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Sebastian’s First Fish All BY HIMSELF!!

Posted on 31 January 2012 by Alan

Sebastian himself will admit that he’s helped Daddy reel in a whole bunch of Daddy’s fish but will say that he’s never caught his own fish…UNTIL NOW!! 2/22/11 – Reel in, strike, hook up and reel in…ALL BY HIMSELF!! The only person as happy as Sebastian is in this video is his super-proud Daddy!! I told him he was OFFICIALLY a **FISHERMAN**…with bass-thumb and everything:-))

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. BatterySphere Says:

    I just realized that he has a Brobie shirt on :D?

  2. scudderb Says:

    Hey…big one’s good, little one is good!! We spoke a while ago and I PROMISED some more videos. I have them…just need to find some time to post. You’ll “meet” the? other one soon

  3. hiphopfan4life Says:

    aw how cute. he got so big. hows the other? little one?

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