Green Propulsion Helping Preserve Water Access


Green Propulsion Helping Preserve Water Access


Clean water — especially in urban areas — is becoming more and more of a hot button topic all across the United States. As additional source-water bodies are being protected, boaters and anglers are finding themselves in the crosshairs of restricted access. Fortunately, some innovative anglers and new technology are helping change that.


Beck with his Torqeedo Motors

One such example of actually expanding public access in a time of dwindling on-the-water resources are the Metro Reservoirs, located just outside Baltimore, Maryland. The  Metro system, comprised of Liberty, Loch Raven, and Pretty Boy reservoirs, is the primary source of water for the city of Baltimore. Restricted to the use of electric motors only, these impoundments are some of the most pristine waters found anywhere in close proximity to a major metropolitan area.

Freeland, Maryland resident Mike Beck operates Beck’s Gunsmithing. In addition to providing bespoke gunsmithing services, Beck is one of the foremost authorities on converting and rigging conventional boats with electric propulsion for use on source-water bodies like the Metro Reservoirs. He’s been involved in the business for more than 35 years.

“A number of years ago, there was a move to shut these reservoirs down due to zebra mussels,” says Beck. “But Baltimore had allowed access to them since they had been built. No one in government really understood the commerce that these bodies of water generated.”

Beck said that after just one year, the closure caused a ripple effect with the closures of marine-related businesses, tackle shops, and other related businesses. The re-opening of the reservoirs was spearheaded by a coalition of both fresh- and saltwater fishermen.

“This is the only water access you really have close to Baltimore,” says Beck. “And it was really important to people that didn’t want to have to travel to get out on the water.”

The re-opening of the Metro Reservoirs was a big deal, and eventually spawned two major bass fishing clubs that host competitive events on the three impoundments. Beck has custom rigged a number of single and twin engine installations with remote, tiller, or stick steering for competitors.


From the beginning, Beck has seen a number of changes in the all-electric world:  “It’s gone from just kind of putting around with traditional electric trolling motors to actually being able to get out and cover ground with actual electric-powered outboards like the Torqeedo,” says Beck.

Although he says that the company’s Cruise 4.0 is one of the most popular options for reservoir bass fishing, Beck said there are a number of

Torqeedo Cruise 4.0

Torqeedo Cruise 4.0

considerations to take into account when putting together an electric-only bass rig.

“Most guys let the customer determine how the boat is going to be rigged,” says Beck. “But you’ve got to consider what type of batteries you are going to use, as well as how to distribute them.”

Beck says lithium batteries like those manufactured by Torqeedo are less of a concern with regards to distribution because of their lightweight, compact design. But traditional lead acid batteries offer different challenges.

“Heavier batteries need to be distributed between the bow and the stern of the vessels, and you also need to make sure you’ve got adequate battery storage,” says Beck. Most boats that are converted weren’t built with that in mind.”

If too much of the load is distributed in the bow, Beck says body weight alone can’t compensate in helping to trim the vessel. That can translate into a loss of overall speed as well as a safety issue if the bow pitches too far down.

Beck’s personal rig is a 16-foot aluminum SeaNymph, weighing in at 560 pounds. With lithium batteries and twin Torqeedo 4.0s, he’s able to cruise at 11 mph with a maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes run time.

“If it’s just me in the boat, I can reach planing status at 14 mph,” says Beck. “If you want easy access to fishing, this is the way to go.”

But not all are refurb boats. A new market segment is emerging and supporting custom boat builders like Reservoir Boat Works that are pushing the design envelope and specifically building electric-only watercraft.

To learn more about Beck and his unique electric conversion services, visit To learn more about Torqeedo, the world’s leading manufacturer of green power solutions and and its unique line electronic propulsion and accessories, visit


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Tidewater 2800CC: Perfect for Dolphin Season Everywhere


Tidewater 2800CC: Perfect for Dolphin Season Everywhere

by Ted Lund

From the offshore canyons in the Northeast to the Florida Straits, summertime means one thing to serious anglers: dolphin. They are one of the world’s most popular offshore gamefish; they are readily accessible, usually willing to bite, and make for great table fare. Being an open-ocean wanderer, you’ll want the perfect machine to chase them with; Tidewater’s 280CC Adventure fits the bill.

