Crossbows the perfect fit for youth hunters



Crossbows the perfect fit for youth hunters

By Craig Lamb


Many states require a minimum draw weight of between 35 and 40 pounds for the purposes of archery hunting for whitetail deer and wild turkey. That keeps many enthusiastic youth hunters out of the woods until they can gain enough strength to meet the rule.


Or does it?


“The crossbow allows kids the opportunity to hunt at a much earlier age,” says Jake Miller, an avid archery hunter. “And especially with the cocking devices that exist and meet those state minimum requirements.”


Miller knows from experience. His hunting career began at the age of 6, when he was gifted a TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Titan. He’s now on the TenPoint staff and remains a big fan of the crossbow.


“My father took me out into the yard, and I practiced at different distances,” he recalls. “We would go to our local archery pro-shop, so I could test out several different crossbows and get comfortable with shooting them.”


“We watched hunting television shows, and the old VHS tapes and all of this combined really peaked my interest” he continues. “I shot my first deer that season.”


Miller is using the same approach and passing along his passion for hunting to younger hunters.


“Gaining the strength required to pull a compound bow doesn’t happen until they reach their teens,” explains Miller. “By then they’ve missed out on the chance to learn about the outdoors, experience it all and gain appreciation for what hunting is all about.”


To get started TenPoint offers useful advice on how to purchase a crossbow. If you are in the market for a crossbow, don’t know much about them, are looking for advice, then follow the practical guidelines to help you reach a decision for outfitting a youth with the proper gear.


For youths, Miller recommends considering the Wicked Ridge Ranger Crossbow by TenPoint.



After years of research, development and testing Wicked Ridge engineered the ideal hunting crossbow for small-framed shooters. The Ranger is designed with an ideal length of pull, physical weight and overall size. It’s features and performance makes it the perfect performer in its class.


Watch this video about the Ranger.


The Ranger features a 150-pound draw weight that is easily cocked using the ACU-52 integrated, self-retracting rope cocking system. The crossbow weighs just 5.9 pounds to make it easy to carry for youths.


The standard package (black) includes a TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Scope and Wicked Ridge Instant Detach 3-Arrow Quiver. The Premium package (camo) includes the scope, quiver and three Wicked Ridge Ranger Carbon Arrows with 100-grain practice points. The premium package also includes the ACU-52 cocking device.


Miller is a strong believer in mentoring youth hunters because of the many interests they have competing for their leisure time.


“Not very often will a child just have the interest in hunting, or crossbow hunting, on

their own,” he says. “As adults, we have to cultivate that interest.”


“Be the role model that is willing to talk with them about it, introduce them to it, show them how to shoot and make hunting a lifelong passion.”



Original Soursce: Sportsmans 

Communities Communing: Building a Certified Wildlife Habitat


Communities Communing: Building a Certified Wildlife Habitat

by Amy Lignor


Everyone knows, whether “green” minded or not, that human activity, such as building homes, has brought harm to wildlife. The more the country expands, the smaller the wildlife areas become, ever-

native plant species, NWF, wildlife habitats, wildlife garden certification, make a difference

Red-naped Sapsucker (Image USFWS Mountain-Prairie)

shrinking until there will be none left whatsoever for the animals to call home.


However, with the National Wildlife Federation’s help, more and more communities and neighborhoods are halting the elimination of habitats locally, and teaching on a global scale what can be done to save everything from birds to butterflies to plants and shrubs that are literally the last of their kind.


What may seem like an extremely large undertaking is actually started with something very small, easy to do and easy to keep up: planting a simple wildlife garden in the neighborhood or even in the backyard. This garden is a sustainable habitat for all kinds of creatures, small wildlife, plants and bushes, songbirds – things that will not only get a better chance of survival, but also provide you with a glorious place to sit and relax while watching nature in motion.


These wildlife habitat “gardens” begin at ground level, by planting the native plant species of your area that wildlife around you depend on. Then, as your project becomes even bigger, you can add other things to enhance that garden so even more species have a home.


The list of amenities for the wildlife garden is short and simple. It includes food, which would be the native plants, seeds, berries, fruits, etc. that a variety of wildlife exist on. Water, of course, because all animals need that to survive, bathe, and even breed. Shelter or cover for the animals so they can face the bad weather as well as have a place to hide from predators. Truly, those are the only three things needed. Figuring out how best to manage your garden so it can have only good effects by keeping the soil, air, water and habitat healthy, not only will provide for a wildlife community but also for the human neighbors right next door.


