The Light of Truth: Writings of an Anti-Lynching Crusader


51Y0uObJavLThe Light of Truth:
Writings of an Anti-Lynching Crusader

by Ida B. Wells

Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Mia Bay

General Editor: Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Penguin Classics

Paperback, $18.00                                                      

624 pages

ISBN: 978-0-14-310682-1


Book Review by Kam Williams


“Ida B. Wells was born a slave in Holly Springs, Mississippi in 1862. After beginning a teaching career to support her orphaned siblings, she moved to Memphis to become a journalist…

In 1883, she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a train, an experience that she chronicled in her first published piece. Though Wells achieved success as a writer, editor and even co-owner of a newspaper, her greatest accomplishments came after the lynching of a close friend in 1892 spurred her into a lifelong anti-lynching campaign.

She published powerful diatribes against lynching, leading to death threats and forced exile in the North… Wells devoted the rest of her life to civil rights, publishing widely and delivering impassioned speeches.”

Excerpted from the Introduction (page i)


Over 70 years before Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus, Ida Wells was similarly arrested for refusing to surrender her seat on a train to a white person. Wells survived the ordeal and was eventually inspired to embark on an impressive career as an eloquent advocate on behalf of African-American civil rights.

Her specific focus was lynching. After all, the practice went unpunished for over a century during which not one white person was ever tried, convicted and executed for employing that brand of vigilante justice against any of the thousands and thousands of black men, women and children victims. Edited by Mia Bay and Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., The Light of Truth is a collection of Ida’s fiery essays, culled from her early writings.

In a professional and persuasive journalist tone, Ida recounts case after case in which a rush to judgment led to a gross miscarriage of justice.

Author ~ Mia Bay  Photo Credit: Leila Johnson

Author ~ Mia Bay Photo Credit: Leila Johnson

For example, in Selma Alabama a “colored man named Daniel Edwards” was hung from a tree and riddled with bullets as a “warning to all Negroes that are too intimate with white girls.” Truth be told, he had secretly dated the daughter of his employer for over a year until the scandalous relationship produced a biracial child.

Another entry discusses the details of the 1892 lynching in Quincy, Mississippi of five African-Americans merely on suspicion of poisoning a Caucasian, despite their already having been declared innocent by the local coroner. In this instance, Ida chastises white Christian ministers for failing to give the matter “more than a passing comment” in the pulpit. She goes on to cite the slayings as “proof of the moral degradation of the people of Mississippi.” And so forth.

A debt of gratitude is owed Ida Wells for preserving for posterity a host of illustrative examples of racist mobs bent on satiating their bloodlust by visiting violence on the bodies of blacks in vile fashion without any concern about guilt or innocence.


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Buyers & Sellers of Property Rejoice


Houston, TX: Buyers & Sellers of Property Rejoice with the Republic Ranches Team


In Houston, Texas land doesn’t only sell inside the Loop. In fact, when it comes to ranch land outside the Houston area, buyers are discovering some of the most lucrative and exciting deals available in the country.


The Houston office of Republic Ranches, LLC is operated by Jeff Boswell. As one of the owners of this Texas and Oklahoma licensed farm and ranch brokerage firm that represents both buyers and sellers of farms, ranches and other rural properties throughout the state, Jeff is a wealth of talent, professionalism, dependability, and success in the Houston branch. Five branches total are available in Texas, including; Austin, Dallas, Hondo, San Antonio and, of course, Houston. And when it comes to Houston properties both buyers and sellers are thrilled with the incredible Republic Ranches team.


Republic Ranches, Texas Real Estate

Republic Ranches, Texas Real Estate

More and more city dwellers are buying up land to not only utilize as a financial investment, but also for the pure enjoyment of being a landowner. It is not an over-exaggeration when people speak of Texan’s love of the land; this is an area that has a unique appeal for anyone looking to be a part of both beauty and industry. When it comes to the ranches surrounding Houston, a checklist of buyers’ wants and needs are available. From beautiful trees to landscapes that offer amazing habitats for all wildlife, as well as plenty of lakes for fishing and hunting ducks, Houston has it all. In other words, once purchasing real estate in this area the charm will be so great that future generations of your family will remain for decades to come. Property available around Houston offers not only the perfect getaway for some, but because of the proximity to the big city, a buyer is gifted with both country living and city ease.


Jeff Boswell has seen a trend showing more and more people from Houston and Dallas jumping on board and gathering up large ranches just outside of Houston as fast as possible. In fact, sales in the last year are probably the highest seen since the early 1990’s. A typical ranch runs between 500 to 3,000 acres, with most wooded and containing water features, like the lakes and ponds land owners and recreational buyers are looking for. Not to mention, many buyers who are in the oil and gas industry see areas within three hours of Houston in high demand.