Running and Gunning

280 CC Adventure

280 CC Adventure Tidewater Boats

One of the most effective ways to specifically target big dolphin is to actively run-and-gun for them; seek out structure-like palettes, trees, or towing hawsers. You’ll also want to keep an eye to the sky for birds. You’ll find a number of smaller birds like terns and noddys, which follow dolphin. Chances are if you spot a frigate bird, a trophy is near by.

Study the body language and actions of the frigate; if it is cruising high on the thermoclines, it is either following a fish from a distance or keeping an eye out for one. Frigates are usually on the hunt when they are lower to the water and flying in a straight line. Get ready to get hooked up if you find them wheeling and plucking baitfish off the surface.


The best tackle for trophy dolphin is usually spinning gear that allows anglers to pitch hefty live or deadbaits. Usually a 7- to 71/2-foot spinning rod, dolphinm-lgarmed with an 800-series reel is the preferred weapon of choice. You’ll want a reel that can handle several hundred yards of 20-pound monofilament or braid. To the end of that, you’ll want a 50- to 60-pound floro leader, attached to a Bimini in the braid by a Bristol knot. This allows the knot to be wound right up into the guides and flow easily on the cast. For hooks, you’ll want to opt for a large J-hook. The idea here is to hook and land a big fish. Your chances are better if you have a large J-hook firmly embedded in the dolphin’s gut. Remember, no one ever released a 40-pounder — deliberately.


When running and gunning dolphin, you’ll want a mix of live and dead baits to pitch to large fish. Live blue runners, ballyhoo, goggle eyes and herring are top choices. In order to get them to live longer, as well as hook up better, you’ll want to bridle them to the hook using a floss loop or rubber band.

The same idea is true with dead baits. Large squid, ballyhoo, or flying fish are popular choices. Unfortunately, once thawed, the baits can become flimsy and fly off the hook easily. This is resolved by sewing them to the hook using wax floss or rigging wire.

Regardless of the bait, the next step is finding and hooking the fish. You’ll want to cast the bait out in front of the fish on an intercept course. Big dolphin are usually always hungry, so getting the bite isn’t much of a problem. But what you do after the bite makes all the difference in the world. Even though these are big fish, you’ll want to let them eat; they’re trying to swallow a big bait. Count to 10 with the bail open, then lock the reel up and wind. The rest is up to you.

Full Featured

The 280CC Adventure is equally at home on day trips to the Stream or overnight trips to the canyons. At 28-feet, 4-inches, its the flagship of the Tidewater line. It’s 9-foot, 10-inch beam is roomy and creates a wide pattern for trolling lures and natural baits; but it’s also a great choice for running and gunning. Boasting a maximum 600 hp with 205 gallons of standard fuel capacity, anglers can really stretch their legs in search of these highly migratory pelagics.

Family-oriented fishermen are sure to appreciate the amenities like a 19-gallon freshwater tank perfect for quick showers and a 13-gallon waste capacity for an internal head.

One of the biggest problems for dolphin fishermen is storage; it’s often possible to catch a limit of fish so quickly you barely have time to find some place to put them. Not a problem thanks to the 280CC’s cavernous fish boxes. Four plumbed compartments total 160 gallons of useable fish storage area.

The 280CC’s pair of 30 gallon livewells are sure to be a hit with offshore anglers as well; giving them the ability to carry live ballyhoo,  goggleyes, or blue runners separately.

Other standard features on the 280 CC  Adventure — and the rest of Tidewater’s lineup — include all-composite, no wood construction with fiberglass stringers and a hand-laid fiberglass hull. Each boat is rigged to AYBC standards and backed by a 10-year transferable hull warranty.

