knows what he’s doing? A diamond in the rough that can become the next Manning? Yes…there are a whole lot of questions when it comes to the shoot ‘em up world of the NFL. But what many do not realize is that when the new come through the doors of the locker room, the old are sent packing.


This year there will be choices made; choices that many a fan will not understand because they are not a part of the salary caps. There are a great deal of players getting a whole lot of money who are not Manning. And the scariest part is, some of these players are future Hall of Famers. When you’re that good and can STILL get cut, then no career is safe in the National Football League.


There are lists being put out right now of who could go that are startling fans everywhere. And free agency has taken a real hold when it comes to offering players salaries that are beyond ridiculous. However, they also come along with absolutely no guarantee: even if you do earn that cash you STILL may not have a job when next season rolls around.


For those who are unaware, other leagues (NBA, NHL, etc.) have no basis or ability to cut a player loose without giving him the payment of his contract that was signed and sealed the day he walked in and became a member of the team. When it comes to football, those rules change dramatically. A man can exit, saving salary cap space so that the owners can make better deals with other players no matter what the exiting player’s contract states.


Yes, the player is still useful to the team, but their Mercedes Benz price tag (when the team can really only afford to pay out a Honda Accord price tag), becomes too much for the team to handle. There are NFL teams with cap issues (not ‘Kap’, by the way; his trouble is only an issue for the 49ers right now), and some of the more highly-paid players may meet the unemployment line.


Some names appearing on all lists, include, Cortland Finnegan. His ten million bucks (cha ching!) seemed like a really good investment for the Titans at the beginning of 2012, but Cortland did not deliver and dwindled fast in  2013. Four million dollars can be re-invested by the Rams now if Finnegan is cut by them. Is the former Titan worth it? We shall see…


The 49ers are certainly looking at some sad headlines, with serious players screwing up on their summer vacations. But when it comes to salary cap issues, it is Carlos Rogers who has given the Niners massive amounts of good work who may be facing the chopping block. He recorded 39 tackles and two interceptions in 2013. You would think that would be a good thing, but not when you have 50 tackles and a pick in 2012. The 49ers have that killer defense, but eight-million dollars for his corner work may not be a priority for the team this time around. $5 million would be saved if Rogers gets the heave-ho, and there are draft picks a-plenty the Niners could get their hands on.


The “Champ” Bailey is certainly a champ. A legend, actually, that is most definitely headed to the Hall of Fame one day. $10 million, however, is what Denver is looking at paying out even though he only played in five games this past season because of injuries. If the Broncos slice-and-dice, the $10 million cap hit disappears, and if the Broncos really ARE going to collect that trophy THIS time around, perhaps the 35-year-old should remain and take a cut in pay. Gosh knows, all Americans have had to do that this Century. Questions, Questions.


Here’s the really big name that has made these lists, folks. Troy Polamalu is most definitely headed to the Hall – no questions on that one. But people have been saying that for the Steelers to get out of the world of 8-8 sloths, that Troy’s $10.8 million may not be a good investment.


He is the ultimate Steeler at heart, playing for no other team during his stellar career, and blaming just him for the fact that the team missed the playoffs the past two seasons seems more than odd. They do have to build their defense back up to the glory days when other teams were scared beyond belief when they stepped out on the field. Cutting Polamalu saves $8.25 million on the cap…but, when all is said and done, this is one Steeler that brings the whole package to the team. Without his leadership and abilities to help younger players grow into strong players, the Steelers may actually destroy their chances of bringing back the old ways…the ways that brought them Super Bowl trophies.


We just have to wait and see…



 Kathy just graduated from Traditional Reiki I on March 30, 2014 and these are her words:

“I do want to share with you my wonderful Reiki experience.  We have had a landslide (literally) in the town of Jackson and area known as Budge drive which is on the face of East Gros Ventre Butte.  There are about 30 houses up there and the one on top has split and a Budge Slideweek ago this last Friday the face slid about 10 feet.  During that day it looked like the whole thing might go.  I was working that day and we had been watching the slide on webcam at work.  The slide area is directly north of my house about 6 blocks away.  We have a two-story home and so I went to the upstairs spare room and could see the slide area over the roofs and treetops with the spotlights glaring on it so the police could monitor the area during the night.  I put my hands up (flat, fingers together including the thumbs) and started to Reiki the slide.  I was so stunned by the response.  At first it felt like gentle golf balls drumming against the palms of my hands and then it changed to a wave which rocked my whole body, gently, never any feeling of malevolence or danger.  Just intense energy.  And then it just stopped, gently, quietly just stopped.  I could feel that the slide had settled.  It still has some movement, about and .5 to 1” per day.  The toe of the slide destroyed the Walgreens parking lot and began to pull up the pavement in another business parking lot.  If you get a chance you can look at the slide on, video of Budge Drive slide.  The message I got from Pachamama was she just had a little hitch in her get-along from all the digging they had done putting in that new Walgreens and she just needs to get back in balance.  I also had great success reviving one of my houseplants.  I have also Reikied the aspen trees out front because they have been having problems the last couple of years.  We shall see”.


Go in a good way,                                   

Diana Lynn Siderides


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