The landscape around you and available to you is another consideration. If in open, dry spaces, you can
 produce a meadow setting by planting grasses and wildflowers that are drought tolerant and need full direct sunlight conditions. If you live on more rocky terrain, you will create a glade setting with the correct shrubs and sedums to help the local wildlife. And if you live in the more moist areas of the world, with wet soil similar to marsh settings, you will make sure that wetland and bog plants and grasses are there in order to attract the critters that need these things to thrive.

When it comes to being in a forest area with many hardwood trees, you or your entire neighborhood can come together to provide that perfect forest setting with the large canopy cover for the animals. This particular setting allows for scattered layers of woodsy plants, such as ferns and shade-thriving perennials.


In other words, no matter what your surroundings happen to be, you can build a wildlife habitat garden that will provide everything these animals need.


Some of the greatest news is that when you are all set up, your community can actually certify the wildlife garden with the National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat program (


There are two goals to reach for this particular certification. One, a certain number of homes, schools and common areas must provide the four basic elements that all wildlife need: food, water, cover and places to raise their young. The program also requires sustainable gardening practices (examples: reduce water usage, remove invasive plants, and eliminate pesticides). Two, communities will earn education and outreach points through various activities (examples: educating citizens at community events, native plant sales, stream clean-ups, and much more).


The NWF Community Wildlife Habitat lets each community concentrate on their local priorities; whereas some focus their efforts on water conservation, others set their sights on creating wildlife corridors by connecting parks and community areas to new Certified Wildlife Habitats.


The NWF also supports these communities and their citizens by giving them monthly progress reports showing which properties have been certified in their community. The organization also gives full access to the NWF Community Wildlife Habitat Resource Center online, which allows all communities to connect, as well as join in on bi-monthly conference calls. Products given out are free paper applications and paper tip sheets discussing everything from pollinators to creating and building nesting areas, as well as giving updated information on the best and most neighborhood-friendly wildlife gardening practices. Not to mention, a 30% discount on merchandise from the NWF catalog is awarded to all participating volunteers.


Not only will you be receiving certification, but you and your community will be able to enjoy the absolute beauty that your wildlife habitats provide.

native plant species, NWF, wildlife habitats, wildlife garden certification, make a difference

Source:  Baret News

Is Donald Trump Afraid of the Dark?


Is Donald Trump Afraid of the Dark?

GREG PALAST’S “THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits”, upcoming theft of the 2016 election, Donald TrumpGREG PALAST’S “THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits


 WHO:  Greg PalastRolling Stone/BBC investigative reporter films a real, live detective thriller about the upcoming theft of the 2016 election and the hunt for billionaires behind it.  

With Shailene Woodley, Willie Nelson, Rosario Dawson, Ed Asner and Robert F. Kennedy with “detectives” Ice-T and Richard Belzer 


 Are black voters at risk of becoming an endangered species? Gonzo investigative reporter Greg Palast’s  (BBC, Rolling Stone) documentary detective thriller The Best Democracy Money Can Buy “ Billionaires and Ballot Bandits busts theNEW Klux Klan – the billionaire bandits that lurk in the shadows with clear intentions to purge one million voters of color in November. 

 This film clandestine vote stealing trickery hatched by billionaires are shredding the shards of our flailing democracy. It is  a cautionary tale of technology, power, intended consequences, morality, and those who reap the profits from our electile dysfunction. The Republican Crosscheck purge system is wiping out minority registrations in 29 states.

 Shailene Woodley, Willie Nelson, Rosario Dawson, Ed Asner and “detectives” Ice-T and Richard Belzer, John Lewis Robert F. Kennedy, help investigative reporter Palast track down the secret billionaires and their craven addiction to power while our profit-addicted American media ignore the hard news. 