For more information on the CC Adventure family of boats or the entire Tidewater line, visit,


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Harrowing Earthquake Adventure Does for San Francisco What Jaws Did for the Ocean


San Andreas

Film Review by Kam Williams


Harrowing Earthquake Adventure Does for San Francisco What Jaws Did for the Ocean


If you were afraid to swim in the ocean after watching Jaws, you might be just as reluctant to visit San Francisco after seeing this spectacular disaster flick. Directed by Brad Peyton (Journey 2), San Andreas features a character-driven plot as riveting as its dizzying special f/x.

San Andreas,  Film Review by Kam WilliamsThe film stars Dwayne Johnson as Ray Gaines, a highly-decorated helicopter pilot with over 600 rescues on his resume. At the point of departure, we find the fearless L.A. Fire Department chief risking life and limb to pluck an accident victim (Stephanie Johnston) from a car dangling precipitously over a deep canyon. To you or me, attempting such a dangerous maneuver would be unthinkable, but to Ray, it’s merely business as usual.

Meanwhile, Professor Lawrence Hayes (Paul Giamatti) is delivering a lecture at California Institute of Technology on the incredible power of earthquakes. Then, when a colleague (Will Yun Lee) detects some unusual seismic activity in the vicinity of the Hoover Dam, the two quake chasers rush off to observe the event firsthand.

They arrive in time to witness the considerable wrath wrought by a shift in tectonic plates registering 7.1 on the Richter scale. Worse, their state-of-the-art gizmo indicates that this event wasn’t an anomaly but rather a precursor to an impending disaster of much greater magnitude.

The ensuing rip in the San Andreas fault wreaks havoc all across the State ofSan Andreas,  Film Review by Kam Williams
California. Of course, Chief Gaines jumps into action, plucking his estranged wife, Emma (
Carla Gugino), from the roof of a teetering skyscraper before pointing the chopper in the direction of the epicenter, San Francisco.

That’s where their terrified daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario) called from after being abandoned by her mom’s billionaire boyfriend (Ioan Gruffudd). At least she is in the company of a couple of chivalrous, young British lads (Art Parkinson and Hugo Johstone-Burt).

Nevertheless, the search is on, as the desperate parents negotiate a perilous gauntlet to the Bay Area via air, sea and land, encountering everything from turbulence to tsunamis to landslides en route. Unfolding like a classic Seventies disaster flick, San Andreas serves up a smorgasbord ofreadily-identifiable archetypes: the musclebound hero, the effete coward, the damsel in distress, the terminally-nerdy professor, and so on, each played with perfect aplomb by a talented cast.

Still, the best reason to catch this bombastic summer blockbuster is for the eye-popping panoramas which must be seen in 3D to be appreciated fully.

Excellent (4 stars)

Rated PG-13 for intense action, incessant mayhem and brief profanity

Running time: 114 minutes

Studio: Warner Brothers Pictures


Source:  Baret News Wire

African-American Mother and Son’s Adjustment to Autism Chronicled in Inspirational Biopic


Bass Clef Bliss

Film Review by Kam Williams

African-American Mother and Son’s Adjustment to Autism Chronicled in Inspirational Biopic



Before Terrence Partridge turned 2, his parents first noticed an arrest in his development of age-appropriate social skills. In fact, he actually started regressing soon thereafter, as words he had already been using began to disappear from his vocabulary.

Bass Clef Bliss, Film Review by Kam WilliamsBut it would still be a couple more years before they would receive the devastating diagnosis that their son was autistic. Unfortunately, the marriage would not last, as is so often the case with families touched by this affliction, and the burden of raising Terrence alone would end up falling entirely on his mother Therese’s shoulders.

Since early intervention can be critical in a kid’s prognosis, he was lucky she committed herself to giving him the love and support of even more than two parents. And she resolved to become an expert in autism, since it can manifests in myriad ways, making what might be a viable protocol for one child, totally inappropriate for another.