Included in the Houston office team with Jeff are Kate Gibson, an agent who is a native Houstonian specializing in equestrian farm and ranch sales. And Dan Flournoy, an advisor who helps ranch owners by offering them the much-needed data on how to manage their properties more effectively and economically.


With all areas being served by Republic Ranches, buyers and sellers in the Houston area are provided the perfect crew to locate, market and consult on Texas properties. Sellers receive the most innovative ways to market their properties. While buyers are given the most accurate market data to establish the perfect piece of Texas just for them. From wildlife to land and water management programs, the Houston team of Republic Ranches, LLC is one group that will not stop until all Houston properties reach their fullest potential.


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#Ferguson gridlock, Washington norm!


#Ferguson gridlock, Washington norm!
I see protesters are stopping traffic all over the US. Nothing says “Hey let’s have a civil discussion”  like adding 2 hours on to my commute home!
You should of created gridlock on Pennsylvania ave when Congress went on recess. Never mind, wouldn’t phased them, their used to going no where fast!
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Adaptation of Haunting Children’s Novel Arrives on DVD


The Giver

DVD Review by Kam Williams

Adaptation of Haunting Children’s Novel Arrives on DVD


Despite being born in the same year and enjoying overlapping enduring careers, Oscar-winners Meryl Streep (for Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie’s Choice and The Iron Lady) and Jeff Bridges (for Crazy Heart) never made a movie together prior to The Giver. Such a long overdue collaboration proves well worth the wait in this haunting, sci-fi adventure set in a deceptive dystopia masquerading as heaven on Earth.

51WcAiIBbDLThe film is based on the Lois Lowry best-seller of the same name which won the Newbery Award as America’s best children’s book of 1994. This author-approved adaptation was directed by Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games) who tapped fellow Aussie Brenton Thwaites to portray the young hero, Jonas.

The picture’s point of departure is the young protagonist’s graduation day, when he participates in a coming-of-age ritual during which 18 year-olds are assigned a profession by the elders of their idyllic community. Jonas’ BFFs Asher (Cameron Monaghan) and Fiona (Odeya Rush) soon learn that they’ll be trained as a drone pilot and a nurturer, respectively.

Jonas, however, long recognized as special, because of an uncanny ability to see things 115706_galdifferently, is designated the “Receiver of Memories,” the protégé of the “Giver” (Bridges). In that capacity, he quickly becomes aware that the whole society is a charade which shields its citizens from the fact that there is suffering in the world by injecting them once a day with a drug which keeps them naïve, obedient and blissfully content.

Truth be told, evil does exist in their midst, though invariably veiled, such as how the sick and the old are “Released” in a fashion that gives no hint that they’re actually being euthanized. And Jonas experiences a crisis of conscience in choosing whether to obediently follow in the Giver’s footsteps or to upset the apple cart by letting the cat out of the bag about how everybody’s mind is being controlled.

Among the factors influencing his critical decision is the unexpected pleasure associated with the “Stirrings,” the formerly-suppressed pangs of sexual awakening he suddenly feels for Fiona. Another involves the impending euthanizing of a baby with a birth defect (Alexander Jillings) he’s already bonded with.

Besides the historic pairing of Streep and Bridges, the film features sterling performances by the trio of emerging thespians playing the leads, as well as by Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift in support roles. A thought-provoking meditation on mind control offering a valuable lesson about the virtue of challenging any totalitarian authority.


Very Good (3 stars)


Running time: 97 minutes

Distributor: Anchor Bay / The Weinstein Company

Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Extras: Highlights from the Original Script Reading featuring Lloyd Bridges; Making The Giver: From Page to Screen; an extended scene; a press conference with the filmmakers and cast; Ordinary Human feature with Ryan Tedder; author Lois Lowry on The Giver; and an interactive study guide for the novel.



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Yamaha’s Groundbreaking New Outboard App


Yamaha Leads the Way With Groundbreaking New Outboard App

by Capt. Ted Lund


Yamaha, the world’s leading outboard motor manufacturer, has done it again, updating its smart phone app designed to help boaters get the most out of their best-in-class outboard power plants.


Yamaha Outboard App

Yamaha Outboard App

The latest version is available to users of the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch at the iTunes® Store, free of charge. Android™ users may download their version of the app from Google Play™.


The app includes four main categories of information: My Yamaha, Dealers, Performance Bulletins and Stay Hooked. In the My Yamaha section, boat owners may register and keep track of outboards, with up-to-date warranty information such as the number of days left on standard and extended limited warranties, as well as your engines registered dealer.