 In The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits,all the dots are connected. Palast’s  investigation takes him from the Arcticwhere he is clued in to the heist by a foul-mouthed Eskimo and the Koch Bros. connection, then on to  a speed boat to a high class event in the Hamptons to the ballot rustler known as “The Vulture”  Paul Singer, to Kansas where he finds out what is the matter with the state,  (clue it is its Secretary of State and again the Kansas-based Koch Brothers) . The dirty trail continues with one of  the Trump’s biggest sugar daddies: John Paulson, hedge-fund manager, and Wall Street high roller who used a Bermuda-based entity to dodge US taxes and run up “one of the biggest fortunes in Wall Street history” at the same time Trump was complaining “hedge fund guys are getting away with murder.” Paulson’s a specialist in “distressed securities.” Make a note. His name will come up again.And Paulson is on Trump’s board of hedgy economic advisors. He has made more money than anyone since the Egyptian Pharaohs. In 2008, he hauled in 5 billion dollars from distressed properties alone. Perhaps the secret behind the Trump wagon might be the one who’s wants to push the cart behind the potential President of the United States?

Voter suppression and election fraud is a subject that lurks in the shadows. Like a computer virus, causing much harm in its wake.  One reason it eludes our scrutiny is because of the media blackout that follows each election. -Our lack of information and attention compound the problem. Palast  has caught America’s press puppies in delicto bedded down with their corporate patrons. Instead of covering the elections, they cover it up. Palast explains this lascivious twist in the creation of the Corporate New Entertainment complex. He shows the media has become a weapon on mass distraction for the American people.  

 It was Greg Palast who  busted Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush in 2000 when they swiped the Florida election by purging tens of thousands of eligible voters- mostly guilty of voting while black – using electronically generated “scrub” lists produced by a Texas firm paid millions to screen out felons, yet not required by any official to verify the accuracy of its data.  With remarkable audacity and felonious foresight, the list even includes felons that will be arrested seven years in the future.

 Florida’s use of an outside firm to in effect privatize voting rights plays into Palast’ central theme of how corporate powers are riding roughshod over our democracy. From the “cash for access” scandals to the revolving door between the Koch Brothers and their trophy government henchmen, Palast lays bare patterns of corruption that have become so sadly commonplace. 

 White House for Sale.  Cheap.  Tons of buyers.   Hundreds of offers.  Nailing Kansas’ Secretary of State  Kris Kolbach for his “I’m for Sale, thank you Koch Brothers” actions, Palast vividly shows how this self-anointed guardian of our voting rights  has pocketed  corporate money to pre-select candidates before even a single vote was recorded and  how that has influenced the policies and platforms of  his corporate sponsors,  all the while denying the necessities of the American people

Perhaps no one in history has straddled the political divide more than Greg Palast. As an investigative reporter for the BBC and the Guardian who nailed Florida Secretary of State  Katherine Harris’ fake felon purge that stole the election for Bush in 2000, and revealed in his best selling book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy . One might as well plant the flags of  billionaires Donald Trump or Paul Singer  when one “counts” the votes.  Elections now have everything to do with a ravenously greedy elite class that play with the treasure of our nation, risking our future, risking democracy itself . And all the while, our compliant and cuckolded media stand silently by. 

GREG PALAST’S “THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits”, upcoming theft of the 2016 election, Donald Trump

 The venerated Palast has been called “courageous ” by Michael Moore.  John Pilger says Palast  “facts are like hand grenades”.   With Palast’s inimitable style(“funnier than Michael Moore, more substantial than Naomi Klein”—the Guardian) Palast, says Jim Hightower, is a “cross between Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes” and this documentary investigation shows just how true that statement is. Rev. Al Sharpton likens Palast to an Oreo cookie: white on the outside, black on the inside.” Noam Chomsky reports: Palast upsets all the right people. Michael Moore : Palast’  work is  that funny, heartbreaking,. And, Jason Alexander thanks Palast for “f#@king up my life with truth”.

 As an investigative journalist, he has uncovered scandal, corruption and vast lies in the highest seats of power from the White House to corporate America.  Known and respected in Britain as “The most important investigative journalist of our time” (Tribune Magazine) Palast has broken some of the biggest stories including:

. How Bush killed the FBI’s investigation of the bin Laden family prior and after 9/11

. How the Bush Family stole the 2000 Election.