In Terrence’s case, he exhibited an early interest in music, being among the 1 in 10,000 people blessed with perfect pitch. His attentive mom recognized his talent which she proceeded to cultivate with the help of Louise Titlow, his trombone instructor. Under his patient teacher’s tutelage, the boy blossomed into a promising prodigy to the point where he would one day play in San Diego’s New Youth Classical Orchestra as well as jazz in a combo led by trumpeter Gilbert Castllanos.

Louise modestly explains away her student’s seemingly miraculous achievements with, “All it takes with Terrence or any autistic child is a little bit more love, a little more time, and a little more faith.” Perhaps of greater significance is her further assertion that, “He can be an angel of healing self-expression through music, and heal others as he’s uplifting himself.”

Directed by Patrick Scott, Bass Clef Bliss is an alternately heartrending and uplifting biopic chronicling the tight bond between a mother and son as together they confront an assortment of daunting challenges associated with autism. Scott makes a most impressive debut here, as he oh so delicately balances the access he was afforded to his subjects ‘daily lives with their plausible concerns about personal privacy.

Besides focusing on Terrence and Therese’s trials, tribulations and ultimate triumphs, this informative documentary features a cornucopia of facts and figures about autism, courtesy of both experts and anecdotal evidence. Did you know that in 1985, 1 in 2,500 babies developed the disorder, and that today the number is about 1 in 68?

Thus, autism is now, effectively, universal in nature which makes a labor of love like Bass Clef Bliss certain to resonate deeply with any spiritually-inclined soul compassionately attuned to other than self.

Excellent (4 stars)


Running time: 70 minutes

Distributor: BKLYN2LA Productions / Drama House Productions


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We Have a Siri-ous Problem Here


We Have a Siri-ous Problem Here
Witt of Will by Will Roberts


So the other day I’m having a conversation with Siri, you know, my iPhone. So I’m asking her questions and I repeat it over and over and over again, but shes not understanding me, or is she.  Then I determined that I think Siri doesn’t really like people.  Now, I don’t really blame her, I mean after all if you barked orders and questions at me all the time at me all the time, I probably wouldn’t like you either.


But if you spend enough time with Siri and its a proven fact; that people spend more time with their phones then their loved ones, I think you’ll find out a couple of things. First off, I think she is politically; right wing, that’s not bad, but,  I asked a question about a liberal and for the life of me, she wouldn’t display the word “liberal”. She put in limbo, libel, liberty, anything but Liberal.
This is all really weird because Siri is a free service that helps people. And she auto corrects your words, suggested by who I WONDER… Maybe Siri is an NSA socialist thing that was built to control, the words we put out.


I know it’s only a minute away when they start selling advertising with Siri.  Then when you speak the words “take me home” it’ll come up with Home Depot, and you won’t have any control over it.


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Top Ten DVD List for May 26, 2015


This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams

This Week’s DVD Releases, by Kam Williams

Top Ten DVD List for May 26, 2015


Murdoch Mysteries: The Movies


So Bright Is the View


Glee: The Final Season


Gun Woman


The Larry Sanders Show: The Complete Series


Battlestar Galactica: The Remastered Collection


The Wonder Years: Season Three


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Sons of Liberty


Sword of Vengeance



Honorable Mention


The House across the Street


The Loft


Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

Lousy Spike Lee Remake of Blaxploit Released on DVD


Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

DVD Review by Kam Williams


Lousy Spike Lee Remake of Blaxploit Released on DVD



The Kickstarter page where Spike Lee raised $1,418,910 from fans for his latest “Joint” expressly states that the money would not used to shoot a remake of Blacula (1972). But it also failed to inform investors that the crowdfunded feature was Da Sweet Blood of Jesus,  DVD Review by Kam Williamsostensibly-inspired by another Blaxploitation era horror flick, namely, Ganja & Hess (1973). And after screening this disappointing indie, it’s obvious there was no reason to redo that picture either.