The Dealers section includes a dealer locator and mapping system that automatically uses your current location to find the nearest Authorized Yamaha Outboard Dealer. It also offers the information in a variety of mapping formats including Map view, Satellite view, Hybrid view and List View complete with contact information and driving directions.


Looking to purchase a new boat and/or motor? Yamaha has loaded the app with an extensive collection of performance bulletins for a wide range of boat styles from leading marine manufacturers. Each bulletin includes performance information like MPH, GPH and MPG at standardized RPMs. They also provide valuable information such as engine mounting heights, test loads and preferred prop options.


The Stay Hooked section of the app gives boaters access to Yamaha’s extensive collection of news, tips and videos in one easy location. Users can also check out the latest in sales promotions in this section.


For more information or to find an authorized Yamaha dealer near you, visit or download the Yamaha Outboard app at or


This document contains many of Yamaha’s valuable trademarks. It may also contain trademarks belonging to other companies. Any references to other companies or their products are for identification purposes only, and are not intended to be an endorsement. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google, Inc.  iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.


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The Scruff is Enough

The Scruff is Enough

~ Amy Lignor

An old debate reappeared over the past few days in regards to the power of facial hair when it comes to sports professionals performing better when a coat of fur is grown on their face. Now when it comes to chicks out there, there is definitely a pro/con attitude when speaking about

A bearded Darren McCarty hoisting the Stanley Cup.

A bearded Darren McCarty hoisting the Stanley Cup.

facial hair. Some say ‘yay’ to the fur believing it is an extra shot of masculinity; these are women who still claim that a clean-shaven face freaks them out. The con side of the debate comes from the women who find fur icky, as if the person wearing it is more a vagrant or a hobo than an actual million-dollar+ sports pro. There is an “in between” however, and that is: forget the full beard – the scruff is enough.

It is the National Hockey League that really brought about the “playoff beard”. For them, players actually see shaving as a hex on their teams when it comes to the Stanley Cup playoffs. In this particular sport, the players on the team will not shave until the team is either eliminated from the race, or wins the Cup and calls it a season. When it comes to hockey, this is one tradition begun in the 1980s by the New York Islanders and is not only a practice of all NHL teams, but also high school and amateur hockey teams. Fans have joined in over the years and decided not to trim their beards after a loss in order to help change the luck of their favorite team. Baseball is also the same, but when it comes to football…there are a great many who grow the hair not out of a tradition to win, but out of a need to keep warm. The interesting part of this, however, is the fact that football players are proving that they actually play the game better when the face is framed by the fur.


What will always be associated with Green Bay, Minnesota, is the ‘Ice Bowl’. This is the location that is absolutely freezing, where there are games showing people on the sidelines that literally look as if they’ve been frozen. When it comes to facial hair, it is absolutely a necessity to grow simply because of the cold ‘in them thar hills.’ When it comes to, say, Buffalo – look on television and see the horrendous tons (yes, tons) of snowfall that make it impossible to play the game. And when you come to the Patriots – Brady is one of those who look amazing whether he be clean-shaven or not; instead of looking as if he needs the facial hair in order to warm up, the guy basically looks like he should be on the cover of some romantic novel.


Now whether it be for looks or necessity, a recent study (West Coast Shaving) DID prove that the QBs out there perform way better with facial hair than without.


Aaron Rodgers, Mr. Relax, seems to be the most amazing when it comes to improving his performance rating when growing hair to deal with the

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

horrendous Green Bay winters. Depending on who you ask, the consensus seems to be that when facial hair is grown a man becomes far more aggressive than when he’s clean-shaven. It is almost intimidating to rival teams when the ‘fuzzy’ QBs feel stronger and more powerful, as if no one can stand in their way from winning it all.


Rodgers was always fantastic ratings-wise, but when the hair is grown he went from approximately 93% to almost 110%. Brady went from 83% to almost 90%, and Cutler (the man who never seems to be able to break a smile) even went from 81% to 88%. Ben Roethlisberger has seen major ups and downs with the Steelers this year. Back to back games with six TDs and then receiving a smack in the face with interceptions galore. Yet his 80% rating went to 94%. And when it comes to perhaps the best facial hair, Andrew Luck is one man who jumped from the lower 70’s to 88% in performance and has stunned everyone…except for Brady who keeps right on showing that not only can he be a Vogue model when he hangs up his cleats, but he’s also the best in the AFC. (No matter what Peyton Manning fans seem to think).


Bring on the winter…it is definitely time to witness the battle of the scruff!


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle

Does #Ferguson change everything? Or business as usual?

Does #Ferguson change everything? Or business as usual?
I used to live in Vegas… Everyone knows that no matter how good you are at gambling the house always wins, it’s just set up that way.
A murderer cannot be called a murderer until the party is proven guilty, unless, of course, you are the victim.
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