. How Enron cheated, lied and swindled its way into an energy monopoly

 These provocative exposes are pure Palast territory- as well as grounding breaking reports on the World Bank, the IMF, the World Trade Organization, Wal-Mart and much, much more.Screened with Palast’s gutsy in-your-face style with animation by Keith Tucker (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” ) and photography by Academy Award nominee Richard Rowley,  this is not just a documentary – it is a REAL-LIVE AS-IT-HAPPENS DETECTIVE STORY. Joined by his sidekick Ms. Badpenny, Palast names the major ballot bandits and shines a light on the shadowy tactics employed by their trophy GOP officials who do their blind bidding. He is the dogged outsider, a former working class gumshoe from Los Angeles who has gained his fame through multiple best sellers with his revelations about Corporate America for the BBC and The Guardian. Palast’ disturbing indictment of the major media as purveyors of corporatized infotainment must serve as a wake-up call to journalists, and everyone who cares about a well-informed citizenry as a basis for democracy.

 With The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, Palast breaks ground on the debate before we become No Country for Black Voters. Or for Hispanic voters. Or Muslim Voters. Or Women voters. Or YOU.

  See this Film. Act Accordingly. Our country is in the midst of a civil war between the alarmingly uninformed and the just plain alarmed because they are informed. Greg Palast’s documentary asks questions the media/propaganda machine purposefully don’t ask. In typical Palast style, he details in pull-no-punches Palastian prose how the assault on our entire voting system is widespread and relentless. Determining our actions today can move us towards either a stronger, more positive future, or a future shrouded in fear, poverty, war. This film should act  as a primer for people of all ages, all classes who want answers and solutions. Viewer beware. Ignore the facts at your own peril!  


For movies opening August 26, 2016

Kam’s Kapsules

Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun

by Kam Williams

For movies opening August 26, 2016

MOVIES OPENING THIS WEEK,   Kam's Kapsules,  Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun,  by Kam Williams


Don’t Breathe (R for terror, violence, profanity, sexual references and disturbing content) Suspense thriller about a gang (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto) that gets more than they bargained after burglarizing the home of a rich blind man (Stephen Lang) they thought would be an easy target. With Emma Bercovici, Franciska Torocsik and Christian Zagia. 

Hands of Stone (R for sexuality, nudity and pervasive profanity) Reverential biopic chronicling the life and career of welterweight boxer Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez). A-list ensemble cast includes Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin, John Turturro, Ruben Blades, Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Usher Raymond. 

Mechanic: Resurrection (R for profanity and pervasive violence) Jason Statham reprises title role in this high-octane sequel which finds the retired hit man blackmailed into performing a trio of dangerous hits by the kidnapper who’s abducted the love of his life (Jessica Alba) .With Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Yeoh and Sam Hazeldine.

Southside with You (PG-13 for smoking, a violent image, brief profanity and a drug reference) Day-in-the-life retrospective revisiting the summer day in Chicago in 1989 when Barack (Parker Sawyers) and Michelle Obama (Tika Sumpter) went on their first date. Supporting cast includes Vanessa Bell Calloway, Donald Paul and Deborah Geffner.   


Black Songbird (Unrated) Revenge thriller revolving around a rookie journalist (Jenique Bennett) recruited by the FBI to infiltrate a nightclub run by the mobsters who murdered her childhood friends. Support cast includes Felicia White, Brynn Mosley and Antwan Mclaurin.

Blood Father (R for graphic violence, pervasive profanity and brief drug use) Mel Gibson stars in the title role of this action thriller about an ex-con’s attempt to protect his estranged, 16 year-old daughter (Erin Moriarty) from the drug cartel that wants her dead. With William H. Macy, Diego Luna and Michael Parks. 

Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (Unrated) Reverential biopic about 80 year-old Floyd Norman, the first African-American animator hired by Walt Disney Pictures. Featuring commentary by Whoopi Goldberg, Leonard Maltin and Don Hahn. 

The Hollars (PG-13 for brief profanity and mature themes) John Krasinski directed and stars in this Prodigal Son dramedy as a struggling, NYC artist who moves back home to the Midwest with his pregnant girlfriend (Anna Kendrick) to help care for his ailing mom (Margo Martindale). With Richard Jenkins, Sharlto Copley, Randall Park and Josh Groban.    

In Order of Disappearance (R for graphic violence and pervasive profanity) Dark comedy revolving around a mild-mannered milquetoast-turned-bloodthirsty vigilante (Stellan Skarsgard) who embarks on a revenge-fueled killing spree after his son is murdered by mobsters. With Bruno Ganz, Birgitte Hjort Sorensen and David Sakurai. (In Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, Serbian and German with subtitles)

Is That You? (Unrated) Romance drama revolving an unemployed, 60 year-old, film projectionist (Alon Aboutboul) who moves from Israel to America to search for his long-lost childhood sweetheart. featuring Rani Blair, Patrick Michael Kelly and Naruna Kaplan de Macedo. 