Spike’s sharp decline as a filmmaker in recent years is nothing short of shocking, with Oldboy (2013) and Red Hook Summer (2012) also submitted for your disapproval. Claims to the contrary notwithstanding, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is basically a boring vampire adventure that’s severely lacking in terms of tension, thrills, premise, storyline, special f/x, plausibility, production value, editing and character development. Am I forgetting anything?

The tawdry tale revolves around Dr. Hess Greene (Stephen Tyrone Williams), a wealthy anthropologist specializing in African Art History. This unrepentant bon vivant divides his time between New York City and an oceanfront summer home up on Martha’s Vineyard, living in the lap of luxury with the help of a private jet, a chauffeured Rolls Royce, and a loyal manservant (Rami Malek).

The plot thickens soon after Dr. Greene is stabbed with an ancient Ashanti artifact, when he develops an insatiable addiction to blood. To satisfy the craving, he steals some from a hospital, and he also embarks on a killing spree. Besides gratuitous slaughter, the film indulges in frontal nudity and eroticized violence, including a sleazy, lesbian sex scene that looks like an outtake from a soft core snuff film.

What would Jesus do, Spike? Repent!



Fair (1 star)


Running time: 124 minutes

Studio: 40 Acres & a Mule Filmworks

Distributor: Anchor Bay Entertainment



To order Da Sweet Blood of Jesus on DVD, visit:


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Join in its Declaration


Join in its Declaration


Daniel L. Davis is an American patriot.

After serving more than 30 years in the U.S. Army, Davis retired as a Lieutenant Colonel who was decorated for his years of service, twice being awarded the Bronze Star.  Inspired by the Government Shutdown of 2013, Davis — with a group of like-minded lovers of Democracy — founded with the goal of helping win back the political system  for the people of the United States. In order to wrest control from special interests and entrenched politicos, Davis invites  like-minded citizens to join him in signing his 2015 Declaration. To learn more, sign The Declaration or get involved, visit


We the People: A 2015 Declaration



11070922_1117519341607873_8777186441861472698_nIn 1787 our original governing generation declared American independence.  In the preamble to this declaration, they vowed: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”  Today’s American citizens are grateful to our forefathers for the Union and the blessings of liberty they established.  But the current governing generation has lost faith with the ideals and values we once held sacred.  As a result, we the people of 2015, do hereby make a declaration of our own:


“We the people of the United States, in order to restore an effective union, reestablish justice, rebuild domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare of all citizens, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do hereby declare that the politics of dysfunction, which have had a suffocating effect on our nation for too many years, will no longer be tolerated. 


“We the people are now awake.  We will begin anew to employ our birthright as American citizens to hold our government and its representatives accountable for what they do or fail to do.  We will make clear that the people of this country are what matters most, and by rights ought to have decisive influence over who is elected to serve us and what policies they pursue while in office.


“We the people declare that beginning in the 2016 election cycle, we will demonstrate that the power and spirit of the American people are greater than the power of the American dollar in electoral politics.  The time for dysfunction, hyper-partisanship, and a failure to solve our nation’s pressing needs is coming to an end.  We the people declare we are now awake to our constitutionally-derived authority and will do our civic duty beginning in 2016 to return effectiveness and accountability to Washington.”


For more information, go to


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Charleston Race Week thrills both on and off the water


Charleston Race Week thrills both on and off the water


charlestonraceweekEvery April in Charleston, SC, the sailing world gathers for the largest regatta in North America, Charleston Race Week.  Participants often walk away wondering if it was a weeklong world-class party with a regatta thrown in or if it was a week of world-class sailing with equally amazing festivities thrown in. There are two races, the race to win the regatta and the race to win the party.  Both are taken very seriously.


Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Torqeedo, the world leader in electric propulsion, was again proud to be a major sponsor of the regatta.  “It’s a great opportunity for us to interact with our core market of small sailboats” said Steve Trkla, President and General Manager of Torqeedo Inc.