Kate Plays Christine (Unrated) Sobering biopic chronicling Kate Lyn Sheil’s preparations to portray Christine Chubbuck, the suicidal, TV news anchor who shot herself in the head on the air in 1974.

Mia Madre (R for profanity) Bittersweet dramedy, set in Rome, revolving around a film director’s (Margherita Buy) attempt to care for her terminally-ill mother (Giulia Lazzarini) while shooting a movie with a disappointing leading man (John Turturro). With writer/director Nanni Moretti, Beatrice Mancini and Stefano Abbati. (In English, Italian and French with subtitles)

Remember the Goal (PG for mature themes and and drug references) Faith-based drama revolving around the efforts of the cross-country coach (Allee Sutton Hethcoat) at an all-girls, Christian prep school to prepare the team for a big track meet while simultaneously ministering to their personal life issues. Co-starring Quinn Alexis, Sydney Marks and Jayla Palmer.   

The Sea of Trees (PG-13 for mature themes, disturbing images and brief profanity) Character-driven drama about two suicidal men (Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe) who have second thoughts about taking their own lives after making friends in a forest at the base of Mount Fuji. With Naomi Watts, Katie Aselton and Jordan Gavaris. (In English and Japanese with subtitles)

Source:  Baret News

280CC Adventure by Tidewater is Turning Heads in the Bluewater World


280CC Adventure by Tidewater is Turning Heads in the Bluewater World

by Ted Lund

More and more fishermen are learning that center consoles can really excel in offshore bluewater fishing, and with boats like the 280CC Adventure taking to the marketplace, that’s really no surprise.

Tidewater Boats_280 CC Adventure


This is a true bluewater center console fishing machine that can get anglers to the grounds and back in comfort, even when the weather turns snotty — like it does in late fall.

At 28-feet, 4-inches and with a 9-foot, 10-inch beam, and 22-degree deadrise, the 280CC will handle just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Powered by reliable, four-stroke outboards by Yamaha, the maximum 600-hp gives you the speed to cover the distance and get the most out of your fishing day.

Best of all? A pair of 20-gallon live wells gives you all the capacity you need to help fill the 60-gallon fish box.  

Tidewater’s 280CC Adventure is loaded with standard features, and anglers have their choice of seven hull colors (White, Black, Sky Blue, Bimini Blue, Fusion Blue, Carbon Grey and Island Green.)

The company also offers a wide array of popular options including custom colors, tempered glass windshields, a bow table with seating, outriggers, underwater lighting and multiple stereo options.

Tidewater Boats_Saltwater Fishing_1

Each member of the Tidewater family of boats features all-composite, no-wood construction with fiberglass stringers and a hand-laid fiberglass hull. Each boat is rigged to AYBC standards and is backed by a 10-year transferable hull warranty. For more information on the 280CC or the entire Tidewater line, or to find a dealer near you, visit, call 803-732-7300, or email


Original Source: Sportsmans


Help a Monarch: Be a Butterfly Hero


Help a Monarch: Be a Butterfly Hero

by Amy Lignor


Not many know that one of the most beautiful species that we have gotten used to seeing all our lives has declined by over 90%. It is a truth that the monarch butterfly population has actually lost one-third of its monarch butterfly population, declined by over 90%, ill agricultural and gardening practices, become a "Butterfly Hero"summer breeding habitats in the U.S. because they have been destroyed, due to ill agricultural and gardening practices.


So…enter the heroes. As part of the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife program, “Butterfly Heroes” is calling out to kids, families and teachers to get involved, to connect with the gardeners and agricultural industry out there in America and try to start up projects that will end up creating new habitats for monarch butterflies; a place where they can safely live, fly and breed.


Planting food for the monarch butterfly is a must. By pledging to be a Butterfly Hero, you will pledge to plant a garden that provides food, water and safety. So, how do you pledge? Simple. Head to the website of the NWF ( and seek out “Butterfly Heroes.” Once there, you enter a photo on the Butterfly Heroes Pledge page of you, your family, your community or your class making the American Sign Language sign for butterfly. (This is made by linking your thumbs and crossing your two hands in front of you at the wrists with your palms facing you.)


Once you do this, you will receive the “Butterfly Hero” kit which includes, a seed packet with native milkweed or a flowering nectar plant for your garden, because the monarchs drink nectar from flowers and their caterpillars eat only milkweed. Planted in a sunny spot with some protection from the wind, these garden seeds will sprout in the spring, grow in summertime and come back every year. You will also get a Ranger Rick Wildlife Notebook where you can write down your observations as you watch the growth of your garden and all the butterflies, caterpillars, and even other wildlife move in to make it their new home address.


Parents, becoming a “Butterfly Hero” allows you to spend some incredible time with your kids. You will have the fun of enjoying nature and seeing your child’s face light up as they take on a project that not only helps wildlife, but also educates them as they take care of the garden and watch the butterflies, bees, and birds arrive.


There are even extras that the NWF Activity Finder suggest that will help you and your child connect even more with nature. From creating an Enchanted Wildlife Garden to growing a sunflower playhouse; from hosting a hunt for fireflies to a dewdrop discovery, there are lists of things that can be done to keep your child entertained and the monarchs’ wings fluttering. It is a wonder out there, and all kids should play a part in that, as well as be the heroes who will make sure these species never have to be at risk again.


And for the teacher? Your students can explore, learn and actually become the scientists in your town or city. By creating a monarch habitat garden, students can better engage with nature while classes are made fun. Seedling observation and measurement perfectly works as a math class; while tracking weather impacts on the garden and observing the growth of nature that the garden supports makes for the perfect science class. Now, THIS is learning.


The NWF would like kids, families, parents, teachers – everyone out there – to help reach their goal of getting 10,000 people to plant butterfly gardens as part of the “Butterfly Heroes” project. Gain education, have fun, spend time outside and with your loved ones just by making the pledge at


It is time to save this iconic creature. Make sure the monarch butterfly continues on.

monarch butterfly population, declined by over 90%, ill agricultural and gardening practices, become a "Butterfly Hero"

Source:  Baret News

Career of Boxing Legend Roberto Duran Revisited in Revisionist Tale of Redemption


Hands of Stone,  Film Review by Kam Williams, boxer, Edgar Ramirez

Usher Raymond and Jurnee Smollett-Bell star in HANDS OF STONE

Hands of Stone

Film Review by Kam Williams

Career of Boxing Legend Roberto Duran Revisited in Revisionist Tale of Redemption 

Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez) is considered by most fight experts to be, pound-for-pound, one of the greatest boxers of all time. The intimidating icon earned his nickname “Hands of Stone” by virtue of his prodigious displays of punching power.

Born in Panama in 1951, Roberto exhibited promise from the moment he first entered the ring at the age of 8. He turned pro at 16 and assumed the World Lightweight title at Madison Square Garden in 1972 after Ken Buchanan (John Duddy) failed to answer the bell for the 14th round. Roberto went on to knock out over 50 foes en route to compiling an impressive 62-1 record as a lightweight before moving up in weight class.

By the time he retired in 2002, Roberto would also hold the world welterweight, light middleweight and middleweight titles. But despite that incredible feat, he appears fated to be best remembered for crying “No mas!” before quitting midway through his Welterweight World  Championship rematch with Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher Raymond). And although he would eventually return to the ring, that one display of cowardice effectively overshadowed his sizable subsequent achievements.

Hands of Stone,  Film Review by Kam Williams, boxer, Edgar Ramirez

Usher Raymond and Edgar Ramírez star in HANDS OF STONE

Written and directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz (Secuestro Express), Hands of Stone is a reverential biopic which humanizes Roberto while putting a positive spin on his indelible stain. This version of his story blames Duran’s failing on his parasitic manager, Carlos Eleta (Ruben Blades), as well as on pressure from the big fight’s promoter, Don King (Reg E. Cathey).

Here, we’re treated to the backstage specter of a burnt-out Roberto bemoaning his being exploited. “I worked all my life. I didn’t have any fun, when I was a kid.” Truth be told, not only did he begin boxing young, but he married at an early age, too, 17. And his wife Felicidad (Ana de Armas) was only 14 when they tied the knot. FYI, the couple went on to have 8 children and are still together 47 years later.

If the movie has a flaw, it’s in the fight scenes which leave a lot to be desired. Anyone expecting cinema verite on the order of Rocky or Raging Bull, for which Robert De Niro won an Academy Award in 1981, is destined to be disappointed. 