Charleston Race Week provides a unique setting with flat water, great breeze and plenty of tight racing.  It has grown into a world-class regatta which is run by experienced professionals and hundreds of dedicated volunteers.


Torqeedo has been actively involved since the inception of the J70 class three years ago.  This year 84 J70 sail boats raced in a world-class fleet.  Torqeedo this year had two boats sailing in the class and were hard to miss with their branded boats.


“The competition on the water is fierce with some amazing sailors out there.  It’s great to see a large proportion of our fleet using Torqeedo motors” said Chris Carroll, skipper of the Torqeedo J70 and Vice President of Sales.


“Five years ago you wouldn’t have seen a single boat using electric propulsion but the Travel 1003 is so lightweight, compact and easy to use it just makes sense for these boat owners. Now, it’s the norm.” said Carroll.


Hospitality in this Southern city is, as expected, very welcoming.  The 300-plus boats returning are greeted at the dock by smiling volunteers, sponsored by Torqeedo and Gosling’s Rum, to greet the sailors with cold Dark and Stormy drinks to quench their thirst, celebrate their successes, commiserate their challenges and lubricate the stories of the day.  From the dock, teams make their way to the nightly beach party with a band, free-flowing Gosling’s and great bbq.


“Torqeedo is happy to sponsor Charleston Race Week. The regatta continues to grow and get better every year.” said Trkla.

Visit Toqeedo,com Today!


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College Student Moonlights as Stripper in Titillating Overcoming-the-Odds Saga

Chocolate City

Film Review by Kam Williams

College Student Moonlights as Stripper in Titillating Overcoming-the-Odds Saga


Cash-strapped Katherine McCoy (Vivica A. Fox) is holding down a couple of jobs to make ends meet while praying that her sons stay on the straight and narrow path until they can make it out of the ghetto. Though grown, both boys still live at home, yet neither is helping their struggling single-mom much financially.

Chocolate City,  Film Review by Kam WilliamsAt least the younger one, Michael (Robert Ri’chard), is close to graduating from college and works part-time at a diner as a short order chef. But he hasn’t even been able to save enough from that minimum wage position to have his car fixed, so he has to get around Los Angeles by bicycle. By comparison, his 30 year-old brother Chris (DeRay Davis) is a trash-talking hustler who shows more of an interest in hanging out on the streets than in finding gainful employment.


The siblings’ fortunes change the day they decide to patronize the local gentlemen’s club. For, while Michael is relieving himself in the men’s room, he’s approached by the owner (Michael Jai White) about stripping there on Ladies’ Night.

Initially, the handsome hunk hesitates out of concern about how his girlfriend (Imani Hakim) and his Bible-thumping mother might react to his moonlighting in his birthday suit. However, after taking the time to watch girls go wild over buff beefcake (played by Tyson Beckford, Ginuwine and others), he decides to throw caution to the wind.

So, on the advice of his brother-turned-promoter, he’s given the stage name “Sexy Chocolate.” I suppose taking “Magic Mike” might have been a tad too transparent even for this unapologetic rip-off.

Despite soon raking in the big bucks, Michael’s life nevertheless starts to come apart at the seams. His grades plunge from As to Fs. His mother worries about whether her son’s sudden gains are ill-gotten. And his girlfriend gets the surprise of her life the evening she shows up with her BFFs.

Written and directed by Jean-Claude La Marre (the Pastor Jones franchise), Chocolate City is basically a blackface version of Magic Mike that trades shamelessly in the same sort of titillating fare which made that flick a runaway hit a few years ago. A derivative, estrogen-fueled, overcoming-the-odds saga strictly recommended for females interested in seeing sepia-skinned Adonises gyrate while disrobing to mind-numbing disco music.


Good (2 stars)

Rated R for profanity, brief violence, partial nudity and pervasive sexuality

Running time: 91 minutes

Distributor: Freestyle Releasing


Source:  Baret News Wire