Hands of Stone,  Film Review by Kam Williams, boxer, Edgar Ramirez

(L-R) Robert De Niro and Édgar Ramírez star in HANDS OF STONE

Speaking of De Niro, he plays the legendary Ray Arcel who came out of retirement over death threats from the Mafia to train a teenaged Duran. Before you can say “Burgess Meredith,” he whips the promising protege into fighting shape, and it’s just a matter of time before his diamond in the rough’s rags-to-riches dream becomes a reality.     

A touching, revisionist tale of redemption presenting the sensitive side of a pulverizing pugilist. 

Very Good (3 stars)

Rated R for sexuality, nudity and pervasive profanity

In English and Spanish with subtitles

Running time: 105 minutes

Distributor: The Weinstein Company

Source:  Baret News

Gaff like a pro with these five tips


Gaff like a pro with these five tips


To gaff or not to gaff? That is a question faced by many anglers and especially those aboard a Carolina Skiff.


A gaff is handy to have aboard when skiff anglers hook into a fish too big for a net, yet not small enough to bring aboard by hand, like many inshore species.


Gaffs can help eliminate injury by minimizing handling and the time it takes to return the fish to water. For larger fish, that can also mean less chance of angler injury.


A boat designed and built with all the features needed for landing gaff-sized fish is the Sea Chaser 24 HFC by Carolina Skiff. The HFC fittingly stands for Hybrid Fish and Cruise.


What that means for boaters is a rig with the ultimate fit and finish for a family cruise or a serious fishing outing. You get all the features and more with this center console model built with 30 years of design and manufacturing excellence that only Carolina Skiff delivers.


Heavy duty, stainless steel fold-down cleats give an indication of the attention to detail, from bow to stern. That detail continues with an abundance of LED lighting below the gunwale. Cup holders, rod holders, and storage compartments and have LED lighting. LED blue underwater lights add to the style.


LED lighting beneath the gunwale and in cup holders adds style and functionality, while a stainless steel anchor chock proves the boat is sea ready.


Spacious describes the interior that comes with abundant storage, from recessed anchor storage in the floor to fully insulated and lockable fish box at 32 gallons in size. Up front is a bow compartment with 52 gallons of storage space for keeping gear stowed and ready for anytime use. The rear storage compartment also sports 52 gallons of space.


Comfort abounds on the 24 HFC, with a Deluxe upholstery package that covers the rear bench and other seating.


The 24 HFC is 23′ 9″ with a beam spanning 101 inches. It comes with a 100-gallon fuel capacity and is rated for a maximum of 300 horsepower.


Check out all the details of this full-featured boat here


With so many standard fishing features all this rig needs is bait, tackle and of course, a gaff. Choose a short-handled or rope gaff for most fish, or a pole gaff for larger fish and those with teeth.


The short handled or rope gaff is simply a large barbless hook with a loop of rope for a handle. The rope functions like a hinge, should the fish thrash or jump and prevents injury to the angler and catch. For pole gaffs select a length long enough to grasp it by both hands, otherwise, you risk not having tight enough of a grip and can lose fish and gaff.


Improve your gaffing game with these five tips.


1 Wear gloves

Nothing can spoil a day like fighting a trophy fish or food for the table and have it get away at the boat. That can happen if the fish shakes free of the hook or worse. By worse, that means losing a pricey gaff after the fish thrashes at the surface and you loose the grip. Avoid that disaster by wearing fishing gloves so you get a tight, firm grip on the gaff.


2 Don’t be a loner

Never try to leader a fish with one hand and gaff it with the other. It’s a two-man job. Have someone else aboard the boat leader the fish while another lines up the gaff shot.


3 Size matters

Gaffs come in different sizes and so do fish. Keep at least two gaffs aboard to handle the jobs both large and small. A short gaff with a 3-inch gap hook and a 6-footer with a 5-inch gap hook provide a good balance for handling most any fish. Just remember that 8 feet are the maximum pole length for boating potential record fish by the International Game Fish Association.


4 Head shot

There is no shame in aiming for the head with a gaff shot when the intent is to put the fish on ice for the dinner table. The head shot is also best since it won’t spoil the prime steaks or fillets.


5 Cover up

Gaff hooks are sharp and dangerous, both to fish and crew. Use a safety spring, wine cork, tennis ball or other material to keep hooks covered up until ready for use.


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Original Source: Sportsmans


Top Ten DVD List for August 23, 2016


This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams

Top Ten DVD List for August 23, 2016  

This Week’s DVD Releases


Roots [New Version of Alexy Haley’s Classic American Saga]

Scandal: The Complete Fifth Season

The Nice Guys

Clean Break: Season One

Maggie’s Plan

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Der Bunker

Inspector Lewis: Season Eight

Castle: The Complete Eighth and Final Season

Endeavour: Series Three


Honorable Mention

Superstore: Season One


Narcos: Season One

Wild Kratts: Wild Reptiles

Ash vs.Evil Dead: The Complete First Season

The Duel

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Ratchet & Clank

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season One

Source:  Baret News

Visit the Most Beautiful Nature Locales in the Country


Visit the Most Beautiful Nature Locales in the Country

by Amy Lignor


Wildlife habitat gardens are being created in a variety of locations, in a variety of sizes. There are even those that are funded by some large names and organizations, who are calling out to tourists across the Icterus-galbula-002globe to come visit and see what great things are being done to sustain and increase the wildlife community.


These are places that the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has teamed up with in order to create locations that offer people the most stunning views and vibrant sights they could possibly see. The first is about as urban an area as you can get: the Oriole Garden at Camden Yards. Joining forces with Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles and the Maryland Stadium Authority, the “Oriole Garden” was created. Featuring a variety of native plants that attract orioles, butterflies and other local birds, the Oriole Garden provides a critical wildlife habitat in a big city where the urban sprawl is not normally known for supporting nature. It also shows all residents how they can make their own backyards, schools or businesses beautiful by planting a wildlife habitat and giving their famous orioles (the ones without bats) a place to call home.


Oriole Park at Camden Yards is the perfect location for all of this, seeing as that Baltimore is actually known as “Birdland.” With that fact in mind, the Oriole Garden was designed to attract all species of birds. And, much like the beloved team, the Baltimore orioles fly off for the winter to warmer climates but return home every spring to this stunning garden. Making sure to think of everything the team chose the perfect location, seeing as that it coincides with the orioles’ migratory pattern; in other words, they are taking a direct “flight” home every spring. This huge undertaking truly shows a commitment to establishing a cleaner, greener Baltimore. And the team continues to educate and inspire their fans to improve their own backyards.


In the Mile High City of Denver, there is also a habitat milestone that’s been reached. At the Denver Zoo, just two months ago, a newly installed pollinator garden became the 200,000th Certified Wildlife Habitat® by the National Wildlife Federation’s Rocky Mountain Regional Office (and the Colorado Wildlife Federation.)


This beautiful locale that tourists are raving about is called “The Pollinator Pathway,” and is a 2,500 square foot garden located just outside the Bird World exhibit at the zoo. The goal of this location is to offer pollinators and other local wildlife a safe and healthy habitat. It was also built to inspire all locals and visitors to the zoo to use better conservation practices, encouraging them to grow their own wildlife-friendly garden that could lead to an award of certification by the NWF’s Garden for Wildlife program.


The Pollinator Pathway garden is an amazing habitat. When it comes to providing food, there are over 80 different species of trees, flowers and shrubs that offer nectar, pollen, berries, nuts and seeds for pollinators and other species of wildlife. There are ponds providing the wildlife with water for drinking and bathing, with a fountain/centerpiece being planned as we speak. The cover provided, to hide from predators as well as to stalk prey, ranges from maple trees to juniper. And the many trees and shrubs provide nesting places for birds.


When it comes to education, this garden is all about teaching sustainability. Using plantings from three different ecosystems, visitors can view a dry meadow, a moist woodland, and a moist meadow setting. They can also visit the Discovery Station that offers hands-on activities. With over two million people visiting the zoo annually, the Pollinator Pathway will play a pivotal role in bringing about more projects across the country.


It’s no surprise that the name “Disney” also appears in the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to wildlife habitats. At Disney’s Epcot Theme Park in Orlando, the Backyard Habitat is an amazing place to visit. And seeing as that the garden is updated each year by Disney’s Horticulture team (in conjunction with the NWF), there is always something new to see.


People who visit any of these sites are literally in love with what they see, which is (thankfully) increasing the number of wildlife habitats that are being grown in America’s own backyards.

Wildlife habitat gardens, NWF, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, The Pollinator Pathway, teaching sustainability, support nature

Source:  Baret News